Elyon; Monjoronson - The Smallest Act of Creation & Service Is Noticed - May 31, 2009 - North Idaho
No. Idaho Team
Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson
T/R: Mark Rogers
May 31, 2009

Elyon: Greetings, I am Elyon here to join with you in this circle of friends. I would comment on one thread of conversation and expand a bit, this idea of forming such a circuit even as we enjoy now and offering or petitioning for others to join with you in this creative endeavor. In such a case it is interesting to note that you are at the very beginning point of creation; that is when you decide to create which you now realize is an act of co-creation, the gesture of beginning is what you have the privilege of being able to do. By choosing a direction, a means, a purpose, a task, an undertaking you start in motion this creative potential turned into actual. Then you may as part of your beginning process as well desire to invite others to join in with you and as you know now, others certainly may include those of physical presence and those of solely spiritual presence.

When you make this gesture of beginning and you make this offer and request for others to join in, you open up your personal creative expression to be joined in as a group creative expression and as you all witness in your experience, many times group endeavors bring with them more meanings and values than do single creative expressions. In fact, every creative expression draws to itself others who sign on to this creative expression. This is the case with your music and art, your architecture, your simple growing of a garden, every act that you begin draws to itself others who notice and who send their degree of support for your project.

When you do this whole process with a more intense degree of intention, then you load the equation from the front end rather than waiting for others to notice your act of creation. You create in advance, those who will participate, notice and join in this opportunity of creation, this opportunity for service. So it is well and good that you consider each and every act that you are birthing here on this world as a creative act and you may choose to utilize the forces available for you to act with you in this cherished process of creation and service.

Even the smallest act of creation and service is noticed throughout the universe but when you choose to open up your individual act and welcome participation by others intentions, you allow that others may enjoy and benefit from what you have the privilege to start. Truly, you are each one where spirit meets the material and your choices hour by hour bring to life and create out of thin air and out of potential and as a result of your intentions and actions, the potential is made real, the energy circuit is formed, the intention is expressed out to the universe at large for others to choose as well, for others to support as they notice it and are drawn to it.

Much like a parade that passes by and draws all manner of crowd to see what all the excitement is about, when you create your intention in this world it draws to it a crowd of its own to see what all this service is about and many will desire to support such a service perhaps with just a round of applause but perhaps with prayers or devoted intention as well. But if you had not set out to have this parade there would be nothing to observe and no project around which to gather and rally. This is the significance of your getting the ball rolling, your instituting the process for it does all begin with you as co-creators and your choices and desires are what are made manifest in your experience.

Thank you for the opportunity to use this line of thought to illuminate a little more about this aspect of inviting in others and what you are doing with your choosing your beginnings of thought and projection, all are quite significant as you are coming to understand. I now allow this platform for use by others, thank you.

Monjoronson: I greet you all here today, I am Monjoronson, pleased once again to be with you and pleased to have this opportunity to address the question of my dear associate who asks for some perspective on diet and the food chain. As you all well know, there have been predictions of a great decrease in your earthly population and this is in large part due to the supply of available food versus the number of mouths to feed. Throughout the history of your world, the population has been determined by the ability to provide food, transport it and make it available to those who live away from food production.

As you all well know, this is a rather delicate balance and is constantly in flux and undergoing change as all the different variables within the equation are fluctuating and changing day by day. I would acknowledge the observation that much of the current available food supplies are allocated for the purpose of meat production which by its very nature takes large amounts of what could be fed to humans and feeds it to animals to raise them up for meat production. This, looking at it from a larger perspective represents an unwise allocation of resources, in fact as was stated, if it were not for the production of feed to be given to animals there would most certainly be enough vegetation grown to feed all the hungry mouths on this planet.

Until now in your planetary evolution it may not have been necessary for you to consider the unwise allocation of these resources but as the food chain constricts and the available quantities dwindle you will need to evaluate your priorities of the majority of your agriculture being turned into meat for as you know, meat is a concentrated form of many resources in order to be combined into the form of meat. If there is no consideration of the allocation of resources, then one could justify growing entire pastures which will be condensed down into a few animals which will then be enjoyed by a few humans. If resources become more importantly allocated, then you would have a difficult time taking out of production land that could be used to grow grains which could immediately and directly feed humans rather than be harvested, stored and rationed out to the animals.

You are beings of infinite creative choice and so therefore there is no divine plan for you to be one way or another. You must discern what works for you in this world and in your lives. Each one of you must judge for yourselves the wisdom of anything that you eat and everything that you eat. Does it serve the purpose of nourishing your body with the highest integrity or does it pass off for an imitation or is it a combination of ingredients which your body cannot even recognize.

I point to sugars made from corn; whereas your body can easily and readily digest corn and it is nutritious and good, when distilled down and made into sugar and then chemically altered it is virtually unrecognizable to your body and therefore it does a great disservice by throwing it a curve ball and your body does not know how to react or to deal with this foreign agent which is now pervasive in most of your food chain. One of the largest follies may certainly be to grow what could be foodstuffs as fast as possible using as artificial means as available so that you may turn right around and put fuel in your tank to do it all over again.

These practices are not sustainable, they are not justifiable from a righteous standpoint. They do not follow the divine standard of "Do no harm," instead they are literally practices of taking the cream of the crop and allowing all the rest to go for purposes that are less than noble. I encourage you each one and every one to spend some time in reflection as you go through your days and weeks about your relationship to your food. Start to see your food as part of you. You have a saying, "You are what you eat" and there is much truth to this statement because you rely on this food to bring nourishment to every cell of your body so therefore this food must transfer directly into your being.

It is good and wise for  you to consider what you would add to your being and to follow the divine rule, "First do no harm." If it can pass that test, then you must look at it on a scale of value, how much within your food is nourishing and beneficial and how much represents a challenge to your vehicle that simply has to be dealt with in the process.

I have offered you these words of discussion at your request. They represent some of the most practical information we have discussed. I have told you that you are the creators in this equation and your choices will reign supreme but you are ones who are willing to examine your choices and redefine your values and re-choose on a regular basis and so I offer you some different perspectives, albeit, I would wager that all of you are quite fully aware of everything that I just presented to you. Nevertheless, sometimes it helps if it comes from another source, from one whose intentions for you are only for the very best.

You all who are born of the spirit know that this life is but a temporal experience, short lived and intense but even so there is a desire to maximize this experience and to not allow it to be cut short inadvertently by poor choices or poor habits or inadvertent harm done to the vehicle. So it is proper to re-evaluate as your awareness grows what is a good and proper diet for an ascending child of God. This is the opportunity I present for you today and I know you will reflect and find the meanings within. Thank you all for your devoted attention, farewell now.

[ Ed contribution- I experienced a personal aha moment when I received an image at the conclusion of transmitting this session. The picture I got was that the number of mouths to feed on the earth was MUCH larger than I had been considering because my perception had not been expanded to include ALL mouths -human and all the animals (wildlife, pets, meat animals and work and pleasure animals) many of which are large animals in large numbers requiring lots of the available resources thus the TOTAL mouths to feed is a much larger number than I had realized, all of us dependent on the same available food supply. This represented a shift in my perception as I had not been considering competing with all these other mouths for food. Wow,  Blessings to all, Mark Rogers]