Elyon; Monjoronson; Michael; Will; Serena - Colors- A Visualization - Jan 21, 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Discernment of Personalities,
  2. New Level,
  3. Follow Me,
  4. Colors: A visualization,
  5. Matrix of Love,
  6. Reach out and Share.

Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson, Michael, Miriam, Will, Serena.

January 21, 2007

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you all. I'm Elyon and am happy to be with you in spirit. You are encouraged by me to continue your discernment of personalities that are beyond your normal range of sensory detection. In spirit we are all one, and you will have difficulty discerning love as different from one teacher and another, for that love is spiritual and singular. Yet you can discern the personality offering that love, the manner in which it is given, the manner in which it is served, the form of presentation; that is what you can discover and come to count on in identifying a presence. There will often occur instances where a celestial attendant may have no purpose for self identification, as the mission is to foster an awareness, a connection, in another avenue. The midwayers are very capable of causing the energization of space that two humans will come into a connectivity that they discern to be a spiritual connection. This effort by a midwayer is to foster an efficient, expeditious relationship to go beyond the introductory rituals and proceed immediately to a deeper sense of friendship. This is the very nature of the spirit of Truth who reveals Michael. The overcoming of the human soul with the sense of Michael is the presence of the Spirit of Truth. The purpose is to deepen that relationship. But we do cherish our connection with each of you and desire to be known better. One great complication is our dimensional difference. I, being morontia in nature, have aspects of my being and a realm wherein I may function of which you are only beginning to become aware. Thus I am required to interface with you in a manner you can comprehend, although with the necessity of great faith as we do at this moment. Again I support you in your endeavors to sense and distinguish the presence of personalities of spiritual entities. There are many with me today who would like to access this conversation.

* Monjoronson (John): . ..this is Monjoronson. You have come to a new level, a level that has been touched on many times but now requires you to make a search in your approach to experiences on your planet. In your endeavors you are encountering many, many experiences, negative, positive, variations, and the norm is to react in a human way and then apply the spiritual lesson. I would ask you at this new level to hesitate, delay; to apply the spiritual lesson, the spiritual intention, a spiritual approach, and then go ahead and perform the human experience, go through the human experience. This will require much focus; this will require much practice; this will require a discipline in not participating in any negative energies, but to throw in your efforts with your own Adjuster, your God Fragment, your loving partner and with Michael who is always with you in the Spirit of Truth. It has been touched upon that he desires a more active relationship with you, a more active acknowledgment. If you can use the tool of letting Michael discuss things with you, and talking it over before you go through the experience, this will awaken you in a more progressive manner. This is a great challenge in a world of distraction, but we are confident that this will successfully happen for those who put the effort into it. This in no way detracts from what you are doing now, as evidenced in your conversations. You are employing your spiritual tools in every situation you can. This brother who I talk through has had his challenges this week in that his mind is going full blast as he is trying to gather his spiritual tools. Yet he is aware and has even reversed ego propensity to go through the mind, go through the logic, go through the 3D world, and then employ the spiritual lessons. It is a great struggle when situations are acute, when emotions run high, but as you have learned in previous lessons, there is no wrong in the children of God, or to criticize the children of God would be to criticize God Himself. You make us all proud. You make great light in this planet of increasing love. You are great in the eyes that look down on you. I step back to let others.

* Michael (Mark): I would approach you now as one who enjoys a special relationship with you, each and every one. I am the one who is both your father, your brother, and even your companion in this sojourn we find ourselves in. I have been before you and requested that you follow me, and you have indeed taken up this cup, and you have applied yourselves dedicatedly to gathering in all the spiritual gifts that those who are my ambassadors would serve you. It is such a pleasure to watch as you work so earnestly to incorporate these spiritual fruits into your daily diet. I have repeatedly requested of you that you invite me in. I have even demonstrated to you with your assistance that I desire to strengthen you and comfort you as if my hands were on your shoulders. And you have well received to the very limits of your capacity that which has been provided for you. I am aware of your nature as mortals of the realm and I am in complete awareness that this process requires practice and re- exposure to principles so that they may firmly incorporated within your framework of understanding. Therefore do my faithful ambassadors bring you that which you need at the moment you seem to need it. There may be many times when you reflect that you have . .., that this message has resonance with you, but if you are hearing the message again then you may trust that it is worthy of further consideration. This is how you follow me. This is what I observe as your dedication. This is what I am so well pleased in you for bringing to this arena. Continue to follow me, even follow me through my ambassadors, even to become my ambassadors in this process. This represents my desire and I believe yours as well. I bring you one more taste of my presence to further cement your perception of my presence. It is enduring throughout this process and . .., the truth of this throughout all eternity. Take my peace, my dear ones, and share it with all the others as you are becoming so good at in this process. I withdraw to open once again this forum. Thank you.

* Miriam (Jonathan): Hello, this is Miriam. I have a visualization that I would like you to try. It involves colors. If you would conjure in your imaginations the color red, that is you, the red- blooded human being, warm and vitalized by the fire of life. And see the spirit sky blue above you, overarching, embracing you in all directions, that infinite compassion, that eternal love. Now draw the two together and become purple, a royal color, the divine family, creator and creature embraced in oneness. Now see yourself again, the color blue, a day perhaps downcast, a time of uncertainty, an interval of pain. Now see spirit as yellow, vibrant, illuminating, energizing and blend yourself and spirit into green, the life force that heals, that fosters growth and improvement. Lastly, perceive yourself as yellow, full of desire, the will to serve, curious. See spirit as red, the cosmic causation, the driving force, divine inspiration. Blend into orange, a mutual fire of service, of ministry, of reaching out to your brothers and sisters in need, giving goodness. Thank you.

* Will (Mary): God loves all of us. He is the matrix in which we are immersed. We have the ability and option to enliven this love through our openness, willingness, and choices. When we do find ways to allow God's love to be enlivened through ourselves, we experience the flowing of light. It can seem a trickle of light or can seem as a river of light, your perception of this reality. In your quiet time you may choose to search out the aspects of your being which have become muted or blocked. The realization of this tendency can help you to allow God's love to flow in areas that have been blocked. So, I would encourage you to gently keep a recognition and an awareness of those aspects of yourself that would respond to a gentle opening so that you could experience more fully the joy of tapping into the matrix of love that surrounds you and experiencing as joy that flow of light and love which you can facilitate through your choices, your openness, and your consent. Allow yourself the joy of participation in living with God and each other. Thank you. Mary: I'm searching for a name and I feel it might be Will.

* Serena (Kathy): I am encouraging you to reach out to those whose spirits are in low energy. Bring this fire of service to others as you find them. Always know that you are given the guidance to reach their need in the moment. You can be assured that the need will be met through your connection with the help available. You do not need to fear that this will be an imposition of your ideas onto the others. Share as much as you are able in every moment. Share your light.