Rayson; Zareth; Intent of Preparation - Colloidal Silver - Dec 08, 2002 - NOCO 30

Group: Northern Colorado TeaM Group, #30

Rayson and Zareth (TR: Dirk)

Questions and Answers:

  1. Intent of Preparation
  2. T/R’ing Assistance
  3. Supportive Love in Difficult Situations
  4. Colloidal Silver

December 8, 2002

[Group began with Stillness.]

Dirk: Link to the merkaba when you are ready. Be mindful of the heart line and the mind line. It is our intention today to receive the lessons of our teachers, unseen friends and whoever else would speak with us this afternoon, under the auspices of the Melchizedeks, Michael and Nebadonia, of the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time.

Rayson: Good afternoon students, this is Teacher Rayson. (Group greetings.) Thank you for that hearty greeting. Another glorious day for our endeavors here on Urantia! Let us begin today with questions that you may have regarding our material covered. We like the free play of this kind of opening to get things stirred within you, to see what is uppermost in your cares and concerns, what may be your "sticking places" or your "static places" that you have run across this week. Have you been journaling? It is a good place to keep up with, those places that may be emerging as a problem. It is a good place to begin on your Sunday sessions when we open to questions—and I know you are all avid journalers!

Student: I did some journaling—but I don’t remember what I said.

Rayson: I see—hmmm.

Student: There’s one question that came to mind. In past lessons, I think, you alluded to the possibility of some major difficulty, almost like something that might beset our world, and whether this might be war or some natural cataclysm event as if we, as a group, were being prepared to deal with this. And so I’ve been wondering whether this means that we need to be so grounded in our faith and spirit, that we could be a calming influence to those who need us, or just what kind of insinuation that we were being prepared in the event of something major?

Rayson: Yes, you have put your finger directly on our intention to prepare you to be the voices and the grounding influence in the event of major cataclysms. There will be war and rumors of war, and terrorism will continue. There will be suicide bombings in more abundance. There is evidence that the spread of major weapons has gone on further than originally expected for the past few years. And as you know, you are always susceptible to volcanic activity and fault-line slippage, tidal waves of large dimensions—tsunamis—and the storms that will be spawned in your weather changes. These will be looked upon with varying degrees of fear and trepidation by your fellows. It is you who we are asking to lend your influence and stability and awareness that this is God's world. It is the world of Michael and Nebadonia and those who perish are well cared for, and in their release from this world, are moving on to what you know to be the next step, which is the beginning of a glorious career as an ascender. This will be welcome news to friends and relatives; this will be very welcome news to those who are ill and preparing for their own demise, or for those who remain after their loved ones have made the transition. That is exactly why we are informing you—or not—about potential disasters. Your world is balanced like a teeter-totter at this point. Is that sufficient for your answer?

Student: Yes, I think so. Thank you. (My pleasure.)

Student: I have a question to piggyback on that one. When I was studying for my trip to Guatemala and learning about the Mayan calendar, there seemed to be a lot of significance based on the year 2012. And although I didn’t pay too much heed to it because it was a prophecy so long ago, but this past week, I was reading a book about Kryon, who mentioned again, the year 2012. Is Kryon part of the Teaching Mission and is there any relevancy to that particular year that you can tell us about?

Rayson: (Long pause) Please wait. (Another pause.) I cannot validate nor dispute Kryon’s works. And I prefer not to put a future date on any of the minimalist predictions we have given you this afternoon. (Thank you.)

Student: I have a question. (Yes?) Can you give us some alternatives as to the best way to prepare ourselves for TRing? In my case, I have not been journaling for some time, as you are well aware, (and it was always helpful when I did,) and our personal teacher that we were provided, Zareth, was of great help, I think. I just wonder if he is present also, and if he has anything to say to us in regard to this question, or if there is anything that you can say to us?

Rayson: One moment please.

Dirk: Is this Zareth?

Zareth: Yes, it is I. Students, how good to see you again, or to be able to talk to you again. You have a question about TRing. Your level of Stillness and desire to accomplish this will be your key. When you achieve the Stillness, ask for communication, state your intentions, as you’ve heard Daniel do, and we will practice. The door opens sometimes by writing with a "hot pen," are you familiar with this method? (Yes, I’ve had good success with that way too.) Oh, wonderful! And so, you wish to deepen this ability?

Student: Yes, either that or "speaking." The speaking approach seems to be the one, which allows you to communicate with more of our friends. It’s probably preferable then.

Zareth: A little more directly, yes. Many have experienced beginning of speaking in different ways; some "see" words, some "hear" them, some receive "impressions, thoughts, visuals." I think it is best to "just begin," and see what happens. You will usually feel a presence in your Stillness, somewhere near your head, and you can try a link. Some people have good success with just receiving impressions, images, and talking about them. Remember that you are working also on setting aside your ego, your persona, to allow the direct transmission of words as if you were a Teletype or a typewriter. We know that this is a skill developed over time—putting aside the ego—and so our expectations of accuracy are "a job well done," above 50% in the beginning. Have you further questions?

Student: No. Thank you very much—that’s a good place to start. (My pleasure.)

Rayson: This is Rayson. Have we more questions, thoughts, reminisces—or static? (Pause.) Perhaps it’s time for a little break. I think we will do that here.

* * * * * * * *

Rayson: Welcome back students. I see you’ve had a small repast to replenish your sugar systems! (Group laughing, guiltily.) This should keep you energized for a little while longer. So, we have new questions?

Student: This is kind of a frivolous question: Do they have chocolate on the mansion worlds?

Rayson: Of course! (Group laughing. Student: Okay then, I’m coming!) We have the "equivalent" of chocolate for those who need to work through that "addiction" as well as the rest of them you seem to acquire and love on this planet.

Student: I have something on my mind and I don’t know exactly how to put it as a question. It’s a personal matter. … [The transcriber was asked to delete specific details]…. What is most appropriate and loving and supportive for us to do in this situation? We’re seemingly pretty limited because so much of what goes on is between those persons involved—but we would like to lend our love and support in whatever is the most effective ways. So if you have any suggestions, it would be appreciated.

Rayson: Yes, these situations are most difficult. As you are well aware and have said, love is the key in all of the relationship as it under goes it’s tumult and strain, and wear and tear on the personalities involved. It is most desirous to have stability and constancy in the love available to the principles in the divorce, and especially the child/children. You cannot guide their ship, of course, or be decision-makers or controllers in their course. You can instead be the rocks that are stable in supporting and fill in where there is need, and where you are asked. You may also ask what you can do to help and support all of the principles involved. It will be a different and more contentious event if there are opposing lawyers, of course. Then your roles will be to help the principles again as much as possible and the child/children, most of all. The lawyers and the courts will of course, run their gamut of maneuverings and legal wrangling, which will often be detrimental to all involved.

And so, you will be needed as support and love and constancy even more in those events. Does this help?

Student: I like the idea about asking each one what we can do to be supportive. And as you mentioned lawyers, maybe there’s a possibility of following a mediation route, rather than having to get lawyers involved.

Rayson: I still think that which we’ve discussed is probably the best course for your participation. Remember, the Father’s way does rule, though not too far into the courts of men at times. And love is obviously, the best course.

Student: Thank you. That was helpful.

Rayson: My pleasure. Are there other questions this afternoon? (Pause.) You see we all bring these little problems to our daily lives. They show up as a penny at our feet, and we can pick them up, or we can leave them lay. They will show up again. Perhaps next time, it will be the size of a nickel, and we can either pick them up and resolve the issue, or leave them lay. And you may rest assured you will return to that "sticky place" again and again until it is resolved. It is through the journaling that we can open this "small present," the nickel, or the dime, or the quarter and see what is truly there. It may lead us back in time to an original circumstance, or it may be something contemporary, recent, that needs to be resolved. The accumulation of quarters at your feet are like those places in a marriage where it begins to unravel, the misstatements, the misunderstandings, the devolution of communication—the withholding, the withdrawal—it is sometimes difficult to reverse. It is like an energy stream sent out on it’s own, leading the participants in an unwanted direction that has unfortunately been created by them to begin with.

Of course this is compounded by the individual’s history and environment and personal static. It is almost as if the individuals have to resolve their issues, their personal issues, their growth issues, before returning to the relationship issues. Sometimes it is best to "split" in order that this may be accomplished. Sometimes it works to remain together as a support unit for each other and for the child/children, and then it may be that you are working on the relational issues before the personal issues. So, it is clear that, as the Father has decreed, you all get to do it your own way, apart or together. And you see that the individual finding the Father is key to growth and happiness and joy and appreciation and love in each other. Now, have we more questions?

Student: Rayson, during our break we were discussing "colloidal silver" and whether it is beneficial or not. Do you have any information on that?

Rayson: Colloidal silver has been used for many years on your planet, in preservation techniques and direct body, human applications. It, as anything else in your lives, it can be used either way. It is not harmful in colloidal state and can be used most beneficially, although we would urge moderation. As silver, it is a heavy metal and dangerous…or it can be. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, except for the "in moderation" part—there’s a lot of latitude!

Rayson: There is a lot of difference in individuals, as well. (Thank you.) Yes, my pleasure.

Well, dear students, our moderator is "losing it" so I think we will end today. Thank you. (Group: Thank you, Rayson!) Good day.

[Note: The TR, Dirk is under going chemotherapy and tires quickly. We did not have a back-up TR available today.]