Number 44 Morontia Companion - The Care for [Deceased] Karl - May 29, 2008 - Progress Group, AU

Illawarra District, Australia, May 29, 2008.
Morontia Companion "Number Forty-Four."
Subject: "The Care for Karl."
Received by George Barnard.

Number Forty-Four: "I am a Morontia Companion. I am without a name, but I have a large number, the last digits of which are Forty-Four. I will be obliged if you simply call me ‘Number Forty-Four.’ Morontia Companions come in two types. The one you will meet most often are the outgoing ones. The ones who try to keep to themselves you will notice less often. They are the shy ones, like me, who will offer no advice. They will answer when spoken to. I am most pleased this receiver of transferred messages has asked many questions, so I am now in a position to answer them. I would not normally have a task like this, but the receiver is a friend of many years. We met up, we looked each other in the eyes, and we became friends, for we understood each other’s minds. Morontia companions are no more than three feet tall in your measurements, and so we relate well to the smallest of humans in the local universe.

"I, Number Forty-Four, am well over two million years old. I have used up and worn out a number of my bodies over this period, and so my ‘material machine’ has been replaced a number of times. The mind I have is the same mind I was granted when I was first created, and I have the third, fourth, and fifth aspect of the Morontia Mind to work with. With it we can do many things, including learning new languages at a very rapid rate. And therefore, I now speak more than one thousand different languages as they are spoken on the worlds of this local universe sector. I will now to the best of my ability, and this also means the best of ‘our’ ability, convey the answers my human friend wishes to hear.

"The recently passed-on human, named Karl I have not met, but I have learned about him. He is doing well. He is being attended to. He lives in a separate section for the recuperating, which, again, is a separate section of Mansonia One, where all arrivals from Urantia are at first housed. Karl, I know, lived a very generous and giving life, which is enormously to his credit here. He also thought ill of himself, and unworthy, which is something that is being attended to. There are thoughts on your world that some people will go to ‘heaven’ and some will not, but I tell you this is an erroneous concept. All do arrive on Mansonia One, and they generally, rather swiftly, move on from here. However, in Karl’s instance, much in the way of ‘repairs’ will be done to his troubled mind before he is allowed to move on further.

"Nebadon is a most forgiving universe. It has a most forgiving Creator Son, also, and whilst at this moment lower angels and cherubim, special nurses and overseers, are looking after Karl, a time will come when he will hear and learn from the Melchizedek Teachers, the Archangels, and all other Teachers and the greatly experienced Specialists this universe holds.

"I thank you for the time you spent asking me questions, therewith giving me the opportunity to speak out and be heard. This is Number Forty-Four, your friend of long ago, sending my love and good vibrations to all who will hear this message and spare a loving, prayerful thought for Karl."

George: "Thank you Number Forty-Four."

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