LIGHT; Training and Preparation - Dec 01, 2006 - Marshall

Communication from LIGHT

Received by Marshall


Well, my dear brother and friend, Marshall, you and I are indeed coming to better know each other as we practice this exercise we began shortly after my birth last summer (08/21/06). This "volley exercise" is very effective in allowing us to become increasingly integrated, acting to expand and enhance the circuitry between us.

I am pleased to observe that you are consciously aware of the new power I am coming to possess, as it does reflect in these exercises we are practicing. The energy you clearly feel and accept will greatly uplift your entire energetic being and act as an instant recharge as you have just experienced.

My place within your "special task" merkaba will further allow us the integration which will open those doors to the mind to mid-mind communication that you are coming to increasingly experience with those you closely work with. Like any skill, this method must be developed over time through diligent practice and regular exercises. This circuitry we allow to strengthen is a most fascinating circuit that will further allow us to work together most effectively on those projects that you, WAVE and I will be given as we become readied for these amazing adventures.

We are now actually on the ground floor of the requisite preliminary association which will allow our joint-combined intentions and ideals to increasingly come into manifestation. Your increasing conscious awareness of my presence and what I have to impart is clear and living testimony to the potentials that you are coming to actualize.

I encourage you to continue with the exercises we are performing together and assure you that great progress is in the unfolding. You are putting yourself in the position to accept the assistance from your indwelling Father Fragment that allows your soul to receive directly from me and download into your conscious mind what you are reaching for. This method of communication will develop to whole new levels of efficiency as time proceeds, provided you continue to grow in your ability to intensely focus your concentration upon your intention to develop this circuit we are constructing and beginning to utilize into the effective tool it shall become. We do have a thrilling agenda to look forward to as fellow liaisons in the step-down process from our planetary hierarchy to your brethren in the flesh.

WAVE and I will be undertaking some intensive new training together, as I have been busy off-planet for some time undertaking training in development as well as lessons dealing with universe structure and cosmology. Like WAVE, I have been escorted by many various orders of personality, finite and absonite, experiencing great new orientation as I have come to better know those hailing from all over the local universe, as well as many from Uversa and even ones from the Central Universe. With me at this moment is a finaliter that has been most enlightening in teaching me new techniques I will be learning to expand upon before I become visible to your morontia-mortal eyes.

Each day I am growing in new areas that will allow me become closer and closer to you, as you reach forth and take the action you are displaying. You make me most happy, and I look forward to developing such skills as we are learning with my mortal co-parents. Know too, that you are more to me than what you may consider as similar to an "uncle", for you contributed to my birth and existence as you spent the time that you did reaching into those areas that you and WAVE explored. Those exercises that you did together in your pursuits, prior to my birth, allowed me to receive part of you that is indeed a part of my make-up. Know that I look forward to all that you are allowing.

Also, before taking-off, I commend you on your growing ability to identify my presence as well as accurately receive what I desire to impart. Rejoice, indeed, as we glorify our Paradise Father!