Nebadonia; Christ Michael - Your Home Is Waiting For Your - World Needs Love - Sep 04 & 21, 2008 - CCC

September 4, 2008

Little children of this world, your Divine Father and Mother are here for you.  This is your Mother Nebadonia, and I wish to assure you that your place in our universe home is waiting for you.  You are a part of our family, you are welcome, you have always been a part of your Father and me, yet your heart was closed to our presence.

Now is the time to allow the electrical charges of the heart to spark with our love, to fan the flames of love smoldering deep within, and to ignite your heart’s passion.  Are you desirous of this?  Are you ready for this?  There is a yearning deep within your being that you sometimes cannot reach, yet we are the ones who can activate that for you by the simple act of asking us into your heart.  Invite us in, my beloveds, and allow me to breathe my life-giving energies that will ignite the flames of love at your core.

Fire needs oxygen to burn once the spark has been ignited.  This is my presence in you, dear children; invite me into your being.  The sparks of love are there.  The time is here.  The door of your universe home is open to you.  Your brothers and sisters in spirit are waiting for you.  All is in readiness.

Receive my love, receive the electrical charges of Michael within your heart and allow your body to relax in our care.  This is your birthright; this is your divine inheritance growing within your mind and body.  Receive this, and become all that you have been designed to BE!


Christ Michael

September 21 2008

Beloved children, this is your Father Michael.  What the world needs most is a demonstration of love.  People need to see love in action, and I call you into active service to love one another, and to give that compassionate understanding and tender mercy to each other during this time of planetary change.

You want the new ways of life to unfold on your planet.  You are the ones who bring this into being by your actions.  It is time to act upon your better inclinations and to keep the higher ideal in view as you go about your day.  You have been trained.  You have received the new teachings.  You have been shown the way.  Now it is time for you to demonstrate to others what you have learned.

Your brethren need you now, my beloveds.  They need you to show them the ways of love: the heart of forgiveness, the verbal balm of compassion, the freedom of understanding truth.  What you brothers and sisters need is to see you responding to them with these attitudes and approaches.  Stay close to me in your heart and I will help you respond to them in the way they need.

Godliness spreads throughout the world not by mere ideas and intellectual deciphering of ancient traditions and beliefs, but in the offering, sharing and receiving of love.   Live in this love; live in me, my children.  Prepare your heart to expand into me, and I will demonstrate my love to others through you.