Rayson; Arista; Giving Up Pieces of Yourself - Status Symbols - Oct 13, 2002 - NOCO 26

Group: Northern Colorado TeaM Group #26


  1. Belonging
  2. Giving up Pieces of Yourself
  3. Status Symbols
  4. People Being Treated as "Things"
  5. Separation from Dependency


(T/R Dirk)
October 13, 2002

Dirk: It is our intention this afternoon to have a co-creative conversational relationship with our teacher friends, our unseen friends and those associated with the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time. We do this under the auspices of the Melchizedeks and Michael and Nebadonia. (Pause)

This is Teacher Rayson. Good afternoon, students! (Good afternoon, Rayson.) How delightful to share an afternoon like this with you today. I know there is a great deal of concern among the group for physical illness at this point in time. We whole-heartedly approve of your idea for standing in the merkaba and having a loving service/faith healing group there to support the individual. The work being done in behalf of this individual on both sides of the veil between us is phenomenal in its breadth and depth.

We have today, another teacher here to converse with you. I relinquish the microphone.

Good afternoon, students. I am here this afternoon to talk about "Belonging." You are familiar with belonging too, all that is your social organizations, your churches, your families, schools, and work groups. This area of belonging is about belonging to you. You recognize that you give away pieces, do you not? Pieces of yourself to those areas that you conceive require yourself in attendance, your Americans talk so often about how the automobile is an expression of their personality, that they bought just the right car for them. This was prevalent perhaps a bit more in the ‘70’s, when college students were snapping up red Volkswagens. And it is still true today with the high powered cars for teens and would-be-teens. They have given a piece of themselves to that object of their affection and infatuation. They have transferred vital energy, and continue to do so with their waxes and chamois and tools. It must be kept running, it must be louder, it must be faster, it must have more powerful music emanating from its environs. You would face certain rebellion, were you to ask the individual to give up his ride; take his keys away from him (or her.) You would discover how much they are truly invested in this automobile.

And you see it in houses, everything people put their energy into in keeping the appearances. Is it not strange that the appearances are for other people? For status, for symbolism. There has been a tremendous proliferation of very large houses, recently, dotting the countryside, especially between where we are and Boulder. A great many of those houses contain two people, and it is for appearances. The investment made by those two people is tremendous, and I am not speaking of monetarily. So, most of this you recognize and have dealt with this, it is nothing new to you. How do you reclaim, should you chose, how do you reclaim your energy from these objects?

As your Urantia Book talks about, the first step is in discovering your Father fragment and your joy. In making this first step, you begin the journey, one of growth, one of strength, one of development. You begin to see when you are invested, and you have spent your coin on other objects. With each decision, on either side of the coin, you regain yourself or you lose your ties to the objects. With each decision, you gain strength, and move toward the light. This of course, is helped by your allegiances. We’ve all made friendships with people we liked extremely well in the beginning and discovered that our relationship with them was not as it originally appeared. They changed, they were not able to be in a relationship that was warm, loving, and open; they felt threatened and moved away, or destroyed their relationship. They were treating you as a "thing," as an object. This thought about "people as objects"—it is easy to extrapolate it into the pornography industry, is it not? Those people are treated as things, as objects, and unfortunately, treat themselves as objects. A person who truly loves what God has created, could not make himself or herself do what is required in those circumstances. There is no love involved.

Do you remember, perhaps not, your separation from dependency on your parents, the dependency that you had on your house, on your things, your little tin can or cigar box of treasures? Where did you put them? How is it you made them less important, that you could put them away, or leave them with Mom and Dad when you moved out? It is the same way that you regain your pieces from your objects, from your houses. You must see the relationship between one person treating another as a thing, and marital/spousal beatings. You cannot love a brother or a sister that you are treating as an object. And you can only hit an object when you are altered by some substance, a chemical with a dash of spirit poisons thrown in like anger, hatred, and fear. So, these lessons we send to you are to help you disengage from your objects and move toward the loving, open embrace of your Creator, that you may sensitize your whole organism to life with your Creator, your unseen friends, and your friends and family, in loving service. So, this is my lesson for today. I will take questions.

Student: May we know your name, please?

Teacher: Arista. (Thank you. It was a good lesson. I enjoyed it.) My pleasure.

Student: Arista, would you want questions that are directly towards today’s lesson, or can they be on any subject?

Arista: I will do my best.

Student: In the Urantia Book we have learned there is an energy "as yet undiscovered on Urantia." I am wondering if the energy that we have not discovered as of that writing, is now the zero point energy that we’ve heard about so much in the physics world?

Arista: One moment please. (Pause) I have had to check with my cohorts here, and they tell me that they are quite probably the same. Any further questions?

Student: Is ground zero in New York City related to this same change of energy?

Arista: Please restate your question.

Student: Is ground zero in New York City, is that related to this new coming energy?

Arista: Please tell me in what way you think it may be related.

Student: Well, we are going through a major change right now as the result of opposing forces, beliefs. Some people feel that they don’t belong, as we do, they feel they should attack us and our values, and so they started the attack in New York City. Where they decimated two standing towers, that’s been referred to as Ground Zero. It seems to be the start of a major battle; at least it would be desired to be a major battle as far as some leaders are concerned; they feel they need to attack those with different beliefs, and as a result, the energy on this earth is changing. Our country is gearing up for war; the other side is already geared up for war, as it appears, because they are continuing the attacks, even last night in a foreign country. So that’s the relationship, and I wonder if it’s the new energy that’s coming in?

Arista: These are the acts of individuals who dwell in the dark. They have chosen to band together against those who are attempting to live in the light. The energy of the world is changing constantly; the energies and dynamics of governments and politics and organizations, and people and personalities, and egos is changing constantly. There is a balance that is in motion and the ones who are evil will find ways to take advantage of this dynamics, in fact find ways to stir it to their advantage. The friends and forces of light will prevail; there may or may not be damage to world systems. It will depend on so many factors, individual and group, nation, country, organization, dynamics. People like to categorize and classify, label and put all of this on a shelf so that they can write to others about it. It is a living, organic world and you can think of the places and points of evil as little rotting sections in the fruit; they can be cut away. The fruit is not entirely inedible. I was originally thinking your question about energy was relating to the previous question about energy. Perhaps I was mistaken.

Student: I took it as a relationship because I feel there is a new energy coming into the earth and we can take advantage of it, those of us who are striving for the good.

Arista: This Correcting Time is sending many, many energy streams to the earth, we have begun again the communications that were halted when this planet was put in isolation, we are moving quite magnificently, quite rapidly toward areas of light and life in this world. You are able to progress in your understanding of spirituality, and your Urantia Book, these days, when you pick it up, it seems to be much more comprehensible than almost at any time previously, especially if you’ve asked for the mind of Michael. You are all advancing rapidly for Urantia in your awareness, your spirituality, your discovery of truth, beauty and goodness; you are growing perceptibly. Is this what you were thinking when you indicated "we could take advantage of" the energy that’s changing? (Yes.) Wonderful! Yes, we have seen all of you advance as I have described. We treasure you as students and workers in Light.

Student: Arista, can you speak to us of guidelines for energy workers?

Arista: As you have discovered, much of what you are attempting to do is "timing." You know, you trust that it is time, and your love creates the path toward the fulfillment of your energy work. The Father trusts your discernment and your growing awareness, and of course He trusts your free will. Remember, there can be errors, but all the Father’s systems are benevolent; in energy work, there are no fatal errors. And the Father trusts that should you discover your error, you of course will work to rectify and put aright that situation. Is this what you were looking for?

Student: I’m not sure, but it’s a profound answer. Thank you.

Arista: My pleasure. We are enjoying being in company with you this afternoon. I am speaking for all of us here. These lovely autumn days are a bonus and a wonderful crown on the year, so far gone by. Thank you, students for joining with us this afternoon in this celebration of Light Work. It has been a "Light Work day," has it not? (Students laughing.) Good afternoon. (Good afternoon and thank you.) Namaste!