Rayson; Opportunity - Forgiveness - Sep 29, 2002 - NOCO 25

Group: Northern Colorado TeaM Group, #25

  1. Forgiveness
  2. Opportunity


New Teacher, name unknown


Transmitter/Receiver: Dirk

September 29, 2002

[Dirk led students and new visitors to Stillness and joining with the merkaba anchor.]

Rayson: Good afternoon, Students. This is Teacher Rayson. (Students: Good afternoon.) Welcome to Loveland, to those who have traveled. We have several teachers for you this afternoon. They are beginning in the Teaching Mission as you are, some of you are, their lessons they will introduce as they make their appearance. We will occasionally have to do some adjustments with this reception system and the various links necessary, so if there is a long break, please be patient.

New Teacher: Good afternoon, Brothers and Sisters. (Students: Good afternoon!) I take great pleasure in visiting you this afternoon. I will be presenting a lesson on "Forgiveness." I have a tendency to jest, to attempt jokes, in order to make my point. You will forgive me the "eggs I lay!"

Indigestion requires forgiveness. Were you aware of that? No, probably not. Many things require forgiveness, have those vicissitudes in your life. Have you pondered the forgiveness that you could give to the barks on your shins and your stubbed toes? Athletes often shake off their injury and play on, if it is not a broken bone. They would be more successful playing on, by forgiving themselves the wound. It is healing; it "sets right" your energy and brings you new, renewed strength. This of course, is the minor, superficial level of forgiveness.

Because of the nature of your world, you are aware that to regain your health and strength and beauty, requires forgiveness of all that was your life events in childhood, in Junior High and High School; all of those events that were caused by what Teacher Rayson calls "Static in your energy fields." Those bumps and bruises to your psyche, to your egos, to your physical organism, even to your sexual development, those remarks that belittled you as a teenager, perpetrated on you by your family, your friends and schoolmates; all of these areas of static require renewal through forgiveness. Your movement on your ascension career is retarded by these "static events." It is as if you had put out small anchors and you are dragging them with you; they have retarded your momentum.

However, you have found the text book for the Teaching Mission [the Urantia Book] and this, my lesson, you have read in your book. You have progressed greatly and you will continue to do so, when and as you are able to forgive and rid yourself of this static; dare I say, "Static Cling?" (Speaking softly) I heard a chuckle!

Yes, I heard you talking about the nature of the Teaching Mission. We are commissioned to restate your text in as many ways as possible, befitting your personalities and ours. We choose the lessons for individual groups and are free to change as the personalities change. We attempt to restate the message from many different personal angles in order for it to be received as viable truth by different individuals. And you know, that these lessons in being recorded and transcribed, are for future students as well as [current] readers of the transcriptions. Thank you for listening to me this afternoon. Here is Rayson, again. (Long pause.)

Rayson: Students, in reexamining energy for a few moments, it was refreshing to have our new student teacher, work that into his talk on forgiveness. He shows promise in this venture of teaching the students of time. You would probably say he has an "A" on today’s lesson.

My lesson is on "Opportunity." We place you in the way of opportunity and those who are involved in seeking the inner meanings of your text, are looking for these opportunities. For, as you have experienced, many of you have read the book for years, and avoided, neglected, were busy with other things, and put off the opportunity to explore these teachings in real life. Our Teaching Mission is an opportunity for you to engage the experiences we place in your way, for your growth on this spiritual level. We would take great delight in your approaching the Master with your awareness, God centeredness, involvement with your fellows, your love, your trust—it would delight us to see you far along your ascent, during your time on Urantia.

We have presented you with many tools and have seen you read about them in your book and it stops there. It says, "You may have the Mind of Jesus." Do you not want the "Mind of Jesus?" We question why so many fail to pursue this tool. We have learned that many are afraid it will change them too much. "I like my life, it’s comfortable." "I am not too sure that I want that kind of growth, to that extent." They are fearful that it will bring changes and events that they cannot live up to, or are not prepared to live up to at this time. You have only to ask! In your sincerity, ask Michael.

You will discover that it feels the same as your mind; it looks the same, you hear the same, but you feel opened, you feel as if there is all the room that you experience when you are standing in the middle of the prairie in Wyoming or Montana. It is not crowded and cramped and dingy, and full of the narrow little alleyways you used, to keep yourself safe and out of harms way and not make the wrong move. All of these you learned as a child to avoid circumstances, either at home or at school, that were unpleasant or dangerous or tricky. You will experience the broad avenues of Michael’s mind. It is not cramped or dark or dirty or devious, and you will learn its paths and by-ways. It is an experiential "owning" of this mind of Michael.

Soon, the old scaffolding that you used to call your mind will be enlarged, open, spacious, airy, inviting, and the rest of your organism will tend to follow what your mind is experiencing. In unison with that, you will open, you will feel your heart grow and open your organism, and your energy will grow. No trumpets will sound, no one will cheer except your unseen friends; you will be different and still the same, and everything will be enlarged in scope. The perspective of the Urantia Book will grow with you, your understanding of the concepts, the vocabulary, the ideas, the organization, the presentation will grow with you, your understanding.

With the mind of Jesus, the hard work that he talks about retains those scary qualities until you begin, and then you realize that Michael and Mother Nebadonia are with you in your journey back to those events that contain static, and you will change, convert, erase, obliterate those static charges with their help. And in their place, you will have knowledge and wisdom as you forgive the perpetrators and yourselves. It is a journey about you.

Excellent. And so, we have taken a dual look at forgiveness this afternoon. I will take questions; we will see how this goes.

Student: Do we have a chance for peace in wake of the situation right now with the United States and Iraq, and with the Middle East?

Rayson: The Mission has changed over the years—we will not speak of things of the future; we will not speak of those events that have yet to come; the stage will play out. The Father, of course, has excellent ideas of what the future will bring, but we are not permitted to speak of the future or the realms of the governments.

Student: Is there anything as individuals that we can do to bring about peace?

Rayson: Yes, yes. Your involvement is crucial! Of course, you can write and make sure friends write, and of course e-mails—e-mails to everyone, saying what you think. If you think it is a course of destruction, then say so and enumerate the reasons you believe so. Your opinion and more important, your energies are additive and much more than that, your thoughts in unison are directive, they do count! Does that answer your question? (Yes.) Any other questions? (None.)

We are delighted that you came to this Teaching Mission session this afternoon, that you have traveled so far in your quest for this experience and information. It is our desire that as many of you as possible, learn to receive these messages and perform this service for your own groups, of course. We are advancing—you would be amazed how we are advancing—on the Age of Light and Life, from our many efforts around the globe. We are in great anticipation of continued success with this Teaching Mission and your development. Of course your efforts in studying—I won’t say "pushing"the book– are also greatly appreciated, and so with that remark, I conclude this afternoon’s meeting. Good day, Students.

Students: Thank you, Rayson.