Councils of Unity - Real Reality - Feb 02, 2006 - Helenita, York, Pa

Councils of Unity
Subject: Real Reality
T/R Helenita
February 02, 2006
What is Real? What is Reality?

The most basic of questions can be the most complex. On many levels you already know the answer to both questions and yet you keep asking. The short reply would be, "You make your own reality and in each moment determine what is real to you." In a holographic world, everything is ‘real’. You know these things and yet you keep asking. We also acknowledge that your asking gives us permission to reflect information to you from a different perspective. Because of the agreement with the earth experiment, some things cannot be shared until the question is asked!

Look at the sound that word makes to you. When you say the word, real, what vibrates in your body? When you say, real, do you hear ‘reel’ instead? What aspect of you is like a prairie dog sticking its head out of a hole and saying, "Look at me."? Everything that you experience on a conscious level expands your reality into different dimensions and different frequencies.

There were those who dictated ‘seven heavens’ or seven dimensions. There were those who taught ‘twelve steps’ or twelve levels. They saw and experienced a reality that was defined by a finite path. You, however, are stepping up to the plate and opening up your awareness to a fuller range. So now the prairie dog turns into a submarine periscope with the ability to rotate and see all 360 degrees.

Your physical eyes see within a certain range of colors but your technical equipment allows you to measure color from infrared to ultraviolet and beyond. Is that to say that the only ‘real’ colors are the three primary ones? You might smile at someone who asks that question because you know that the color wheel is not restricted to just three colors. You know because it's been proven to you that there's a wider range.

Part of the limiting aspect of your earth experience was incorporated within the aspect of ‘something to be proven,’ something needing to be shown to be absolute. The extreme version of this is playing out in the C.S.I. type television shows and courtrooms around the world.

You have seen the path that science has taken to understand and describe mechanisms that someone 200-300 years ago suspected were there because they saw the affects of them. What was imagined and perhaps written in mythological form is now easily proven with the use of enhanced equipment. Does that mean these mechanics weren’t in place hundreds of years ago or that you weren’t able to prove them?

So your reality, or your real world, is evolving in a similar way. You have been told, or you have been programmed that something isn't real, that it's a dream - a nightmare. And yet you might describe a life experience with, "That was a nightmare!" The word is the same, but the meanings are at opposite ends: one is real and one is not real. Or so it seems to you. Do you believe that the nightmare type of experience is more real than the nightmare you had in the middle of the night when you woke up screaming? Reality is the full scope of everything that you experience and your capability of expanding that experience is getting greater and greater.

Back to our technical analogy. The people, who were first exposed to a scientist that suspected a certain mechanism was in place, literally said that person was ‘dreaming’. Their reality said it could not be. Now fast forward. Compare and contrast it to other types of realities that you feel around your energy field. If you're experiencing it, on some level or in some form, then it becomes part of your reality. Reality is a sense of what you know is possible; in your eyes you don’t need any proof (Are we transgressing into faith?) How many people, at the beginning of one of those C.S.I. shows or trials, ‘knows’ who did it without any proof?

The word ‘real’ has evolved into a limiting form that has been assigned through your history as something that can be proven or something you know as an irrefutable fact. Go way back to the caveman

part of the earth experience. How many people did it take to put their finger in the fire before they decided that fire was hot? You're constantly moving in that same process to understand how other realities develop.

You are ready and you ask why your reality doesn’t completely just open up? Your energy field, your energy signature, is full of so many dimensional realms, that it's literally impossible for us to describe it all to you. If indeed you would have that instantaneous knowing, it would be similar to the story of St. Paul in the Bible when he completely opened up and saw everything. It was described as blinding to him as you would be to overwhelmed if you woke up tomorrow with a similar experience. It is up to you however, to ask the question, "Does this seem real to me?" Another version might be, "Is this my reality?" Thus you become the one who defines the answer.

Friends may try to persuade you, or even offer to help, because their perception is that your reality isn't real; you're not following the rules, old ones or new ones. Instead of running around the bases in a baseball game, you're outside running around the stadium, waving your hands and having a high old time. They're trying to bring you back in saying, "No, no, no, the game is played this way. First, you hit the ball... you gotta do it this way to get to home plate, to get a home run." And part of you is saying, "Oh no I don’t!" And that's how you expand your ‘real’ experience.

Finally however, you do meet up with people who say to you, and make the observation, "Oh, that's an interesting kind of game you're playing. You’re running around outside the stadium. That's kind of... that's fascinating." They support you, and you hear the message, "I'm doing okay." Your reality gets confirmation that what you are doing is real to you and it is acceptable.

Thus your sense of reality is ever expanding and you're always adding to it. This can happen in a ‘twinkling of an eye,’ a millisecond, because you're always adding to reality in a very infinitesimal way. But as you add the infinitesimal experiences together, you go through the door in the back of the wardrobe and eventually come to a point where you can say, "Oh, I understand it now."

Then with your new insight, you may look at someone’s actions or choices and try to guide them in another direction, your direction. What is playing out is not judgement, but rather a different reality perspective. Someone’s experiences are real and valid in their world, not necessarily in yours. And vice versa. Remember though, everybody is moving similarly, but with an individual pattern. (Star-seeded influence affects this.) What you do, and what we do in our dimensions, supports the individual way in which you move through the expansion of your reality.

What becomes real to the scientist is when they can prove something. As with the cavemen, when enough people decided something was real, it became so. Does that translate to mean that you create your reality? Only from the perspective of how you perceive your experience. If a nightmare is the same during the day and during the night, then why distinguish between them? That is how reality is expanded. That is how things that appear to be real to more people evolve quicker. Once you own that is what your experiences are all about, they begin to move at lightening speed.

Everyone is making clear-toys [candy lollipops in shapes of animals], but everyone is using a different mold. The syrup base is the same for everyone; the results may look different, but aren’t you all making the same type of candy? Even as you developed labels to help you define things within a real world, you are now dismantling them. You realize that the person you labeled paranoid or schizophrenic is just able to connect to more dimensions or frequencies and hear all the variations within each frequency. You acknowledge that their reality might just be an expanded version of yours. The difference is that their clear-toy needs discernment to determine the edges of the mold that is running over while yours may need to fill the mold more fully. Is one angle so very different than an other? Which is real? We end with your question and acknowledge with gratitude that you asked.


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