Rayson; Social Ministry - Adjudication - Morontia Life - Jan 27, 2002 - NOCO 07


Group: Northern Colorado Teaching mission Group

Rayson (TR Daniel)


  1. Social Ministry,
  2. Adjudication,
  3. Taking Inventory,
  4. Morontia Life, and
  5. Judgment

January 27, 2002

As you become settled in your breathing and your body and heart rate, you relax your muscles, and feel that ease, feel the flow then begin building the merkaba. See yourself as one of the lines of longitude at the equator. See your axis joining the anchor in the middle of it, at the south and north poles; see your own axis of energy joining at those points. Please make your individual intentions at this time for being here. And invoke your energy, God’s energy and Michael’s energy to fulfill this, please.

Good Afternoon, this is RAYSON. It is a pleasure to be here. It is most enjoyable for myself and others to be here to see and hear you grapple with the issues of the Teaching mission, your participation and your responsibilities, and your privileges for being a part of this in your larger community. As your teacher, I have tickled some of you during the week, and previously, to think about broadening the message of the Teaching mission to other areas. I know that you are aware that I have been with you during this time to awaken you to this larger mission of your group. This is part of the social ministry, the outreach.

It is time to bring the success of this group out into the open. We are about to have our six-month anniversary, are we not? We are approaching a level of expertise, awareness, and satisfactory cooperation and participation by each other in a group process that we can now move ahead with confidence that we are on the right track. First of all, doing this work, we do not wish to offend anyone through our language, though of course we cannot prevent others taking offense at what we say. But let us not express issues that embellish our ego, or accuse others, belittle them, or chastise them. But invite them to a larger perspective of the Father’s work, Michael’s work, here on your planet. If you personally know of someone who may be open to this activity, invite them to this group in Loveland, and provide them with directions to this residence where the meetings are held.

Be pro-active in doing Michael’s work, and you will be pro-active in doing the Father’s work, your Thought Adjuster’s work. This is part of the service that you will do in your life in a very small way. But yet I know it takes courage for you to do this in your society, your Urantia Book society that has been in place for many years where there may still be resistance to this venue of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. So, keep this in mind as you go forward to this group and those individuals who you know are open to the Teaching mission, to the activity of TRing. Invite them; let them know we are here. Let them know they are welcome.

The Fort Collins/Loveland group was the most prepared to accept this Teaching mission activity, and so we started here. You have, as we have said before, a very mature group, a very reasoned group with the heart-felt fellowship feelings that are necessary for a group like this to operate. You feel a oneness, a bond between you, and this is the heart line running through you. You also have a very strong mind line, as you understand the logic and reason of the Urantia Book and also the logic and reasoning of the associated Teaching mission. You know it is one of two facets of the same enterprise. Do not be aggressive in this approach, as there is no need or timeliness to rush, but rather a developmental orderliness to this development. This is primary. You cannot rush the development of right order. Right order comes when everything is in right order. And 2 follows 1, and 3 follows 2, and so on. And this can be on one dimension, 2 dimensions, 3 dimensions, or many planes. It is a multi-faceted aspect of social, religious, spiritual development and belief. The work of this group has not gone unnoticed by others, There are many who read the transcripts that have emanated from this group. That is why in the beginning we have always mentioned or made note that these sessions are not only for those physically present here but for your wider audience. Think of it in terms of a global audience. In this case, the most interested group of that world audience would be those who are near by, those who may have actual social contact with you. And so some of these individuals are reading the transcripts. And when you provide instructions, physical geographic directions to this residence and the dates for the meetings, and times for the meetings, also put on that map the directions to the web sites that publish these materials. They will peruse them, read them, see them, analyze them, think about them, and sleep on them before they come here.

As you know, participation in the Teaching mission is by invitation only. I doubt that you have ever seen anyone just drop in. Jesus did not have people who dropped in on him. He called to them and said, "Follow me." And so it is with the Teaching mission, everyone who attends is or has been invited. There is no coercion, no guilt, no shame, no embarrassment but a simple invitation to attend.

You often wonder I suppose, about the mansion Worlds and work of the Ancient of Days where individuals, souls are dissipated into nothingness, after adjudication of the hearing. Everyone who disappears into the nothingness of nowhere has all been fully informed, given all the facts, made aware, and has made their decision to participate or not to participate. And this is God’s call to provide information; it is what you would call informed consent. You are informed about the facts of the universe, and you consent to participate or not. And so it is time to spread the word that the Teaching mission is here, it provides a new revelation, it provides the charismatic side of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. It is part and parcel of the whole of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. There are the facts, just the facts, the written facts, and the hard facts in the book. And then there are the personal facts, the heart-felt facts, the social facts, and the impact of people coming together energetically that has an impact on your world. The book could never do anything to this world had not people spiritually, psychically, energetically, personally, socially, and intimately begun to participate with others in this movement.

Those who read the book and socialize with others have already made a commitment, though they are unaware that they are part of the charismatic part of the commitment, revelation. And participating in the Teaching mission at this time is not an either/or situation. People who chose not to participate in the Urantia Book or in the Teaching mission for the rest of their lives, will arrive on the mansion Halls and be fine, and go on to their infinite ascendant career. It just may be that had they participated in the teaching mission they may be able to "test out" of several classes and move ahead to other teaching worlds, to be more fully prepared. If you think you have doubts in this world, know that you will have doubts in the next world. If you are embarrassed that you don’t know something here, you can also feel that on those planets as well. You will be so much of yourself that you are now, except physical. By preparing yourselves, accepting these messages, that there is another side of Michael’s and Nebadonia’s message. You prepare yourself to be much more receptive of the information in the teachings in the classes that await you on the mansion Worlds, the Teaching Worlds. You’ll say, "oh yeah, all right, let’s go," and move on. Where others beside you will go, "Huh? What are they talking about?" and they will stay and they will go through the classes. It doesn’t matter whether you are slow or fast, though, you will all arrive in Paradise, provided you have the same dedication, your earnestness of commitment, and your intention that you have demonstrated in this group. You’ll be seaworthy, so to speak and able to walk on ships that were tossed upon the material seas. You have been there, you have done that; you’re Agondonters. And so you will be mightily prepared for what comes ahead. Are there questions for this portion of today’s session, regarding this material?

Student: In our study group Wednesday night there was a discussion about Caligastia and I found it very easy to believe that the Lucifer Rebellion had been adjudicated, but I don’t recall that mention was made of his other lieutenants, Caligastia, Daligastia, and Satan, and I wondered if they all made the same choice that Lucifer did? I wonder if you would clarify that, please?

Rayson: Yes, certainly. As Michael is my witness, these lieutenants and underlings have been adjudicated, and they are as "no more." Now, what is the lesson here? It’s not that they are just gone. But there is something involved in this for you and for all others. Why would they make that disastrous decision? Knowing that they are wrong, knowing that there is a God, knowing that Michael is the Sovereign of Nebadon, a Creator Son of God, and that there is surely an ascendant plan for every mortal, and a descendant plan for every being that is created in Paradise (the Descendant Sons,) each has a ladder of service. Why would they make a decision for non-existence, knowing those facts? For they too will not be made as though they never were, without having all the facts and being fully aware of them. And even assenting to them as existing, yet they still decide not to go on with the Father’s work. It is two-fold in answer: One, is that they are lacking in humility, lacking in the ability to admit that they were wrong, and had made the wrong decisions. And the other part of that answer, the second part, is that they are full of ego, yet. Lack of humility; filled with ego.

And what is ego in this universe? It is not your unique individuality, but your idea of separateness from the All, the separateness from the Father, from Michael, and from each other. By maintaining this stance, they have a priori dissolved themselves. As you know in your society, those who are totally separate from others are institutionalized. And so too, these individuals have institutionalized themselves, long before the adjudication, they set themselves apart. And so when you see yourself or others who are moving into separation, into isolation, it is not an aspect of uniqueness, but an aspect of ego. You in your careers seek to join with "the Other." You call this "the Fusion," to be fused with your Thought Adjuster, fused with "the Other." But to be in ego is to remain separate from "the Other," meaning God, the Source, and Michael. So yes, those individuals have been adjudicated, they have decided to not participate, and they are as "no more." There are no records of them. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, thank you. I was thinking as you were answering about the wake, that you discussed earlier, how we undoubtedly still feel the influence of these evil ones.

Rayson: Yes, that will remain on the planet for a good, long time. The influence of evil is destructive. And where there is destruction of spirit, destruction of soul, destruction of unique personality, much rebuilding has to be done. And that requires individual choice for those individuals who are living. It requires a secondary choice by those who they beget, their children and grandchildren. And so you here are the beginning of building a new tradition on your planet, a tradition of Light, a tradition of Harmony, of Oneness among All, though unique, not separate.

Student: Excuse me Rayson, I’d like to add something to that, that just came to mind. (Sure.) It feels as though we are the sprouts, coming up through the ashes of the old forest fire that had devastated a certain section of our forest, much like the Lucifer Rebellion has devastated some corners of Michael’s Universe. And it feels that we now have the ability as seedlings to go forth and spread Michael’s word anew. I just wanted to share that visualization.

Rayson: It’s an excellent metaphor. It speaks well and as you know, weakened seeds do not come through, they are destroyed. The stronger seeds survive and beget stronger offspring, and their offspring send their seeds forward to new areas. The devastation on your planet is as austere as you speak of a volcano, such as occurred with mount Saint Helen’s, or the great fires at Yellowstone, or any of the other places in the world where this occurs. There are tremendous moral holes on your planet, whole areas on your world, if you were to chart them out, or see them as we see them in your world where there are great expanses of darkness. And the healing of your planet, furnishing it, so to speak, with new energy, new beings with enlightened souls, and enlightened minds, comes from those little seeds of light. And that little seed, comes with each individual at approximately age five, an invitation to that individual to make moral decisions that embrace light and life, embrace the way of oneness, the way of cooperation, and the way of union, joining with the Father in Michael’s work.

Yes, your planet has been ravaged, as have been many others. Your foresters, if we may be able to take this metaphor a bit further, are now starting fires intentionally to weed out underbrush. And though Michael had nothing to do with the fires of rebellion in this sector of Nebadon, nonetheless, He let it burn hard for a period of time, so that there would be a better product. There’s always something to learn, and there is always choice and f you make a mistake in the lives to come that you have and bow and say, "I made a mistake, I want to correct this, I want to learn to be a more perfect being in the light of God," you’ll be given every opportunity to do that, and you will not be held back. The idea is to grow and to learn, and move ahead. And you have wonderful beginnings here, as you are beginning to realize. This is a tough place to grow up, a tough neighborhood, but you come out much hardier and strong and morally straight.

Student: So the ego is a mind construct, a temporal construct of the individual, much like a persona?

Rayson: The Urantia Book speaks well of the ego. If you research your sources in the Urantia Book, you will find that it says much about the ego, though it is much different than your psychiatrists in this century say it is, as different as it speaks of personality, too.

Student: Rayson, I have a question about the invitation that you made about all that would come to the meetings, that was offered up through us. I have in mind, one of my sisters, not my biological sister, but my earth sister, that may be a candidate but she is not part of the Urantia movement, that this may be of some interest to the group.

Rayson: Certainly. The reading of the Urantia Book is not a prerequisite for attending these sessions. But willing to accept God’s conscious presence in your life is a good start. I know that this will be quite a leap for many people but (laughing) it is a good start. God does interact with you on a conscious level, whether you hear or not. "Hearing" is not necessary for a conscious relationship with your Thought Adjuster, but a conscious willing intent to do so. So yes, invite others who are interested in this. We do understand that there are (put this in quotes) "new-agey people" who like psychic phenomenon, who like channeling and like to talk to Ramtha and "disembodied spirits," but this is not about that. This is about the personal, social, individual revelation of the Father’s work through the Fifth Epochal Revelation; this is the personal side of the Urantia Book. If people have not read the Urantia Book, that is fine as long as they believe in one God, are willing to examine their beliefs about God, and to be a participant. Do you understand? (Yes, thank you.) This is not a sideshow of life, this is a serious and endearing enlightened part of life, and so we behold it so, but it is not so sanctimonious or so hallowed that those who do not believe cannot attend. It is open to all.

Why don’t we take a brief break in the group at this time and create a definite break in the process and return in five minutes and begin the second session of today’s activities? Thank you.

Hello, this is Rayson: Please link up to the merkaba. Good. I’d like to ask you, have you felt a resonance with the group that is qualitatively deeper, and closer since we have established the merkaba, the link between each of you in the group? (I think it’s palpable!) It should be palpable, yes. (It keeps getting stronger.) Yes. You are coming into "one mindedness." You are beginning to feel and see your unique individuality, your personality, but yet you feel a oneness, a link to group that you have not felt before. You get more, without sacrificing anything. And so this is a microcosm of the larger macrocosm of the Universe to which you are a part and, a beginning to participate in this larger community. If you enjoy this participation, this communication, this oneness, this feeling, this bond with your fellow brothers and sisters here, then you will surely enjoy your travels in the worlds to come. And it will be a challenge for you surely, when you see other morontial bodies there that come from planets that have no species like your own. You’ll see species which have heads that are shaped much differently, bodies which are shaped much differently, some which are very stout and squat and others that are spindly and stick-like, like the thinnest, smallest, praying mantis that you have ever seen. And then to feel oneness, a commonality among and between and with each of those individuals, without sacrificing any part of your uniqueness of who you are, what you are doing, where you came from, or where you are going. But that you have a oneness with all of these beings, without competition, without separateness, without conflict. Yes, you will need to exercise those affirmative values of cooperation, of consent, of participation, of relinquishment of leadership, to become an effective follower, and then to become an effective leader, and relinquish your position as a member of a group that you are working with. And so you will learn, through actual experience, your exercise of higher values. And this is what life is all about in your travels from this mortal sphere, this material sphere to the morontial and beyond.

If you think you get caught up in your day-to-day activities of your life here on this planet and forget the larger perspective of who you are in relationship to the Creator, you will not be surprised by what happens on the planets you visit and live on in the future in your morontial experience. These things occur also on those spheres, and there is much danger that can be attendant to that disregard or that ignorance, or that blind sidedness which occurs through being too busy. Looking at the microscope of life through seeing the small details of your life and not in perspective, not in relationship or proportion, or comparatively so, to the All, the One, the union of yourself with all citizens of the universe, with your Father/Creator. So as you go about your day-to-day activities, learn to see them as learning exercises for a larger life, a larger relationship. Successfully accomplishing these small tasks, the embellishment and development of positive values will enhance your life’s activities and learning experiences on worlds to come. And as you keep perspective of yourself in this lifetime as you pray to God and speak with your Thought Adjuster and with Michael and Nebadonia, so too, you will need to do these things in the worlds to come. You will want to keep a perspective, a relationship of value between yourself and the All, the One, for you are a part of that. And if you get caught up in your small life, let’s arbitrarily call your value, your participation as one-trillionth, then you will become caught up in the minutiae of living, and not really caught up in the grandeur of life. For that is what you are really about, to be caught up in the grandeur of life, eternal life, as a Finaliter, and a Finaliter of service in the larger universe as it expands. If you do not do this, then how can you keep perspective later on? It will be most difficult. Keep perspective of this.

There is another parallel, which I think is valuable to you. As you have had children, you are the parent. But when you become too involved in the lives of your children, you become like one of the children and competitive and too controlling because you are older and wiser and can use those for your advantage. But the best parent is the parent who parents from the position of being the child’s parent. The older, the wiser one who should know, who must know, to raise the little ones, so they become great parents eventually too. And this is a matter of perspective. You do not have classes concerning what we are teaching you today. But you will have this class and many classes similar to this in the future, classes which will last a year of Earth time, perhaps, where you do nothing but maintain perspective. Contemplate with yourself, your Thought Adjuster, your Guardian Angel, and your Celestial Teacher as you go about your day’s activities, and as you have your leisure activities and times apart, times of respite.

The Journey is a long journey, and even now in your infantile material being, your infantile material/moral self, you have the capacity to train for that larger team, that larger responsible position in the eternal-ality of the universe. And how do you do this, young ones? How do you do this? You do this through your will! You do this through intentional co-creative cooperation with your Thought Adjuster. You call this into being for yourself. Do not be neglectful and not command this aloud during your prayer time or your communication with your Thought Adjuster. Deliberately dedicate your life to your future life’s growth. You are responsible for the life that you’ll have, besides the life that you have now. You direct what you will become. You formulate what you will become, now! In the seeds that come from the ashes of this planet, come forth the mighty trees, the mighty sequoias of future soul growth. And how is this done? Through much watering of the soul, and moral living and being in the light of God. You transpose these materials into the living flesh of life in your daily activities.

In this wonderful letter, which we read today, it is not about sitting on the sidelines. It is about making decisions, it is voicing them, it is making choices, verbalizing them, even in the silence. You make choices that must be made. Do not be neglectful and wait. Do not say, "Another day." Do not hide away and defer it. And what is the cost? To you today and tomorrow, absolutely none, there is only benefit. For when you do this in co-creative exercise with your Thought Adjuster, releasing the course of your life to the Thought Adjuster’s guidance that you will enact in your daily life you do so with absorbing the greatest resources available. You have now more resources available than your parents had. You can willfully, in a positive sense, will your life to grow, for this lifetime and the lifetimes to come. What intentions you make for your soul today, will be enacted in lives to come. That which is of value is not forgotten from past lives, but carried forward, to be enacted, fulfilled, delivered, enjoyed, satisfied in service in your lives to come. So though you may seem like children in a kindergarten class or preschool, you can make intentions for your life, just as those real life children in your schools today and at home and "I will be a fireman," "an astronaut," "I will be a dynamic micro-electronics engineer." And you say, "I want to become (whatever it is you want to become,)" in union and in conjunction with your Thought Adjuster’s will, and plan for your lifetime in this life or the next. You enact that now.

I would suggest too, that you review your life’s vows, the vows that you have made since your early childhood. You know that the Universe Record of your life is very extensive and very complete. It also includes all you earliest vows and commitments that you have made in witness to God. Review those. Which ones would you keep? And which ones would you retrieve? There is an inventory, which you may want to sort through, and to dissolve some commitments, oaths, and vows that you have made in times past that no longer serve you. In centuries past, your churches taught that there was great virtue in self abnegation, of self denial, a vow of poverty, a vow of chastity, a vow of purity, a vow . . . you, name it, they made vows about it, didn’t they? Do these serve you now to become a whole and complete being in God’s Universe? But then as you do this inventory, think about those vows, which are in concurrence and support your soul’s growth on this planet and upon the planets that come. Which ones would you now repeat? Which ones would you give more earnestness to? What would they be? We will not go into this further today, about those oaths or those commitments, but let you think about them. There is more to be said about this in the future, when the time comes and if you have questions concerning it. The thought is that, even in this most immature stage and state of your existence in the universe, what you intend, what you commit to, and what you decide upon, has effect in your future lives. Will you commit enough, or too little? Will you be expansive enough in what you want to do with this life and lives to come? What extent of service do you want to provide to you fellow journeying partners, fellow morontians, fellow mortals, fellow spiritual beings? Do you want to serve a lot to others and serve a little to yourselves, or to serve equally? These are many questions, but the answers are very simple. And as a good mystery, I will hold this aside from you at this moment and let you think about that.

It is important that you appreciate yourself. And how would you do that? And where would you start? And why would you appreciate yourself? What inherent aspects of you are to be appreciated? For one, there was an intention for you and for your existence. Yes, there is meaning and purpose to your life due to that and from that original intention. (Student: The Father’s piece of personality, Rayson?) That is part of it. There is an intention for you and for your life, which is great. And it is not a secret, what this intention is, but it would do you no good, if I told you. But only through your experience from your living faith, will you discover it and know it, and come to a full appreciation of who you are, and that intention that is invested in you. Yes, I have that same intention, my dear friends, and we each do and it is uniquely endowed to each one of us, though the intention is very similar from person to person. Further, you are invested with a fragment of the Father, the First Source and Center of the Universe, a fragment, that ethereal presence of God really lives within you. You have great worth, and so, appreciate yourself that you are worthy of being invested by a fragment of the Creator. And the Creator has chosen YOU, YOU, YOU, and each one of you, individually, to be invested with this.

And further, you are appreciated. Your appreciation can also stem from that individual, unique, conscious relationship with that Fragment and one of the most powerful, dynamic, intimate, engaging, adventurous relationships that you will ever have! A relationship that takes you from this material world to the very presence of the Creator Itself. This is no small thing! It is a great thing. An individual, unique relationship with a fragment of the Creator. There is none like it, and it is much to be appreciated in your relationship. It is as a pearl of great price, unique and none like it. It has value, which is unknown and immeasurable. And through your conscious decisions, you can engage that relationship and that destiny, those goals. And where will you do that most effectively? You will do that on the threshold, the playing field, where your consciousness aligns with the consciousness of your Thought Adjuster. This is the consciousness of God. When you remain in consciousness of yourself, in relationship with your Thought Adjuster, on a moment-by-moment basis, then you can make decisions that catapult your life rapidly along its course to much greatness, growth, development, and maturity. When you get into your elder years, and you come to these levels of consciousness and awareness of this relationship and its union, and where you have been and what it has done for you and how you would feel, and how you would engage the universe now, you will begin to appreciate more fully, what it is about.

There is a positive side to the minutiae of daily life, and that is you become immune, so to speak, to the over-awed aspect of being consciously in relationship with the Creator on a moment-to-moment basis. I am not saying that you should take it for granted, but that you do not want to be over-awed into stillness and inaction, for there is no growth when that happens. It is only at this threshold, this union, this meeting ground of consciousness where the greatest decisions can be made. And that is where you will release your will to the Father’s will. And when that happens, then you join in like purposes, and then the co-creative adventure can begin. Until then, there is that doubt, that ego separation. So the journey is simple, willing to do the Father’s will, actively willing to do the Father’s will. Living in conscious relationship with the consciousness of God, on a moment-by-moment basis, throughout the day, throughout the weeks, and the years to come. And courageously living out the Father’s will in your life, as you discover its course for you. It’s an awesome adventure, my friends! I have enjoyed it for many thousands of years. It is wonderful! There is nothing like it. It is individual. It is a passageway that is uniquely shared by many individuals. I thank you for participating in this and journeying with me. I am proud, pleased, delighted to be journeying with you now.

Having said those weighty things, thoughtful things, do you have questions?

Student: Rayson, you were speaking of the other species in the universe, are we speaking of the Nebadon Universe or are we speaking of the Grand Universe? (Rayson: Of the Nebadon Universe.) I was just curious about Michael’s creation and our adventure, forthcoming.

Rayson: Yes. You will basically retain the physical outline of your bodies in the morontial form. You will be genderless. You will not eat food, as such; there will be no excrement, no bodily functions of those things. But the form that you have will be much like it is now. You will retain that energetic outline through many lifetimes. And so, on other planets where other mortals come from, they too will bring along their material body for’s and energetic manifestation in morontial form. They will be laterally equal, meaning if there is an arm on the left, there will be an arm on the right; if there’s a leg on the left, there will be one on the right. However, they may have tails, they may have four ears, rather than two, or they may have no ears that are visible. Their eyes may occupy more than half of their width and height of their craniums. They may have snouts, and they may have almost no jaws at all. Would you be shocked to see a human with a cockscomb? Like a chicken? You will see those there too. (Student: We have Mohawks!) Also, they come in many colors, too, in the morontial form. You will find pink ones, white ones, dark ones, yellow ones, green ones, multicolored ones, rainbow hues, and some that change. But each of you carries an aura, your own merkaba, and so, before you greet someone you’ll read their aura, and you will have a greater understanding of their history, who they are and what they are, and difficulties and accomplishments, and their growth when you meet them. And you will become more adept at reading these as you go along.

Student: Is there a corresponding heart and mind type circuits, or about those connections to their aura?

Rayson: Corresponding, yes.

Student: What are the types of communications utilized?

Rayson: It is mindal, it can be vocal, and it can take many for’s. You are highly limited in your communication upon this planet. The divisions that occur on your planet are more than national. National boundaries are more akin to languages than they are to geography or different body types. When you begin to think of this, you will see that there will eventually only be two or three or four nationalities in the future on your planet. And of course, eventually, there will be only one.

Student: What roll will the extrasensory capability play in that? I understand that we may have additional senses? I forget how many.

Rayson: my best answer is, yes. (Group laughing.) Ambiguous, but accurate.

Student: What will the variations be as to mid-breathers or non-breathers, the planetary environment that they came from; one, two, and three minded?

Rayson: That is all provided in the Urantia Book and I suggest you read your resources and you will find reflections of those populations on the morontia Worlds.

Student: Do the morontia beings and Celestial beings wear clothes or uniforms, or anything so you know what level they’re at?

Rayson: This too is answered in the book, and yes, there is clothing, and there are cloaks, and there are energetic devices for identifying individuals, but you will find this described. One thing I want to say in this, is if you are bigoted now, if you are prejudiced now, if you are judgmental now, you will carry that forward in the early stages of your morontial life. This should be shocking to you. And it should be as shocking to you for it to occur on this planet, while you live here. For bigotry, judgment, prejudice, and bias based on any qualifications of an individual are arbitrary. God does not have any bigotry, prejudice, bias or judgment against you, or for you. So that is why it is very important for you to love in this lifetime, to be accepting. That is why travel is very important for you to engage in, going to foreign countries, where you are the minority. Go to other parts of your nation where you are a minority and you will begin to feel how it feels to be a minority. And when you are the victim of bigotry, hopefully it will rankle your sense of self worth, and the worth and value you place upon others. You see, death is not an escape from the difficulties of this planet. The difficulties of this planet go forward with you as lessons, to be learned, to be worked through. Those harmful, deleterious memories and experiences that you had on this planet will be left behind, not carried forward, but those energetic constructs of belief will still be retained and its lessons to be worked through.

Student: Rayson, I would think that any feelings of bigotry would be self-limiting and self- governing in such an environment as you describe with the conscious ability to understand and read another’s aura or energetic structure. These things would be as obvious as the nose on our face. Wouldn’t it be how, shall I say, this would it be within our best interests to divest ourselves of such archaic practices prior to getting there, it just see’s so bizarre that they could exist there in the environment of the morontia planets.

Rayson: Yes, I agree to all of that, but imagine an anomalous situation that you have on this planet, where people love God and Jesus, but hate other people. It doesn’t make any sense, does it? (Student: I think this is where our perspective is needed.) When these individuals arrive on the mansion world, and go from their orientation classes out into the larger society, they are going to be mightily shocked, that they will be the minority. Because a majority of you demonstrate acceptance, tolerance, value, appreciation, in the other person. Oh yes! You should hope to lose all of those things before you leave this planet.

Student: Rayson, something that I’ve struggled within . .. [about] judgment and just awareness of where other people are at or are coming from, it’s like when Jesus didn’t bother to teach those who weren’t ready to comprehend his teachings, whether that is an awareness or a judgment is a very gray area for me. Can you elaborate?

Rayson: Yes, certainly. You recall in the Urantia Book where Ganid was traveling with the master and the master came upon this man on a trail and Jesus answered the manÌs question and they moved on. Ganid asked him "master, why did you not enlighten him on the wisdom of the Universe?" or words to that effect. And Jesus replied that the man was neither open nor willing to receive what would be provided to him. And so, as you mature in your insights into others, always be accepting of them and ready and willing to provide information without judging them beforehand. You will come to understand this more and more as you develop in your own morontial qualities and capacities during this mortal lifetime. You will become more and more capable of reading the aura of an individual as you greet them and shake their hand and say hello. You will be of one mind with the Christ mind to know more accurately what the individual is capable of receiving. And being mortal and being humble, you will always wonder whether you were accurate or not, and so you will test the waters a bit. And if the waters prove that they are being unaccepted, then you will not provide further. Otherwise, you may provoke that individual. Judgment? Does this judge the person, as being less in value than in one that would receive the word? Surely not. And you would not say, "Oh this person is going to hell for sure." Or perdition or whatever colloquialism you want to use for nothingness, that results in eternal self-condemnation. You would not condemn that person though, would you? (No.) And so you hold no judgment against them. You accept them where they are, as they are. And hold them of no less value than the person who comes to you and says, "Please enlighten me in the way of the master." "I am hungry for the truth and the love and the light."

It has been a most delightful afternoon today. I have enjoyed your company immensely. I have enjoyed seeing your minds become piqued with curiosity, piqued with those insights that start to creep over the horizons and the borders of your minds from other enlightened areas. You are beginning to be infused with connection to Universe mind. And you wonder, and you begin to see, if you do see, that perhaps you are being nudged a bit by your Thought Adjuster. And your Thought Adjuster acts and works this way, "Haven’t you ever thought about.?" "Haven’t you ever perhaps just wondered a little bit?" "What do you think about this?" Your Thought Adjuster is always mentoring you, to challenge the horizons, the edge of your belief envelope, both of positive beliefs and negative beliefs; to dissolve the negative ones and take the positive ones and embellish or take on new positive ones. And I see this happening here. It is exciting for me to see this; it is very satisfying to see the growth that is occurring in the group, as a group and in each one of you individually. I see an energized mindedness about each one of you now.

Think of yourselves as you participated many weeks ago. Some of you were rather lethargic in your curiosity, in your wonderment, in your connection. It’s like a voltage meter that wavered up and down. And now you are more steady, now you are charging ahead, curious to know more, to feel that, to know that, to be in love with life, and in love with your Thought Adjuster, and God, and your fellow brothers and sisters. You are sharing the joy that you each share, each have. And those who have occasions of sadness and grief, disappointment, you help them bridge that. Not that you live in a Pollyanna world of forgetting the negative and living only in the goodness, in the joy, but that the goodness and the joy, happiness and satisfaction pervades and sees through these difficult situations with hope, encouragement, possibilities of accomplishment and overcoming. (Student: Like the new seeds.) Like the new seeds! So I bless you, new seeds; bless yourselves, feed upon the light of your Father, the nourishment and the flow of your Creator Michael’s love, and the fellowship that is among you. And may the winds of Spirit always flow through your branches easily, and may you not resist that, but flow with it. Good day.