Rayson; Machiventa; Sharrah; Michael; Nebadonia - Merkaba Dedication - Jan 13, 2002 - NOCO Glowworm

Northern Colorado Teaching Mission Group

Nebadonia, and


  1. Merkaba Dedication Speeches
  2. Congratulatory Ceremony


January 13, 02


Good afternoon, this is Rayson and I will begin our session this afternoon at this time. As you become settled into your seat, into your space, and you go within and your body relaxes you begin to feel the 'tug' of your Thought Adjuster, not just beckoning you in its direction but 'drawing' you. The Father's mighty hand reaches down as you reach up, and in that action think of this group and your participation in this regard. Why are you here? What is it that you seek by being here? This is like your hand, reaching up. You have already formed this question in your mind, you have made a decision, you've declared your intent, and you are striving for contact. Those are the fundamentals of your spiritual growth. It begins with that, every time. And this is how you grow in this lifetime, and throughout your infinite spiritual ascendancy in the years, decades, and eras to come. So do this now, and as you do that, realize that you are now part of the circuit of this merkaba. You have 'plugged yourself in' by your participation in this circle, you have taken your place to form this merkaba, around this anchor of energy, this shaft of energy.

Visualize all the components of this merkaba, if you can; and if not, then bask in the glow of its energy, this sphere of light, this glowing eminence, this rather marbleized, pinkish, opalescent ball of light. You have already declared your intent, so to speak, by being here to participate, to become a part of the group. Today's program, and we do have a program, (and I am sorry that we did not hand them out ahead of time and charge you a quarter apiece, to pay for lights, water and cookies,) but today's program includes a roster of guests who wish to speak to you today. And if there is time, then we will continue on with a short lesson, a continuation of the Merkaba Saga, the Story of Energy. I will step aside now and let our first guest come forward.

Good afternoon, this is MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, your Planetary Prince. It is a pleasure to be here; it is an honor to participate in your group, to witness what you have established here and what you have declared as your intention. I am very pleased with Rayson's performance, his compassionate heart, his intelligence, and the fervent dedication of his life and energy to Michael's cause, here on this planet. Rayson has been an assist of unusual proportions on your planet and particularly in this nation. You have seen his name on many documents through many groups across this nation. And so he comes to you, well qualified. And you of this group and others will find that your teachers will grow in age and experience. And though their time here is very brief, or has been very brief, they are quick to learn to apply those lessons that are useful, particularly so, to the populations of your nation. And so it goes throughout other cultures and nations throughout the world with their teachers.

The energy anchor that you have established here is significant because it does connect you with all facets of energy that are occurring on this planet. And were you capable of it, you would become sensitive to the broadcasts that are being made to this planet, even now. It acts much like a beacon; it carries light, it carries energy, it carries frequencies of communication, and its capacity and capability is far greater than you will experience in your lifetimes. Needless to say, I am very pleased that it is here, and that you will participate in its maintenance and its growth and its use. Blessings to you today, I am always present as you know; you are most welcome to speak to me as your needs and desires require. Good day.

Good afternoon. This is SHARRAH; I am the representative of the Most Highs, speaking to you this afternoon. You recall from those words "the Most Highs" that they are involved in the affairs of men and women of your civilizations - dealing with everything from libraries to governments, from churches to lessons. The Most Highs come to you today to share their congratulations, their appreciation, and the recognition that they have for you, your patience, your effort, your dedication to establish this anchor and to participate in the broader aspects that its energy provides for. Rayson has discussed these with you, so I will not cover them again.

As you travel and work in your fields, in government, businesses, corporations, and those affairs that your human societies and institutions have established, be aware that you can tap into this anchor of energy of information. Whereas you may think of it as a source of energy as you would your electrical grid in this locale, think of it also as a data line where you can tap into the largest libraries of knowledge and wisdom on your planet. Except that in this case, these data banks exceed this planet altogether and include those wisdoms and information that are contained in Cosmic Mind, the Infinite Spirit's mind circuits.

What does this mean for you? This means that you can tap into answers, and solutions through this circuit. If you come across a problem at the University or in your government position or your corporate structure of some sort, you may take a moment and stare out the window and meditate in silence and connect with this light stream of energy of information and wisdom. Your spoken or unspoken intention would include your desire to connect with it, to seek answers, to have higher wisdom come to you. Be open and receptive. It may not come to you immediately, but later on in the day or maybe days later as you work on this problem, you realize that you have a solution that you have not seen before. Give recognition to this insight and share your appreciation.

This may be far from a religious or spiritual experience, but I hope you realize that the universe organization structure is a benevolent corporation, so to speak. You can hardly call it a process of governance, rather a process of administration. For the answers are there, you have to live them out sometimes to find them. When you do that, then the wisdom is for you as well as for whom you work for. The Most Highs provide the coordinative function of the affairs of mankind so that when everyone is tapped into this source, every thing will work for good, rather than being counter-productive.

What is also required is responsible participation. You may be earnest, and sincere, but you also must be responsible in the use of this information. To use it for good for your planet, for the Correcting Time, for those who work around you and those people you serve. And yes, the dividends will accrue to your company, or the honors to your university. Occasionally you may be tempted to ask a curiosity question, and a few of those are honored, as well. But this is not entertainment. A parallel of these circuits is your Internet services which are very infantile and immature, but nonetheless provide a connection of data and information where you can do research. Use it wisely, use it responsibly, and you will find the rewards to accrue very rapidly.

I will remain with your group this afternoon. If you have questions, you are most welcome to ask them later after all the guests have spoken.

(TR: Michael is here nudging me in the shoulder saying, "Go ahead Daniel, I'm ready.")

Good afternoon, children, this is MICHAEL. Though you have the energy anchor here, my presence is always here with you long before it was established. You do not need this energy stream for me to participate in your lives co-creatively. As your Sovereign Creator in Nebadon, I have been given a circuit of my own. And so I am able to fill this planet, surround this planet, with my presence and always be available to you. This is a conscious presence. The contact point is your conscious awareness of my presence. It is not as though you turn around and I am there, and then you are conscious of me, you become conscious that you know I am there, and so I am. You will learn through the duration of your lifetime and those eons of lives to come, that each circuit brings its own capabilities, capacities, responsibilities, and obligations. Mine however, is ever present with you. When you need compassion, I am there. When you are lonely, I am there. When you cry in your silence, even amongst others, I am there and you may weep upon my shoulder. When you share great joy, and ecstatic revelation, I am there also. I have the capacity; I am the capacity to participate simultaneously with you in your life, if you wish. I am ever present with you; I am your Big Brother, while your Thought Adjuster is your Father. I am one you can lean on, ask for advice, share your sorrows and your joys, your desires and your plans, and I will assist you in all ways.

My wonderful Partner, Nebadonia, the Mother Spirit, is ever present also. Her presence pervades all of Nebadon. Her wisdom, her counsel, her intelligence is always available. Imagine her watch-care, ever present over you and with you. You see her mostly as a silent partner; she is always there. And you may see me as the one who speaks to you, but do not let these limit you, for you may speak to her as well. Our joint participation gives rational compassion to your efforts to heal your planet. It is the best of the Father's Spirit and the Mother's Spirit, combined. There are no limits to how this can converge with your lives, if you let it. There are no limits to which you can assist in the lives of others when you converge with a single mind and a single will for benevolent out-working for others, when you join in this co-creative partnership.

You are my children; there is no doubt about that. And were you to be left alone by yourself, raised in a benevolent society, you would understand that my presence, the Father's presence, and the Mother's presence is a 'given.' And only by thoughtful contrariness could you think that we are not. For our presence is natural to the universe and natural to the existence of the human mind. How could it not be, when each of you are invested with a fragment of the Father? So there is a 'oneness' among us. We are a community; we are more than family.

Some of you have doubts about your life's course, or the course of your life for the years that you have lived. You wonder now, how to be 'one' with the plan of life that the Father has written you. The process to have that revealed to you is through meditation, and 'letting' your life unfold, rather than 'making' your life unfold. Strive to join with the flow of 'good' of the universe. That may sound like so much fatherly rhetoric to you, but it is very practical. It is discernible, and it is observable in your life. Your life is not out of context of the universe, but is part and parcel of the fabric of its growth and maturity and the development and fulfillment of the Supreme. If letting your life come into its fulfillment and fullness is a strange process to you, then become acquainted with the Eastern practices of releasing and letting go. Participate in your life, but not do not own it. And that does not mean giving up, it does not mean giving over, it does not mean abdicating your process and your responsibilities of living. You may wonder what you can do. Ask! And you will receive the answers. Release your grip, seek guidance and discern the flow of those invitations in your life that make it possible. Oh yes, and sometimes there will be great voids, spaces between those spots that you connect in your life that becomes a picture of your life. Be patient through these times, for you know that sometimes when you come to a dot in your life, and you connect and you wonder where you are going next, to the next dot, that point is a turning point. Sometimes it is not easy, sometimes it feels crowded, and you have to decide. It is at that point you can let go responsibility without abdicating to discern the way. That's when an older brother's helping hand is helpful, isn't it? That is when it is nice to have Mother Spirit's hand behind your back urging you on with courage to move ahead. The way forward is always with peace. And those times when you know it is required of you to be confrontational, where a moral decision is required, something that must be done, something that must be decided, it is responsible to act morally and ethically, rather than abdicating to those situations, where you say, "Oh, it's not my responsibility." "Oh, it will pass." "Oh, someone else can make the decision." But you are the one who is the primary actor, and therefore it is your decision, and your action to take. It is part of your life's experience to work through. Looking back someday you will see that it was enjoyable and that you grew from it, for you cannot grow when you abdicate from the responsibilities of living a material life on this planet. To grow, you must experience it; you must participate. And that is one of the requirements. One of the responsibilities of living a life is to 'live it.' Make decisions, move ahead, examine your intentions and see how you got to where you are and where you need to go.

Of all the times on this planet in the last quarter to a half million years, there are more resources available for you and to you NOW than ever before. These resources exist as though you have opened a huge tool chest, gone into a store of kitchenwares and implements, and you don't know what to do with all the tools. So you must learn, and you are at the point of elementary, rudimentary, issues, skills, and capabilities that you need to learn to grow. And you are not abandoned, far from it. You have more support now than your planet has had in a long, long, long, long time. And knowing that you are endowed with the Father Fragment, know that you are capable, that you have the rights and privileges to grow, to move ahead in your life, and the responsibilities to do it. Were you not invested with the Father Fragment, you would not have the capacity/capability to do the things that you will do in your life and move ahead.

This anchor, this fountain of energy is not just a symbol; it is a functioning part of our local universe. It is not to be worshipped, deified, or otherwise held in personal regard. Think of it as a wonderful tool. Yes, I know that some people go outside and worship their car on Sunday mornings by washing it, and waxing it, and polishing it-they seem to have almost deified their automobiles, but this is not that sort of thing. It is a practical instrument of universe 'good' expansion. This is where the goods are delivered to my children.

I wish you well, and though I close my statement to you this afternoon, I am not absent, not gone, I am here, I am still conscious with you, as others speak through Daniel. If you want to commune with me simultaneously, you may do so also. You have the mind capacity to hold numerous conversations when you learn this talent. But focused attention to your life's course is always ultimately important. Know that I love you, enfold you, and surround you. And some of you may even feel this in a palpable sort of way. Joy to you, Children. This is a new day in my universe administration, and it is a wonder to me and others to behold the good that is unfolding. Your capacity for good really knows no bounds, except those you limit it to. Good day.

Good afternoon, children. The family would not be complete without the Mother being here, would it not? This is NEBADONIA; I am very pleased to be here with you. I am always present with you, though it is not often that I join your groups in this manner. I would like to take you on a visualization tour. I would like you to visualize your galaxy, which you know as the Milky Way. It is a shining disc of billions upon billions of stars, gasses, planets on the three dimensional material level. And you are at a distance from this disc, light years away. And as you look down upon this disc, which is 100,000 light years across in your terms and approximately twenty-five light years thick at its center. I'd like you to visualize a soft, pale blue glow throughout its dimension. That's me. There is no place in your local galaxy where I am not. And though Nebadon is not just this disc, with all the environs around it as well, I am there.

I am more than a grand library, I am more than mega-terabytes of memory, I am more than all wisdom, for I am a living being, a privileged partner of Michael, your Creator Son. It is through our administration that this local universe is maintained. When you see this stream of energy that flows through the anchor of this merkaba, you will see blue. That's my energy. It is directly accessible through your mind. You may naively pray and request for infusion of all wisdom, yet your capacity to absorb this is limited by the thread of your own energy anchor that lies within your being, and this will grow in years, and ages to come. Your capacity to absorb wisdom is limited by this. It is much like the number of amperes of electricity that can travel through this wire. It depends on what the wire is made of and its diameter. A small wire, the size of a hair may be connected to a generator that can produce a thousand amperes, yet will transmit only one-one hundredth. It is limited by its capacity. So you are protected from 'blowing a fuse' so to speak, by requesting more than you can handle. There is wisdom in this for you children. For when you pray to grow, and ask Michael and your Guardian Angel to assist you in the rapid growth and development of yourself, into your Morontial being, we would caution you to temper your request by the statement, "to the capacity that I am capable of managing and handling, accepting and incorporating into my being at this time, successfully." And you want to be successful! Sometimes you have called into being changes of circumstances in your life, that exceed your capacity to manage successfully. And disaster results. And you feel as though you are so much shrapnel lying beside the road of life. It is this time when your innocence has proven too great for your ability to handle those responsibilities. Better to ask for assistance, participation by your Guardian Angel, one of my children of light, to assist you in these difficult times.

We know that your world is still much like a war zone, and in fact, some of it is a war zone. But this is not a war zone for your ascension or your spiritual, emotional, mental growth, but a school that is supposed to be helpful. We know that the circumstances of life on your planet do exceed at many times your abilities to handle those situations well, and that you are left devastated even with the best intentions on your part. Move forward with your partners of light; invite them into your life. You have two primary helpers, one is your Thought Adjuster, a fragment of the Father who holds the plan of life for you, and urges you ever onward into greatness in the duration of your life. And then there is your Guardian Angel, who can assist you in the same way, but in the day-to-day activities. Your life is much like a storeowner-you work for a larger corporation; your goal is to make a profit, but it's the day-to-day activities that are grinding you down. So in this metaphor, call upon your assistants, call upon their guidance; open yourself to a greater mind, a greater participation. Know that you are not alone, and you do these things not alone either.

Bend your life into co-creative partnership, and you will receive co-creative answers. You have been told many times, not to push the river. When our messengers of light work with you, they do not push the river of your will, either. Therefore the co-creative participation of your life with this flow begets the greatest good for you, for this lifetime, for ease of life, your growth into the Morontial lifetime and beyond. It also provides a greater abundance of experience of successes for yourself, for your children, for your neighbors, and for those who are observant from other spheres of the activities on your planet. You are not alone.

And all the help that is here is benevolent, helpful, and even kind. Always you will find the compassion of living is always available. And when you come to those points where you say, "Why Me? This hurts," know that it is a challenge. You can arch your back, become willful as a willful child, and rebel and fight it, or you can open yourself to solutions and dissolve it. No one who has come forth this afternoon is telling you that your life here is easy, or that there are easy answers, or that you can melt yourself away on a pillow in meditation, and avoid the responsibilities and the difficulties of living your lives. No one is here to do that. It is only through the courageous, brave, efforts on your part that these difficult problems will come to a solution. And know that your success is always a wonderful benefit to the Supreme. Know always that the Father revels in your success, for it is in the experiences of success that you grow and the Father, the Creator, experiences its greatness in a living way in and through you. What a marvelous co-creative partnership this is! What a wonderful design for you mortal beings!

As I participate in the mind circuit, actively and consciously, I see, observe and participate actively, rather than vicariously, in the lives of trillions upon trillions of beings. And your efforts do not go un-noticed. Your efforts do not go un-appreciated. You are far more than one drop in a large ocean. Imagine yourselves as one drop of colorant that can color the whole ocean. That's how powerful you are, when you will to co-creatively participate in the fulfillment of your life plan with your Thought Adjuster - holding hands with your Brother in one hand and your Guardian Angel in the other. Do not limit yourself with hope, or belief, or faith, or even trust. Accept only knowing that you are loved, accepted, cherished and held dear, and that your life is important to all in this Local Universe and in the larger Universe.

Good afternoon once again, this is Rayson. This ends our congratulatory ceremonies for this group in Northern Colorado. We have a small space for relevant and pertinent questions, if you have any. . (pause). Let us then enjoy these moments in silence as you sink into the embrace of those around you and feel.(tape turned.)

Student: I do have a question about this anchor of energy, as previously described. (Rayson: Could you be more specific, please?) As the heart circuit and the mind circuit revolve, and you spoke about the anchor as it were in the center of our group, and we were wondering if these new circuits and how they connect to or relate to the central anchor?

Rayson: Let us.they relate directly and they are connected directly. We would need the presence of an Energy Controller to fully explain this to you. I do not have the metaphorical visions or illustrations in my mind to share this with you. It is not my area of expertise. Though this may seem expert to you, these are rudimentary lessons that we have been taught. I apologize for leaving you with a leap of faith, I wouldn't say, "trust me and believe they are connected," though they are. But perhaps you may see this as an exercise for you to open your mind to those illustrations from universe mind, so that they are clear to you. We also ask you to keep in mind that this energy is non-dimensional, there is no linearity to it, it does not conform to linear physics. It is, at its lowest level, observable at the quantum level, where your human physicists and engineers are only beginning to understand that interface. This is the pinpoint of the big bang, the source of all energy that is yet contained in a point but does not exist completely in the three dimensions.

I know that does not help. This is the limitation of language and the best vision I can give you of this is imagine a chalk board four feet high and ten miles long with one equation on it. Yet, it could be simplified to one equation, one line long that is only a few inches in length. It is both a paradox, a quandary, incredibly simple, and profoundly complex. It is a problem within a problem, as one of your philosophers once said. Yet the Father does not operate with problems, but only solutions, and therefore it is accessible to you, and available to you. I would ask, "Does this help?" but I know it doesn't. Blessings to you and blessings to those of you who do try to encompass these concepts for they are quite un-encompassable by your minds.

Student: On this side of the veil, it is called 'linear physics.' What is it called on the other side?Rayson: . (long pause). "IS!" It is perhaps both at once brevity and that length. A word does not convey its intent, its purpose, its meaning, or its function. I do not think that this is fruitful. (Student: Just a minor curiosity.) Then you understand.

Student: If we were to be able to hear the universe broadcasts, what language would they be in? Would we have to learn the language of the universe to be able to understand them? Rayson: That is correct. I believe it is described in at least one or two points or places in the Urantia Book. It is a universe language. Student: Is there any way that we can start to learn that language here? Rayson: Yes. And that is to be open to that potential. You are striving to reach to the bottom rungs of the Morontial ladder; it is one thing to stand on the ladder, it is quite another to hang from the bottom rung. And where you see yourself now is that you are striving to reach to it. And your striving is good; it shows the direction of your hope and your desires. It is not altogether beneficial for early mind development to have access or availability to this. That may seem paradoxical, that such a source of wisdom and insight and the stream of universe knowledge would be something that would be detrimental. It is an activity that requires awareness and conscious participation, much as you would turn on a radio and listen to it, or a television set. Sometimes you see people mindlessly watching TV hour after hour, yet they could not never tell you what they were watching afterwards. Or what it meant or how it impacted their life. The environment that you live in at this time does not readily support itself to the acceptance of universe broadcasts. There are many of you who do not even accept that this type of communication, which is occurring this afternoon at this location, is legitimate. Some feel that it is a form of mental illness - self-deception, at best. Considering that, Universe broadcasts certainly are in question, and may jeopardize your lives and may require your hospitalization and medication. I say that jovially, though it may not be too 'tongue in cheek' saying that. For I think you know that there are some in your mental institutions who need not be there, who are already connected, so to speak, yet whose mental abilities are in question by your society and your medical standards. When the time is right, when the mind is right, these things will be open to you and you will be provided a means of interpretation that will safe-guard your health and your well-being. There is enough to share and work on, on your planet now through these means of TRing, the insights that you get and write about in books and articles. There is enough to prepare your society through advanced motion pictures and television. There is a good deal of work to do. Further questions? (No dictionary at amazon.com, huh?) Not today, thank you. We haven't applied for our ISBN numbers yet, so we are not able to publish. I think you may be getting a glimpse at the limits of these sessions, and the purpose of these sessions through your questions and the answers that are given. We will always honor your questions, and validate your asking questions, but at times, your questions may not be of import to maintain the group or support its growth. You are always free to ask questions and we encourage question asking. And there is absolutely no limitation upon that. Yet thoughtful consideration of the questions that you do ask is important. This is an activity that occurs only every two weeks, for the duration or an hour or two. It is a limited resource. There is a limited attention span, and there is limited interest. That is why, in the early eras of a group, most of the lessons are from those lesson plans, which have been given to the teachers. And questions are open to those issues which are related, or which are expansion oriented. Please ask questions; do not hesitate, though you may want to put some filtering on it. This is not an admonition, it is not a chastisement, it is only a ground rule or guideline to be used and observed in the future. Student: For those with whom we come in contact, who are just beginning to think about a practice of stillness, is there any guidance you can give us as to the most effective way to encourage that? Rayson: Your own personal witness to the experiences and the wisdoms that you have received through this process is perhaps the best wisdom and guidance that I can give you. Personal endorsements for this activity are primary to your friends, and those you come in contact with. It is a life-changing activity! It is simply that. It changes both the content and the context of your life. The thoughts of your minds and the actions of your lives, the decisions you make. It is also an active partnership, a releasing of total ownership of the course of your life. As you witness this to others, they will recognize that you are neither a fool, nor an arrogant individual. They will see the course of your life and acknowledge that it has been in receipt of something that was not available otherwise. Student: I noticed myself, that when I have just received communication from you or the others, and then I am asked if I have questions, it's kind of startling in that I am totally unprepared for that. I was wondering if it wouldn't work better if we could formulate our questions from our previous transcript and then ask you at the next meeting. That it might be more economical of our time and create more pertinent questions? Would that be feasible? Rayson: That is one process, though I would not like to limit the spontaneity and the need of the moment for those who have questions in the moment. There is more involved in what is occurring during these afternoon sessions than is apparent in the content of your transcripts. There is a sub-woofer type of vibration that is occurring through the group and some of you walk away from the group and say, "Wow, that was really nice." And you read the transcripts later and say, "Was I there when that happened?" "I don't remember that." So what is occurring is on the lower levels of your mindal consciousness. You are in that zone, between conscious thought and guided thought. There is.not a subliminal.communication going on, but a sub-etheric, if I can use that word, vibration going on that unites the group and provides a greater resonance in the group and each of you as individuals. You come away from the group uplifted. You feel differently, you think differently, you are at peace. Something else has occurred besides listening to words that come through this person. So, when you go back to the transcript and you have questions, you will devise an intellectually based question, and it is fine to ask those and I will be glad to answer them, though at times the technical questions that are asked tend to take us aside. I am not personally a technical individual, nor is Daniel. And so the base upon which I draw to communicate with you comes from myself and from his mind reservoir. So there are limitations, but ask. Sincerely and thoughtfully, ask.

Student: You said earlier that we might possibly have more instruction on the merkaba, to possibly fine-tune the visualizations and what not. Is that something that you are planning on doing with this session?Rayson: Not today, no. Let us.I want to satisfy your curiosity and for you, let us set a time and date to have this occur as a separate meeting. It will be off the record. (Thank you.)

Student: I also feel compelled to thank all the guests that were here today. I feel extremely honored to have a visitation from Michael, Nebadonia, Machiventa, and Sharrah. Thank you for gracing our presence.

Rayson: Those who have been here today convey their gratitude that YOU were here, and that you have an appreciation for what has occurred. Your participation gives value and meaning to this occurrence, as well as our participation in this group effort. You are beginning to see the tremendous expansion and capacity for co-creative participation at the individual and group level. As far as the group is concerned, there is much more that can be explored through co-creative participation. The dynamics of a group are very, very powerful. And we will discuss that and get into that in later weeks and months ahead. Your appreciation is gratefully received. I am speaking for all of them now, and you are much appreciated and much loved. Your presence is what is needed to enlighten this world. You go forward as small beacons, and this is really not a good metaphor, but you go forward more as 'glowworms' * in the dark (group laughter.) And the color of those little beings are truly the color that you can see around yourself, a combination of many colors and hues of your spectrum and those spectrums beyond. So, little 'glowworms,' fly ahead! Show the way, enlighten others, take the message, "We love you," and good day.

[Note: The word "glowworm" was used, but the image in the TR's mind was a firefly. (One is the larval stage, the other the adult stage.) The group was partial to the sound of "glowworm," as we all had the song, going through our minds. We may even start calling our group the Northern Colorado Glowworm