Sondjah - CCDT Transcripts 11 thru 15 - Mar 10 - Apr 21, 2008 - Evergreen CO

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Evergreen/Conifer CCDT, #11
Evergreen, Colorado 3/10/2008
Teacher: Sondjah Melchizedek & Issah, an Archangel
TR: Daniel Raphael

March 10, 2008

SONDJAH: Good evening, this is Sondjah. (Welcome.) Thank you for your welcome. The Teaching Council and I have been reflecting upon the remarkable session you had last week, and your response to Issah’s guidance and participation with your session, with each of you. We will support Issah’s work, as he works with you; we will support your connection with him and with the energy that he brings through.

You have continued to make good progress with the 3 essential values in the development of beliefs and expectations, and the criteria for fulfillment. We appreciate the diagram on the board that one group devised. This is very much akin to what we are working with and have suggested for you. You can apply this to almost any relationship, whether it is personal, intimate or social/societal. They are all related to these core values. You are developing an acquaintanceship with this.

Tonight we will discuss this with you. How to do this, I suppose, is the question, as we wish you to engage each other from your groups in an open forum, guided by myself in the discussion. Last week you were in sub-teams and tonight we would like you to discuss this openly among yourselves in the larger group for a brief period of time before we send you back to your sub-teams. As you hone your work through the dialog that you share in the next few minutes, I will be available to answer any questions you have. I will let this one become conscious and available to you, and then if you have questions, I will come to the forefront to address your questions as best I can. Do you understand, or is this ambiguous? (We understand.) Thank you. I will now recede and this one will open his eyes. Please dialog among yourselves, between your teams. Thank you.

* * * * * * * * * *

SONDJAH: This is Sondjah. The Teaching Council is here in full. We thank you for your dialog, comments, and sharing among yourselves. It is meaningful to you, and it is as meaningful to us, to hear you find the connections between your [individual] works. We are grateful for your maturity to see the evolution that goes on within your teams, the patience that you express for your team members as they work and struggle through this process of evolution and development.

One aspect that would assist you greatly is to be aware that you are in process — a vitally important aspect of living life as a process, not an end. I will now entertain your questions, as you present them, before we adjourn for Issah’s work.

Sherille: Sondjah, this is Sherille. We’ve been working on values in our teams now, for several weeks. Can you tell us if we are still going in the right direction?

SONDJAH: Yes, most definitely. Your discussions this evening were very valuable to affirm to us that you and we are on the same page. We have repeatedly told you that this is a slow process; it is much like watching your children grow over the years. When you look back, you wonder how did it happen. They are now grown. We missed those wonderful moments as we were sharing them with this child, and now it is past. You will say the same things when our work is completed in the months and years ahead. But yes, we are on the same page, and we are grateful for the discussion tonight. (Thank you.)

Sherille: I have a couple of questions from David, a gentleman who couldn’t be here tonight. His first question is: "Once you have experienced some success with TRing, how do you know that you haven’t lost your mind?"

SONDJAH: It is very clear that you have not lost your mind through the assessment criteria of your discernment. You can see from psychiatric works that you are not hallucinating, that you are not devising these things, that you are in a different space, a different consciousness when you TR. It is important that you learn to accept what is coming through, and then judge later. If you judge as you experience TRing, then you have put a stop in the process, and you will not move forward. But alas, I am getting into Issah’s material. The qualifications of sanity and TRing are very distinct. You will know that you are not hallucinating from your own evaluations of this experience, after your TRing has been recorded, you set it aside for several weeks and then listen to it once again. You will be amazed at what came through you.

The sincere, honest, authentic TRing material that comes through you from the sources of light will be most distinct from your own thinking patterns. These will be truly easy to discern as not hallucinatory. On the other hand, if you read them and they are hallucinatory and you cannot tell the difference, you must share the material with a friend or someone who is not hallucinating. This sounds rather bizarre, but this is truly the criterion needed to discern the message. It is important to have effective, true, authentic, genuine TRs who bring through messages that are accurate and highly evolved. It is important that you question your own veracity of what comes through you, so that you are willing to share it with friends and to see if it meets the criteria of truth. Thank you.

Sherille: Thank you. You’ve already answered most of this second question, but I’ll ask it anyway. "How do you know that they won’t lock you in a rubber room, and throw away the key?"

SONDJAH: Most people, who would read the material of truth that comes through you, would discern it as quite distinct from that of an insane person. Insane ramblings are easily distinguished when you have read, examined, and studied them. The insane have the insane capabilities to express that insanity. Those individuals who are deranged or off balance, who are still in your society and TR, those are the ones you need to be careful of. Record their sessions and listen to them, to discern the message. Is there fear? Is there ego? Is there mental derangement? Is there an agenda? Is there a religious or political agenda that needs to be fulfilled? These are the grossest elements/criteria for discerning the message. You will practice this in the future with Issah, as you engage this.

Once again, I caution you and encourage you, not to judge. Listen to the message as it comes through you, so it flows naturally and evenly. Be patient with this process, then discern later. Thank you. (Thank you.) (Pause.) There are other questions, are there not?

Sheralyn: I had a question with regard to our work as we start to ascend and our gifts start to develop, particularly with the TRing, I have a belief that we need to keep an awareness of all aspects of our mental body, spiritual body, emotional body, physical body, and unless they are in alignment or rather in harmony, then if any one of them isn’t developed, it will create some sort of wobble and an instability, that prevent us from going any further on this spiral of consciousness, and that also relates to having evolved relationships and evolved communities and, and, and….

SONDJAH: Could you ask a succinct question, please? (Much laughter.)

Sheralyn: Well, how do we keep those in line with the rest of them? Because if any one isn’t, then it creates this wobble, and ascension of the spiral consciousness is not possible, evolved relationships…[Daniel: Are you done?] Yes, he asked me to say it again. [Daniel: No, asked for a succinct question, a tight question.] And it’s there. I don’t know how else to say it.

Michael: I’ll do it. How do you achieve balance emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically, so that we can continue to grow? [Sheralyn: Ascend, evolve?]

SONDJAH: It is quite simple, and that is to trust the process, the same process as we were discussing earlier about the teams. You must declare your intention for your work, for your life, for the balance of your life to achieve balance between these spheres of energy. It is most important to declare that, to write it out, to desire it, to pray for it, to empower God and God’s beings of light that support you to assist you in the process of growth and balance. There are times when you will be out of balance; use these as part of the lesson to know when you are in balance. It is important for you to learn how to discern these imbalances. Begin after your intention to question your balance. "Am I in balance mentally? Am I in balance emotionally? Am I in balance spiritually? Am I in balance energetically? Is my mind well developed? Is my body in balance? Are there issues of my brain chemistry, which are [not] in balance?"—All of these affect this grand equation. You can do much for your growth and for your balance by being in "oneness," in "this moment," "this now." This is not a facetious statement, built on what we have heard you discuss earlier this evening.

Truly, the most important place where you can gain balance is to be in your meditations, in stillness, in silence, in the "oneness" with the Divine within you. You have prepared the ground for your balancing by speaking your intention before your meditation. It is simple: If you meditate without an intention, without a purpose, without a coming to the welcome mat of the door with the Divine with a conversation in mind, then you have come empty handed. Go into that space, into that welcome foyer of God’s domain, with a message, with a purpose, with an intention. Then, having been there and spoken it, trust the process of your growing into wholeness. Balance is one thing; wholeness is quite another. They are intimately related; they are two sides of the same coin of growth, of development, of the maturation of your spiritual completion. Your question is most appropriate and timely, and we appreciate it. Do you feel I have left anything out that needs to be covered to answer your question?

Sheralyn: Well, I thank you, Sondjah—I feel you have answered the question as far as the spiritual body is concerned, but not with regard to the other three, but I think I will hold here, if that’s okay, and see if I can verbalize it more succinctly.

SONDJAH: No, I would be willing to entertain the other three areas, if you wish.

Sheralyn: I’m not sure it’s appropriate this evening, time-wise.

SONDJAH: You are correct. Let us wait for another occasion; I would be glad to engage the remainder of your question. (Thank you.) Might I say though, that it is important in your spiritual evolution to be emotionally balanced, for the emotional fires of your emotional mind-body connection are the fires under the boiler of your spiritual growth. If you live in anger, if you live in resentment, hostility, envy, greed, lust, jealousy, worry and fear, your spiritual growth will come to nothing. You must come to spiritual balance in the joys of knowing God, in knowing the fullness of your self at peace, and then you will truly grow. These are the first steps of spiritual growth: to come to emotional balance, to become conscious of your emotional imbalance, and seek consciously, and deliberately, intentionally to come to balance and peace, to create solutions for your unhappiness, rather than trying to resolve the problems of your unhappiness. I will stop with that, then.

Are there other questions, others would like to ask? Do you have a further question unrelated to this area? (Not at this time, thank you.) I will step aside for Issah, who is anxiously—if an Archangel can be anxious—to assist you this evening. (Giggling in the background.)

(Short break.)

[Daniel: Issah—he’s so big!]

ISSAH: Good evening, this is Issah. (Good evening.) It is a pleasure to be here with you. Tonight we will re-engage that field of energy, that field of stillness, that quivering pool of light that surrounds you, fills you. Let us begin to re-establish the anchors of stillness that we practiced last week. This is a time for the inner journey, a time for listening in preparation for you to TR. As the angelic being involved in this training, I have also appreciated your conversations, your discussion of process, your discussion of consciousness, your discussions of growth and balance.

The training that we are presenting to you is multi-leveled, multi-dimensional in your minds. We are addressing energies within your body, your emotional sphere, your minds, your brains, and your spiritual existence, your spiritual consciousness, its maturity. We address all of these. As we take you into the inner realms, you will more and more become aware of your imbalances. You may be uncomfortable with your immaturity, your lack of focus, your lack of release, [of] always holding on, [but] be patient with yourselves—you truly are children of light. You are in the process of growing into mature beings of light, and this is part of the journey. At least you recognize your imbalance, your immaturity, your undeveloped self. Recognize that, accept it, embrace it, and then release it to God, and ask for growth, wholeness, and balance. I will now leave a space of stillness in these following moments for you to do those very things. This is an essential part of your connection to truth, love, and to wholeness.

(Long pause.) Take a few more moments, please.

Now, let us begin. As you journey, some of you will hear more quickly, sooner than others. Those of you, who do not hear, do not worry about this. Do not denigrate or belittle yourself, for then you have cemented in place your incapacity to take this on. Remember, you are loved, you are whole, you are complete, you are in the process of becoming whole and complete. Know that any imperfections are simply temporary, that through your dedication, commitment and intentions, you are becoming whole. Through our assistance, this will become a rapid process.

Now, still those four realms of your existence: Begin with your body, please. Release all those tensions, tense muscles; release your tongue that talks so much; release your eyebrows that have been furrowed so much, and your leg muscles that are so prepared to run. Be at peace. Be in this moment. Be in this now. Think of a time when you were embraced, cared for, supported, loved, nurtured, where you could rest in the bosom, the cradle, the lap of someone who loved you, cared for you, nurtured you, who let you sleep there, peacefully, without a care in the world. Remember a time when you had that experience or something similar to that. Know that you now are resting in the bosom of the Creator. You are resting in my embrace of peace, of love. I enfold you. I surround you. You and I are "one." I support you in these moments, totally and completely. Know that your emotional sphere is at rest, at peace.

Your mind is still. There is nothing that you need to think about; nothing you need to prepare for. Everything is taken care of in this moment, right now. All that remains is your spiritual self. You are standing in the palm of God’s hand; the light is all around you. Now invite that presence around you, which may be the Creator, may be Christ Michael, Jesus. It may be your guardian angel—it may be your most hallowed teacher. Invite that being, that person, that energy, to be with you now. (Pause.)

Some of you may visualize yourself, extending your hand that is open, waiting to be grasped by their hand. It may be an embrace; it may be their presence looking you straight in the face. Express how you feel in their presence and ask them to speak with you. (Pause.) If no one is there, wait in anticipation, knowing that you are in company of the Divine and angelic. (Pause.) Ask any question you wish to. (Pause.) Now, ask for assistance to return to this space, this place, this moment, this connection with the Divine, with the angelic. Ask them for assistance to bring you to this space, quickly, easily—wherever that may be. And ask this question: "What do I need to do, to assist you to have contact with me?" (Pause.) You may take another minute or so and then I will bring you back to the center. (Pause.)

As you begin the process of coming back to consciousness, take your time and do it with an intention of finding your way back, back to this place of peace, to this connection. You have laid the lines of communication with your beings of light that care for you and love you, who wish to have a conscious relationship with you. Leave these lines of communication open.

Now, simply become aware of your presence now, in this moment. As you practice this, you will come away from these moments, still connected, still in touch, still part of that thread connected to the Divine space within you. You will have an easier way back; the connections will be permanent. This is the beginning of a permanent connection between yourself and the Divine, for the rest of your infinite career. You will want to maintain that connection, that line that you can follow back so easily. Visualize and energize that now.

You will be using this line again to bring you to this position, this connection, this space more rapidly in the future. As you feel it, sense it, know it, perceive it, you will be able to re-unite almost instantaneously anywhere you travel or live. Now, please bring your focus and your intention to the center of the group, and open your eyes slowly. Be in this repose for a time; appreciate the glow…(tape turned)… it is like a grand hug, embrace, or kiss, something that you remember that lingers with you, on and on, something that you want to re-enact, remember, re-engage, again and again in the future.

I will withdraw from you through this one at this point, but remain in your company. I would like you to discuss your experiences during this time, if they are not too private for you. This is not an obligation, simply a request if you are available to do so. Thank you.

End of recording.



Evergreen/Conifer Co-Creative Design Team, #12
Evergreen, Colorado
Celestial Teachers:
Sondjah Melchizedek

Archangel Issah

TR: Daniel Raphael
March 17, 2008

SONDJAH: It is good to be here again, thank you for your attendance, thank you for your diligence to be here.

We have said before, and we say again that the work that you are doing here in this group is foundational for all the Design Teams and Working Teams that will be coming into existence in the months and years ahead around your world. You do not realize now how important your presence is here, to us, to the future generations, to those who will use your notes and your minutes, these transcriptions of our work, to help them proceed. You are making their work so much easier. You may not realize it, but you are an important facet of the future. Your willingness to be here is a dedication to the future. You have made a commitment to create a future, which is different than the past, one that is helpful, positive, constructive, useful and sustainable.

You will find before long that you perhaps may be in conflict with your established religious institutions, because of your participation here. It will be something that we have foreseen, that we anticipate, though we as celestials, as spiritual beings, will not have to live out the conflicts that you may feel. We hope that your education here, your training, makes your transitions easier, as you move ahead. You have, in other words, made a commitment to the future, to a new way of thinking, and so this is sometimes abrupt and edgy, on edge for those who are still in the old way of thinking.

This evening, we will continue what we began last time. I will explain what we will do, and then I would like to take a few minutes for you to share what you did last time, before we break into the sub-teams. What we will be doing tonight is to turn your tablets of edge, so that you are looking at a landscape picture, rather than a portrait-size picture. I would like you to divide your paper into four columns: The first column would be values, and in that column would be secondary or tertiary values. You would then have a column for beliefs, and then one for intentions/expectations. The last column would be the criteria for the requisite required behaviors that support these values, beliefs, expectations and intentions, so that you actively and consciously work to fulfill what you have set out to is in agreement.

We have found in listening to and watching many, many people on your planet—and other planets—that there is a great disharmony between what people believe, what they say, and what they do. There is often a great disconnect between all of that. For your world to become sustainable, these must come into agreement as much as possible in what you value, believe, expect, and what you say and what you do. When you have consistency in your lives, your life will become far easier, less stressful. When there is no ambiguity of belief, but that your beliefs are true and faithful, and they serve you, and there are no turn-a-rounds or turn-a-bouts that frustrate you or cause you to disbelieve what you are doing, then you are able to have a fluid, continuous relationship with your beliefs and their expressions in your daily lives. Are these instructions clear? (Yes.) Thank you.

Now, I will step back and we would like you to discuss what you did last week, if there are any things to discuss, and if there are not, then we will release you to your sub-teams, to begin examining these four columns of activity, relevant to the relationship paradigm that you are working on. I wish to tell you too, that we are using the relationships purposefully for enhanced and improved relationships in your personal lives. We are also using these as examples for later work that you will be doing. You may not have realized it yet, but the values that you are working with for relationships will be virtually the same as they are for a sustainable healthcare system, or an educational system. There will be sub-sets of beliefs and values that come from and derive from that, which are peculiar or particular for this other area, so we are beginning with relationships, and then later on, we will be branching out to the educational system and healthcare, and even to economies and so on.

I now recede from the group and wish you to discuss what you did last week, and assess how you want to proceed. Thank you.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Daniel: This is Daniel. Please assume the same meditative position and posture and space that you had when Sondjah began talking to us. Please relax yourself and prepare for Issah’s arrival, his presence and his discussions with us.

ISSAH: Good evening, this is Issah. (Good evening.) It is a pleasure to be here with you, once again. Tonight we are going to explore the facets of consciousness. You have an energy anchor here among you; you have formed a Merkabah. What you may not appreciate is that a Merkabah provides for an empowered shared consciousness; it is a shared space of consciousness where you participate as equals, without fear. You feel safe, you become empowered, and you participate effectively at the level of your mortal competence and the breadth and depth of your consciousness. When you are in this space, you must be cognizant that you and everything that you bring with you, is shared. If you have fears, you bring them along and they are shared. If you have resistance or disbelief or feel unsafe and are in fear, you share that—that is here with us.

Now, this is not an impractical position to be in; it is very common; it is very normal, as you are experiencing new levels of consciousness, social participation with others, with whom you are not too well acquainted, but whom you trust to be on the same par with yourself. You are joining together in a new experience, though you do not know everyone that well, so you may have some resistance, you may bring a fear with you. You may be afraid of the unknown, for truly, when we are in this state, and when it deepens, it can become a state of "altered consciousness." This is natural; it is without drugs; it is a facet of your own consciousness, your own growth, your own development, part of an experience which you will share in your life, one that we hope you will want to express and develop and share all the rest of your life. And so, you enter into this meditative state on your own, but around you, you are in a shared space of consciousness.

Now you—if you were curious—would ask, "How do we soften this? How do we ameliorate this? How do we dissolve our fears? How do we enhance our union, so that the best is shared, rather than the fears or the resistances are shared?" One simple way of doing this that has been practiced by the monastic cults and shamanic practitioners for millennia is through chanting, drumming, and "OMing" for examples. You enter into this vibrational state, come to peace, with a lack of conscious thinking, just releasing yourself to the moment, to this space, enjoying it and becoming one with it, if you are able to do so.

So tonight, we will do that. We will do this briefly, but one of these evenings, I would like to take you on a journey of your "shamanic" history, your "shamanic" past, your traditions that you have had to do this for 5, 10, 15 minutes, and release yourself to the vibration. When I speak of "vibration," it is the same "vibration of oneness" in the universe that is the "vibration of love." Your scientists have discovered what they call "the echo of the Big Bang." We do not hear this, but we see it, as an effervescent, ever-present light, evenly spread across the infinite universe that you live in. This is the light of God, the Creator, which brought this all into existence.

Your scientists hear it as a background noise, a vibration in the ethers, as you would say, but we see it as a light. It is an ambient light around us that is always present. For those who are new to the afterlife, they wonder about this, but soon they are instructed and told what it truly is, and that this is the eminence, the very eminence of the Creator in expression, in creation. And so, this vibration is one you would always want to emulate in your life; it is an aspect of creation. When you create in love, you express love and light to the universe that is new, and so creation is a wonderful facet of your own mortality. Enjoy it when you can; revel in it as often as you can.

I will guide you through this one, in the OMing. We will do the "OM," as you know it, and do not breathe together, but take turns. When you run out of breath, take another breath and begin OMing again. When you hear this one stop, then you may cease if you wish, and all will come to stillness. I will proceed with our instructions tonight. This is fundamental of tonight’s lesson: To be in stillness, to be in light and to be in harmony, to be in oneness with your fellow brothers and sisters, to be in harmony energetically. This is truly the essence of what we are striving to achieve tonight. I will begin, and once again breathe when you need to breathe, so that everybody does not breathe together and become self-conscious. We would not want that to occur.

[Period of OMing takes place.]

This is very brief in its expression, but it does bring in oneness. Eventually, when we practice this, you will also enter into forgetfulness. You, as beginners doing the OMing, feel self-conscious, your throats are constricted, you feel nervous and self-aware. This is a natural part of the process; one that disappears after one practices it for many minutes. When you are at ease and at peace, you are simply expressing this sound in your throat, which resonates in your body. This resonates too, in the whole group, and this is the essence of bringing oneness to everyone, in a state of consciousness. This is an energetic exercise; it is one that assists you to become "even" in your emotional energies, as well as your physical energies, and your social energies and your spiritual energies. It is important that you be at ease and at peace, when you are in meditation. You will one day, know how to meditate and OM at the same time; you will do both unconsciously—and I mean that quite sincerely—you will be most unconscious or unaware that you are meditating, that you are in the OMing process; you will be at peace.

Therefore, we have taken you through the leveling process, to ensure that your energies are harmonious and even, across the board in the group. We, in this short time, know that your energies are much different than they were before you began. For some of you, your heart rates are much slower, and you blood pressure is lower as well. Your respiration may be elevated, but there is uniformity in your breath that gives you peace.

I will now lead you into another aspect, or another part of preparing to TR, to channel, and that is to become more and more centered in yourself. Do not be offended or fearful of the phrase of self-hypnosis, as this is what most people do when they become very comfortable with meditating day-after-day-after-day-after-day, year-after year, that the entering that space, peacefully, quickly, silently—and even hopefully—knowing that they will be at peace, very soon. They take the anchors that we have been teaching you, and apply them spontaneously to the moment, in their meditations, so that they are able to release themselves into meditation very quickly. I will do this with you tonight, slowly and peacefully. There is nothing to fear; there are not autosuggestions going to be given to you, to do anything wrong or inappropriate. You are loved. Your consciousness is a hallowed expression of God, in God’s light as a mortal. We would not denigrate your presence with these commands, which are illegitimate in your lives. You are loved; you are appreciated; you are one with the universe, and being one, we know that you are part of ourselves as well.

Now, begin to breathe evenly; relax yourselves. Feel yourselves sink into your chair. Place your hands so that you are comfortable. As you relax, it is as though you have sunk into your chair a bit more; you are at peace. You may want to feel, recall, an historic moment in your life when you were so deeply at peace, at rest. You are in that moment, right now. You are feeling stillness in yourself and all around you.

Now, let go and go a little bit deeper. You are entering into that hallowed space of the quiet closet that Jesus spoke of, that meeting place between your self and God, where you experience its presence within you. You are now feeling at harmony and peace, in this moment, this space. You begin to become aware that you are not alone. You are aware that you are in the presence of a magnificent, safe, presence. You feel a kinship with this presence, a familiarity that you recall from the past. Sometimes, this is a wordless sharing of a moment with your intimate spiritual Friend and Companion.

Sometimes, it is the brief sharing of a loving word that comforts you. Know that you have always been a part of this presence; know that it has always been present in your life, that it has always been with you, and that these moments are a time of reunion, a time of embracement, moments of shared joy; feelings of being home, being truly cared for, knowing that your highest aspirations for your life have already been anticipated, and are ready for you to accept. The only thing left to do is to accept that presence; then you begin to have a conscious relationship. Listen in these moments at how you are appreciated and loved. Any questions you have, now ask them; the answers are readily available for you, personally.

Now, we will begin our journey back. I want you to remain in this steady state of embrace, love, and of the presence. You are slowly moving as a balloon, through the air, slowly upward to the present moment. Maintain this reverie, this composure, which you have attained. Bring this peace with you, knowing that you are still—and continue to be—in the presence of the one who has always loved you. This may take several minutes for you to rise to the surface of this moment here, in this room, for you have journeyed far, far into the inner reaches of your consciousness, where your Beloved loves you, has always resided there, waiting for you. Bring back this companionship, "helping hands," if you wish, to call it that.

[Note: Issah’s voice is calm, soft and very reassuring, with appropriate pauses between sentences, to carry out his instructions in an unhurried manner. He is a Master at teaching this technique of meditation/stillness.]

Daniel: This is Daniel. Now when we come back to the moment, the presence here among us, the social presence, you don’t have to leave the company of your Beloved teacher, God, or whoever it is to you, but to bring that with you into this moment. It’s a very similar place and space … (Side A of tape ends, but nothing is recorded on the B side.)

[Note from Daniel: Everyone was so "spaced out," relaxed and so utterly silent that nothing happened after these moments!]



Evergreen/Conifer Co-Creative Design Team, #13
Evergreen, Colorado
Teacher: Sondjah Melchizedek
TR: Daniel Raphael
March 24, 2008

SONDJAH: Good evening friends, this is Sondjah. Thank you for your presence here tonight, it is good to join with you once more. This evening’s session brings us almost full circle to complete the superficial way that we have been engaging this topic, even after all these several months. We have almost completed the work that we would do, touching upon all the major elements of the Co-Creative Design Team process.

Tonight we will do two things: First of all, we would like you to re-examine your intentions for being in an intimate relationship, a relationship that you chose to work in. This is a re-visitation to those original intentions, which we hope you have written down and that you could re-examine. In light of all the weeks that we have been working on relationships, values, beliefs, intentions, expectations and the criteria for performance, you should have a much better idea whether your intentions were realistic or not. This is a time of appraisal and adjustment of your intentions.

In a thoughtful relationship, you would do this with your partner. If you are a single person, then you would do this by yourself, but you would do it very deliberately and very methodically. You may want to invite a friend, who is also single, who has similar intentions, to help you examine your intentions for being in this relationship, to reassess your first intention and to reformulate a new intention, if it needs adjustment, which we would expect you to do. This is the first part.

The second part of tonight’s work is to examine the columns of work that each team worked on last time. We would ask the teams to come together, but as we are a small group tonight, we will do this in this group as it is, but you will do it consciously and aloud, comparing notes with each other between the teams. That is the summary of what we will do tonight, after I recede from the group. What we have done in this Co-Creative Design Team, this original team, is to go through all the fundamental steps of the Design Team process in a very superficial way, very quick way, to formulate the various relationships. We have not covered all of the relationships, but you understand the process, and the steps that apply to each one. Were you to now sit down with your friends, you could go through the steps much more quickly, re-examine what you have done—and did not do—and fill in the blanks.

These steps are fundamental to all examinations of all relationships for individuals, for couples, for families, for communities, for states, cities, cultures and a civilization. It is as simple as that, and as difficult as that. The reason why we have engaged you at the individual level and in sub-Teams is simply because if we were in a town meeting, this would take years, whereas we have completed this process in the matter of approximately three months. You have a good idea of what is involved. You can now engage similar questions and formats for other areas of inquiry, whether it is education, medical care, economics, governmental process, and so on. The fundamentals are here. The next step, however, is agonizing and most difficult, and the one that will take the most time, simply because not everyone has this similar interest. There are positions people will take.

The next step you would take in devising and developing your designs would be to participate in a Co-Creative Working Team. The "rub" comes in when you begin to apply that to a community, to a school district, to a policy board, and so on. The difficulty lies in the application of the designs that you have begun. The Working Team Process is another step, which we would be most heartily glad to participate in, when there are individuals who are willing to step forward and do this. As we appraise the situation though, we—though we are not skeptical—believe that our appraisal is accurate that very few people will step forward to actually begin to strive to implement this. There still is much more work to be done on the design part of this program, before application becomes apparent and necessary.

We further believe, as Monjoronson may have explained to you, that necessity will drive communities and states and nations to begin the design and implementation processes, to thoroughly examine what needs to be done in short order, in order to survive and sustain themselves. As we have said, designing for sustainability must be begun now, so that you have an idea of what the designs look like, before it is necessary to implement those designs. Implementation will probably not occur until the necessity of survival, of maintaining an organized society, is necessary and in front of your face, that if society and communities do not engage these processes of sustainability, they will not survive. This sounds rather dire, but we are putting this in dire circumstances, so that you can appreciate the timeliness of your coming forward, to present these designs when they are needed.

We are engaged in the dissemination of this design process throughout the world, at this time. Few really engage this with the seriousness that is necessary, at this point. You will see within the next three years, a much greater emphasis and necessity for engaging the design process and other fronts. You will particularly need to pay attention to healthcare, police-care, emergency services, fire-care and so on, within communities so that they are equitable and fair, and lend themselves towards sustainability. There must be an even balance of sustainable practices in these emergency services, while at the same time, implementing survival procedures and policies, so that you do survive. It is not a complex formula; you will see it clearly when you step back from the emergencies that will confront you in the future.

As we said, we are in a state of Planetary Emergency Management at this time. Monjoronson has implemented the Co-Creative Design Team and the Co-Creative Working Team processes, as a preparation—not as a preventative—but a preparation for the reorganization and stabilization of your communities and societies later on. He has offered an invitation through me to provide further information to you, if you organize your questions to our transcriptionist, who deals with these documents. You have her email and telephone addresses, and you can address your questions to her. These will be collected for an eventual one or two time meeting, by Monjoronson. There is no emergency at this point, simply a period of time for further clarification, edification of material you have received and heard already, and the preparation for thinking ahead.

You must be forward thinking individuals. Some of you have been homemakers all your life; you must or need to think in terms of the larger family of humankind, and how to prepare for their care. You care for your children, now think in terms of caring for thousands of children. How would you organize that? How would you want to sustain them when it is possible to do so? These are questions not just for moms, but also for dads and for singles as well, those without children.

Now I want to emphasize the simplicity of the work that we have done in the last few months. It is quite simple: It could be written out easily in one, two or three pages at most, in a schematic, a simple format. You have now, dozens upon dozens of pages of transcripts from these sessions, and I have requested that this one and others glean the necessary elements and combine them, bring them together in a workbook or a simple to understand format, so that it can be distributed easily, globally, to others, who are concerned. (Guide to the Co-Creative Design Team Process…. Free in PDF format from

You are also working with a very eminent and powerful Archangel, Issah. This is the other part of the equation, that there must be competent, capable TRs in every design and working team, in the future. It is most difficult for teams to move forward without a co-creative dialog with us. We have seen mortals spin off into their own areas of interest and setting to their own agendas, and they need to be brought back to the center, to hone and pinpoint their focus so they move ahead constructively, positively, and do not become frustrated with each other, as you have seen in your own teams here—and these are simply design teams! (Laughter.)

I will entertain any questions you have now, before I recede and let you discuss your revised intentions and compare your schematics for relationships between the teams. Are there questions now? (Pause.) If you have questions that develop during your discussions, I would be glad to entertain them when we reconvene. We will reconvene before Issah engages you in training this evening. I will now recede and let you engage these two topics and questions.

* * * * * * * * * * *

SONDJAH: This is Sondjah, and we have delightfully enjoyed your conversations, your fervor, your excitement, and your "opinionation." (Laughter.) We have learned much by being with you and our experience here will assist greatly in the development and the procedure and process of other design teams that originate in other places of the world. I had said that I would engage your questions, and it is obvious that there are several on your lips, or at least in your minds. I wish you to share those with us now, please.

David: You obviously heard my question.

SONDJAH: Please raise it for the audience, who is not here.

David: I’m not sure that I can rephrase it well, but it was something to the effect of "What are you asking me to be involved in this process? I mean, why didn’t you just give us the operation manual and tell us how it’s supposed to work?" 

SONDJAH: It has to do with the experience of truth. Truths that are not experienced are not appreciated or ingrained in your being. Truth is something that you feel, that you know, which is intrinsic to your life experience. Truths that are shared by high-minded individuals in manuals mean nothing to you unless you have validated them yourself. The validation of truth, of that which works on a larger scale, is the most important process that we are engaging here. Truly, we could have shared with you this very brief manual long, long, long ago, but who would have listened, who would have engaged it, who would have seen it as a manual for hope?

You who are here have seen that this process does work, and you have engaged it with the thought that there is hope here, that you can make a meaningful contribution. Reading a manual of these truths would not mean much to you. You may see through it, you may be able in fact to engage in your mind in a practical purpose, or with your friends, but would you? By engaging in feeling and experiencing the truth of the process, we know that you have a commitment to it, either as non-committal, or you are highly committed. Those who have not experienced this yet, do not have a way of understanding the truth that you have experienced, other than through vicariously relating to it through the transcripts and through the manual.

There are several ways, in which these truths are being conveyed, so that they can be vicariously experienced and understood by others, and one is through our discussions in these transcripts. The second will be this eventual workbook, (Guide), which will be quite brief, and the other is through the Journal, which this one has kept, though it is of less value than the other two. The work that we are doing must be of such a quality and state of truth that others can relate to it, and accept it as though they were here in these meetings, discussing it with us, and develop the same hope and willingness and commitment and energy, to engage it in their own local community. This is why we have not shared this as a manual earlier, and this is exactly the same reason why the Creators have not healed your planet of these maladies, these problems, even as vicious and endemic as they are in your world. It would serve little purpose to save people without their experience and their co-creative participation. Your contribution, should you wish to participate in another design team in your local community, would be far more passionate, far more committed and far more effective, by having participated. In addition, those who read the manuals and read the transcripts can come to almost the same point of commitment and passion and hope, as you have while you have been here. We are thankful for your question, and have anticipated it for weeks.

Student: Then you have anticipated my follow-up question too. (Sondjah: Which is?) Is truth on this planet an absolute, or changeable?

SONDJAH: The truths that are absolute are Divine; the truths that are relative are ones of the mortal realm. There are truths, which you can aspire to as a mortal, but the truths that work in your society are the truths that are transitory and evolutionary. You must go through the stages of truth to appreciate them and live them. Evolutionary truth is something that you experience through your life. The truths of your childhood are not the truths of your adolescence or the truths of your early adulthood, and certainly not the truths as you know them now. For one to truly appreciate the Divine truths that you will experience in the morontial realm, you must begin to appreciate them as existent, an existential process in this lifetime, to engage them meaningfully. You can of course, engage them as a remedial process in the morontial life, the afterlife, but to really engrain them in your being and understand them, and how they are absolutely necessary to work in the universe, you must engage them in this lifetime. Truths are relative; truths are absolute. You are in the process of aspiring to the absolute truths. Are there other questions?

Michael: Sondjah there is a question that we have earlier explored the possibility that there are potentially other values in the paradigm that we are dealing with, other very important values that we would be wise to address and flesh out, relative to the values of the associated beliefs, the expectations or intentions in the criteria, if we are in fact, to create a context within which, any particular challenge or relationship, or infrastructure component were to ever achieve true sustainability. Do we need to go down this path? Are we on the right path to recognize that there is much more work to be done in terms of identifying additional values and fleshing those out in that paradigm?

SONDJAH: As I said earlier, we have only done the most superficial work here. To fairly design a sustainable society, a social entity that is workable and sustainable, you would need to further flesh out these values, not as an academic pursuit, but as a living pursuit of what works and contributes, and also what is marketable and saleable to your society. You would always hold it in reserve, the later evolved values, beliefs and expectations and criteria, for those would aspire to greater depths of these values. Teach that which most people can relate to, and then develop them for those who aspire to higher, more responsible social relationships. You are on the right track.

We have only exposed you to the process in the most superficial way, and you could totally, thoroughly devote a lifetime to this work. We do not want this to become an academic pursuit, but a living pursuit—one that you live within the context of your life—and particularly your life, and your life, and your life—each one of you, that you would commit to this as a way of life and understand the reasons for doing so, not as a religious base that says, "This way is the truth, this way is the way to live." Now you would know how to live this way, do it responsibly, and truly know that you are making a contribution to your society, as well as to your own life.

I will speak now, on behalf of Issah, who has taken a bow and has let us continue on. We have plowed very fertile ground tonight in this work, in our discussions and your discussions. We have received the benefit of your work, and it has been recorded and appreciated. Your work as TRs needs to continue, but that is a realm that I am not involved in. I wish you well this evening and in the weeks ahead. You must determine how you wish to proceed, before we will engage you again. Do you understand?

Michael: Not necessarily. Are you saying, Sondjah, that we must make some determination before we proceed with the work with Issah, or what?

SONDJAH: Issah’s work is Issah’s work, but our work is dependent upon your willingness to move ahead, either on relationships or in healthcare, or education or economics, or whatever you wish to engage. We could continue with relationships, though we are concerned that others may be bored and not wish to return. As we said in our preliminary discussions, we wish to keep the ball rolling here, to keep you engaged, to keep you interested and enthused and contributing to this. This is not church; this is work. (Thank you.)

I have appreciated working with you so very much! I am going to take my leave, for at least a week, if not two, whereas Issah will be here for you each week in my absence. In any case, he will be here in his own presence. Take time to appreciate what you are thinking and feeling, and how you wish to proceed. We are here to serve you in a co-creative manner. This is a co-creative effort, and co-creatively, we must determine how we proceed from here. I wish you well this evening. Know that God’s blessing is upon you and the Christ Spirit runs through this group and all others around this world, even those who do not acknowledge his presence or his energy or his contribution to your world. He is here for everyone. Good night. (Go with God.)


Sondjah; Machiventa - Beginning Something New - Apr 14, 2008 - Evergreen, CO
Evergreen/Conifer Co-Creative Design Team, #14
Evergreen, Colorado 4/14/2008
Teachers: Sondjah Melchizedek & Machiventa Melchizedek
TR: Daniel Raphael
April 14, 2008

SONDJAH: Good evening, this is Sondjah. (Good evening, Sondjah.) It is good to be back with you once again. I have been "traveling," as you might say, to our capital of this Local Universe, to consult with those who have organized and arranged the development of the Correcting Time. I have been a member of the Teaching Council, for this work of the Co-Creative Design Team, and I am pleased to report that our work is accepted, and now empowered and enabled to be expanded globally on your world. As we have said earlier, this was rather a superficial, rapid attempt to prove the process of the Co-Creative Design Team process, and has proven it capable of going forward to other people and engaging other topics.

You have been most patient with us, to engage this untried, unproven process. You have given us much to think about, much to adapt to other cultures, and yet, there will be some things that will never change. The sustainability of your world is now engaged, not as a potential, but as an actualizing process on your world. It would be useful if all those who would participate in related projects of global sustainability, whether material or social, would assist us in this project. Spiritual groups around the world have been developed and nurtured for the last century and a half, though the seeds of that began much earlier. We are attempting to connect those dots of influence and energy with what we are doing, and to share with them. Not to proselytize them, but to encourage them to adapt this message to their work, always retaining the central values that sustain a civilization, society and a family.

We are… what is the non-emotional word for "saddened?" We are not disappointed; we rather anticipated that we would have a loss of members after our work had been completed. This, as I said, was anticipated. Now the work can proceed in another manner. You may, if you wish, choose another topic—any topic—and begin to design it, and then move forward into implementing it, through the Working Team process. The Working Team process is something we have not yet explored, and will not at this time, as the work of designing has only begun. It would be far too premature to engage a Working Team process, without having fully developed the designs that will be implemented by the Working Team. Do you understand that so far? (Yes.) Thank you.

Any questions, any aspect of it that you do not understand, please present them as questions, and I would be most happy to answer them, as we now are beginning to start the second phase of our Design Team process. This, too, is unknown; this too, is not fully developed, as we need the experiential input from our mortal participants, to give us guidelines in how to proceed. Your willingness to assist us is encouraged, and would be most appreciated and very helpful for the remainder of the world. You are a small number, yet many things can happen in great proportion from small beginnings. Consider the acorn: It will grow into the mighty oak, weighing hundreds of tons, after it has been fully grown and matured—the same for other seedlings as well.

You are a "seedling population;" an experiential nursery, where we nurture your growth, guide its direction, and make available the energies that will assist the work of the Design Team, and eventually the Working Team processes. You are not guinea pigs, however; you are co-creative participants with us in this process. You are "actualizing" individuals in this process. You will only know years from now, how vitally important to you personally this process has been to you in your life. You will reflect back on this many times, and engage this subject and topics in almost the same conservative, but progressive way, in engaging a new topic of interest. You will find it very useful to you, professionally. You will be coming forward in your social groups as one who is recognized and appreciated. This will not occur over night; it will not occur immediately, but as the difficulties of your world begin to play more in the forefront of the news and current events, those with this knowledge will be guided into place, where they can provide assistance to others.

You can anticipate those who sit here now, and those who read these transcripts, that your lives, with your congruent intention, will be guided into avenues of work and interests and contribution and service, which you had not anticipated. If you seek to be rewarded for this, or to be sustained by this with a salary or some remuneration, you will be, as this will be of vital interest to those around you. Do not forget that we told you that your societies, cultures, and technologies would first of all be most interested in the material sustainability topics. These topics too, can be explored through the chart that has been shared with you, which begins with the three core values, and the related core values that emanate from those.

You can engage any topic of sustainability through this chart and end up with very good results. I will rephrase that: You will find that your cultures and technologies will be most interested in material sustainability, but will neglect social sustainability until it becomes obviously apparent that it must be dealt with. Even now, your society does not fare well for those in the southern states of your nation, which suffered so heavily under the hurricane Katrina. There is much to be learned here for your society, for your government, for communities, and for emergency services, and later on, the reframing, rehabilitation, reforming, repair of those states and communities.

This evening, we would like to have you discuss among yourselves, the work that you have done, the work that has been presented in the form of the guide, which this one has written, and presented to the Internet today, and to you several days ago. You have much in mind to say, though you may have been quiet a long time. We encourage you to come forward to speak and ask questions. We do not assume that we know what is on your mind, unless you ask questions and enter into dialog with us. Yes, surely we do know what you are thinking, but there is no commitment to action, even to ask a question, and invest your energy into this, until you actually open your mouth and ask a question or make comments. Your dialog amongst yourselves is most important.

We learn so much from your small groups and from this larger group by listening in to what you have to say. You are very intelligent, you are educated, and you come from diverse backgrounds, yet you have a common interest of the sustainability of your world. You also have the common awareness that the world is on the cusp of great changes, many of which will be destructive to your societies and the organization of your governance in cities, counties, states, and nation.

We have sufficient people here tonight, to begin a new topic, though I wish to refrain from forging ahead aggressively. We would like to be in repose—thoughtful repose—a little longer, though I will be present in your locale through this time and forward. I will not be away again for some time, until later this fall. You can anticipate that I now have a cohort. I have one who has read our transcripts of what has occurred, has reviewed the records of every minute that this group has met, and from prior meetings, including the workshop and before. You are well informed about what is now occurring on our side.

You must be aware that we have complete confidence in you, as you have performed so splendidly and exceptionally. Those who are not here tonight have also come away with greater investment in this, and a greater learning in what they have participated in. We have enjoyed this very much! We have, as experiential beings, also learned a good deal, and our knowledge base is much improved and expanded. Our friend and Sovereign Prince of this planet, Machiventa, is now here to address you as well. One moment, please.

MACHIVENTA: Good evening, this is Machiventa and I am pleased to be here with you. I am the Sovereign Planetary Prince of Urantia, what you call Earth. What you have begun here is significant. You are to be regarded as important volunteers in the progress of this world. You—believe it or not—are part of our administration. You are not just an "adjunct" to what we are doing, but you have, with your intentions, agreed to be part and parcel of our work as well. Your co-creative intentions have been invested in far greater depth than you may have anticipated. You have with earnestness, come forward to give a sincere and heartfelt contribution, with the best endeavors, the best intentions, and the greatest interest in energy, to this shared and co-creative project.

I have been given this post, and I am most dearly appreciative of it; you, however, were born here on this world and are now participating in the life and death struggle of your planet with us. You are co-creative in the deepest nature that you can envision as a mortal. You have willingly engaged the Merkabah that is here, and shared in the universe energy that is part of earth and that streams to earth. Your sincere use of it is much appreciated, and it is generously given to you for use at any time that you wish. We know that your interests are sincere, earnest, and you are genuinely authentic in your participation here. You are not superficial; you are "dyed in the wool" earnest and invested individuals. We know of many others who wish that they were here to participate, as eagerly, as sincerely, and as earnestly as you have.

We will continue through Sondjah and the Teaching Council and Monjoronson, to engage these topics with you, with the greatest resources possible on the material level, mindal level, spiritual level, and the energetic level. You are not aware of the resources that are available to you now. You will begin to engage them more earnestly in the future as your mind circuits become opened to their use. We know that you will not misuse them because of your training, and because you are so fully aware of the history of wrongful intentions on your planet. Those have been most detrimental to the progress of mankind and to the mortal children of our God, the Creator.

I, as Christ Michael’s representative, hereby award to you, one of those credentials that you can have and keep with you for the duration of your lives, here and after this lifetime. It will be emblazoned on your auras, as you would see it, go with you forward in time, and always remain with you. This planet is most difficult for anyone who lives here. You may not know the word "agondonter," but you are agondonters, the last of your kind to believe by faith alone. Soon, in the future, you will know that what we have spoken of for so many thousand years, is real, as you will have personal experiences with those who are of the near Divine and of the Divine. I wish you well. Any questions that you have, please address them to Sondjah, our entrusted teacher with your group. Good night. (Good night.)

SONDJAH: This is Sondjah. I will recede from the group, but most willingly re-engage you if you have questions. I wish you to use your notebooks, make some notations of questions, thoughts, insights that you might have, and share them with each other and ask the questions when you wish, and I will be here. I will now recede from the group. Thank you. (Thank you.)

[Later, after a blank portion on the tape.]

Daniel: I think we had a battery problem.

SONDJAH: This is Sondjah, and thank you for your interaction, your discussions, for your comments. They were very insightful and assisted us greatly in forming how and where we will move forward. I would be glad to engage your questions now, if you have any.

Michael: Sondjah, this is Michael. I have a question as to your guidance with respect to completing the work, or continuing to progress the work on relationships, versus the alternative of jumping to another topic, which we identified as "education." Do you have advice with respect to what we would do next?

SONDJAH: Yes, we definitely do. We have mined as much of the areas as we can, having to do with relationships, at this time. It, as was said, established the primary focus of all the work of social sustainability, and that is upon the individual. Now you can engage a new topic, that of education, as you have decided. You will not have to go through all of the experiential development that you did with relationships. We used relationships for several purposes, one of which was to engage you with some form of passion and interest, something that you knew about, something that you had great hopes for. Now we wish to engage something that is much more concrete, but which yet contributes to the growth and the health and the life of the individual, families, communities, to nations, societies, cultures and to civilization. Thank you for your question.

Michael: I have another question. I have been experiencing an interaction with a Lord Lanto, a celestial teacher of mine, who seems to be coming forth quite often. Is this an interaction that you would deem as valid, and helpful, and should I… do you advise continuing this?

SONDJAH: Yes, this is very helpful. The individual you speak of goes by numerous names, as he interacts with individuals of your realm. This is positive and the rapport you have with him will assist you opening and deepening the channels of your circuits for transmitting/receiving others, who are less as evident and present as he is with you. You have a good beginning, and we encourage this. (Thank you.)

David: Sondjah, this is David. I’m curious about anything and everything you could tell us about this "June event," and how we prepare for the subsequent cataclysms.

SONDJAH: The June event has been shared with only a very few people. It is on the order of your global events. It is significant; it is one that has been seen for decades; one that has been anticipated, even by your scientists for a good deal of time. It will do many things to your societies, though we will not entertain questions concerning that. I will address the last part of your question, concerning the following cataclysms. This will get notice as Katrina did for others. It is on a magnitude far greater than what has been experienced before. It will cause those in authority, those who are in the economy, those who are participants in huge global corporations, and international finance, to take notice and consider what they may have to do, if others begin to come along, have a similar nature and a similar magnitude.

It will not at this time, however, change domestic or foreign policies of this country, yet it will begin to sap the resources of this nation, as it will strive to engage this disaster. It will give notice that the changes are present and occurring, now. It will be deflected, however, by current individuals, who take controversial positions as having to do with global warming and superficial reasons for these changes. Almost none—even some of your scientists, publicly at least—have a public awareness or acknowledgment of the depth of change that is occurring on your planet. Many, however, in private are in synchronistic harmony with us, regarding our opinions about this as well, and their forecasts are accurate, but as I say, those are private, and few will jeopardize their professional standings in public to voice their opinions at this time. Thank you. (Thank you!)

Are there any other questions? (Pause.) Hearing none, I will then prepare you for next session.

[NOTE TO READERS: As the TR for numerous Celestial Beings, it has been very rare that any have ever discussed coming events of a geophysical or political nature. As a TR, I hold any predictions, as this, as being suspect of my own fears and biases. Yet, this holds energy in my intuitive "gut" as few have ever, before. // During the edit of this transcript, I asked "The Guys" if they wanted this material left in the text. The answer was, "Yes." Therefore, it is left in. Be advised that it just may be so much "back-scatter" of energy, rather than the energy-imprint of an actual future event. //Daniel]

[Sondjah, continuing]: We wish you to engage with diligence, as though you were forming a new company—and you know something about that. We wish you to have pads and pencils ready to begin working on the core values, beliefs, expectations and intentions, and the criteria for fulfillment. You must, in the beginning, form an intention that you can agree on. If you cannot agree, then you would have subsets of intentions to direct the work of your team, dealing with education. You must not move forward without a clear intention. This will provide focus to your work, just as you remember that an intention for coming into an intimate relationship gives focus to the partners to apply their energies in the relationship. This is essential.

We are a bit skeptical that you will be able to form an intention with agreement in one session, even with an hour or two in length. We will give you as much time as you need and you may ask us any (tape reversed) …not be reticent or hesitant to break from your work and step aside and ask me a question through this one. I would be most glad to help you do this. This truly is a part of the co-creative, interactive dialog that we will have as co-partners within this team, to move forward. We are not going to let you fumble and stumble along the way, as we did working with relationships. That was quite intentional on our part, to let you really ferret out the answers and work with each other, and engage each other in a dynamic process within the team.

This is the homework for next week. Prepare yourself for this. You needn’t be an intellectual or have a Ph.D. in Education. Simply come from your heart and assist [in] the formation of questions that will assist other individuals who come after you, to receive an education that assists them to sustain themselves as individuals, as family members, as members in a community, and as members of the human family in your civilization.

Are there any parting questions concerning this work, this assignment, and your work next week?

David: How do we do that?

SONDJAH: Simply have it in mind during the week. This is all that is necessary. We ask that you be sincere, authentic and genuine, and that you engage this with a passionate interest, as you have mentioned earlier. We think that this will be most interesting for you to engage, and you will see this topic, this subject, in a much newer way than ever before. Was there another question? (None.)

I thank you for this evening, and I wish you well during the week. Always know that I am available if you wish to tune into me, and I will be glad to assist you in this work, in any way, even with the personal things of your life. Good night. (Thank you from group.)



Sondjah - The New Children Will Benefit From This Planning - Apr 21, 2008 - Evergreen, CO

Evergreen/Conifer Co-Creative Design Team, #15
Evergreen, Colorado 4/21/2008
Teacher: Sondjah Melchizedek
TR: Daniel Raphael
April 21, 2008

SONDJAH: Good evening, this is Sondjah. (Welcome.) Thank you for your presence here tonight. There are several beside myself, who are here as well. We have been enjoying your conversation regarding the shift in energy, which you have felt, and the work of consciousness in your lives and in the lives of others, and the shift of consciousness and energy on your planet. We have told you before, and we note the changes of consciousness that are going on, on your planet and it is wonderful to see that more people are advancing into light and confidence, rather than retreating into fear and doubt. There is trepidation for external circumstances, but there is sureness of mind and heart in your connection and the connection of millions with us, and with Christ Michael and Monjoronson’s work.

You have commented as well, about DNA and the new children, who are on this planet, and we have spoken about that before. It is true and it continues to advance. You will see in generations to come, even in your lifetimes for those present that you will see a continuing advance and marshaling of resources of a spiritual energy nature in children, as they come into this existence. These are the ones who you are preparing for; these are the ones who will enjoy the fruits of your work in the Co-Creative Design Teams and the Working Teams. These are ones who will fully understand what you are doing, and they will praise you for your efforts for being so forward thinking and ahead of your times.

You are correct about our infusion of assistance for the project of education. You made your declaration last week, you came to unanimous agreement with those present, and so we have brought forward the resources to assist you to have this unfold. While you are working on the designs for sustainable education, we will continue to bring resources to you, who would want to hear what you have to say, who would engage your designs in a positive way, and enter into dialog with you. We feel that you have made this choice independently of any influence, which we may have had among you. Our interest is in education, it is in growth, it is in individuals—the survivability of individuals—and education is part and parcel as important as the growth factor of individuals and your survival. This advances the causes of your civilization, advances the operation of families in communities, and assists the world to advance.

This is the environment where these children, who are coming to you, will engage on a very palpable, real level and be able to actually implement the designs, which you are coming up with in education and in other fields. Your course will go into more detail with education than you did with relationships, but you will do it as well, in a very short period of time. You will come to a working situation each week, and begin to engage this earnestly, deliberately and intentionally, and look forward to the results that you produce at the end of each evening. We look forward to this as much as you do.

We have been "in communication"—put that in quotes please—with Issah and his comrades. There is an understanding that we will continue with this work, and that their work will continue with individuals as they wish to engage the TRing process. Those who wish to engage in this, have the standing offer of this one, to assist in that process on a person-to-person basis, with Issah present during these TR training sessions.

I am now open for questions, if you have any at this time, before we adjourn to the Design Team process.

Michael: Sondjah, this is Michael. A point of view or clarification might be helpful. When I think of education, I think of education currently as a construct and there are a variety of these constructs that are in effect, means to an end, the end being to facilitate learning and an increase in growth and knowledge. Is that an appropriate framework for us to take into our work?

SONDJAH: Yes, it would be an appropriate framework to add onto our work with the three core values that you will be working with. Certainly learning and opening minds and teaching individuals the learning process is advantageous. Growth is always important. (Thank you.)

Student: Do you think it’s possible for humans to teach other humans to change their perceptions, their ability to interact with each other in such a way that we can avoid conflict and strife—those types of things? What I am thinking is something that I’ve read recently, and it’s complicated, but what I gather is that when people communicate, they are usually communicating their four personalities at the same time: it’s there for themselves or their projected selves, their projected selves they’re speaking to, and the one that they are actually speaking to… (Sondjah: We understand.) If it’s possible to teach children when they are very, very young, how to be, rather than what to be or how to think, or how to…I’m sorry, I don’t know how to state the question very clearly, but I’m trying to see if it’s possible to teach children to be in relationship to one another as true parts of God, of true parts of who they really are, and if we start at an early age, it would seem to reap much better benefits down the road, I guess.

SONDJAH: Yes, it is possible to teach that. It is not taught as a deliberate process, however, but as a living skill. It is taught by treating the children as equals in some respect, and ones who we even admire because of their innocence and the true spirit of themselves that comes through. Children are susceptible to modeling. They learn from those adults around them how to treat each other, and so they do that. This is not a process of domination or control or authority, but simply providing the processes in which children can learn, and guiding that, very similarly as we have guided the processes within this team structure. You have responded well; some have taken exception to how we have proceeded, but in the main, this works well. Those children, who are part of this new educational system, will come away with a high regard for themselves, and a love of self, which they will express also towards others. This is the nature of children and of all people, when given the opportunity. This truly is sustainable education, because it is something that they have learned and will carry with them and emulate in their lives as children, adults and procreative parents, if they so choose. We appreciate your question.

If there are no further questions, then I will recede and I will release you to your sub-team work, beginning on sustainable education and if you recall, the homework to write out your intentions for this work. I will be available for questions, should you need to ask.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

[Note: Nothing more was recorded on this tape. It sounds like the machine was running, but the record button was not pressed.]