Rayson; Sondjah; Serena – Begin work of design teams; Values & beliefs – Aug. 12, 2007 – NOCO #102

Northern Colorado TeaM, #102
Boulder, Colorado
Teachers: Rayson, Sondjah & Serena


  1. Changing Lessons from Basic Fundamentals & Adjuster Contact
  2. New Era of Working Relationship with Celestials
  3. Research and Consolidate Lessons
  4. Discover Fundamental Values & Beliefs
  5. Metaphor of Nestlings
  6. Support System for New Work


  1. Being Part of Design Team with Monjoronson
  2. Search for Topics of Interest
  3. Begin with Foundation of Values & Beliefs
  4. Thoroughly Research Topic and Ask Cogent Questions
  5. Universal Values of Normalcy, Stability, Groundedness & Balance
  6. Check Sustainability Qualifications of Topic
  7. Research All the Questions That Arise


  1. Blessing of Energy Assistance & Sustainment
  2. Always Return to Source for Renewal
  3. Michael’s Gift of Perfect Peace

Q & A:

  1. Application of Design Teams
  2. Working with Groups Not of Ub/tm/ct/mm
  3. Finding Commonality & Consensus
  4. Begin Making Recommendations for Your World

TRs: Daniel Raphael & Leoma Sparer

August 12, 2007

[Randy and Leoma Sparer from the Andover group were our special guests.]

Jerry: Heavenly Father, Christ Michael, Mother Nebadonia, we are surrounded with your love and affection. Thank you for all of our blessings. Thank you for the teachers that you bring to us, as we focus now on the merkaba, the center of this powerful energy that you supply us, as we hook up our heart lines and feel the rotation of love within the circle, and extending to all the teachers that have joined the circle. We hook up our mind lines and feel the consciousness, as we surround each other and become one, with your and Christ Michael’s Mission. Let us take a few moments to use this energy to send positive energy to each that you think of. We will take a few moments of silence to do that. (Pause.) Let us return to center now, while we await our teachers.

RAYSON, (TR, Daniel): Good afternoon, this is Rayson. (Warm welcome from the group.) It is good to be here with you today, and today’s activities involves getting out the broom and dustpan to sweep up the confetti and put away the whistles, noisemakers, and streamers, and roll up our sleeves and begin to work.

[Note: Rayson’s reference to a party atmosphere was for the marriage of Daniel and Sherille Raphael that took place very recently.]

As one of your teachers over the many years that have spoken with you, you should—as well as we—have the perspective of the changing of the lessons. You recall in the early days of the Teaching Mission, that there was a structure, a syllabus of classes that talked to you about the basic fundamentals of social living, with a spiritual emphasis and centeredness for contacting your Thought Adjuster, being in tune with your Creator in Christ Michael’s universe. This has been repeated over the years in various groups, and now the times have changed. There are fewer groups who exercise these fundamental lessons. Most people who have been interested are connected to the Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission, and have read or heard these lessons in person, and thus the lessons have matured.

The lessons you have received from Monjoronson are in essence, preparation for the new era of our working relationship with you; these lessons have been published. There is much work to do in the archives, to research these lessons and put them into hard copy forms, or copies that are much more concise. The various values of social relationships—these are all present in the lessons—and you can glean the nuggets and treasures of truth, beauty and goodness through those lessons, and bring them together to present them to others in a more concise form.

The lessons now are much more brief—these are working lessons. As you have seen, we have moved from talking about values and beliefs that are fundamental to life, to social organization, yet the truth remains, the center remains, that your work involves truth. Truth, as you discover it in the values and beliefs that are fundamental to the Teaching Mission lessons, are shot throughout the archives and fill the many pages of the Urantia Book. We diligently ask you to research these lessons, as they are necessary for you to use in your work in the co-creative design teams and working teams. Your friend and mine, Sondjah, will be speaking to you very shortly about this.

Do not be dismayed that our relationship has changed. In many ways, it is always the same—that we love you, we care for you, we support you, we encourage you and we diligently show you the way as best we can. The Melchizedeks have thoroughly gleaned the truths from all the universe of Nebadon, to bring your world into enlightenment, where it was once in quarantine. You need as much support as possible, but we are no longer here to show you every step, but for you to begin working these steps with yourselves. It is time to begin producing results.

I give you another metaphor after the party, and that is: You have been nestlings. You were once gestating eggs that were cared for in the nest, kept warm and nurtured by your Creator, Christ Michael and Nebadonia, who have remained with you to help you grow. You broke through the surface of your material existence, that shell that was around you, to appreciate the spiritual realm to which you truly belong—this is your world, your universe—this is where you belong. Now you have grown and your pinfeathers have been replaced by full sized feathers of belief to take you, to assist you to take wing. Now it is time to leave the nest and go to work. It is time to use those lessons from the past as guides, to assist you in the future, as you produce new results, co-creatively.

We are urging you to come with us on this journey of experience, together—this is co-creative. It is no longer a teacher/student relationship that we have with you, certainly for those of you who have been with this effort for over a decade. Know that in any case, we do not abandon you, we do not leave you—not one whit, not one millisecond or one millimeter have we taken distance from you, but now we are teachers who withdraw and watch to see where you will fly, and how you will fly. Will you be acrobatic, will you be carrying messages, will you be searching the earth for where you can bring truth to others? These are missions that you can decide and determine for yourselves. Always, always, always we are there beside you to assist you. Where we do not support you under your wings, we are beside you to show you the way, and how to be most productive. You have only to look over your shoulder and ask the questions that you need to guide you to the future. Always we are striving to have you move into your morontial selves, to become the great grand beings that you are, to become that which you will be. It is now that you begin to tread on the morontial path more concretely, more solidly, more firmly, and that you can trust this process.

For many of you, this seems like strange and unknown territory for you to be advised, guided, encouraged to walk on the morontial path this early, but yet you have the tools to do that. Many of you as well understand the mota involved at the lowest levels that you can apply in your lives, in this lifetime. We encourage you to live up to the standards to which you have vowed your diligence and your commitment.

Now I will release the podium to your friend and mine, Sondjah.

SONDJAH, (TR Daniel): Good afternoon, this is Sondjah. (Welcome!) It is a pleasure to be here with you once again. As our friend, Rayson, has said, the times are changing a bit. But for those of you who have a larger perspective of the process of the Teaching Mission, of the Magisterial Mission, you will see that there has indeed been a change. All along that Monjoronson has been talking to you, particularly in the later lessons, you have actually been part of a co-creative design team. You have been members who have listened to the lessons and have had the opportunity to ask questions, questions that could lead to great depth of the subject matter, which was provided. You have seen this change, and we have done this diligently to introduce you as working members—operational, functional, working members on these teams.

You have sat here, you have read the transcripts, and in many ways you have been here vicariously, even though you have been far away, reading these messages over the archives or through the mails. You have been trained. If you reflect upon the weeks and months and past, the lessons that you have received, you will realize that you have been invited, without assigning you a role, without assigning you duties, without assigning you chores and duties to perform, that you have been a part of a working team, a design team. You have become acquainted with the intentional design team, the intentional working team. You have become familiar with this, and in June, you may recall, we provided a demonstration of this in the most rudimentary form at the conference that you had in Missouri. These are all wonderful beginnings—truly, they are!

[Note: The video of this demonstration of design/working teams can be viewed at: http://video.tmarchives.com/, or from the home page of www.tmarchives.com]

We have invited you to form your own co-creative design teams with us, by searching for topics and subjects, which would interest you, which you could pursue. As Rayson faithfully told you, if you go back to the archives, if you go back to the video transcript of the session in June, if you read the twelve lessons of Monjoronson, you will see a familiar and faithful rendition of the lesson before you. First you begin with your values, then your beliefs. You must chart these out to begin with, in order for you to interpret the sustainable characteristics of the family, of a civilization, of a process of government, of an economic system, of even a corporation.

When you understand and have charted out the values and you appreciate them and give them the worth that is inherent in them, you will understand why it is necessary to begin at this level. Beliefs and values are fundamental and foundational to all the work that you will ever do, in the design teams and the working teams. You must begin here! If you have not done this, then you will eventually find as you ferret out the issues of the topic you are working on, that as you get down further and further, that you must come to agreement on the values.

Now, herein lies the second issue that you will need to incorporate into your design teams and working teams —research— basic, fundamental, archival, library-type research. The answers to all your questions about sustainability have been provided to you, though sometimes rather circumspectly. In those cases, we rely upon you to come forward and ask competent, capable, cogent questions of your celestial cohort, in your design team or working team to assist you and give you understanding of how to proceed.

We are not hiding anything from you. We are merely not revealing everything that you need immediately, for you would not appreciate the experiential steps of learning how to operate in a functional design or working team that produces results. You have the answers to the fundamental values. These are given to you very clearly in your Urantia Book, and in the archives—the hundreds upon hundreds of lessons, which you have received, since the late 1980s and later. You must do your research here, to begin to understand the fundamental values that assist the universe to operate with normalcy, stability, groundedness and with balance. These are universal. Then you can begin to examine your topics and ferret out further answers through research, answers to sustainability of the topics that you want. This is no easy task. It is not a short-term task. In many cases, your design teams will operate for weeks and weeks on end, even if you meet every-other-day. It will take weeks upon weeks for you to produce results that would indicate that the topic you are dealing with is designed in a sustainable manner.

You can always check back with the sustainability qualifications of the topic you are involved in, by looking at the values and beliefs that understate these areas of interest. Further, you can look ahead to the days of light and life, which indicate a sustainable civilization, a sustainable world, to guide you to those ends. What does it take to form a sustainable civilization? Of course you must have values that appreciate sustainability. Your God, Christ Michael, your God Creator, the First Source and Center, has always had these values at hand. You will need to interpret these values, so that they are applicable, useful, and hold together your projects of sustainability. When you have done this, you will realize that you have done the work for hundreds of sustainability design teams throughout the world.

When you have written out these values that are universal to all things, then you will have done your basic homework, which then can be assumed—taken on by other design teams—without having them to do this homework again. You will have saved many hundreds of person-years by doing so. You will be of assistance to guide the design teams and working teams of the future into the days of light and life, because these values, these beliefs are eternal, they are infinite in character, they support life and sustain life, they maintain life, they give you life, and they give you meaning. We ask that you begin here, before you begin your topics. This requires only a brief amount of research on your part, to find them quickly.

As an aside, it is quite astonishing to realize that of the hundreds and thousands—perhaps tens-of-thousands of people—who have read the transcripts and the Urantia Book, that less than a handful of individuals have come to the conclusion, in this early phase of the co-creative design teams and working teams, that values and beliefs are the foundation of all the work that comes afterward. From this point, we wish you to now engage those issues, those topics and move forward.

Realize that we will guide you by asking you questions! You may ask us questions for guidance, but we will also ask you questions that you will need to answer. The questions that we ask, most generally, will be questions that you will need to diligently do research for, to find the answers. This is the beginning of our co-creative work, the beginning of your new flight plan. This is the time to fledge, my friends.

If there are questions, I would be glad to entertain them at this time. (Pause.) While you are thinking of your questions, is there another teacher here, who would like to come forward and address the group?

SERENA, (TR Leoma): Good afternoon, this is Serena. (Good afternoon, Serena!) It is my pleasure to be among you, dear ones. You have met so diligently and with such a heart for the work that is to be done. It is our desire, my sisters and I, today to bring you a moment of rest, rest filled with peace and the elements of enjoyment of joining you as "one." So rest now in a few moments of silence, as my sisters and I weave among you to bring you a blessing of energy assistance and sustainment. This, too, is part of the sustainability of your efforts to co-create by design in your world, and in your personal lives. Without stillness and turning toward the First Source and Center, as your source and guide, you will not be able to sustain the efforts, the physical and mental efforts that are required. Therefore, we bring you this emphasis this afternoon. Remain now in stillness. (Pause.)

Perceive now, the breath of spirit, which moves between you, among you, within you, to sustain and renew. (Pause.) Michael is among you with his gift of perfect peace. (Pause.) Remember always dear ones, that as you approach these tasks, which may seem daunting to you, to return always to your Source for renewal, for peace, for that is where sustainment lies. And now, your questions will be addressed.

SONDJAH: This is Sondjah. If you have questions, please ask them. Otherwise we will close this session for today.

Student: This is Leoma. I have a question about using these design teams. Are they to be applied to—perhaps what we may term—everyday uses for perhaps helping a group that is just learning about the Urantia Book, or just becoming aware of the Teaching Mission or the Correcting Time, or are these design teams specifically for those who are ready to take action in the Correcting Time?

SONDJAH: It is the latter. It is not wise to overburden new members of this community with the magnitude of what is ahead. We wish them to have a good understanding—it does not have to be thorough—but a good understanding of the operating principles of the universe, of the values and beliefs that support this universe and this planet, and Christ Michael’s efforts to help heal this planet. Design teams are useful for designing sustainable social institutions and social practices on this world. One must appreciate the larger universe to be able to participate at an effective level. Everyone who was born and educated and is aware of the dynamics of their society has an excellent potential to participate in design teams and working teams. The introduction to the Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission lessons assist them to interpret their lives and practices in ways that would assist the development of sustainable institutions. Does that make sense to you?

Leoma: Yes, I understand. Thank you.)

Student: Is there any way that this design team approach can be used, say with a group of health professionals, who are scientifically focused, and who do not have as yet, the knowledge of the Urantia teachings, and the Teaching Mission, but are engaged in a worthwhile project?

SONDJAH: Yes, we would urge groups, which do not identify with the Teaching Mission or the Urantia Book or the Magisterial Mission, to proceed ahead with the design concept. They too must begin with the values that support their work and the beliefs that support it. If there is not uniform agreement with them in the beginning, then these issues will eventually help unravel the work of the design team or working team.

The process of coming together and doing fundamental research is essential for growth on your world, whether it is oriented towards a sustainable civilization and planet, or whether it has to do with a professional topic of interest. The process is very, very similar. It is a process of cooperation, of working together, finding commonality and consensus, and even majority and unanimous consensus, as you move ahead. It allows individuals in professional groups to understand this process more diligently.

The emphasis that we would make is that they make a contribution to their society. We understand and recognize that proscriptive, commanding dictates from groups that individuals, families, or communities "must do something," will not be followed even if it is one hundred percent correct and accurate. It must persuade individuals to follow these recommendations for living. Does that make sense?

Student: Yes, thank you. (Sondjah: You are welcome.)

SONDJAH: In closing, I would say, with the concurrence of the Melchizedeks beside myself, in the Magisterial Mission, that it is now time to set about our work, to work together co-creatively, to begin making recommendations for your world, beginning with individuals, families and communities. You need not start at the individual level. You can start anywhere—but just start. Begin to work this process between yourselves and your celestial assistants, your angelic assistants, the midwayers who are with you. We wish you to know that there is no shortage of assistants in almost any form to help you accomplish our mutual goals of helping to heal this planet and bring it into the days of light and life. The first and the most difficult part of a thousand mile journey is the first step, and so once you begin that step, the others will come naturally.

We ask that you diligently and faithfully participate in the groups that you choose to participate in. Faithfully work for a cooperative effort, make a contribution, be sincere and have the right intent, and know that Christ Michael and Nebadonia are there with you, right beside you—each of you—all the way. We bless you as you go forward and thank you for your diligence, your dedication, your commitment and your right intentions for coming to this group effort and participating with us in these design and working groups. We thank you so much and look forward to a close working relationship with you. Good day.