Samuel of Panoptia - The Fourth Overarching Factor (The Thought Adjuster) - Nov 10, 2008 - Progress Group, AU

Illawarra District, November 10, 2008.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “‘The Fourth Overarching Factor.’”
Received by George Barnard.
Samuel: “The subject of our discussion this evening is the overarching factor, so often unrecognized in the make-up of the human personality.  And we do here measure your apprehension regarding the subject, as this, in a sense, is something rather new to you.  However, bear with me, and I shall explain.
“Incidentally, I am merely repeating your long-forgotten ‘grumblings’ in lectures when you expressed the opinion that psychology is an inaccurate science, an at-times-boring subject, espoused by those who know everything better, whilst overlooking, the mind, the heart, the soul, and yes, even the Spirit Self (Thought Adjuster).  This evening as we focus on the fourth, and ‘overarching factor’ you will find our lesson, to some degree, to concur with your insistence of years as to what other factors may help sum up the personality.
“Much has been made of genetics -- good or bad -- and yet there are many who do not rank highly on the genetic score, who have nevertheless managed great achievements, and this, whilst some highly ranked individuals achieved little.  We take a peek at the ‘second factor’ now, which represents the early years of nurture and care.  Those who can look back and see that they perhaps received ‘a raw deal,’ frequently still achieve to a greater degree than do those who were well looked after.
“We now consider the ‘third factor,’ which is education and environment; the social structure within which an individual is brought up at first, and later matures.  And again, we often find those who hail from the poor and disadvantaged districts, or families, can achieve a great deal depending on their acceptance or rejection of the status quo.
“So often the difference lies in the fourth, overreaching, or overarching factor; the largely unrecognized input of the Thought Adjuster.  The Thought Adjuster unerringly impinges on every aspect of genetics, the early formative years and the ongoing environment and education.  For the great many who today are fleetingly contacted by the Midwayers, and other Celestials capable of a prompting or mind to mind communication, it is important to understand that a kindly request -- a sincere and well-meant request to the over arching, ‘fourth factor,’ the Thought Adjuster – can indeed make a difference, a great difference, a vital difference, to the spiritual achievements of such individuals, when all other factors have let him or her down.
“So often it is noted that the obvious truth, dealing with the ethical or spiritual, can come from the mouths of babes.  So very many of you, already well into adulthood, can at times be ‘babes’ and discern truths, ultimate truths, that could only have come from the ever vigilant and capable Lecturer, your Thought Adjuster Partner, who will provide the stepping stones towards conscious communication.
“Whether or not you feel that your genetics has to a certain degree let you down, or that your environment, when still a child, or when a grown-up, was not ideal, do make that plea for your Thought Adjuster to aid your development in this life, as it is a vital factor in your transition to, and your advancement throughout, your eternal lives to follow.
“This is your Teacher Samuel, once more hopeful that there was a lesson of learning in what I have carefully put together for you this evening.  I say Adieu.”
George: “Thank you Samuel.”
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