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Printed in the August and October 2006 issue of The Sedona Journal of Emergence!

Councils of Unity - G.O.D. Guidance on Demand & S.W.O.T. Relay System - Aug 08 & Oct 10, 2006 - Helenita, York, Pa

1 - G.O.D. Guidance on Demand
2 - S.W.O.T. with G.O.D. Relay System (S.W.O.T System: Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats)
T/R: Helenita
August 08 and October 10, 2006
GOD: Guidance On Demand

Lots and lots swirling around. You're getting information coming to you from lots of directions: channelers, books that fall in your lap, workshops, guides, angels. Our observation is that you look like humped-over beasts of burden who cannot possibly take one more bit of information. You understand these pieces that you're getting. It just seems more and more to us that, as the frequencies amp up, the overload is overwhelming you and this stress makes you want to run around screaming with your hands in the air.

You're moving into the netherland—the unknown. Fortunately, and unfortunately, it's not too well defined in our worlds either. So some of the star systems, frequencies, or dimensions feel that they're going to send information to assist, but instead of being beneficial to you, it only adds more. This is because we need more precise direction on our side in the form of feedback from you since you are the conscious beings on the 3-dimensional earth. We simply need to know what signal frequencies are compatible to you.

First, you need to simply develop your own method, whether it's a code or an action of some kind, to be a signal, which says, "Back off!" This doesn’t have to be complex, just a high-five recognition that tells us, "Shut up; enough already!"

As you get our attention, this acknowledges you are familiar with the dance to the music of the God within who is doing the manifesting. You understand this aspect which you have learned from many sacred scriptures and messages directing you to internalize your power. Your GPS, Global Positioning System, is your GOD, Guidance On Demand, since it is the God-self that is now positioning itself into forward gear. There is no holding back! And much as your technical world uses GPS to track and locate various objects with this type of surveillance, so too does your internal GOD do the same.

GPS utilizes signals that are bounced off a satellite and then recorded into a computer to be analyzed. Do you see the analogy with your personal GOD system? Your God-self relays positioning information back to your human-self, which assists you to understand where you are mentally and emotionally at any given moment. Therefore your ability to apply this information is dependent upon your being able to read your PC. You, in effect, are demanding the guidance that supports your position as seen from a wider perspective. Notice that we used the frame of reference as ‘wider’ rather than ‘higher’.

As with video games from the 70s, you are honing your skills to utilize the Joystick of control; of feeling it in your hand and sensing the small subtle motions that can have a big effect on the game you're playing, whether on a screen or a hand-held device. The more sophisticated games now are showing you how the lightest touch can produce effects that trigger a wide range of reactions.

Your GOD system allows you to position yourself as in chess, or checkers, or a strategy game that requires you to mentally plan several moves ahead. You're positioning yourself for the crown, for the checkmate, to become the king or the queen. Or with the newest games, to overcome the enemy, attain the treasure or to defeat the boss whatever ‘the boss’ looks like or methodology it might use. Some of you may translate it to slaying "the monsters in the closet".

As you begin to move in that direction, you have to be aware all of the things that influence and/or stimulate you. The world of full-sensory perception is opening up before you as you Guide yourself out of the protective woods. Because your GOD system is now functioning, you no longer have to retreat into the quiet world, unless you choose to, since you can easily plug into GOD. In effect, the lightest breeze can topple a whole row of life’s dominoes.

These GOD exercises move you more finitely into the realm of adjustment. You know you are in the ‘time between’ (1992-2012), the time when you are becoming aware of the subtle aspects awakening within you and discovering the various ways it is being played out. We could not tell you or even channel how this would be done until you actually stepped up to the plate, bat in hand ready to take the pitch.

This may seem very challenging to you, since your human system was geared to discovery via other modes designed specifically for the earth experiment. It has also been very challenging for us to relay information back to you because we have been waiting for the more refined GOD system to kick in. Therefore we utilized the quiet mode, grouping people into the same wavelength. Now, as you realize more and more that you live in an interactive world, not secluded somewhere in a monastery or as a hermit in a cave, (you already did that repeatedly through many lives), we are ready to be your relay system as you begin to experiment with your Guidance On Demand process.

This time of adjustment requires that you exist in the complete world, nothing held back. With your GOD joystick, you move full steam ahead, the throttle wide open and your hand on the whistle announcing you are coming.

You're out in the real world: you're sensing anger, you're sensing frustration, and all of the complicated issues. But you're still being drawn to home, your place of quiet or meditation, however you connect. The longing for that place is still part of you. What you're moving toward is merging the two sine waves that are vibrating, connecting at nodes on a bar graph. We understand that's how you're going to dance.

What do you do when the waves of your God-self and your human-self collapse onto each other, going flat? You have been programmed, preconditioned, that something going flat denotes ending, stopped, motionless, off key. When the signal from the heart monitor goes flat, you are dead. When a tire is flat your car is at a stand still. A flat note creates disharmony. Yet you know the soul is alive somewhere, that your tire only needs patched and more air, and that disharmony is an opportunity to experience the journey more fully. You have the ability to direct yourself with GOD, to understand when the tire is flat, air can be pumped back into it. The pressure can be increased and then the tire will function again. With a note that's flat, you can be shown or taught to breathe deeper to bring it in tune.

As you consciously play with this, you are then able to shift your ability to understand these two selves, these two separate selves, by removing the drama from your life and beginning to move more into trust. This does not create dull or disconnected, or flat. Rather it creates a very vibrant frequency to utilize in a different way.

You did the big things… understanding the factor of fear, the factor of love, the factor of letting go and that you don't die. Dealing with flat seems too easy with a "So what?" kind of reaction, but these subtle things were programmed within you without a default system because no one thought that you would need it. Only you on earth know what you need from us. Comparable to a GPS, we are merely the satellites from which you are bouncing off your signals to be integrated into your personal computer system.

In the movie "What the Bleep: Down the Rabbit Hole", the cartoon professor explained Flat World where a 3-dimensional ball would simply look like a circle. This description was being shown to expand your vision and see a wider perspective and how you've limited yourself by the way you perceive things. Now we're saying to you, utilize this concept in an opposite way. Understand within that flat realm is beating a frequency that's so high and resonates so rapidly, that it's pregnant with information waiting to be received.

If you desire to move into the area of understanding more, you may have to purposely flatten something; letting air out of a tire. Breathing out, the tire becomes flat and you observe that a larger area of more square inches, touches the ground because it's flat. This may be very beneficial to you in a particular situation.

Each one of you is going to do it in different ways. It may be funny to visualize, but draw a vehicle and put tires anywhere underneath it. There’s nothing that says it must be a car with four tires or a golf cart with three. Make up your own. As you draw your picture, see where your tires are, because that’s going to be the places where you will glean information or experiences. Then see how your car moves, what the road looks like, factoring in rain, sunshine, heat or cold… you’ve just expanded everything even more.

We can help as you modify your system in many different ways, but this assistance is nothing more than cleaning up the resulting debris. So if you're welding and pieces spark off, we'll clean up the grit and dirt around. If you see where a bee has bored into wood, or a termite, leaving a residue, we’ll vacuum it up. The channeled information that comes through may sound like it's much more high-falootin' than it is, but that's all we're doing—assisting you. You're the bee that's boring the hole. You're the welder with a shield to cover your eyes from the bright light. You're the instrument of the Lord. St. Francis was close when he said, "Lord, make me an instrument of your Love." Now you are both the ‘instrument’ and also the ‘Lord’. You are becoming the instrument of the world as you utilize your GOD system in everything you do. And remember, this instrument is indeed within the world and at the same time of it. Have you discovered a different twist to it all, yet?

 Part 2

S. W. O. T. with G. O. D.

You have played with your G.O.D.(Guidance On Demand) system (see August issue) for several months— resisting, denying, accepting and experimenting. The next area to integrate is understanding the Doppler effect, radar and echolocation, all of which were stored within your earth system until you began to merge the wizard with the scientist. As you read, overlay this information onto your spiritual matrix, allowing the connections to be recharged and activated.

Doppler Effect –

The Doppler effect recognizes that the frequency shift of waves bouncing off an object was related to the object's velocity toward or away from the observer. It was in the 1840s that Christian Doppler observed that the perceived frequency and wavelength of a wave was relative to the source of the wave, resulting from either the motion of the source or the motion of the observer. The closer a person stood to a man throwing balls at him, the faster the balls seemed to hit him and vice versa; the more he moved away, the slower the balls seemed to come. The wavelength didn’t change, only the perceived frequency due to the distance between the thrower and the receiver.

This was applied in many areas. To measure the movement of a star, astrologers looked at the change in colors of an astronomical light source, which showed a blueshift when approaching and a redshift when receding. Radar, an acronym for RAdio Detection And Ranging, used the Doppler effect to measure the velocity of detected objects. (Hopefully, you were driving within the speed limit.) Medical imaging used an echocardiogram to assess the direction of blood flow and the velocity of blood and cardiac tissue at any arbitrary point using the Doppler effect by primarily measuring the phase shift when the received signal arrived.

Do you see that the signals sent out are reflected back to provide you with a perceived type of measurement?

Weather radar provided you a more specific example. In the 1970s you utilized Doppler radar by detecting the presence and location of moving objects such as raindrops or snowflakes, by bouncing a radio waves off of them and measuring the time it took for the signals to return. Using the time value and the knowledge of the speed of the wave, the distance traveled could be determined. The change in frequency of the returning wave as compared to the frequency of the wave that was sent out, gave the direction and speed that the object was moving away from or toward the detector source. This data was then electronically converted into pictures showing the location and intensity of precipitation, which helped to predict severe storms.

But Doppler radar could not detect directly above it. There was a "cone of silence" for several miles around the detection antenna, so you upgraded it in the 1990s, calling it NEXRAD (NEXt generation of doppler RADar) consisting of a nationwide network of highly advanced Doppler radar sites that overcame that issue. Wow, now you had a whole system to use with no dead spots. Did it make everything more predictable? If technology followed spirituality, it would seem so. But look at what else the earth had to show you.

Echolocation – the process of using sound waves to locate objects that may be invisible or at a distance. Bats and dolphins use this type of radar to navigate and detect their prey.

Bats have vocal chords modified to emit high-frequency sounds needed for good resolution and specially adapted ears to receive the sound. A bat produces sounds and listens for the echoes reflected from surfaces and objects in its environment. By analyzing the information contained in these echoes, bats perceive the objects. The pulses are repeated at varying rates depending on what it is doing. A flying bat emits about one pulse per second but a hunting bat, close to its target, may increase its rate to several hundred pulses per second. Do you know when you shift to this hunting mode?

Dolphins and toothed whales use echolocation to orient themselves and locate objects by relying on sound production and reception to navigate, communicate, and hunt in dark or murky waters. They produce sounds with their larynx and a complex system of cavities connected to their blowhole. The sounds are a rapid series of clicks that contain a wide range of frequencies. As soon as an echo from one click is received, the dolphin generates another click. The time lapse between click and echo enables the dolphin to determine the distance between it and the object and the difference in sound intensity received by each ear determines the direction. By emitting a series of clicks and listening to the echoes, the dolphin is able to locate and follow its prey.

S.W.O.T Relay System

So you have been shown by science and nature the complexity and simplicity of determining where you are on your spiritual journey and how adept you are at this G.O.D. system. Exactly what do these ‘waves’ you emit and measure upon returning look like as you get closer or move farther away? Here is where you access your S.W.O.T system: Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats. These are your clicks or sounds you emit to navigate within your earth environment. How well you define them determines the efficiency of your system in order to get the nourishment you need, eliminate stress and be on a more peaceful path.

The ability to determine when a Strength of "personal service" shifts to a Weakness in that you can’t do everything, takes repetitive signaling to feel the difference in your emotional layer before it hits the physical one. To see the Opportunity to expand a skill becomes so overpowering that it blows the roof off and you end up over compensating, which drains you even more. Therefore an Opportunity that becomes a Threat can debilitate you. It is always a balancing act on your part to step away in order to see which part of the S.W.O.T. system you are utilizing. This is where you dance with all your successes to see what has worked for you regardless of what the person next to you is doing or the teacher is saying you should do.

Since daily you wear many hats and have a variety of choices, each of your areas requires a S.W.O.T. outline. The more truthful you are in looking at yourself, the better we are able to reflect the signals back as you move closer or farther away from your harmonizing orbit. You do this without judgement of something being good or bad; it acknowledges who you are. If your sister screamed at you growing up that you were "nothing but mediocre," you know whenever "mediocre" is used in a conversation, your buttons will be pushed. That is just you. Knowing these things about yourself is the fulfillment of "the truth shall set you free."

Your weather radar will differentiate between rain and snow and ice and the speed in which it is advancing or retreating, if you let it. When you know the frequency and speed of your signals and how you react to the returning stimulus, you then gradually move toward the existence of a bat or dolphin, depending upon your desire to see your hologram from the perspective of air or liquid. Their system works automatically in a natural flow pattern. You already have similar equipment in your body, waiting to be phased in. Your hard drive has been wired and all you have to do is implement the software.

If you know yourself well enough to observe-the-observer, then you realize that whatever is coming toward you is showing you what is bouncing back. The signal was already sent and you no longer need to work at finding an answer. Rather it is a constant automatic process already in place, not coming from a purposeful seeking on your part. You become open to what something means, which projects a truer reflection than trying to figure it out. Getting stuck in looking for answers, meditating on it, journaling, or any of those things ‘to do’ will return as a looping signal, back to the beginning again and again and again. This works well when programming a computer for unknown probabilities, but can greatly limit the human system by putting up barriers.

An example: when Helenita’s cat presented a baby bat next to her bed pillow, she didn’t freak out and keep wondering what it meant, but blessed them both for the message, thanked the cat, returned the bat to the earth, washed the sheets, and waited for the comment in conversation that "bat signals are like radar" and the television news reporter bragging about the accuracy of the station’s weather predictions because they had Doppler Radar. She allowed the information to bounce back—to come to her.

Is this possible in every situation? From our observation, the answer would be, "Probably not." You continue the dance, but we have ascertained that increasing the realization of the type and frequency of the signals coming to you is beneficial. The more you integrate what is around in your daily life, the easier it is for you to navigate or echolocate within your perceived projections. Gradually the diverse levels become steadier so that you can hear the pulse within your soul as you watch the flow in and out from the Mandelbrot set—it remains the same.


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