Northern Colorado TeaM, #5

Loveland, Colorado

Teacher: Rayson

Topics: Universe Energy Circuits

Group Integration

More on toning

Consciousness and intention

Manipulation of universe energy

Polarity and energetic entities

Individual and group merkabas

Harmonizing your intentions with Michael

Intention for the Nation in regard to 9/11

Cleansing the earth

TR: Daniel Raphael

November 25, 2001

[Group’s intention, invocation/invitation for Michael’s presence and toning preceded Rayson’s lesson]

Good afternoon friends, this is Rayson, and welcome to another session of the Northern Colorado Teaching Mission group. Today we will continue the lesson of toning, only this time we will get more deeply involved in it, and this will probably be a multi-session topic that we will cover until we have it pretty thoroughly examined. Today we will begin to help you understand why toning is important. We told you the superficial reasons last session and that is covered in the manuscript paper that you have from that era.

Today we will cover the energetic side of group integration. I have asked Daniel to bring an easel with him, and there will be occasion during this session today where I will break T/R connection with Daniel in order for him to go to the easel and draw those schematics for you. During these times when he goes to the easel, I ask you to remain quiet. You are welcome to be aware and have your eyes open and to follow what is happening. It is obvious that this needs to be done, but please refrain from asking questions or breaking the connection of myself with Daniel, as he will need to return to his seat and continue the T/R session. This is most difficult to do and therefore I ask you to refrain from the questions and from any disruptions which may break his meditative state.

Last session we discussed that toning helps unite the group, its consciousness into one. It is important that each one participate in this connection. It is a circular body that we have here that effects itself as "one," an energetic entity and I will explain and show you that soon. Toning is a way of matching your energetic levels, it is a way of coming to level ground. It may be that your toning is not long enough for you to feel relaxed and to "get into it," to feel one with it, to feel one with the group. If you have tightness in your throat while you are doing this, if you are conscious of others doing this, then we need to continue it until these affective symptoms dissolve. It may be necessary sometime, just for practice for us to do this for 15 or 20 minutes, which I know seems an extraordinary length of time, but it has a certain developmental effect that is very productive in a group.

We are a group of individuals sitting around a table in a circular form. We prefer that you always be in a circular or oval form, rather than in a line or an arc or some broken circle formation. Let us begin with the individual member of the group; and remember that this individual is ‘you.’ You can travel away from this group, pray, and your prayers can be affective. You can be in consciousness with the larger part of the universe and your consciousness and intention can be affective. How is this possible? It is possible because you exist as an energetic integral part of the universe.

You are much like a small atom. You have a north and south pole, if you want to call it that; you have a globe of energy that surrounds you, and you call this your aura (it is much more than an aura); and you have your head in a cloud, so to speak; every part of yourself and your feet are on the earth, which is the grounded part of yourself, if you want to speak of it that way. So, it has some aspects of a magnet and yet some aspects of a circuit. And so you will come to understand that the energy of the universe flows through you, through your mind connection with the mind of the universe. This is the open portal of universe energy to your mind. I am going to explain this in very simple terms; I think Mr. Watt and various electrical people who discovered electricity would appreciate this, that this is in very simple terms. Your intention is important because it opens your mind as the portal of universe energy. It connects you with the part of the universe that is constructive and positive. It declares your intention for using that energy in positive and constructive ways.

There is only one energy in the universe and that is the universal energy that flows from the First Source and Center from Paradise Isle. It is non-material; it is non-dimensional in your material/dimensional terms. It is manipulated by the mind. The Father is the source and controls energy; all others are able to manipulate it. And so, when you open yourself with intention to this flow of energy, of God’s light or God’s love—you may call it what you want—it begins to flow through you and you become a powerful conduit and directional antenna for directing this energy to various places, through your intention, through your mental consciousness and through your words. That is why it is often very helpful for beginners in prayer work to use their prayers auditorially, so they are audible, so that they can hear what they are saying and it is much more concrete and effective.

Manipulation of universe energy is conditioned by your emotional balance, your groundedness and airiness, and your centeredness. Being balanced, centered and grounded are your primary conditioning attributes for using the energy. When you are alone at home or in your car, or wherever you may be, when you open yourself to universe energy with your intention to use that energy in the light, and you direct this energy toward the healing of another, without condition or without benefit to yourself, for the greatest good of that individual or that group of individuals, (whether it is two people or a nation or the world,) your thought and energy goes forward to bless these people. It goes forward to bless whomever. It is further conditioned by your intention of command, meaning how you want this energy to be used. It is useful in prayer and useful in meditation, whether working for healing or constructive outcome of some situation, to identify the condition, individual involved, and how you wish to have this energy used. The caution only comes in how you want this energy to be used. Because of your immaturity as a spiritual being, an entity of being of the universe with larger concerns, sometimes your concerns are very narrow and limit the outcomes of the individual and how the universe energy may respond to your request.

So, when you make the universe aware (or God aware or Christ aware or Angels aware,) it says this is the intention to be drawn for this energy and then you make your request of how it is to be used. And if you have a self-interest involved in this outcome, this will also cause a limitation on the energy. Self-serving prayer is not always effective. Because the one praying for themselves, even if they are praying for another and they want some return from that, often does not see the larger parameters of their prayer request and how limiting their request may be. There are options for this of course, and that is the condition of saying "for the highest and greatest good of all concerned, for this individual, for this community or for whomever," and then the denial of self-interest in that also, so the energy goes forward without reflecting back at yourself. This is a very humble position to take; it is also very empowering, and it clears you of any unconscious desires on your part.

So here you have this individual, yourself, out in the community and it is as though you have this circle of energy around you. It has lines of longitude and lines of latitude. (I hope you will just accept that without questioning why, let’s just accept that it is, it will help you conceptualize yourself as an energetic being.) You have a ‘North Pole’ and a ‘South Pole,’ a ‘minded pole’ and a ‘grounded pole,’ and this is the connection of energy flow, from the center of the Universe through your local universe, through your local system, through your local solar system, your planet and yourself. These are all a construct of a living universe. The universe is not a ‘dead entity’ of planets, material or energies, but a real, living entity. Your planet is a living entity; your solar system is a living entity. It is all part of the integral part of the mother universe, if you wish to call it that. I hope you understand how you see yourself now as an energized being, and that when you go about your daily business, you still have this energy around you and that is why it is important for you to be minded that you are a part of the universe, that you are a living part of God’s plan for your life, for your community, for your planet, for your universe, that you are a conscious entity in this. You are thought of in consciousness minute by minute, second by second by the Father and Michael, and so when you remain in consciousness also with those sources, you become an ongoing integral, minute by minute, second by second conscious entity, part of the conscious flow of the universe. That is why mindless living is a waste of time. It is not productive.

Now, bring yourself back to the group and see yourself as part of this group. You are all energetic entities. I will ask Daniel to go to the easel and draw you as an energy field, just a schematic, pretty simple, but I think it will be helpful for you as you go forward. Some of you are kinesthetic learners, some of you are visual learners, others are auditory learners and so on; we are striving to use these approaches so that you may ‘get it.’

[The original transcript contained a diagram in this location of an individual merkaba that cannot be included in this format.]

We will have an opportunity to ask questions and answer them concerning this. Do you know what a merkaba is? If you do not know what a merkaba is, then look at the easel and see what a merkaba is. It is an energy construct that is created by mind. In this case, the merkaba for your body is created by our Creator. It is inherent in your being, the energy of which is manipulable by yourself. It is a given, an attribute, a resource which comes with each individual. It exists all through your life, but is non-effective unless you are effective in your life to remaining in consciousness and awareness of it. You may not know that you are a part of a larger merkaba stream of the universe. It is not necessary to know this, but to live with clear intent and connection with the universe, then your thoughts and your intentions become outworked in the universe. Some of you call this the flow of the universe, the Tao of Living, with the understanding that you are a part of the flow and you see the outcomes of that. When you pray with these intentions and this clarity, good out-workings occur when they are received with good intention also. It is not necessary to know this, but once you do know it, once you begin living in consciousness of it and how powerful your thoughts are, then you come to truly understand why universe metaphysics is so important through the consciousness of living in the flow of the ‘universe stream of energy.’ You become powerful in your life, for yourself, for others, and for Michael’s work.

Now, as you sit in the group, each of you is a small merkaba entity, and so when you come into a group, it is necessary for you to declare your intentions for being here. And we have discussed what constitutes your intention, why you are here, what you are going to do, and how you are going to be here and what energy you want to use and how you want to use that. You have the intention, and then the invocation. The invocation is very important because it is like the intention of, " Oh, I want to turn the lights on in the room" and so you go over to the light switch and look at the light switch and nothing happens. So you declare your invocation and you turn the light switch and Voila! the light comes on and the energy circuits are connected. So you want to have your intention, and then the invocation, the command of energy, the union of energy for the highest and greatest outcomes.

Then, if you are going to consciously construct a merkaba in your group--and sometimes this is fun to do for you, especially those of you who are able to see energy streams and colors--you will begin to see as you declare the group, after the toning, that you have united the group, you are on the same frequency, the same harmony, you are all vibrating together, and then to consecrate the group as one energy stream, one merkaba of energy. And so, if you were to see this, it would be that each of you would be both a line of longitude and a line of latitude. And that, through your declaration of intent for the group to be a part of the stream, you would then form a consciousness, an energy anchor in the midst of the group, and it would connect as a separate energy stream by itself, held together by your consciousness here in this location. It would be as though it were a powerful stream of light moving up and down, from the universe center through the earth and back again. And usually this is a frosty white/blue/green color. If you ask your celestial angels to assist you in the formation of this energy merkaba, you can make it as small or as large as you wish. It is really literally a state of consciousness, a conscious energy formation. It is not magic, it is not voodoo, it is not mystical, it is not any of those things—it is a very practical aspect of universe energy manipulation, energy management.

The lines of longitude would connect above the group and below the group. You can imagine them as gold wires. There is also a series of lines of latitude that go around the group and connect above and below in parallel. Let us say you wish to pray for someone as a group, and you pray for this person or this nation or this family, or whatever it is, you’d say, "Let us use our group consciousness of energy to aid this individual, family, community or nation for their highest and greatest good to overcome this problem or situation." Then you can see a stream of energy flowing from the top of this energy anchor to the group of individual/s and surrounding them and healing or acting out the right and perfect purposes of their life-plan or their intention for their group. And this is without return for yourselves. This is how group prayer becomes extremely effective, group consciousness acting as one. Directing universe energy to a place, a particular issue or problem, for a resolution.

Let us say you had a friend who was ill, a friend who may be mentally ill, or emotionally ill. How would you direct the energy to them? What would you see as it was received by them? When a person is in ‘wholeness,’ in ‘consciousness,’ they are like small merkabas with shiny golden strands around them. But when they are out of union with the flow of the universe, there may be holes in their aura, there may be holes in their energy stream, that which is around them; they are not whole or complete. And so you would want to see them be whole and complete, the energy being healed, whole; all the rings of latitude and longitude being shiny, bright; and the flow of energy flowing through them being shiny and bright. This is to see them in wholeness, as their true beings. They are spiritual energy beings of infinite lifetime value and duration. And so, they are far more than mortal material beings. So when you help heal the ‘inner,’ the ‘outer’ becomes healed too. When you see them as perfectly whole, integral, and being in the flow of the universe, there can be no illness, there can be no lack of harmony in their lives. This may take time for out-working on a material plane, but seeing that for them assists them in overcoming their difficulties. This is mightily empowered when the recipient becomes aware of this ‘good’ coming to them. When Jesus said, "Go ye and pray in secret," he meant, go to your spiritual ‘closet’ and pray. The recipients may become aware that you are praying for them, or have prayed for them, and so they can then align themselves with the universe flow of energy, to become part of that healing in the flow or not. And that is one of the responsibilities of yours as individuals in the universe to consciously ‘will’ to be part of the flow or not, and then to act on that.

Now the expansion and contraction of your group’s conscious level of this merkaba is manipulable so that you can engulf this house, everything in it. You could engulf this community and everything in it. You see it in bright out-working, bright inner-working, the flow of ‘good’ in your community. You may want to expand it to include your nation and even the world, so that your consciousness lends to the earth’s already existent merkaba that surrounds it and infuses it. You are consciously aiding ‘right order’ for your planet when you do this. Now you can understand why worldwide prayer is so positive, when it occurs simultaneously. That is why some of you pray at strange times of the morning when other people are praying in the afternoon in another part of the world. Simultaneous prayer with right intention creates a merkaba that engulfs the whole world, becomes very powerful.

And in keeping with Michael's Correcting Time for your planet, you begin to harmonize your intentions with Michael's for the healing of your lives, your families, your communities and your world. This is why now, prayer has been particularly effective and will continue to be so. During the era of the mismanagement of your planet, your prayers were unfortunately largely ineffectual, nullified by the dead consciousness of the ones who lived in darkness and wished for you to go astray. Your isolation in the stream of your local universe was very detrimental, but necessary. And so now as you come out of this isolation, and into the connection of your circuits of the local universe, grand universe, and superuniverse, your prayers become much more effective. It is much like swimming with the current of the universe instead of against it or across the river. Every paddle stroke of consciousness that you make becomes much more effective to move your planet’s consciousness toward the larger mass consciousness of humanity into a very positive state. Most of you do not appreciate how powerful your minds are, how effective your prayers are, when you work in harmony with the greater good.

Let us take a moment now for Daniel to draw a ‘group merkaba’ and it’s lines; and remember that the lines can be expanded past the boundaries of your physical group:

[Another diagram of a group merkaba was in this location on the original transcript. It could not be reproduced in this format.]

Our assistance for you to work to achieve harmony within your own mind is very important and our work to assist you to achieve harmony in your relationships is very important; and into your families for your family teaches the harmony of individual relationships and the importance or lack thereof of your happiness. So, responsible parenthood actually fits in this equation very tightly. Our work in the Correcting Time is to assist in the various projects and programs of the Correcting Time, one of which is family rehabilitation and habilitation, families to live in harmony, families to beget children who take living in harmony for granted. And of course, you may extend this to planets, which already are in harmony of Light and Life, they take this harmony for granted, yet they have their own individual lives to struggle with and achievements to struggle with, even though they come into their world in a state of grace compared to yours.

As you might imagine, if you were a governmental or corporate manager of global proportions you would want to have programs involved in improvement for the relationships of all your employees, all your investors, all your shareholders, boards of directors and vendors and your customers. That is how Michael sees it; that is how we see it. We are concerned about the welfare of everyone involved in the time of your lives and life of your planet.

Toning is related to the work of your group’s consciousness and the direction of prayer so that your are in sync, that you harmonize together. Some of you may be bass tenor, alto, or soprano, but if you are in harmony, much like a barbershop quartet, then you can do great things. That is why when you gather together, that you all want to be on the same wavelength, that is an excellent metaphor, that is an excellent statement. You want to be in sync when we hold these gatherings. We strive to have those who desire to be in this synchronicity, this synchronization, this harmony to be here, and those who have other agendas or other intentions or are simply curious to not be here. Curiosity is a necessary ingredient of discovery and of invention and of eventual participation, but if it is for self-amusement, then those individuals are dissuaded not to be here. It is not that they are not wanted here, it is that we wish them to be here as effective participants, willing students.

Now, we are open for questions, if you have any.

Student: I had a vision of all of the universe as its own merkaba, in which the thirty planets that are going through the Correcting Time have merkaba with bands of tarnished gold that we are working to shine up and make whole and bring back into harmony with the rest of the universe.

Rayson: That’s a fairly accurate vision. A pretty accurate picture of how it exists. We are striving to make the connection of the circuits; the circuits are really visualized by you as meridians, the lines of latitude and longitude. Those are gross interpretations of circuits but they will work for now. When they are fully functioning they are streams of energy that are connected and operant and vibrant.

Student: I can realize, at least in my mind why it is necessary in any rebellion to remove the power of those meridians from the rebels. (Definitely!)

Rayson: The energy of the universes does not distinguish those with good intent or those with evil intent. It is much like the rains of the Lord; they fall upon the wicked as well as the righteous, the enemy as well as the oppressed.

Student: I have a higher appreciation of the Correcting Time from what you’ve shared today. (Thank you.)

Rayson: It is multi-dimensional, multi-national, multi-interest, wherever human consciousness resides and is active is where the Correcting Time works.

Student: It has also been helpful to me to understand why group prayer is more potent than individual prayer. That has always been a difficult concept for me.

Rayson: Good. It’s like sending one fireman to put out a house fire; a group of fireman together can do a much more effective job. It is the same with building a house; it is much more effective to have many carpenters with many skills than with one craftsman building a house. You can see why…let us bring this into current contemporary terms…this is why the positive nature and the attitude of all your nation and the world and those of New York City after the aftermath of 9/11of the World Trade Center is so important. Had your local and national consciousness turned to one of wrath against any one of Mid-Eastern descent and physical nature, it would have been very disastrous for your nation’s future course. But with the separation, the discernment of those who are wicked and those who are not wicked, though they may be of Middle-Eastern descent, or speak a foreign language, this is also a very clear declaration of higher conscious discernment and intention for your nation. And so, it is forming its destiny through its attitudes, through its group consciousness. And its group consciousness is very positive at this time. Even to go into foreign lands and destroy that which is wicked, those elements that are responsible for the destruction of that Trade Center, is also an act of responsible national management and civilizational management. To allow such elements to exist in your world and demonstrate their power is a sign of mismanagement.

Yes, it is necessary at times in national emergencies to destroy others. It is much like going into your garden and weeding out the weeds and culling the excess plants in a row. It is destructive, you wish not that this should occur, but it is necessary. You can extend that metaphor to many other areas of human existence, but we will leave those for discussion later. For now, it is necessary to be conscious of your self-preservation as a globe, a constructive village on a global level of maintaining your livelihood. Maintaining your ability to live in peace. Rebel elements have always been thrown in jail, and when they have become destructive they have most generally been isolated, exiled or destroyed. These are social/moral responsibilities. They are not ‘individual’ responsibilities; there is a difference involved in that. Another topic for discussion at another time. Perhaps another way of interpreting the positive results of your national growth is that the Correcting Time and individual consciousness is becoming effective. Individuals are becoming more responsible in their lives and their participation in their global community, their civilization. Further statements or declarations, comments? Has this topic been too extraneous, too esoteric, and too distant/too removed, or has it been something that you see as useful? (Student: Very helpful!)

Student: I can see the merkaba idea applying to the Palestine/Israel situation, which is appearing to be very cancerous (tarnished) in so many areas. You can almost move your mind around the world and feel, intuit, and see the health of the nations from the illustration. (Yes, exactly.)

Rayson: When the Bible talks about cleansing the earth, it truly meant that in a very rational and an energetic way. Cleansing the earth is necessary to cleanse the energies that reside in an area. These merkabas that you established are not transient. If you declare this merkaba in this group to exist in continuance, in perpetuity, it may do so in this house. And so, the nature of the house will always be reflective of that energy here. You can extend the negative intention of energy in groups too. The Middle East has long been fraught with war, evil intentions of genocide, extermination, and enmity for neighbors. These actions have had an effect on the land and the energy of those areas.

It is necessary to cleanse and dedicate an area, house, convention center, and church, even your car perhaps, so that it is in harmony, that it too is in sync with the beneficence of the universe. When you buy a new house, we suggest that you wash it, perhaps repaint parts of it, cleanse it with consciousness, to fill it with prayer, singing, invocations of light, and to walk around it as some of your ancients have done on sites, and to bless it, and to consecrate it, to invoke the energy of the universe to fill it and surround it. Your houses will become remarkable domiciles of good, of good in-working and good out-working. You do this hopefully with your children, with your relationships, with your businesses, with your profession. Rather than saying, "I have to go to work today," you might say, "I get to go to work today." It may be difficult but it does provide abundance to your household in many ways. And so you wish it to bless you, and so you bless it. And it will be good in your life and soon it will be one less activity of drudgery in your life, but one that is co-creative between yourself and your larger destiny of the universe as a ‘partner’ in it. You made a statement of co-creative intention at the beginning of the session today. That is excellent! This is a very important ingredient to the healing of your planet, your nations, your communities, families, and yourself. It is co-creative, for the Correcting Time will not work without the co-creative participation of mortals. We are not here to fix you or your nation, or your world, but here to help you and empower you to do that. We have given you a whole new toolbox to do that and the resources of abundance to fulfill that.

Student: Teach us to catch fish? (That’s right.)

Rayson: Your nation’s foreign policy will begin to reflect this enlightened attitude in the years to come. In the past, it often acted as one of the bases of a triangle of persecutor-victim-rescuer. It must get off of that theme and begin to become the manager of the game, rather than a participant of the game. Your nation will win when other countries win through its assistance, much like the Correcting Time.

Student: As the Marshall Plan did. (Yes.)

Rayson: We are ready to close if you are. Any questions, comments? Blessings to you children. It is a blessing to us all that you are here. Co-creative rescue and healing of your planet becomes much more effective through your participation. And when larger groups enter into conscious participation in this program, individually as groups and then as communities, you will see much more rapid healing of your world. It has already begun, you have seen good out-working of it already. Pray for others to participate in a like, responsible manner as yourselves, then to invite us to help them begin this journey. It is a journey of reconstruction, not just healing, but reconstruction, building of new consciousness, co-creative consciousness, intentional consciousness. Keep this in mind during the week and as you live your daily lives, from minute to minute. You will make your own lives much more effective. Do not be afraid to call upon higher wisdom of your Thought Adjuster and your Guardian Angel, your Celestial Teachers to aid you in clarity of thinking, to declare your intentions and invocations. We will assist you, but we will not make those for you—that is for you to do. Blessings to you, may you live in peace always, may you be filled with love, that which is also the same as universe energy, that may flow through your lives and out to others, in a way that is generous, beneficent, and all-serving. (Group thanks Rayson.)