Samuel of Panoptia - Thought Adjusters & Coma Patients - Dec 22, 2008 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, December 22, 2008.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Thought Adjusters And Coma Patients.”
Received by George Barnard.
Samuel: “Much in the way of misunderstanding remains about the Mystery Monitors that indwell humans on this, and the majority of other planets.  Much cannot be spoken about in these “get togethers” between our students and us, your Teachers, for you collectively lack the basic understanding of what these God Fragments entail.  Not only that, truly the majority of you mistake the evolving human soul for the perfect Divine Self that guides each of you.
“That is not to say that your (former human) Teachers have a clear and thorough understanding of the Mystery Monitors.  We do not.  We are those who have put our fusion, and future occupation in the spiritual realms on hold, in part to accumulate, as you call it, our universe credits.  This, apart from an innate urge to be satisfied in seeing progress where this is sorely needed.
“We can, however, disclose most of our observations about those God Fragments, who find their human, their physical machinery, in a coma, and we can do this in a language easy for you to grasp.  Should the individual be brain dead, the God Fragment will move on, and the human soul is taken, and leave by Seraphic transport, at the same time as do the Destiny Guardians take their leave, yes, providing the human soul has made adequate progress.
“To continue to care for the brain dead is as ludicrous as your planet’s habit of embalming the dead to preserve their defunct human machines before interment.  There is no survival of the flesh, ressurrection for further life on this earth, or a plan to create heaven on earth to in any way compare with the morontia life on Mansonia’s worlds.
“With a clear bueprint of human life, and its “end point” known, the comatose patient who is known to recover, even many years ‘down the track,’ does continue to be ministered to by the God Fragment, Destiny Guardians and others, even display soul growth, which can often be readily observed.  No such provision is made for those who will not awaken from their coma.  All is known.  The soul will be taken and move on, as many sensitives among you would sense a ‘psychic’ coldness, or absence in the room.
“In this instance, as almost always, we are not allowed to give information on a specific individual to help relatives decide.  For them, as for anyone, the choices made, and decisions you stick to, are what produce spiritual growth.  Get it right; good for you!  Get it wrong; there’s another lesson learned.  You dwell in a universal school of further learning, and your positive attempts through pure, honest intent will one day place you in the Creator’s Presence to be embraced.
“This is Samuel the Panoptian signing off, and sending his love to all.  Adieu.”
George: “Thank you Teach.”
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