Sondjah – Design Teams; New Challenges – July 1, 2007 – NOCO #100

Northern Colorado TeaM, #100
Boulder, Colorado
Teacher: Sondjah Melchizedek


  1. Building Relationship with Our Unseen Companions
  2. Adjusting to New Goals and to Each Other
  3. Introduction of Design Team Concept
  4. Artisanship of Relationships—developmental & Progressive
  5. Having the Right Intentions to Do Christ Michael’s Work
  6. Attracting Existing Channels Throughout the World
  7. The Challenges of Working with Other Cultures
  8. Stress the Commonalities of Values
  9. Panel Members—their Importance and Training
  10. Honing the Design Team Process to Be Further Replicated
  11. Moving from the Teaching Mission Era into the Magisterial Mission Era

Q & A:

  1. Clarification on Design Team Concept
  2. Connecting to the Mind of Human-kind
  3. An Example Using Health Care as a Topic of Study
  4. Engaging Your Passions
  5. Domination & Submission Are Not Helpful on the Panel
  6. Create Solutions vs Finding Answers to Problems
  7. Overcoming Authoritarian Social Structures
  8. Healing the Planet While Redesigning Social Structure
  9. Choosing Retreat/conference Sites
  10. Michael’s Work and Commercial Enterprises
  11. Becoming "Change Agents" in the World
  12. No Closets to Hide In!

TR: Daniel Raphael

July 1, 2007

Intro, (Jerry): Let us relax; bring ourselves to center. Feel Mother Spirit’s heavenly presence, Michael’s Spirit of Truth, our Thought Adjusters being one, as we are one with all. Help us to focus now on the merkaba, attach our hearts to it, feel the love that circulates among us, attach our mind lines and feel the thoughts, the expressions of love and hope of the universe. Help us to further raise our consciousness to be a closer part of that universe and with the teachers that Christ Michael provides. Let us take a few moments of silence to further relax and prepare to listen for our teachers.

SONDJAH: Good afternoon, this is Sondjah. (Welcome!) Thank you for your hospitality, it is good to be here. As we become more intimate in working together, you may have some resistance to that, as we become much more acquainted with your social gatherings and your thinking, and the developments from day-to-day. We have always been aware of these goings on, but have not shared them with you, but now you will see that the many things you hear/listen to, that you have talked about, and the things that you have thought and shared with others are known to us. We are your unseen companions in moments when you gather with others, where two or three gather together, whether it is physically together or by telephone or email, we are there. We are a consciousness that abides in time with you. We share these experiences with you, and you share them, unbeknownst to yourself, with us.

Today’s session could easily take up a space of three hours, but we will strive to limit it to a much shorter time, to be more succinct. We are very pleased with the progress that you have made with the co-creative working teams in the immediate weeks after the conference at Unity Village, Missouri, with the Association of Light and Life earlier in June. You have been adjusting and settling, conversing with each other, having differences of opinion but you all have the same motivation for the direction to bring about the days of light and life. It is this stream of energy and thought that will draw all of you together. Your goals are very similar for the long-term. It is the short-term goals where you will have difficulty.

Today, what we wish to do is to introduce a new layer into this conceptual framework of the co-creative working teams. We have not given you the full depth of this topic, as it would be quite overwhelming to you. You are unprepared for the duration that it will take to get this into a productive mode, and so we wanted to entice you and assist you to become eager in your interests with this co-creative working team process. Now, this [new] layer is the "design team." The co-creative design team is the team that is immediately working upon the discovery of the design for family, for community, for society, for economics, for commerce, for governance in the future. You are already acquainted with this through the co-creative working team process, which already has been introduced to you.

It is more accurately called the "design team" because the working team will take those designs, when they are adjusted and settled, and begin working with those designs in the context of your society, in the context of your communities, families, and with yourself, individually. You will weave those designs into these social institutions, which help your society function, and which will hold your world together in the future, long before the days of light and life. So there is design, and the working application of those designs. This separation is made to assist you in keeping this process simplified, so that you do not become bogged down in the design process, simultaneously thinking about how to apply it. That will be left to other working teams in the future, after your designs begin to be more fruitful.

As well, do not be put off by this separation to begin your actual working team process, where you were applying a desire/design into the fabric of your work environment. Some of you are already working on technologically based designs for energy and for energy distribution. Continue to work with this, with your celestial teachers and your celestial technicians, for you will find that you can move ahead rapidly with their assistance. You already have in mind the designs and applying them is another matter where the celestials, midwayers, and others can assist you.

I wish you were here, present with me now, so I could ask you whether that is clear. Do those present here today, understand what I have said? (Yeses from the group.) Thank you.

Many of you have been taught about the perfection of heaven, the perfection of the personalities of divinity, and all of this is correct and not in error. We have a guest. [Greetings for a late arrival.] Let us continue. You have perfection in mind for everything dealing with the divine, of deity, anything celestial or angelic, and surely there is no error in this, but what error comes into your mind is applying that to the process of interacting with mortals. The interaction of divinity, of angelic realms, of celestial realms, is much fraught with difficulty, wherein patience and tolerance are admirable skills even for the divine. There is thorough and total understanding at those levels, so that patience is not a factor.

[With] the lower levels of angels and those of lesser realms far removed from Paradise, patience is needed. The point of this is that you will see an imperfection in the development, for this is truly developmental—our relationships of co-creative working teams are a process that is incomplete. It is a work in progress, as writers, scriptwriters, and artists say. Therefore, we are working the artisanship of relationships with you, and patience is needed on your part and on our part. Understanding is definitely an understated value for you at this time. You do not thoroughly understand what is going on — you expect this to work, one, two, three, whereas at times you are at one and seven and three and nine, five and four, and back to six. Thus it is not complete in this developmental era. It is progressive, though—do you not think so? (Yeses.) You have seen much progress in the communications that have been transmitted between you through the Internet and on your telephones, in the last two or three weeks. You have made good progress; you have been listening to the guidance within you. You have been seeing evidence of guidance on the outside and you are pursuing those, and this is good.

Be patient with yourselves as well, for when you go through this process you may reflect and feel guilty that you have not done enough. But surely, my friends, if when you have the right intention to assist Christ Michael’s Correcting Time and all of its subdivisions and teams and missions, you have your intention correct, in that we know that your efforts will be applied to assist that grand mission, the Correcting Time. Be patient therefore with these design teams and with the working teams, and the processes of teaching others how to practice these skills.

You will see some wonderful, exciting—almost miracles, you would call them, develop as you engage others at these conferences, of the retreats and workshops. You will see that the right people have been brought to you, and those who come who are not a fit, will teach you as much as well. Make sure that you do not "cast away these stones that the mason does not use" immediately, to use a metaphor, but accept those who do not fit at the present, who may arrange themselves in their own goals to fit with this project in the future. Do you understand what I am speaking about? (Yes, I think so.) Thank you. Do not reject others because they may not fit your scheme of things, but put it simply. They will be useful in the future. [Where] there is an interest, there is an energy, [with] which they can participate, where they can.

We see that your efforts have been focused greatly on teaching others how to channel, and how they can prepare to be the channel, the medium of communication between celestial realms, angelic realms, mortals and attendants. This is all fine and good, and many of you know how to teach others to channel and to meditate, how to be in dialog and how to resolve stresses inside yourself as a transmitter/receiver. We also wish you to consider and to amend your plans, to engage the many hundreds of thousands of existing channels throughout the world, who can be of immediate assistance. We have been tinkering with these plans with you, to assist you to understand that this is a highly productive way to proceed to fulfill Monjoronson’s plans for the co-creative working teams, that they should be worldwide and in a global manner, though they may be sparse, within three years. Do not be put off by this short time period of three years. In fact, you have been making great progress within the last three weeks, and you are to be commended and praised for this. We all honor you for what you have done.

You will surely have your work cut out for you, as you market these co-creative working teams and design teams, to attract existing channels to your work. You will see that you are immediately thrust into the realm of the morontial world, where you will exist after your passing from the mortal realm that you live in now. You will be among others who speak different languages, have different values, different beliefs, who have different ways of social behaviors and such. This is not much different than you will find on the morontial worlds, where you will be engaged with millions of other people from thousands of other planets and cultures, at one time, when you proceed on the mansion worlds. This is going to be quite a challenge for you, my friends, to engage the morontial life-style on the mortal plane. (Sondjah chuckling about this.) Forgive me for chuckling, because one of my duties, one of my skills, is to assist mortals who have recently entered the mansion worlds, to engage others of the realm in a peaceful, orderly, tolerant and patient manner. You will need to bring these skills to the fore, at these conferences, when you find people from India, who are attending your conferences to learn how to channel in co-creative working teams, so they can take it back to their country. Think about that.

As well, you will find people from Africa, Europe, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and from China itself, will be here—and the Middle East as well. You will be engaging individuals at the soul level, to find commonalities of belief, and in doing so you will find commonalities of values. Discuss values, please, when you engage these people. Ask questions that are compassionate, tolerant, merciful and engaging. Do not be arrogant or dominating or condescending, for you would place yourself in a much lower position than you are worthy of. Remember that you reveal yourselves in many ways when you meet others. Yes, I am speaking about these advance situations in the retreats, workshops, and conferences that you will hold. You must be prepared for that. We are planting seeds in your consciousness so that you have them growing, that they are there in your awareness, so that you can be attuned to others.

There is one particular group, which however, are the drive-wheels of the design teams and the working teams, and that consists of the panel members who are not the channels. They are individuals who either choose not to channel, who are chosen not to channel, or who do not have the skills or temperament, or the genetic coding to do so. These individuals are the most important components of the design teams and working teams. Yes, of course, they cannot perform what they need to do if there are no adequate channels and TRs to assist in the process, but my friends, the panel members for each specific area of interest are the ones who will make this work or not work, or make it difficult in the beginning. Remember, we are all learning from this. We [celestials] are learning from this on your planet. We have not had to engage this process for many hundreds of thousands of years and are borrowing from the [universe] archives to re-instate this process on your world. We are learning and you are learning. You must also present this to the potential students who come to the workshops, as a developmental and a learning situation, and that it is a mutual experience.

Back to the panel members: These individuals are to be trained to ask cogent, insightful, thoughtful, meaningful questions. They are the individuals who ask questions. They are the curious. They are ones who are insatiable to know. And as well, we hope there will be panel members who have an insatiable appetite to feel that both the interests of the head and the heart must be presented, must be present, for this panel situation, the co-creative design teams and working teams to function in a productive manner. If the head dominates, then you will miss the point of the future; if the heart dominates, then you will lack the designs and the architecture that must be fleshed out through the working teams. Thus, you have your work cut out for you to market this process, to attract individuals, find a site adequate and peaceful enough for everyone, and to engage the process of learning and teaching, and also review, as this is a learning situation for everyone. In the review process, there are no teachers and there are no students, for you will be both.

As you experience yourselves going through the minutes and hours participating in a design team, you will come away with certain thoughts. We hope that you would keep notes. Each of you should have a nice little tablet and writing instrument to assist you to take notes of what could be better, or what is missing, or what is done that needs to occur or not, to make this process easier to teach. Remember, one of the goals of Monjoronson is that this be a replicable process rather soon in the future, where it can be taught in a functional/functioning manner that would produce results in short-term. Do you understand? (Yes.)

You are a witness here today, to the dialog that is here. You are in many ways a listening design team — you are a thinking review team. Think of yourselves as active members of this session. We have moved from the Teaching Mission era, to the Magisterial Mission era, where this is all co-creative, where you participate. Yes, surely, Monjoronson did speak as a teacher, as Rayson did too, in the early lessons of the Magisterial Mission. Now as I engage you, this is a co-creative, participatory process, and you are given opportunity shortly to ask questions that pertain to what we are doing, to these lessons, to this instruction and to these preparations. (Short pause.)

[This is Daniel: They say they are ready for questions.]

SONDJAH: This is Sondjah. You are most welcome to ask questions in the remaining time of this session, as need arises. I may continue to speak—you simply have to make yourself known. I would say, "Raise your hand," but this one’s eyes are closed, and so he would not see to stop. We apologize for his lack of vision. (Laughter.) Are there any questions now, please?

Student: I’ve got a couple. (Sondjah: Certainly.) I think that I am in a way, just restating what you said, but as I understand what you talked about, the design team is going to be a joint team with mortals as well as with morontial teachers, and the panel, the design team is made up of, some people are going to be able to channel or TR, or whatever you want to call it, and then there will also be members that will not have that capacity for whatever reason, whether by choice, but as panel members, they will be there to be active members of the process as well?

SONDJAH: That is correct. This does not mean that panel members, who can channel, will channel. There must be an organized way of proceeding, and you will discover this. What you will find with those who are able to channel is that this will "tickle" their psychic abilities, their intuitive abilities, those skills that will give them insights into the process. This, too, is an exceptionally valuable asset to the design team and the working teams, the intuitive and psychic capacity of the individuals to receive metaphors or insights or shortcuts to the process. They may actually visualize what the design team is striving to achieve, and so they would share that and validate that through the celestial teacher or technician who is working with them. Do you understand?

Student: So those people would actually be panel members, probably, but not officially channeling, yet they are still going to be activating their own intuitive skills. (Sondjah: Exactly.) Got it. Thank you.

Student: I have a question. (Yes, please.) Earlier you were talking about developing the TRs worldwide and implied that there might be an objective of the TRs themselves, being able to intercommunicate across the planet, or around the world. Is this one of the objectives, or is this a misunderstanding?

SONDJAH: That is a misunderstanding. What you will do as you market for people to attend these retreats and workshops, is that you will market this worldwide. This will be a global marketing approach through your Internet, and you will want to attract panel members, who either do or do not channel; and you will want to attract people who TR or who do channel. These individuals may be from other religions—they most likely will be from other religions. You will be attracting people who will not have the same language base as Urantia educated individuals, who have studied the Urantia Book and have been in the Teaching Mission. They may bring a different language base with them.

But you do strike a chord, dear friend, in raising this option of communication globally, between individuals who channel, who TR, and we know that you know, that this exists already, that you are contributing positively to human consciousness on your planet; not necessarily to cosmic consciousness, but to the consciousness of human-kind on your planet. You can connect to this network of consciousness by willing to do so, by willing to be in-tune with others who have like-thoughts that are positive and can contribute to the ends that you are striving to achieve. This is where a good deal of the insights and metaphors that you receive [come from], when you are in meditation, or you are sitting idly by in a working team, or at work at your computer, or some other situation, where you suddenly get an "Ah-ha!" You have connected to the consciousness of humankind, mortal consciousness on your planet.

You can sift this by your intention. If your intention is set to connect with positive thinking that contributes to your design or what you are working on, whether it is in this work that we are speaking about, or commercial work in your business, or at home, then you can receive that. It is important that you learn to do this, whether you channel or not, and this is the opening of those mindal circuits within you, to begin this channeling process, this TR process to transmit and receive. But truly, it is the other way around, it is that you "receive." What we are seeing, showing and telling you is that "most" people receive. There is an exception where a few people do not receive. Do you understand? (Yes)

Therefore by focusing your intention and decision and taking action by voicing that intention to participate or link to the consciousness of humankind of all positive natures, you do so. Even if you are not a conscious, clairaudient channel, you can begin receiving this. This is a higher level than your intuition. Intuitive thought is your awareness of an insight, for example, is the successful result of reaching out and connecting with information that is "out there" that surrounds you. It is as though there is some kind of synchronicity, some kind of a point of contact between your consciousness and the information that you want to receive or need to receive.

The training to channel begins early on, long before you go to a retreat, and this will be part of your marketing, to attract people who want to connect to the mind of humankind, to cosmic consciousness of all positive thought, all positive repositories of thought of humankind and in Nebadon. This is not beyond your reach. (Thank you.) You are welcome.

Student: Can you give us some further guidance on how we select which area we can focus on?

SONDJAH: We have covered this earlier, in another session, and that is that you can gain interest or focus on a situation or an area of interest by speaking with others. You perhaps might be interested in medical care, would you not? (Student: Health care, yes.) Health care would surely be a topic that would be worthwhile, both from the inductive process and the deductive process, which we mentioned before. How do you work through this developmental process, and how do you come to conclusions or designs, which would work for your society now and in the near future, the middle future and the long-term future?

Looking backwards from the days of light and life, how is health care managed, how is that delivered, how is that served in the era of light and life? Somewhere in the middle between now and the days of light and life, there is a meeting of these two designs. In a world that has well prepared for this, there is a mirror image that moves forward in time.

The selection process is what you want to work on. We are not going to write on little marbles and throw them across the room and see who picks them up. We wish you to come together with others who have common interests, a passion for something. Do not engage this process without heart, without compassion, without mercy, without a passion—literally a passion—of interest for what you will be doing, because—and there is a "because" of this—because your passionate energy fires the spiritual side of your inquiry. Your emotional energy is the mirror opposite, or is the other side of the coin of your developing spirituality. Therefore, when you are passionate about something, you can gain spiritual insights, through spiritual energy circuits about this topic. Neither should you, as well, engage some topic on an intellectual basis because you are curious or wonder how it works, but engage both of your passionate energies of your intelligence and your heart energy in developing the designs and then strive to participate in working teams to apply those designs.

Now let us look forward and say you are at the retreat and you are in a workshop, and in this workshop there are three panels that are operating simultaneously. Each panel has a channel and a minimum of five panel members, and a recorder. You meet with these people because you have signed up for like-interests on the bulletin board, and you meet in Room 3A, and everybody who is interested in health care, goes there and participates. You find that there were too many people for one panel, so you divide into three panels.

You enter the one that you participate in with four other people, plus the TR/channel, and the recorder, and you say, "Who’s in charge? Who’s going to lead this?" And so, you will find out how this works. Remember, you are all peers, and that domination and submission are factors that will not help you. Aggressive leadership and passive follower-ship will not help you; but thoughtful, participation and contribution in the long-term, throughout the process, will be most helpful.

Someone most always begins by asking a question. So, what is your burning desire about health care? One person may say, "I’m really curious about health care and health insurance." One person who wants to take the deductive perspective says, "I’m sure there isn’t health insurance in the days of light and life." Another person says, "Well, how do you know that?" Another person who asked the question or made the statement would say, "I don’t, but let’s check with the celestial, and find out." And so, the celestial would respond, saying, "On certain worlds, there is no health insurance for populations for health care," and there you have an answer. Another person would say, "How do they do it? How do they do that in the days of light and life?" A discussion would follow, with, perhaps, periods of respite where individuals would have time to think and reflect upon what has occurred thus far. You may find that using intentional time-outs for inner connections may be very beneficial. Remember, there is no tradition or history for what you are doing that dictates how you should conduct these early design teams.

How would you design a health care system in the days of light and life? When you get to some points of agreement, you would ask the celestial for validation and clarification, thus you would find your way. Another panel member might ask, "What’s that got to do with us now? We’re talking about a thousand or two thousand years from now, for the earliest stages of the days of light and life. How do we get past the morass of the health care issues that we have now, and health insurance being one of them?" You would toss about some ideas of what could be done. Again, the advice is to create solutions, not to find answers to problems. Do you see the difference? If you say, "Well, health care is a must. The problem is that we don’t have health care for poor people. How do we solve that?" You could solve that problem this year or next year quite easily, if your society determined that it wanted to, but you would still have the overarching problem or situation of health care being provided to everyone, on a need basis that has qualifications.

One of the things, I as your teacher Melchizedek here has learned, is these problems that you bring with you to the morontial realm, to these early classroom situations, where some of you have been corporate leaders and presidents, university presidents—everyone from all walks of life—and [when] you arrive there, you have had a dedicated life, a spirit infused life as a leader, and you come into this realm still grinding about these social inequities on your world. And we say, "God bless you! You will find peace." We are well acquainted with this, which you bring to us. We have heard this from your world, over and over again. Your world is now in need of this process, this co-creative process of designing and implementing. We are quite aware from long ago, of the needs of this world, and we are here to help you.

Through this example I give you, do you understand a little bit more about how the working team, the design team works? (Yes, it is most helpful.) Good. We want to give you something that you can touch on, something that you can see, something that you can write down as a process, but we definitely do not want to give you a firm and solid format, because many of you have been taught, and indoctrinated by authoritarian social structures—churches, schools and other organizations—you look to authority for solutions, for the format, for how to operate within that. Here in these design teams, and in the working teams, you must find that yourselves. You must develop that so it works for you. We assist you in formulating possible scenarios for a design team process. You will be exploring this in much more detail, intimately, personally, minute-by-minute at the retreat workshops. We are trying to whet your curiosity, your interests, and your appetite for this kind of work.

Truly there has been no era, outside the era of the living apostleship around Jesus, where there was such a public-wide, co-creative effort to engage mortals with the celestial and angelic realms, as this. You are truly not at the doorstep; you are not at the door. You have long ago knocked and entered, and now you are here and we are welcoming you to the co-creative design table and the working team table with us to participate in co-creatively healing your planet—actually redesigning the social structure of your future world. This is no small project. It will require literally, millions of human work-years to accomplish this, but considering the number of people on your world who are willing to participate, great progress can be made and will be made in the next ten years. Then you will already have begun as well, to implement some of those designs in your social structure around you. There will be the impetus, of course, the energy, the enthusiasm, due to the difficulties of your world to put those in place.

Student: I have a question about the setting of the group sessions. Are there any of the physical things that would help the group function better, such as a background of running water or the use of crystals, or the use of quiet background music?

SONDJAH: Thank you for your thoughtful question, and yes, this is an issue we hope you will engage. First of all, we wish you to engage the design team and working team workshops, and even later on in the operation of these in your worldly realm… (Tape turned) We wish you to engage your training sites in places which are already consecrated to the Father’s will. This would be a very good beginning. Remember that these sites are invested with the energies, the intentions of those who have lived there, worked there, and worshipped there. You would do well to occupy that same space, for it is a free zone, free of energies that would work against the peacefulness of your mind during these workshops and training sessions. Water trickling and music playing and crystals, and such, are supports that may be useful to individuals, but are unnecessary for the process to engage itself.

It is important that you engage each working session, each training session, when you meet after lunch and you reconvene, to have a period of a declaration of your intention, quietly or as a group, to invoke the presence of Christ Michael’s light and the healing presence of Nebadonia there with you, and that right actions and right ends be achieved through your participation with spirit. Always do this, for you begin setting the frequency and alignment with the Father’s will, with the frequency of the universe. Do not forget to do this! It is as important as blessing your food, that it’s energy might be in alignment with the needs of your body, and that through your mind action, you assist that to do it. (Thank you.) You are welcome.

Student: I have a question. (Certainly.) We are in the process of putting together working team retreats to teach exactly what you have been talking about with us today. It needs to accommodate approximately fifty people. Where do you see this retreat taking place?

SONDJAH: It will take place among the trees. To answer your question very specifically, it appears that it would be in a location among trees. It will be in a quiet setting. It does not necessarily have to be at a convent or a monastery or a dedicated church/retreat center. It could be in a sacred forest. It could be among the trees along a large river. It is a place that will lend itself to this group and you can be assured that there is one that is ready and waiting for your group. It is only necessary to find that location through your search mechanisms. These ideas will be forthcoming soon to others. (Thank you.) You are welcome.

Student: I have a question about this area in Southern Colorado, where so many different faith groups have built buildings, and I think it’s supposed to be an area of high spiritual energy. I am not well enough acquainted to know if there is something like a retreat center there.

SONDJAH: Yes, we are well acquainted with this area; it is located near the town of Crestone, Colorado. It is a spiritually energetic and dedicated area, which would be most appropriate. Someone will want to investigate that for retreat sites and conference sites for the right number or people.

SONDJAH: This is Sondjah. Let us whirl up to the near future. You have begun to form associations, which are mutually supportive, mutually beneficial and would assist your work on this world to disseminate the word of Christ Michael and the renewal of your world through the Correcting Time. These associations will be proved very profitable in a commercial sense, and they will prove very profitable in a spiritual enlightenment sense for Michael’s work. Do not be afraid to empower Michael’s word by commercial enterprise. It is only the profit keeping and profit distribution to uninterested investors, which would be discouraged by us.

You surely need the means to expand the work of Michael, and that requires the accumulation of funds to underwrite the beginnings of this process, and to empower, and enlarge and expand the archival development, which was begun years ago, under the request of spiritual influence on your world. This is a most beneficial process and a mutual one, which will assist in the education of many millions of people, whom you will never meet. You will eventually have an education and training session within these archives, which will be in many languages, so that those in other countries can adapt and adopt this co-creative design team and working team process, from the beginning and do quite well almost immediately, to make contributions in their local geographic areas.

The accumulation of knowledge is not for the purposes of accumulation, but as a repository for the development of wisdom. The experiences, which you have had and will have, through the co-creative working team process, will be very vital for these findings, as you will call them, to be placed in readily available locations, without a lot of hunting and seeking and searching. You are fully capable of thinking of those connections now, and you will have further, much more productive software processes in the very near future, that will assist you to unlock the treasures in your archives, in ways which you had not seen or thought possible last year.

It is possible that your world could be quite different—and I mean that with at least one double entendre—in the next twenty years. It will be hugely different than the world you are acquainted with now. You have shown yourselves to be immensely adaptable through the leadings of your faith. You have been receptive to receive guidance, and many of you have acted on that in very positive and worthwhile ways. You have become "change agents" in your world, and you will find that you have a great deal of company throughout the world in the very near future.

Many of your world—even unbelievers—are thoroughly fed up with the conduct of behavior on your planet, and look for something new, something more, something different, something positive and constructive, something enlightening even at a meager level. These people will come to learn about the work of the Magisterial Mission and the co-creative teams in the future, and adopt them simply from a pragmatic perspective, a pragmatic need to move ahead in positive constructive ways; how to create solutions and ignore or divert the attention and energies into positive avenues, rather than maligning and working destructively against negative forces, for this absorbs your energy and you are not available for the reconstruction/construction of your future.

You will find unlikely individuals who will become interested in what you are doing. We ask [for] your patience, tolerance and wisdom to engage them in ways which may seem wholly unspiritual and disconnected from the new world that you are helping to bring into existence. If their contribution adds one lumen of light to Christ Michael’s Correcting Time, then engage them positively, for once they have a part, they will want more and this will be so dissimilar to existing religions to them, that they will be enthralled, let alone wholly interested in what you are doing.

Are there further questions?

Student: Do you have anything to add in regard to those who are skeptical or seldom think about any connection with unseen beings?

SONDJAH: As I immediately mentioned, they will be impressed with the positive results that come forth from the design teams and working teams. They will not be able to help themselves, but turn toward the parade when they hear the band play.

Student: (Laughing.) So in other words, "show me your results."

SONDJAH: At this point, we wish you to engage those who are positive and inclined to give their attention to the positive growth of this movement, rather than engaging those who are skeptical or who may not be accepting of working with unseen individuals. We are not saying that that is a waste of energy, but in fact your energy could be much more positively invested by wordlessly engaging and connecting them to the unseen realms of consciousness and awareness and love.

Remember what I spoke about earlier about connecting minds. You can assist others to connect to the realm, even though they do not believe in the process, but they become open and willing to receive more, even to the slightest degree, if they have some curiosity.

Student: Along those lines, are we ever really not connected? We may not know it, but are we ever really not connected?

SONDJAH: You are only disconnected because you think you are, or believe you are, or want to be disconnected, but in fact, each of you is connected to the First Source and Center in ways that are unfathomable even to myself. You are never disconnected, you are never forsaken, forgotten or hidden away—there are no closets in the universe where you can hide from us. (Much laughter.)

Student: And we’ve looked for them, haven’t we?

SONDJAH: Most certainly. We wish you well today and we infuse you, we enthuse you with Christ Michael’s energy, this energy, the Christ Spirit that pervades this planet. Accept this into your consciousness, connect to it palpably, engage it and let is shine through your self to others. You have been doing this and we see evidence of this around you...and, it is working! Now you are beginning to see the manifest ways that it has. Good day.