Northern Colorado TeaM, #4

Loveland, Colorado

Teacher: Rayson

Topics: Harmony of the Universe


Become part of the flow

Chore of this lifetime is making decisions

Becoming "one" with others and the universe


Blending and separation of races

Consciousness of time



November 11, 2001

TR: Daniel Raphael

[A lesson in ‘toning’ preceded Rayson’s lesson.]

Good afternoon, this is Rayson. Thank you for that "aaaaawesome" introduction. You have had time to read the transcript from two weeks ago, and it was a much different transcript than you usually read about, spiritual and higher valued issues. Do you have questions regarding that today? I’ll give you a few moments to think about that, and while you do think about it I will talk to you about the harmony of the universe. You see the universe is in harmony, and that which is in harmony, flows. You might think that harmony and flow do not relate, but when you are out of harmony there, you do not flow. And the flow is the meshing of yourselves and your lives, your decisions with that of the universe. You onetime will become citizens of the universe, on that occasion you will be a more responsible individual, where your consciousness transcends your own life, and you realize that your life is becoming one with the universe. And that you have striven and your demonstration and your accomplishment and award of becoming a citizen of the universe is significant in the fact that, the demonstration of the fact that, you have lived your life in harmony. And so your life is flowing forward in its infinite journey of ascension and growth toward the center of the universe, the First Source and Center.

You have and can experience some of this in your own life now, where there is a synchronicity of events, where you show up and what you need appears. You appear when somebody else needs something, and there is a giving and taking that is in harmony. You go to a location and you find there is the job that you need and you did not realize that it would be there, and all is well. And this is a significant part of being in harmony, is that all is well. Being out of harmony and being out of synchronicity with the universe is a part of ego growth, the selfhood of yourselves, the ego, the "Me" issues that you deal with, that you see in children, and you see is some emotionally and socially retarded adults. This causes separation and separation is a blockage from being one with the universe. And separation will stop the flow, or at lease inhibit the flow for a period of time.

Those individuals who want to be in eternal separation do not continue their journey, and they are granted this action in their lives in the afterlife when they have realized from their training in the Mansion Worlds, all that is ahead of them, all the potential, all that is available and yet they decide not to go forward. This is the ultimate act of separation. And the ultimate act of integration is finally, after the infinite time of your ascension, (it may seem "infinite" to you but it is not truly infinite,) that you finally arrive in Paradise and enjoy the embrace of the Creator. This is the ultimate ascension of the flow, being ONE; you have been accepted and have been embraced by the ultimate ONE, the ultimate ALL, the ultimate FLOW, the Source of All Flow.

And so when your Christ said to you, "Become perfect as your Father in heaven," he said in another way, "Become a part of the flow, move forward without separation." Make decisions which help you move forward. Many decisions you make will not be easy because they require growth. And in growing, there is sometimes pain, anguish and difficulty, yet when you are on the other side of growth, you know that you have grown. You know that these experiences have helped you move forward, you have become transformed, you are a new person, even in a small way. Some of your decisions are small, which will have small repercussions, and some will have very large repercussions.

Your chore in this lifetime is simply to make decisions that aid you to be in the flow of the universe, that help you to become part of The One. And so you are like the uptake of water molecules in the rootlets, the root tips of large trees and plants as you move up the stream to the sunlight, where you are embraced by the light in the leaves. And through this photosynthesis, you are transformed into the "sugars" of life. So in this flow you join with those who are also in this flow and there is no wonder there is synchronicity because those who travel beside you have something to impart to you, and you to impart to them. And you never know where that will occur, whether it is in a grocery store or in church, here at this meeting or at work, or at play. It could be from your own children, you never know. And so you can approach life as an adventure, awakening to each moment, which may be astounding to you, to reveal truth to you even by individuals who have no truth to share with you, at least what they would call truth. And so you must discern each moment, live each moment and make decisions in those moments to move yourself forward, to be in harmony, to be part of the flow. Become ONE with others, ONE with yourself, ONE with others, ONE with your community, ONE with your world, and ONE with your local universe and ONE with the Grand Universe, and so it goes.

Two ancient religions of this planet, Buddhism and Taoism give you part of the tools, though not all of the tools. Buddhism talks about the "All, the One, the Totality." Whereas Taoism speaks about the flow within the All, and we want to become one with the all. And so your Christ told you about service to others, an act of humility, to serve others so you can serve yourself, a way of ameliorating your arrogance as an ego state, your separation as an individual. To become One, to become Perfect to fulfill Christ’s commandment to Love one another, be in Harmony with one another and to become Perfect. And so Love is the action, and to become Perfect is part of the flow of moving forward to Paradise. It all fits together.

The All, and we want to become one with the all. And so your Christ told you about service to others, an act of unanimity, to serve others so you can serve yourselves. A way of ameliorating your arrogance as an ego state, your separation as an individual. To become One, to become Perfect to fulfill Christ’s commandment to Love one another, be in harmony with one another and to become perfect. And so love is the action, and to become perfect is part of the flow of moving forward to Paradise. It all fits together.

Your friendships offer you a field to examine your own feelings, your own resistances. They provide mirrors for your growth, where you need to grow. And so this act of humming, of toning in your group is in a very small way, but in a larger way, part of becoming part of the Whole. If you find resistances in humming to yourself even in the shower to maintain the tone, work on that. And if you find difficulty in maintaining tone and matching tone in a group, work on that. Release yourself to become at the level of the group. You will always find that it is never required that you give up your uniqueness, never sacrifice your personality, or your individuality at all, but to take on a new responsibility of being one of the Whole. Even in a small group as this, you can learn those basic elements.

Also the toning, the vibration, tones within your body, your body is much like a tuning fork, when you consciously tone at a level with others, you are bringing your body energy mechanisms into alignment with each other. You are veritable antennas of energy. Your thoughts radiate from you to others; your emotions energize those thoughts. And so when you are angry, and you feel angry in your body, these emotions in your body that energizes your thoughts to move forward. And usually when you feel angry, you radiate your angry thoughts. And one can feel your energy of anger even before they arrive and speak to you. When you become more sensitive to these vibrations you will know these things more easily. So the exercise today was in one context, an act of humility, sacrificing your own individuality, when you might want to aspire to attain a B-flat or B-sharp rather than perhaps a D with the group. You learn to become One, part of a working unit. This is a very small thing. Now we are ready for questions.

Student: A question I had, Rayson, when I was transcribing the transcript from two weeks ago, there was a question about the "blending" of the races, and your answer talked about "separation." Could you clarify your meaning for me please?

Rayson: Certainly. This probably seems very ambiguous to you, I am sure. To talk about blending and talk about separation in the same thoughts stream, the same paragraph. Your planet is one which has had unplanned and unexpected blending, unfortunate blending, to the detriment of the near achievement of genetic harmony in the group of humans. Separation is a process that is going on in your race at this time, between your races. It is not social; it is not planned by the celestial advisors. Separation will continue through health issues that will occupy the attention of most nations in the not too distant future. Some of these difficulties will diminish the numbers of some races. It is, . .it will, . .it could, as we do not know for certain that it is much like a winnowing of the wheat harvest, where the chaff and straw is separated from the wheat. And in this case, the wheat is not one race, but the true types of each race. It is that point when blending can occur most effectively. This is not my area of expertise and I advise you to seek one who is a Life Carrier who could counsel with you. They have access to the long term plans of this nation, though many of those plans have been shelved, as they are obsolete and have had to be side-stepped due to the irregularities of the administration of this planet. Of course as you know, the major impediment that made your difficulty that caused all this was the default of the Adamic pair, which left your world with an incomplete gene pool of developed individuals who could inseminate each race group and raise them to a higher level for the most effective blending.

I will say one more thing about the separation, and it is not necessarily the separation of each colored race, into its own separate color, but a separation of the higher vibrational races from the lower. Due to the stigma that still remains in your nation and the over-reaction of that stigma by most of your populace, I will not speak further about any of the races concerning this issue. It is what you call "non-political correct." We do not wish to offend anyone as each individual is not lesser than nor greater than others, no matter what race they are. This is not an issue of individual soul value, adjuster contact, or individual growth. This is purely a civilizational gene pool issue. Does that answer your question to the extent that I can at this time or would you like me to elucidate further? (That answers my question. Thank you, Rayson.) Certainly. I will try to bring to a close the session before my host tires to the point of delivering conflicting and difficult paragraphs and issue discussion in the future.

Student: I have a question about time. It seems that the days are getting faster and faster in their passage. (Rayson: Explain please.) The older I get, it seems like the days are going by so much more quickly than they used to five years ago. Is that a function of age or….?

Rayson: Mostly a function of activity. When you put the type of life that most people lead in your nation requires them to arise at a certain time, to leave the house at a certain time, to arrive at their work or school at a certain time, to meet with individuals at a certain time, and so your life is marked with activities which, so to speak, fill up the day. What you are experiencing now is the stream of consciousness without a clock or without timely events marking your day. It is in this place where you can have exceptionally rapid soul growth and mental…mortal growth, approaching the Morontial. You can in many ways reach towards and achieve many of the basic levels of Morontial growth even in this lifetime through this unconscious process that you are experiencing in the day.

You are beginning to live your life in consciousness rather than in material time keeping. And in activities of doing, you are moving from the state of doing to the state of being, and only through the state of being can you arrive at the I AM state. This is a good practice, the days will flow. What I ask you to do, you may want to do this or not, is to look back, so to speak, as a journal of your life in the last few months or the last year or so and recall and reflect upon your life, who Jim Andrews was and what kind of spiritual growth had you experienced two years ago. And I am sure that you will find you are not the same person in your development as you were then. That you have expanded the parameters of your "being," and I use that with more than one sense. You are expanding yourself in ways, which are contributory to your passage into the Mansion Worlds, and the Morontia Life.

It is unfortunate that in a nation as wealthy as yours that people who retire then strive to fill their days with activities of ‘doing this and doing that’ to make up for the years which they did not have while they were working. Yet these are often times, can be the most profitable years of soul growth, and reflection and contemplation and meditation of all the years in your life. You could see the first 40 years of your life, after your first 20 of your childhood development, you can see this era of what you call retirement as a time to use all of your life’s wisdom and what you have learned to benefit your growth now. A time to resolve all social issues, a time to resolve all emotional issues, a time to come to peace with yourself, with your parents, with your neighbors, with your siblings, authority figures, a time to lay the leveling ground flat so that you can see across it and dominate it. And you can do this through activating and using all of the wonderful, benevolent values of human life, of eternal infinite life: Forgiveness, patience, tolerance, forbearance, loyalty…they’re all there. It’s a time to reflect upon your life as your textbook, to learn your lessons from as you review each chapter, and then to move forward to eliminate all those tensions. This is the way to moving ahead to be in full harmony and of the flow of the universe, the flow of souls toward Paradise, your flow to become One with the All. Do you see what I am getting at? (Yes, I do) Let me continue, if I may, to eliminate those negative emotional states that impede you from moving forward. The answer I am giving you answers ‘your question,’ but is directed to all those who have these issues before retiring and after. Come to peace within yourselves for only in peace and harmony can we love ourselves and love others, even those who were our nemesis at one time. No grudges, no spite. Your children have a sign on their cars that say, "No Fear." You should put on your caskets, "No Spite, No regrets." Thank you for your question.

Student: I have a question. At the beginning of this session, we were meditating, I felt the Mother’s spirits, brightness, the increase in brightness, and the sharing and it seemed as though I was asking if we could be mindally connected in this session. And my question is, as I was perceiving it, is that just my imagination or is there spiritual reality there?

Rayson: There is spiritual reality to that, definitely. The toning that you were doing, the implications of toning were far greater than I explained earlier on. Your question offers an opportunity to delve deeper. That the Mother spirit’s presence here is not unusual, it is in keeping with mind attention. Remember that Infinite Spirit is the Mother Spirit, is the upholder, maintainer, sustainer, archetype of Cosmic Mind of which you are part of. Being in peace and in love, expressing love puts you in that harmony. When you declare intentions in your life for an activity, you set your mind's direction into that harmony. When you do this in a group, when you do this together, you become synchronized mind. You may ask how it is possible for toning to do this, yet your mind controls all of your body functions whether it is the tightness of your vocal chords, your heart, your breathing, your healing, your mind controls this. Mother Spirit’s presence here is evidence that there is oneness, that the intention was declared for oneness. You made decisions to participate, to participate you took action, and you were in synchrony, in harmony with this tone. The subtleties of this exercise are not lost on many older religions and some of the newer ones. Where toning is a very important aspect of their religious rituals. And we suggest that you adopt this and use this in your religious activities, not as an activity to fill time, or space, a segue so to speak from one activity to another, but with the intention of achieving social, mindal oneness. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, but one follow on is that are you saying the toning is not necessarily the audible sound of toning, but mental toning as a separate way or coincident with? Are they both a toning process?

Rayson: Yes, the aloud toning through your voices, is a practice rehearsal, an outward process that can bring any inner toning to your minds. I use that inner toning to bring your minds in alignment with each other. You have to make effort to do this and so it brings you together. I perhaps missed your question? (No, I think that will do. Thank you.)

Student: When I was a child, about five, I went to a Great Uncle’s clock shop. And all the clocks were ticking in synchrony. And I wondered how he could spend enough time to get all those clocks to do that. And I asked him, "How much time does it take to get all those clocks to go Tick…Tock…Tick together?" And he said, "They set themselves, they’ve been running so long that they become synchronized." That’s my mental image of what Rayson is describing here. (That’s exactly right. When your group has met for several years and you tone every time, in the beginning and at the close of your sessions, you will do this automatically and you can be in tune with your neighbors, your friends, even when you are apart. You only have to ‘imagine’ that you are doing that, and it occurs. Imagining is a very powerful tool, which only a few of your species really appreciate and use well. Most of you do not use it. Some of your metaphysical religions do use imagining, though it requires a practice, a preparation that is sometimes different than what they are taught in their religious centers.

Student: Is there something similar to that when there is urge to get in touch with someone near a death? I recently had thoughts about a particularly good friend, and finally I called her daughter, not in urgency exactly, but I called and talked to her about how Margaret was doing. She said she wasn’t doing well, she agreed to call me back when she died, and in the morning she called me back and said that she died last night. The reason for calling, there must have been something going on there between us.

Rayson: Yes, there definitely is, it did occur between you. You had been in good harmony with your friend on occasion in the past. And this bonding is real, a bonding of individuals is real, it is the melding and achievement of like harmony between two individuals. And so when the approach of death comes, it is like a signal, a call to arms, a call to attention, a signal is sent out that this is about to terminate. I do not want to use too many parallels to explain this process, as it is solely energetic and very difficult to objectify in measurable or descriptive terms for you, but what you felt is real.

Student: I just became aware that that’s exactly the reason the Taliban stops children from playing, to counter that force of unity.

Rayson: Yes. If your world was without ego, hunger for power, hunger for control, what would your world be like? Where would the balance be found? It would be found with joy, love, harmony, stable families, functional communities, and constructive nations. The force of joy and love is powerful and cannot be denied except when it is snuffed out or prohibited. As you become more sensitive to this bonding and harmony, you will become sensitive to the arrival of new beings in the womb as they arrive. They are seeking community, and so as one individual’s life-stream ends and the signal emanates from their soul being, their mind, you become aware that they are dying and you call them up on the telephone. And so it is that some of your people are aware of new life inhabiting mothers who are unaware that they are even pregnant. The new being has arrived, it is there, and it is seeking contact with bonding. A wonderful experience for that being and for you. Were this to be more widely known, prenatal practices will be more peaceful, more filled with joy and singing, good vibrations, good harmony between mother and her environment. You will learn that the vibration becomes a responsibility to maintain. The beginning of children is soon followed by the responsibilities of aiding that new being to come into the flow, even before he is born. And by living in the flow, being in harmony, the mother is able to have this energy pervade her being, and which the baby senses and lives with.

So you see, today’s beginning with toning has immense intentions and repercussions that last throughout your lifetime and beyond, beyond the confines of this planet. You have through your questions been able to see and hear and understand a larger aspect of your lives, which perhaps you have not thought of before. It is worth spending some time to learn to do well, for in doing so, you will then find your life becomes one of harmony, one of peace, one of balance and one of oneness. You are then part of the flow, and as you know from the flow, good flows to you. You give out good, good flows to you. It is not necessarily in terms of material abundance, but of opportunity, peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of relationships. Having enough without having to beg for more. (Plus great joy) Plus great joy, yes, Great Joy! You will find that when the Urantia Book talks about worship, go to the book and look at what it says about worship. You can experience this in this lifetime, this oneness with Creator, your Thought Adjuster, when you experience these inner epiphanies of immense joy, which are promptly followed by profound gratitude. It is the repercussion of great joy, that gratitude repercusses from your joy, your oneness with your Thought Adjuster. This is a momentary joining. These feelings of joy and gratitude are evident; this ecstasy is evident of your having been touched and touching the intimate flow of the Thought Adjuster’s love for you. Then your joy, your worship flows directly to your Creator. And you are a part of that link. Your Thought Adjuster is the middle ground who aids you to have this as an ongoing way of looking at your Creator. I will take one or two other questions if you have any.

Student: I was reading Abraham’s lesson this past week and he was discussing the upliftment of the Supreme Being and how this will aid levels of communication. He didn’t specify in what ways. I tried an experiment of going to visit my new grandchild who is still in the womb. And I was able to see the child, and wherever I looked, he was illuminated, I could see his little body, his cheekbones, all of him. I was deeply moved. I was able to feel like I stretched my boundaries. I just wondered if that was a part of this upliftment of communication.

Rayson: It is part of the growth of your planet, of evolved individuals. It has always been possible for you to do this, but the upstepping of the Supreme allows the base of experience for everyone in the universe, so that the experiences of those of distant planets are accessible by you. Your joining, your touching, your seeing your infant grandson is not uncommon in most spheres of the universe. You remember or recognize that the Chinese count the age of each individual from the time of conception. This is a reflection of that.

Student: That makes me curious, in cases where the fetus has been aborted for whatever reason, is that fetus reborn on the Mansion Worlds as are the children who die in infancy….inaudible…?

Rayson: Yes. Personhood begins early in that cycle. We would prefer to withdraw from going further with this answer. The reasons are that this issue too is a sensitive one in your society, much is not understood about early life. There are many contentious "religious" issues involved in this. When I say "religious," I put that in quotes because it is attributable to certain organizations and their positions, which have turned this issue into a political one rather than a soul growth one. There are enough difficulties for you to deal with this issue, rather than giving you more to think about. Just remember that nothing is lost in the universe. All that is good moves forward and is retained. Life begins sooner than you realize. Preparations for your Thought Adjuster’s arrival in your own lives began long, long before you were born. That which was given to you is not lost. I will close that question by saying that the arrival of the Thought Adjuster occurs at age five. I will leave you with a question to ponder, which we can answer some other day: What arrives in that fetus before it is born, which gives it animation and substance with which Jim could contact it and others can contact it before the baby is born? What is it? Think about that. Last question? (None) Thank you for this session today. This has been a very interesting one and one that has been enjoyable to myself. I have been accompanied by others who are with me and who have assisted me in answering these questions. I am available to you all during the week, day or night, and I invite you to call upon me for clarity of thought, your daily lives, or call upon your Guardian Angels for growth in your lives, your souls, proper decisions. Talk to your Thought Adjusters about ultimate goals for your infinite lifetime.

Student: Do you teachers never sleep, that you are always available?

Rayson: That is correct, we go on holiday occasionally, but we do not sleep. We go on sabbaticals, time away. (The spa?) The Spa! Yes, we go back home and refresh ourselves with visitations with our friends. (A celestial spa?) Now please join with me and rather than doing the aaaaaa, we will do the eeeeee to re-energize you. Let us do three of these. (Toning.) I wish you well, my friends. Know that, the Mother Spirit, Nebadonia’s energy surrounds you, fills you, you are connected to that. Call upon higher mind, cosmic mind, infinite mind to fill you with right decisions and options for your decisions. Call upon Michael for courage in times of need. Call upon the Father to direct you always to the center. Good day.

(The group—Thank you, Rayson!)