Unidentified; Lantarnek; Monjoronson - Refresh - Equanimity - Circuit Grids - Aug 19, 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Refresh, Equanimity, Circuit Grids.
Teachers: Unidentified, Lantarnek, Monjoronson.
August 19, 2007 Michael's Birthday Celebration Sunday

* unidentified (Frosty TR): Refresh, refresh, refresh. Refresh yourself with the light as a maintenance level as well as your physical exercises to bring a light down through your physical body, through all the systems, all the organs from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, and allow Mother to nurture you, Michael to nurture you, with this light. To draw it in yourself, you are doing as much as you would riding a bike or walking, looking at a beautiful sunset. It helps your energy levels, your chi; it is your daily multiple vitamin. Refresh your inner light and keep it active and your crown chakra open so that it never gets shut out, like your own personal suns shining, opening, balancing, centering.

Accept this beautiful gift and take it as your own, your own personal gift. You do not have to keep it as a package wrapped up for that special occasion to take off that ribbon. Refresh it minute by minute, day by day, and put it into your routine as you do your chores, eating, bathing. It is as much a part of your daily routine as anything else you would do. Give yourselves big hugs daily. Refresh yourselves with the hugs and this beautiful light. Do not be bothered if you feel a blockage but allow us to do that work for you as well. Know that, if you are stranded on a mountain top and there's no one else to reach out to, you have this wonderful, beautiful, gift, and it is your sustenance to keep you connected to the whole. It is so bright and so healing; we just would love to have you all just use it. We have given it. Again, use it on a daily basis, your inner shower. Cleanse your outer body and shower your inner body with this wonderful light.

* Lantarnek (Jonathan): Lantarnek speaking. We have the privilege of experiencing Supremacy to wrestle with the polarities of duality. As our experiences unfold we are coming to understand the value of such an undertaking in reality interface. I, a melchizedek, must also engage in these extremes as do you of human origin. For that matter, my order of being would be irrelevant as a teaching corps were it not for the presence of ignorance. You have spoken of balance, of equanimity, and this is the art of ascension. You know that, given a chute on a decline, and if you were to roll a ball down that chute, it does not roll straight down. It tends to roll back and forth between the sides of the chute.

This - is it not? - what life is. By veering, wiggling, you encounter potentialities unknown in a straight shot. You can take on a spin which colors your experience. It is the Father's will that these variations occur. Light defines shadow. Light and shadow make perspective, give image and definition. You are in good intention as you pursue the reorganization of physical condition in order to improve one's being physically and mentally. I ask you also to be amplifiers of that which is good and whole.

You know to walk you must leave the certainty of standing balance and rock your form to one side that you may lift one leg and set it forward. You have come to learn through coordination how effective this dynamic balance is. But early in your physical experience you wobbled and fell. This same development occurs in your current pursuit of the experience of healing and of well-being. The magnificent gift of the Life Carriers of your physical form has inherent certain coordinating functions which were bestowed by them for you, self-correcting and life-promoting.

With your intention you are learning the power of your affect upon your form. I spoke of the chute and the ball passing through it and, in its somewhat free fall, its variation, but you are also now coming to hold that ball in your hand and pass it from one hand to another with a knowledge and a direction in mind. With experience you will develop certainty, and your faith will have substance to accompany it and lead you into more complex juggling, into the pursuit of greater refinement and harmony in the whole makeup of your being. I will finish with an exercise. Think of the Fragment of God within and think of it as minute in the center of your chest. Extremely tiny. Intense white dot. Let it expand, and as it expands that brilliance continues to be as intense as its minute form revealed; it does not become diffuse in its enlargement. Pouring through your limbs, shining within your brain cavity, tingling the underside of your skin, even oozing into your hair filaments all over you. Fully radiant you are. Now shift your attention to the Paradise Father. This brilliant Being of light also expands into the entire universe, into all corners all around you. The background radiation of divine spirit settles upon your skin like a gentle mist. Now let that skin membrane dissolve where your light and that light have no separation. Oneness. I and my Father are one. Be still and know you are God. This too is equanimity, where Creator and creature merge. Thank you.

* Monjoronson (Mark): Greetings, I am Monjoronson here to pick up one of the balls that has been in play this morning and put it back into play. I observe with great joy your discussions and your exploration of the various systems and circuitries involved in your own present vehicles, and we are amused that there is a new awakening apparent among you of the layers of systems and circuits involved in your combined energy units that you have become so familiar with over the years.

When you were first born into your new current address you were unconcerned as to how the system worked at all, merely that you were given instruction as to how to use it, how to direct it, and how to take advantage of this system you call your body. As time passed you were forced more and more to consider the parameters of your vehicle, and as one by one you were signaled by your vehicles that there were imbalances and improper blockages in these energy systems, you then were forces to examine the system and determine how all these various circuits play with each other and are affected by each other and by you, the parent owner. Your vehicle sends you increasing signals that it has been perhaps overused or undernourished or overlooked in your use and continued application of your energy system, and you are forced to address the needs of this system, the proper maintenance of the system, the parameters of this system's use, and you are embracing all of these new discoveries, and yet these systems have been in place all the while.

Your recent exercises to explore universal systems and circuits, such as your recent attention to the project of firing the grid, demonstrate that you are becoming aware of the many layers of circuitry, both within and without, your immediate attention being focused on firing your internal grids. It is not that these system circuits grids have been not in place, merely they have not been part of your awareness until now. And you are developing a keen interest in how these systems work so that you may establish balance and maintain your vehicles in operating order and serviceable to you for as long as possible. Likewise are you growing in awareness enough to accept that you have a role to play in the larger maintenance of your external grids. You are beginning to accept that as it is on the inside so it is on the outside, as it is above so below.

These circuitries pervade throughout, and you are gaining a real key to your understanding and awareness when you allow yourselves to embrace this repeated pattern of divine grids, some within some without, even those appearing separate to you only because of your lack of awareness. So, as you chase your earthly systems and trace where they go and their functions and their interconnectedness to each other, you gain a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of the grander systems and circuits that run to you and through you, that you may even approach harmonizing these two elements and seek to form a balance in that equation as well. What a joy to see you waking up to things that have surrounded you for your entire existence.

It enables you to, with more conviction, be the better owner and operator of your vehicle and as well be more confident in your position in relationship to the greater energy circuits of which you are a part. If you learn to master your individual energy circuitry then you will take that same skill out and abroad and be able to recognize working with the energy fields and circuits around you. This is waking up to where you have been and discovering new dimensions that have been with you but veiled by your unawareness to the processes. You are as eager students willing to throw back the veils, uncover the nature and character of these aspects of yourself, and incorporate them in your understanding of divine pattern as well. I would conclude my remarks to allow this arena to be used by others. Thank you.-