Rayson; Arista; Preparation - Adversity - Oct 27, 2002 - NOCO 27

Group: Northern Colorado TeaM Group #27


  1. Preparation
  2. Adversity
Arista (TR Dirk)
October 27, 2002

Dirk: It is our intention today to speak with our Celestial Friends and Teachers. This is a normal Teaching Mission session, although there are just two of us here today (and all of our unseen friends, of course.) We are attempting to receive the lessons under the auspices of the Melchizedeks and Michael and Nebadonia, the Correcting Time and the Teaching Mission. We will do some Stillness now.

This is Teacher Rayson, good afternoon students.

Student: Good afternoon, Rayson. Nice of you to join us.

Rayson: We are pleased that you continue on without those to "make a show for," if that were your intentions. We have not doubted your sincerity for quite awhile, and we know that you will continue, no matter what, should there be only two of you. I am delighted to see this effort, especially in light of your recent medical treatments. You seem to have done preparation that facilitated your trip through this world of chemotherapy with ease and relative comfort. It can be thus for those who believe it can, and who take the steps necessary to make it so. Have you questions this afternoon?

Student: Nothing that comes to mind immediately, Rayson.

Rayson: Dirk’s speculation about what is occurring in his physical organism as to why he is not having the usual pronounced effects and side effects from his chemotherapy, is quite accurate. [Note: refers to a conversation we had over breakfast.] Your Mother Nebadonia and unseen friends are protecting organs and processes in the body and channeling chemotherapy drugs, specifically to the lesions.

Student: That makes us feel very, very happy! Thank you, Rayson!

Rayson: It is our pleasure to do work with those who prepare, those who have made the decision to follow the Father’s path. The path is not always extremely difficult and rocky and hard of passage. There are decisions you have made that have smoothed this part of the journey for your benefit. Regarding your earlier conversation about "how you share" and how to be aware of "what to share, with whom and at what time," this is the part you may relinquish to Michael, for is he not the most experienced? (Yes.) Your greatest danger is hiding your light under the bushel. You will be helped and directed in your exchanges with fellow students, brothers and sisters, acquaintances—even strangers. Have you questions concerning this?

Student: No, but I will apply your technique/tool, about asking Michael for guidance.

Rayson: Yes, this you can do internally; it is a minor shift in gears from human ego to Michael’s message. Your objective is to let your light shine and it will be used most efficaciously by your unseen friends and Michael.

Student: Thank you, Rayson.

Rayson: We observe that you are preparing to do the same kind of preparation for each of your chemotherapy sessions. This is wise; it will facilitate the work of your unseen friends and Nebadonia, through the coming sessions as well. Feel free to do this, as you see fit. Remember there are those anxious to see your well-placed progress on your path. We feel that your efforts toward the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time will be very helpful and very well received in your future, here on Urantia. And now we have a lesson today from Arista, I believe.

Arista: Good afternoon students, this is Arista. (Good afternoon, Arista.) It is my lesson today to talk about—I was going to say "Adversity"—but upon examining your backgrounds, I see that you perhaps have understood adversity quite well and mastered many of it’s aspects. Can you imagine what kinds of adversities you will face after you leave Urantia? (Student: No, I have no "clue!") Yes. Even now, you are preparing for them. You are overcoming your prejudices, your twinges of superiority, and your tics of bigotry, and are greatly conquering your "flash points" in your spiritual poisons. You are not nearly as quick to anger, have little fear (unless it is in cases of "tape removal")* and I believe exposure to more of your fellow Urantians will facilitate greatly your growth in areas of prejudice, bigotry, superiority. Your progress on your path to the Father reduces these; you cannot stay on the path and embrace "poison," or fear, or hatred, or envy, or greed.

Your progress has been spectacular in the time since you have seriously started working on these byways to the path. (Thank you.) It has been our pleasure to observe and be of service whenever and where ever we could. Remember the joy and the celebration of accomplishment! We feel that that is what you are doing in holding this group today. You have decided to share with us your joy and progress you have made, and progress in overcoming chemotherapy chemicals and their effects. So you see, this is our way of celebrating with you. We salute you and applaud your progress and are ready to march on the next mile with you, as you so eloquently state you plan to do. We will be with you. (We welcome your company!) And so, I have no further lesson. I believe this concludes our Sunday afternoon session. Love to you all. Good day.

(Students: Good day—thank you for coming.)

[Note from transcriber: During a biopsy procedure, large amounts of very sticky surgical tape were applied over large areas of very "hairy skin," which was later ripped off hastily, taking layers of skin and hair follicles with it. Rayson said Dirk could be heard even on the Teacher’s World! Dirk now has a phobia about tape removal.)