The Voice; Thought Adjuster; Michael - I Honor The Attitude of The Soul As It Reaches for The Divine - Oct 22, 2009 - The Voice Series

Subject: Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series - 2009-10-22
Teachers: The Voice, Thought Adjuster, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue, Michael
Moderator: Michael DiMattia

MIKE:  I'd like to welcome everybody, once back again to the Voice Series.  This is always just an amazing energy here and I thank everybody for coming with their intention to call in, to be a part of this flow of truth, and of love, and of community.  I wanted to just share a brief lesson with you all that came as a result of some recent events.

The subject I wanted to bring forth was the subject of truth and the idea that truth is all around us.  In the same way we should keep our eyes open for opportunity in every moment we experience, we also should keep one ear to the ground to recognize the truth in all that is going on around us.

We sometimes are struck with incredible truth from revelation or inspiration.  The celestial teachings we receive from on high always provide the abundant fruits of spirit for us to chew on.  But don't allow the magnitude of these transactions to blind you from discovering truth in your daily lives.  There is incredible beauty, goodness, and truth in seemingly trivial events, in seemingly trivial conversations, and in seemingly trivial discoveries.

Remember that there is no true objective reality.  The only being in all existence that can truly be objective is the Universal Father, the Absolute Infinite, and the Source of All.  Remember that your experience of the outside world is processed through your internal understanding, through the level of maturity you've reached up to this point.  And though sometimes the limitations of mortal living leave us all discouraged or feeling beaten, we can easily develop and enhance our perception by looking inward and asking for clarity from our Thought Adjuster and from our Local Father on high.

Have faith in your potential to recognize those aspects of life that will continue to grow your soul.  Constantly remind yourself that this moment is merely one moment, and the next moment holds in it possibility for growth and new realizations.

Too often we wait for those truths that are profound to clobber us over the head, sparking our minds ablaze with spiritual light.  But again, don't allow these incredible realizations and "ah-ha" moments to overshadow the living revelation of love.

Listen intensely to your associates no matter what walk of life they come from.  And Jesus was a master of this technique.  After all, in the time-space creations (and especially on a planet like Urantia), truth is relative and changing as we attain higher understandings and deeper spiritual maturity within.

Someone may begin to speak to you of concepts that you might not agree with.  They might handle a situation in a way you feel is in disharmony.  But have faith that the Father above is constantly sprinkling and leading all of these missteps with truthful intention.  We are growing slowly but surely from the depths of dirt and materialism.

Seek for the light and reflect it back and reflect it wide.  Collaborate with the partial truths of your fellows, for when 2 or more people gather, the collaborative process of truth discernment is strengthened and grows.  We compliment each other.  And this complimenting is not only reserved for what we call "soul mates" or "partners" or "husbands and wives," or even "best friends".  This complimenting is meant for all, strangers and even stretches to enemies alike.  In the end, we are all members of ONE family.

Don't forget the purpose of all these celestial teachings that shower forth so consistently.  These teachers are attempting to free our minds and reveal to us our co-creative status in the on going project of the evolving Supreme and the experiment of the time-space realization of God and the outworking of the Trinity.  Know in your heart that even your own conscious thoughts and personal experiences can be just as potent as those truths that come from so high up.  They are not a far stretch, otherwise we could not comprehend the truth contained in all these celestial gifts.  We understand these things because we have a guide within.

Don't second guess your potential, ever.  You are destined for finality of service and the Father sees you already as perfected beings.  He sees you like a flower already blossomed, yet we are currently still under the soil gaining the nutrients to begin to break the surface and endure the lengthly process of growth and unfolding.  We will be that blossomed flower in time, the picture of our destiny and growth is right there on the seed pack!  And it is our creative prerogatives that will allow us the tools necessary to discover that infinite truth and absolute path of reality within, ready to be discovered, ready to be awakened, to be utilized, energized, and released back to our fellows in the cosmos.  Your Thought Adjuster awaits your invitation and recognition.  This begins a domino effect beyond which you can't theorize.  You have to live it.

So take a few moments to affirm for yourselves, within, to make this conscious effort to find truth in all places and in all situations.  And once you begin to see the light and how much really abounds around us, you can better react to different (and difficult) moments, feeling your growing faith directing you, finding the love of the Father condensed in your Adjuster who's mission is to free you and open you up for an endless adventure of incredible and limitless possibilities.

Peace and love to all who comes in contact with this message.  And I thank everybody who is here for your loyalty in this process and thank you for contributing your energy and sharing in these moments of awakening and healing.

So I will now step aside to allow this program to unfold as it will, for spirit to continue to guide us as we willingly participate in our own unique and artistic ways.  One love to everyone.

Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, as a collective petition, can I offer that we, in our lives, not only here and now in this moment but in every moment from here to eternity desire to be the living embodiment of truth so far as we have the living capacity to know it and so far as we have the capacity to be it each and everyday. As we grow and take steps may we petition you for greater and greater capacity so that we may "be" more and more truth and hold more and more truth to us. May you bring it to us and may we be able to grasp it and "be" it in our lives. We would accept your calling Michael to be ambassadors of the living truth and with your assistance and with the assistance of the Father with His Indwelling Fragment we are certain that this may be so if we would only choose and accept and be. Thank you.

Now I voice my individual petition that I be used as an instrument to convey higher purpose and meaning in this moment and that my Inner Voice be given broader latitude to access this conjunction of time and space. This represents my desire and I trust and act in faith that it will be so even now in this moment.

The Voice: [Mark] And so it is, by the power of your intention and your sincerity, not so much by the words expressed in your petition but rather by the attitude of your soul in your expression, I am now here to honor this attitude of the soul. I am referred to as this one's Inner Voice and I have enjoyed a great number of opportunities of such grace as we experience in this moment for which I will forever be grateful. I am fully aware that at moments like this my mortal counterpart fairly quivers with awe that this can be so but each and every time I do my best to attempt to assure him and as well all of you who have ears to hear that what transpires now is not extraordinary or beyond the realm of what is to be expected. After all, have not you been created for just such a purpose as this? Have I not been bestowed for just such a purpose as this? Still there seems this distance, this gap between what you may know of because you have been told and what you may feel because you are a part of this cycle and what actually becomes manifest in your experience of time and space.

I understand this separation that you feel between these apparently different places. It is largely a result of your perception in no small part because of the influence of time in your time/space experience. You are fully aware that you will grow and evolve and come to some point of divinity or perhaps near divinity at some future point but your mind cannot hardly allow you to embrace that this eventuality may occur in a time so close to what you perceive as the present for you have staked your entire success on a future time and a distant point of destination that you well concede you will reach but certainly there must elapse this great chasm between where you stand as a mere mortal and where you will arrive at a divine combination.

What you do not embrace and what you may never be able to fully comprehend while in this mortal state, is that time is only partly relative in this process in matters of the spirit. You see, I myself am not bound by time, your eternal component of personality and spirit is not strictly bound by time either. Certainly your mortal body is bound by time and the mind which inhabits the mortal body is likewise encumbered by this limitation. There is the gap, the distance between where you know you are in time and space and how long it takes for you to go from one place to the next and your superconscious realization that time is not a necessary factor in this process.

What we do right here, right now is meant as a real time demonstration that you can in fact have it both ways if you simply will. It is necessary for you to open your concept frame enough to allow that both truths are real. Certainly there is a part of you which adheres strictly to the regime of time and space and your mind is well aware that this is so, but there is as well another aspect of your being which is responsive to a completely different reality, the reality of infinity and freedom from the constraints of any given time or space condition.

This is how we are here right now. You are willing to accept that you can be both and that is why I am invited here now from another dimension, from another sector I arrive and you from yours. The stunning thing about this meeting is that you are discovering you have both aspects contained within your being. Some of you will adhere strictly to the limitations of time and will pass as time passes as you so perceive it. Other parts of you will not in the least be affected by this passage of time except that it will be a valued and treasured experience that you carry with you forever, one that can only be obtained under these circumstances and in these conditions of living the life of a creature in a time/space environment.

So this grand experience that you are having is simply that, much like you watching a movie and during this movie your complete focus and attention is directed at what is transpiring and over the course of that time that is elapsing you are fully present within the dynamics of what you are engaged in. Then that passes, that is over, that chapter closes, time has moved on but your consciousness did not stop. Your consciousness simply moved on to the next experience in time and space. This life is little more than your experience of going into the darkened movie theatre and taking in a movie. You give yourself to this experience, you live it fully, you observe it, you harvest from this experience meanings and values and then you take them with you and you move on.

What does not change is your eternal aspect, it simply takes on another life as you would take on another movie. Each one of these life experiences takes on a rich depth of awareness where you are able to experience these things that were temporary and transient and yet take permanent meaning and value with you as you move on to the next one.

As was mentioned in the generous offering of preamble, the tools you have at your disposal while you go about this process are vast and can be utilized to enhance your experience of the moment. When you bring your awareness alive with the contribution of your Inner Voice, there are many more meanings and values that may be harvested from any given life experience. That of course has been the thrust and the purpose of these meetings of which so many of you have so faithfully attended. Truly, you are demonstration to the universe of how successful the Father's plan to call you and your desire to respond truly are for no one has made you choose to be here in this environment. It is through your own freewill choice that you have taken all the necessary steps to bring yourself to this place and it is for you that these gifts of assurance are offered. It is my sincere hope that you take them, bring them in, they are just about as direct a response as one could hope to receive from their intentions expressed out and reflected back with the results that you seek.

I trust my words have found lodgment in your hearts today. Once again it has been my extreme pleasure to have been invited and to have arrived at a place that has been so well tended and prepared for this purpose. I now in deference to allowing this space for use by others will step aside to allow for this eventuality. Thank you all so much.

Henry: Thank you Mark and thank you Michael. It is very good to be here this evening. I thank all of you for coming and attending. It is an honor to be in this space at this time and likewise share another aspect of truth to the already generous proportions of truth which have been served this evening.

Prayer: Dear Father and Mother, we ask you this evening in this wonderful space of the soul to be of service and share experience of this space at this time and to be a part of a growing and evolving consciousness of the reality and presence of spirit. In this time this evening I am not going to share anything personal. I ask my Thought Adjuster to come forward in this space of trust, soul bearing moment, to reveal a little more of reality and presence.

Thought Adjuster: Greetings to all this evening. I am likewise this ones Voice, this ones Light, this ones guide and caretaker, this ones eternal destiny. It is good to be here in this space, this soul space of truth at this time of gaining momentum in which more individuals on this planet are beginning to pay attention. It is wonderful just to be here for the journey of life and it is also acceptable to experience a closer reality with the presence of spirit in ones life while they are journeying here at this time and in this space.

It is possible to realize a greater reality in which the part you play puts you in a much better position to make choices and achieve goals and have experiences which are truly worthy of greatness of being. As aspects of the Divine, the Eternal Divine, we relish in experiencing what it is like for a mortal being to create a life of peace and harmony, joy and enterprise; having a life committed in social service to others and have everything that comes along with greatness, acknowledgement, recognition.  Certainly I seek acknowledgement and recognition. Not from a personal standpoint, from an attitude of humility that I may be of service in your journey at this time through this particular space.

For in time, in another time, all of you will have achieved a certain amount of greatness and will be able to experience each other in a truer fashion of love and brotherhood, of health and beauty, of generous and imaginative nature, of bountiful blessing, of enduring personalities and timeless moments. So this situation exists in the moment now of a time for a decision, willful decision and beautiful action, of taking the pieces of this challenging life as you may find them as they become available to you and fashion them into a generous system of love and loving service.

There were no doubts in my mind that the person of my tutelage here and now got to a place of soul recognition with his higher consciousness and his indwelt spirit. Sometimes one has to go great lengths and go through rigorous and aggressive trial and tests to secure the understanding which brings you to an awareness of consciousness of my presence. It is not enough to know of my presence and not attempt to access it, to at least attempt to offer yourself to me, those of you with tangled lives, those of you with dead end mistakes, to those of you which time has not been very friendly.

I on the other hand am not bound by time. I am extremely friendly and tremendously clever. I have an understanding which surpasses the ability of your human consciousness to comprehend yet I do not burden you, rather I am ever ready with advice, with a direction, with a loving embrace, with the wherewithal to secure in a  timely fashion your fondest hopes and dreams which are in alignment with my will with the purpose of the universe. All aspects of this life meet the requirements of service, even the negative aspects of this life meet the requirements of service, especially the negative aspects because it is here that I have a chance to make a stand and bring forth the light of truth to a situation which is dark, confused, lethargic and at a stalemate.

I could jump start a dead battery. I have the power of all spirit to assist in helping the mortal citizens of time and space achieve substance, value, worth in  this brief life journey, in this borrowed vehicle with a borrowed mind in a borrowed time of secured space. Yes, begin the long inward journey of discovery of your true nature, your true value and your true worth for having found the secret of the ages in this time, in this space becomes a great value in such a moment in which you live, to be aware and to be ready at a moments notice to have your attention directed to a situation which needs your help. As you grow in consciousness and light, continue to feed my children, continue to fill their cup, continue to give them courage. Yes, show them how it is done, how to make this short life a living truth, a living aspect of beauty and goodness, a truly living time/space aspect of the eternal and divine goodness and truth.

So many moments are lost in doubt, uncertainty and unsureness. Continue to stand in the secure trusting and truthful and all loving space of the soul that you know truly what you are becoming and have a conscious reference of how you had to travel to get here and perform that great service in helping other individuals get here. It is not expected for you to always experience the profound, to move the numbers and masses of human minds but if you were to achieve and accomplish this, this would also be accepted. But all we ask is to light another candle, bring another soul into the brotherhood kingdom of loving and serving men and women who are happy at heart, confident in spirit and trusting in their knowingness, their knowingness of the swiftness of this time and these moments, the relationship of brevity to eternity. Rejoice truly that you have made a mistake, that you have another chance to try again. Rejoice in each new day in the endless possibility, in the probable moment and in another time we will become of the same substance and we will truly rejoice throughout all endeavor toward eternity.

Sometimes in this moment of time and space the pressure which is created between the tensions of social unrest, economic hardships and having to change ones life and ones occupation and ones endeavor, having to shift direction, it is times like these for which you truly show your true colors. You have a chance to be a part of a greater service oriented organization of united brotherhood of men and spirit, of this great play in which God begins to mold man in His image and likeness from the get go.

This evening I wish to thank all of you who come to these spaces in time which have been created for these purposes to share a real presence of spirit substance within the nature of human consciousness, human identity and human reality. Continue to grow, continue to experience the joy and nobility which surrounds such a spirit and mortal effort. Thank you for letting us share with you this evening these ongoing views of human and spirit interaction. Thank you and good evening.

Mark: I can barely contain the fact that Michael wishes to speak with us for a moment. I turn this time over to Michael.

Michael: [Mark] Hello my dear ones, it is my great joy and pleasure to join you at this time. I must admit I have been duly inspired by a meeting such as this, of such open hearts and open minds coming to this forum to draw from this well to fill their cups and to drink to their fill of spirit presence and spiritual certainties. I have with you, just enjoyed being provided with witnessing of these spiritual principles in action by two of my devoted children who have accepted this offer that they have referred to in their attempts to bring forth this truth that they are in fact willing to embrace the reality that they may enjoy this relationship even now in this moment.

Your Mother and I have provided you life and everything that you have need of in this life and you are growing secure in this reality that we have not only supplied you with everything up until this point but that we will continue to supply you with everything you have need of. It occurred to me in observing this meeting, and I wish to be abundantly clear about this, if you are in contact with these words, I am addressing them to you. If it appears to be too much for you to extend and accept the inevitable truth that you are destined to be this grand self that you can envision, if your concept of time may stand in your way to readily adopting this reality in this current time and moment then what if I were to ask you directly if you would do such a thing for me. If you cannot muster the strength to do it for you for a wide variety of reasons, then what if you could summon the strength to do it because I have invited you and asked you and called out your name?

You see, I know you far far better than you know you. I can foresee you in perfection already. I know you will do these things, I know you will rise to the occasion, I know you will be a divine being. I see it even now but you cannot because of time. So what if I told you that it is my desire and what if you believed me, would you, could you accept it even now? Or, will it take you more of this thing you call time, of this experience you know of as growth? My dear ones, if that is so, I am ultimately patient. I will continue to provide you with everything that you have need of but there comes a time when the Father may ask of the children; will you rise to the obligation of being a full fledged standing member of this family? Will you take up the obligation of one who has had a life so provided as to give you such potential? As I have said, I know you will do these things. I am certain of your goodness. My entire universe plan rests on this certainty and assurance.

But these are extraordinary times and extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. I am willing to provide extraordinary measures, I am willing to provide this direct association if it will circumvent some of the belaboring effect of time and bring us into these extraordinary times that much more prepared, that much more ready and so I ask, will you do it for you? For if you will not do it for you, will you do it for me? Will you do it for us? You would not be here and I would not be asking you if you were not ready. I pray, Father and all those with ears to hear, please let them hear. Father these are my children in whom I am so well pleased and I know You are as well. I would be there for them Father in a way that this planet has never seen before. Let us make it so together. I invite you to take these words within and bring me your sincere response.

I will await your individual responses and fear not, I trust you and believe in you beyond your ability to understand what these words mean. Whatever your choice is, I have already respected it. Thank you for providing this opportunity. I always cherish any chance I have to gather with my loving children and to express words of encouragement and endearment to them and I hope I have succeeded this evening once again in bringing such words. Be at peace and be in love and I assure you my love surrounds you as you go forth. So be it, it is so, farewell.