Rayson; The Appearance of Jesus & Current Affairs - July 02, 2002 - IC02 Estes Park, CO


RAYSON (TR Daniel)

The Appearance of Jesus and Current Affairs

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

[Transcriber: The first part of Rayson’s address was, unfortunately, not captured on tape (the "record" button did not stick properly.) However, he kindly offered to restate his main points when he addressed the Northern Colorado TeaM on July 7, 2002. Please refer to that transcript.]

Rayson: …(tape recorder turned on at this point)…which are constructive. They will begin to form new entities of power to enable themselves to satisfy their needs, to help their environment come into balance. The European Economic Unit is one of them. You will see more entities come into being as there become more and more social stresses in your world. Some of these will be distressful and some will not be. The terrorism that your country and the world are experiencing now is one of those elements, but it is highly destructive. We are encouraging, the Most Highs are encouraging the evolution of the strains of social evolution which are positive, constructive, and contribute to the Correcting Time and the New World that is coming into being. The Most Highs are deeply invested in the Correcting time, and their programs invest every activity of humankind.

So you see, coming back to Community Building is vitally important that individuals feel empowered and feel capable, that they not feel hopeless or helpless. Of all people in the world who should not feel that way, are you. You who live here in this country and technologically advanced countries should feel highly empowered and highly capable. And when you come to global consciousness, you empower yourself even greater, and when you begin thinking and contemplating of cosmic citizenship, you begin to contemplate the larger structure yet. You begin to open yourself to the larger plans that are available. And when you are flexible and you are willing to be led and guided in opportune ways, you become a part of Michael’s Plan. You being here is proof of that. Another question?

Student: Rayson, the Urantia Book talks about the United States as the example of our world-wide format, how nations get along and so forth. How progressive are we towards that, and secondly, does that have to happen before we enter into a consciousness of maybe local universe citizenship?

Rayson: Your first question—would you repeat that please?

Student: The Urantia Book talks about how the United States’ format will become the pattern for the world-wide format, and is that soon, and how are we doing there? And is that necessary before we become an open part of the universe, the cosmic part of the universe?

Rayson: Your Federalist Republic is the format we are speaking of, with a democratic process, political process. Your states represent the nations of the world, let’s say, and your nation itself as a whole, represents the whole world. And as your states cooperate among each other, and with each other, as a whole and individually, this is a good pattern. And, you realize that the states are equal in political authority, that each state is an entity unto its self, it is sovereign under the Federalist, Federal Republic plan. Now, is this necessary before the second part of your question? Yes. There must become a cohesiveness, a cooperation among the nations. The individual sovereignty of nations is necessary in feudal times; it is the next step past the feudal state. Yet it now becomes a detriment to global consciousness and the unification of a world that is moving in that direction. There must be a largess, so to speak, and willingness to give up certain sovereign rights and this must be done carefully and gently. As you see, the trade agreements between North America and South America are beginning to exercise that concept. This is good. Yes, it does cause a bit of economic upheaval in the beginning, but overall, it is a good thing. Thank you for your question.

Student: Are there any other factors that we need to consider before Urantia can consider becoming a part of the larger cosmos or Nebadon. I mean, are there any other factors like language, for instance?

Rayson: How long is your arm, my son? (Student: Just the high points.) I mean the High points! (Are you saying it’s going to be awhile?) Yes, it’s going to be awhile. (Is there anything that we could really see…(Inaudible—several people talking at once)...? Many things if you wish them to and you "will" them to. Remember, "Revelation in Action!" You must take action to have revelation occur, and when you have revelation, you also must take action. So it operates as a two-part circle. Do you understand? (I think so.) When you have a revelation, an "Ah Ha," then you must share it and take action, because then you become an operant, functional part of the Correcting Time on an individual basis. And so, you must take action when you have revelation, and when you have revelation, you must take action, and so this is how you will move along. It operates at the individual basis, it is the individual that the Correcting Time is all about, it is the individual who will help heal your world in co-creative cooperation with Michael and His plans, working with your guides, with your Thought Adjuster, using higher values and a belief system that supports them.

Student: How about Bush’s war on terror—like where’s that going, what’s the effect on the world community, how do people think about it? (People?) I mean the Spiritual as opposed to the general population.

Rayson: It’s not our business.

Student: Rayson, I’d like to ask you a question about the Urantia Fellowship Government, which is less than perfectly democratic as is the US Government. The Representatives of the Societies feel that there should be more representation from the readers in the elections of the President and Vice President, and that if there is a danger, since they are enemies, without that weakening the government that we have now, the Urantia Fellowship may be a problem. Could you give me an insight on that, as I have to vote on these matters?

Rayson: This parallels your current Electoral College, does it not? Where you elect delegates and they decide whom to elect?

Student: Well, we elect the General Council, and then those thirty-six people elect the Executive Committee, that is, the four members of the Executive Committee, other than the Chairmen of the different Committees.

Rayson: I will answer it this way—this will not come to balance until there is a loss of fear, and when there is a sense of assurance and trust. And what is trust? Feeling safe that your position will remain in good stead, no matter who votes for what individual. This is sometimes a way from coming to balance. I don’t believe I answered your question as directly as you had wished, but we do not like to participate or skew your political processes, and this is a political process. (Student: I understand. Thank you.)

To go back to your question regarding temporal political affairs, they have a definite affect upon on the course of humankind’s events. You have leaders who will do well, and you will have leaders who will not do well. Yet, in the time of great emergency, the times that great leadership is needed, they will come to the fore. We do not participate or guide those events, which you speak about. Yet, we and Thought Adjusters, the Most Highs, are concerned about the generation of new leadership, new moral/ethical leadership, individuals with high values, and firm beliefs and courage, courage to make moral/ethical decisions, even when it may jeopardize political position.

We continue to speak about providing a good seed bed for the children who are coming along, and also know that there is guidance, always allowing for "free will" where children grow and meet and come into union with other children, who beget more spiritually infused individuals in your world. You may call this "Celestial Matchmaking," but know also that your lives are guided in ways, of which you are unaware. Yet, always you have sovereign "self-will." This is never abrogated, never violated, even when it involves terrorists who kill thousands of people and jeopardize the safety of millions. Other questions?

Student: How we can build a spiritual community without repeating the same mistakes of two thousand years ago? (Rayson: Repeat please.) How can we make a spiritual community on Urantia, without making the same mistakes that were made two thousand years ago when Jesus came to the planet?

Rayson: One moment. First of all, is that the individual "must make decisions." And appreciate that each decision that you make throughout the day has an effect upon your life, your community and the lives of others; even small decisions can have large effects. On a larger basis, we wish you to associate with individuals of "like-thinking," and "like and similar beliefs." Further, we ask you to dissuade those who would do wrong and harm to others from taking those courses of actions. Again, we ask you to uphold, and hold those who make decisions, accountable for their decisions in ways that causes them jeopardy of their goods or their position. That sounds coercive, but "wise doves" do those things; they hold people accountable. Hold your leaders accountable to higher values and beliefs.

Always make higher-minded decisions. Know and trust that Michael is present, in the Spirit of Truth. Call upon this Truth to be open and invested in you. Do not be afraid to share this Truth with others. Build your community physically, electronically, spiritually. Grow and come into union with others. Know that there are others who think as you do. Hold hope that you can heal this world. Accept and cooperate with the co-creative, healing energies that are present on this planet. Take action, which is positive and constructive. Bless yourself, heal yourself, and help to heal others, in mind and in spirit and in body. We are ready to close? (Student: One more, Rayson?) Yes.

Student: I really liked your last answer and it almost answered my question, but I wanted to know what you personally thought about evangelical ministry combined with the Urantia Book and emotionalism that comes from that, and is this another natural out-working or a branch connected to the Urantia Community like the Teaching Mission is, and if there is a danger of people putting too much faith in spiritual leaders and not looking so much within, but looking to the leaders, mortal leaders?

Rayson: I apologize, I must work through this mortal’s mind (Laughing). I would be pleased to answer your entire question, as I feel it is very worthy of answers. Could you break that into at least twelve parts, please? (Much laughter.) [Daniel: Humor the simplicity of this mechanism!]

Student: I am wondering how you feel about evangelical ministry combined with the Urantia Book and the emotionalism that comes from that?

Rayson: I am striving to be helpful to answer your questions. It is not one question. There are many involved in that. (Long pause.) I wish I could whisper in your ear! Let me explain what is going on here, please. The mind mechanism of mortals is what we work through, and so, we hear, we operate through the mind mechanism and your words enter this mind, and as this individual has had cognitive damage done to his brain some years ago, there are limitations to the complexity of answers that I can provide through this mechanism. It is a "melding of this mechanism and my voice"—let’s put that in quotes—it is not easily understood by you, it is difficult for us to transmit through mortals, as it is. And there are inherent limitations to this process. We wish to always uphold the validity of the process and we will not push the process to get our word out, as we must insure that you feel safe with what comes through. Can we try again?

Student: I have a question. Is there any project that our secret government is producing, that is threatening the beings of other dimensions or other planets around us? (Rayson: Yes.) Can you elaborate? (No.) How could we get our government to let us know what they are doing? In other words, if we are the government, we the people have a right to know what is going on. (Tape turned.)

[Note: During the turning of the tape, Rayson chose to go back and try to answer the previous question, that of evangelical ministry and emotionalism in connection with the Urantia Book.]

Rayson: We do wish the individual to have periods of ecstasy in their union when they come to center and understand their participation and their "oneness" with their Thought Adjuster, that intimate connection, which is so powerful to direct the lives of individuals. But this ecstatic response that occurs often in worship and in connection with the Thought Adjuster must be individual, and to have a group ecstatic experience becomes socially dangerous.

Student: Rayson, I have a question that has been bugging me for awhile. I guess this is an opportunity to ask it. The Urantia Book tells us about Jesus being about 6’4", robust, strong individual, but they never tell us about his other features. Considering we have these brown haired, blue-eyed pictures all over of him or whatever, I was wondering if you could tell us about the actual features of the individual?

Rayson: He was loving and kind and he showed you an example of how to live, and these are the major features that he wished to exemplify and show to you. His mortal material physicality is not necessary to know; it would not enhance your appreciation of the values he gave you. I apologize for being so sharp with you, but this is not relevant to your decision making in your life, or to the assistance of the spiritualization of your mind or to the assistance of others.

Student: Is it kind of like if he had a potbelly…(Rest of sentence drowned out by laughter.) Or if he had ears that poke way out, I mean, we are assuming he had the perfect form, and maybe he didn’t look like we think.

Rayson: Well, you were talking about "Yoda the Buddha." (Total crack-up of group in laughter!)

[This is Daniel: That’s good!]

Student: Rayson, I just have to ask you, did he have black hair and black eyes? If you can’t answer that, I understand, but did he have black hair and black eyes? (Pause) You can’t answer that, or the answer is no?

Rayson: I cannot answer that. One last question.

Student: You talked about how the United States could be an example for World Government. I wonder if there is something simple that we might know about, how different religious traditions might come together?

Rayson: That’s an honorable question! For one, I did not say that the United Stated exemplified a World Government, but the cooperation of nations on an equal basis, and that sovereignty would be recognized and cooperation would be eminent and prominent among them. World Government is a long ways away. You will not see it in your lifetimes. You can be best assured that if your nations cooperate and avoid fear, then you will have the best situation for your lifetimes.

To answer your question regarding religions, religions will not come to oneness until they see their oneness under the Father’s example and creation. Their origins are "of man," yet, the emanations and spiritual revelation that came through them came through higher guidance and revelation. This came from an individual connection with deep, spiritual resource, from the Thought Adjuster. And where is the Thought Adjuster resident from? From Divinington, from the First Source and Center. And until religions see their origins from the First Source and Center, they will see themselves as separate. Only when they see themselves as begotten of the One, will they see themselves as having hope of being "One" themselves. One may see the values of the One, First Source and Center, and then they will see the values that they must uphold. And this takes a lot of humility; takes a lot of "giving up" their trusted sovereign positions as authorities of religion. This may not come to pass either, in your lifetimes, for surely, the authorities of religions are often not God-like, but are more political in nature. This is unfortunate. How to overcome the individuation of religions? This is what we are working on too, here. Blessings to you tonight and may I share with you, the blessings of all who are here with you this evening. You are surrounded and infused and rest upon the care and love of your Father, Michael. There is a oneness that pervades the world and that is His love. Be calm, radiant, emissaries in the eminence of Christ’s love, Michael’s love, and be one of mind through Nebadonia. Know that through the union of love and like-mindedness, you will find harmony and peace among you. And know that guidance is always available, individually and as groups. There is no limitation that your Creator has placed upon you. We wish you well, we love you, and we support you to make good decisions. Good night.

Group: Good night, we love you too.