Northern Colorado TeaM, #44

Loveland, Colorado


Continued training for transmitting/receiving

States of consciousness/awareness within Stillness

The continuum

Transpersonal experiences

Deeper meditation/relaxation

Shamanic Journey

Auto-hypnotic suggestion

Safety of the process

Transformation from within

Q & A:

Abraham of Salem

Laws governing new energies

Consciousness of time

Evaluating goals

Energy manifestations during quarantine

Revelatory texts on other planets

Remote viewing & OBE’s

Teacher: RAYSON

TR: Daniel Raphael

December 28, 2003

[Session began with relaxation, stating intentions and linking to the merkaba.]

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. (Group greetings.) It is good to be with you again, my friends; it seems like it has been quite some time. Today we will continue our experience, training for transmitting/receiving, but that is an outcome rather than part of what we will be teaching you today. Today we will be teaching you about a state of consciousness, a state of awareness, a place within the stillness for TRing.

In our training for transmitting/receiving, we have taken you from the level of immediate muscular relaxation into deeper meditation and stillness, into levels of awareness and consciousness that are deeper than and more still than your daily activities, even when you are at rest. We wish to emphasize that the training we are providing is that of a "continuum." We teach in blocks but this does not accurately reflect the continuum of consciousness. Within the stillness, you can experience changes within yourself, which you would not ordinarily anticipate or expect during your conscious waking hours. Even transpersonal experiences are a part of this continuum.

Today we will be helping you experience what mortals call a "shamanic journey," but without the use of hallucinogens, without any psychotropic applications. Every thing that chemicals and drugs can induce can also be originated within your mind without these additives; those simply speed the process and level out the bumps as you proceed towards a more quiet time within yourself, to experience other planes of sensation, thought, consciousness. For some of you, the words "shamanic journey" are laden with taboos, but these are the only ways that we can communicate with you to understand this continuum. This is a peaceful process; it is inactive physically, but highly active in the mind, the psychic and spiritual realms where you access the lower morontial levels of awareness. We will not take you on fifteen-mile runs without water; we will not expose you to harsh sunlight without water; we will not have you experience the melding of the conscious with the unconscious realms through physical duress, though these techniques have been used for millennia on your planet. The way of the shaman is many tens of thousands of years old.

The addition of incense and music can help this. The practice of drumming by some indigenous peoples is one way of achieving a trance-like state. Sweat lodges can induce this as well. Today we will use the very gentle approach of music and incense and guidance—guidance from without and guidance from within. We will also use an auto-hypnotic suggestion, given by yourself, to yourself to assist this process of relaxing. This is not a dangerous process; we would not bring you to a forum where there is harm or danger. You need not fear of losing your mind, or dropping into a hole of consciousness never to return—those are myths—yet, as a caution, these practices should not be done by those who are experiencing high mental or emotional duress in their daily lives. The environment of your interior mind needs to be clear, at peace, so if you are in a state of anguish, emotional duress, we suggest that you withdraw today. Those who are reading transcripts and practice these processes, we also suggest you only do so when you are at peace. The way of our Father, our Creator, is peace and love and light; choose those for yourself always.

Today’s experience will be similar as our last one, where it is a co-creative, conscious process, using the TR to guide you. Would you please begin the music? [Music: "Shamanic Dream" by Anugama. Nightingale Records, NGH-CD-321 (also see: www.Anugama.com)]

[Ed. note: The technique used during this lesson is one of calmness, and softness, the voice slow and flowing, with pauses of varying lengths between phrases and sentences. There is no hurry; the guidance is gentle, there is no tension from any source. Only peace.]

This is Daniel. I will assist you to relax and move deeper into your relaxation. If you have not already, I would ask you to state your intent for this process this afternoon, and if you are uncomfortable with this experience today, then just sit in quietness in your conscious mind and be at peace. For those of you who want to continue, focus your hearing on the drumbeat. And with the drumbeat, say to yourself in your mind, "I am relaxed." (Pause.) "I am relaxed." This journey into deeper relaxation is to quiet your mind, to quiet your body. It is very amazing how busy we are even when we think we are relaxed. And if nothing occurs for you today, you should awaken from this experience, very, very relaxed, refreshed. Everything we are doing today, you can do at home on your own, with or without music. (Pause.) "I am more relaxed." And as you can sink deeper, you may want to form a question; a very simple question would be, "Am I alone?" "Am I alone in my consciousness?" And of the being that answers you, ask them if they work for Michael and Nebadonia. Continue being more relaxed, going deeper, and of this being, you can ask more simple questions, "What am I to learn today?" as an example. (Pause.) "I am more relaxed." (Pause.) More deeply. (Pause.) If your mind becomes active, then listen to the drumbeat. (Pause.) Deeper still. (Long pause.)

And now Michael comes to greet you. Michael is here; speak with him. (Long pause.) In this state, you can feel the peace that pervades, that surpasses all understanding. I am at peace. I feel this peace flow into every part of my body; this peace flows into every part of my mind; the peace that is Michael’s mind. I accept this into my being, at all levels of my awareness. And where there is not peace, I come to understand why there is not peace; it is for clarification, understanding of that which is not peaceful. (Pause.) I am at peace; I am relaxed. This peace goes deep into my being. I accept peace, the peace of Michael. (Long pause.) In this state of relaxed being, feel the vibration of the drum; it settles you, without thought; let it enter you. (Long pause.)

Okay, bring your awareness to the present. [Music is turned off.]

RAYSON: This is Rayson. What you have experienced is a very powerful process that incorporates many levels of your being through your awareness. Music is a powerful antidote towards anxiety; it is a powerful leveler of turbulence in your mind. We have without ceasing, told you that daily stillness will lead to a deepening of your awareness, your contact with your Thought Adjuster, with your Guardian Angel, Celestial Teacher, to Michael, and to all. If you were to practice the stillness in the morning, and then the musical meditation like this each night, in two years, your life would be transformed. You cannot go to a garden daily, to enjoy the flowers, the grass, the plants, and the sounds for two years and not have that garden exist someplace in your being, in your consciousness. You become part of it; it becomes part of you. This is the quiet and slow process of integrating the reality, the existence of your Thought Adjuster in your daily life. And soon, you will go to the garden in your mind, because that will be as real as the garden you step into in the morning and the evening, and enjoy it in stillness. Soon you will be able to visit the garden, wherever you are. It becomes a state of being where you do not "do" things, but you simply "are." Your being of oneness, and stillness exists in your mind as it does in the garden, outside your home. Daily practice, dedicated practice for a period of two years, will yield immense results in your life; you will be transformed from within.

This was a brief experience today, but one that is easy to repeat, often, easily, in many places at many times in your life. We have taken you on a brief tour of the states of awareness and consciousness in the last three or four sessions. These are simply samplers for you to experience. You may find a way of being in stillness, learning the rudiments of TRing on your own, for each of you are unique and you have a unique relationship with your Thought Adjuster. And surely, your Thought Adjuster has a most unique relationship with you. I know that now you are deeply relaxed; if you would raise your awareness just a bit more, we are open for questions, if you have any. Or if you would like to pause and take a break, we can do that and come back and entertain your questions then. Is there a preference? (Student: I vote for a pause.) Okay, when you are ready, open your eyes and we will take a break.

* * * * * * * *

This is Daniel. Let’s take a few moments to relax, and still "hear" the shamanic drum in the background, keep the beat in your body and in your mind. Become more relaxed. (Pause.)

RAYSON: This is Rayson; let us continue. This portion of the afternoon will be dedicated towards answering any questions you may have. They may be on subjects that are relevant to you and not specific to today’s lesson.

Student: I have a question, Rayson. I would like to not verbalize it, but I would like to just have this question in my mind and ask you for the answer. It’s a very simple question—would you be willing to do that?


[NOTE TO READERS from the TR: The Student who asked this question was quite innocent of the nature of the request. For the TR what occurred was a complete blank, as though the connection with Rayson had been severed, when the request for the "unspoken question" was raised.

The request for "the unspoken question" was an eventuality.  It cannot be avoided simply because some people like to play tricks with the TR process. (Though in this case the questioner’s request was made from innocent motives.) This trick is what Sadler was so adamant about destroying when he went on his Medium-witch hunts. And his stand/position is very, very valid. 

The trickery can come from either side. If an answer is given to the unspoken questioner, the questioner could deny that the answer was correct.  If the answerer was in cahoots with the TR the answerer could validate an erroneous, connived question/answer routine.

You see, some people are not above trickery, either those who are of the TM or not, if we take a cynical view of humanity and the penchant of humans to try to trick each other. It was not uncommon, and still is not, to view mediumship (TRing) as entertainment. To that end, it was "fair" to plant people in a crowd or audience to ask questions of the medium to which the medium already knew the answers.

There is no win-win solution to this problem until all mortals have access to the monologue/dialogue of the celestial teacher. Until then, it is a matter of faith.]

RAYSON: Thank you dear _______ for your question. What Daniel experienced as the TR was a complete void, an emptiness where our consciousness was not. He literally drew a blank.  We have been well trained and forewarned about the proclivities of errant humans to meddle with the TR process due to cynical interventions. We will not entertain any questions or the proposition of them. We are not to entertain them in any way as that is akin to the machinations and manipulations of Lucifer. Trickery is not a part of faith. Spiritual-mortal partnership is a continuum of the union of consciousness of the mortal and the spiritual/morontial being. This will be a continuing topic over the centuries to come. Those who do not believe in this continuum will not be convinced of any portion along the continuum, yet rail against those who do.


Student: I could ask it in a public question. I think many of us are reading the transcripts off of the Internet; I’d like to know whether Abraham who is one of the teachers, if that is the Abraham of Salem, who was Melchizedek’s student?

RAYSON: Yes. [This is Daniel. That was the immediate answer that came through.] (Student: Thank you.)

Student: Regarding the new energies on the planet, the raised vibration, the shift in the energy grid, are there different laws that govern these energies, or if not different, are there new laws?

RAYSON: This is Rayson. The various spectra of energy all abide by similar rules or laws, as you call them. There are, however, undisclosed energies, spectra of energies, which you are unaware of, on the levels above the super universes, such as Orvonton, which are governed by "other" rules, yet they are all consistent. This may sound like an ambiguous answer; the general rule that is firm is that you will find uniform application of laws, rules for energy within local domains. (Thank you.)

Student: Rayson, I was pondering the developing senses that we are being given…(Rayson: Already have!)… Already have? Does one of these relate to time? Adjustment of time? [Something] along those lines?

RAYSON: Yes. That is an excellent question!

Student: Does it enable us to better control time? I’ve noticed on occasion that I’m not aware of time—I go into the subject that I’m working on, and pretty soon, time has passed and it’s the subject that I’m working on, that is predominate. Time is not necessarily in all cases (some cases, but not all,) of the essence is really the subject that is being worked upon. Is that….[Student mumbles and voice becomes faint]

RAYSON: Let me explain it this way: You can neither change nor manipulate time, however you can change and manipulate your consciousness. Perception of time changes with states of consciousness. Time is relevant and relative to your state of consciousness. You have a limited ability to enter into different phases, stages of consciousness in your mortal existence. These lessons we have been teaching you to learn to TR are directly applicable to the issue you question, the relative time in your life. You will notice that when you change state of consciousness, your perception of time changes. Yet we are taught in the morontial schools that your experience of time is consistent with your level of consciousness. The consciousness of Michael and the realm of time and absence of time are beyond your comprehension. Thus, you must perceive of consciousness of time at a level less than Michael’s.

Melchizedeks are given immense training and education in this as they operate throughout the domain of all of Nebadon. Within Nebadon, there are many regions that are vastly different than that which exists on your planet. Your consciousness and your appreciation of temporal matters are grounded in the reality of the material. Your consciousness as it expands, begins to appreciate "time" in a new manner. Children do not perceive the change of seasons, yet as they grow older and are taught about the seasons, they see these things, and then within the seasons they begin to notice a development of flowers, for instance, that begin as bulbs or seeds and develop, grow, mature and reproduce.

If you were to project your consciousness outside the envelope of this planet, as though you were orbiting your planet at the distance of the moon or beyond, you would begin to see and appreciate your planet in a much more grand perspective. You would be in consciousness of a perspective of time that you had not experienced before. Yet another perspective of time will be given to you when you are able to share awareness with your Thought Adjuster. That will be a humbling yet hopeful perspective of your life in union with the Creator’s fragment. Yes, you surely will grasp a new sense of time as you mature in your spiritual, morontial consciousness. (Thank you.)

Student: Rayson, you’ve been working with me for quite some time now…(Rayson: And "hard" too!)…Yes (laughing). Yes, I know—I’m a tough nut to crack--… about staying in the "now" and not getting off into the future all the time and daydreaming, and what-not…where do having goals fit into this? Are they desirable? Or is that partly how I keep myself out of the "now?"

RAYSON: We suggest that you think of goals on more than one level. There are material goals—money in the bank, having the house paid off, groceries in the larder, shampooing the carpets—whatever it may be that is a material goal that you have. And then there are other goals—goals for yourself, how you wish to be, goals for what you want to do—you may want to learn to be a ceramicist or a woodworker or a painter of art. You may want to form a goal to be in Stillness; you might want to take on the being of consciousness of a Zen Buddhist. We suggest you categorize your goals; goals should be desirable elements of your life, those achievements that you will be proud of, satisfied with, have a sense of fulfillment when they are achieved. The most worthy goals are those where you sense fulfillment at "becoming more than you are now." And you may form these goals with your Guardian Angel and your Thought Adjuster to assist you in forming "who you will become." Those great words, which are eternal, exemplify that, and they are these: "I am now…." Or, "I AM now!" As it is the I AM, that is always in the "now." When you examine your state of I AM in the now, we hope that you will always see that you have achieved the goal of being who you are now, and being pleased with that. Is this complicated?

Student: (Pause.) No, not really. Sometimes I think that some of my goals tend to take me away from the spiritual growth pursuit.

RAYSON: Then we suggest that you categorize your goals, examine them daily, and work on your goals daily. If you work on one set of goals for three months, then you will have neglected the other sets of goals. (Thank you.)

Student: You might consider this kind of a curiosity question, but during the time that Urantia was in quarantine, and the circuits were down except for the Archangel’s circuit, did people have individual merkabas during that time? (Rayson: Yes.) And was Mother Nebadonia’s healing energy available? (Yes.)

Student: Some of the transcripts we’ve been reading, Michael and Nebadonia talk about our participation in healing the planet. Would you care to speak to that and amplify that?

RAYSON: No, we have covered that before. You are welcome to share those transcripts with the sources thereof with your fellow participants. We would hope you would do that.

Student: This is a question from someone outside of our group: "Has there ever been a situation on another planet where the mortals were given a revelatory text like The Urantia Book?

RAYSON: Yes. We have seen this occur on many planets; they are not as useful or used as is The Urantia Book is being used on your planet, particularly on those planets that receive Magisterial Sons, Avonals, Teacher Sons. Planets that are developing according to the regular, usual plan of planetary development have these on hand as historical footnotes, so to speak, for the spiritual evolution of their planet. In most instances, on these planets, they have been literate, they have been recording their histories for thousands of years and there are existent records, except in those cases where they were accidentally destroyed. On those planets, which were in darkness during the quarantine, yes, these revelations are available; the mortals were cut off from the broadcasts, from the shared awareness of Midwayers being among them, of the commonality, the flow, the thread of history of their planet was lost to mortal consciousness, and so a revelatory function was established. Each situation is unique unto each planet. (Thank you, Rayson.)

Student: Rayson, at one time you talked to us about remote viewing and I wonder if there’s a way that we can develop that ability. Do you have any suggestions to make to us about that ability that can be developed? (If it’s in your best interests, God’s best interests for us to be working on this?)

RAYSON: The process is quite simple, really, and I will differentiate it from imagination. Think of yourself sitting in your armchair, imagining being on the moon, looking back at earth. That’s one set. The other set is to be on the moon in consciousness, observing the earth. They are vastly different. That is the short explanation. The longer explanation also involves states of consciousness, relaxation, what you may call a transpersonal experience. Out of body experiences are not uncommon on your planet, and are in fact, quite usual for most mortals, though few mortals are aware of them occurring, but they do exist, and many of you here have had them. It is not that you "think" you are there in another location; it is that you "know" you are there, and you in fact can look back at your body, being at rest. You can, similar to your computer functions, scroll in to a closer view of the earth, your geographic nation, the region where you live, the city where you live, the house where you live—in fact, look through the roof, the structure of the house, and observe yourself, sitting in your chair.

Most people experience out of body experiences the opposite way: They find their awareness outside their body, usually floating above and to one side of themselves. In that state of consciousness, you can "will" yourself to move higher and view yourself as though with X-ray vision from any height. It is a state of consciousness. To practice that, you must become relaxed, become still, and in the state of stillness, become unaware or oblivious to your surroundings, and you move into a state of being, you simply "just be!" You live in the moment, and inexplicably, you begin to see yourself, your world, from a different perspective. I cannot adequately explain this transition from a state of being to the state of being outside of your body; it only requires you to trust and know that state of being, consciousness is non-material and non-dimensional, and knowing that, you know that it also exists outside the realm of local time.

I think that is perhaps enough for you to think about for now. We most of all wish you not to practice this to the extent of becoming lost in this place, and that is the hazard for minds that are limited in their capacity to control or manipulate their inner environment. Shamans and spiritual teachers on your planet also will teach you when you wander around the universe this way is to leave a monitor or beacon or your golden thread, and wherever you go, your thread leads you back home, and this works too. Mortals often go astray in these experiences, becoming involved to a deeper extent in the phenomenology of consciousness, so that it becomes a preoccupation rather than a tool for assisting their spiritual awareness for living in the now with their Thought Adjuster, for assisting the conscious growth of their mind and living peacefully in their world. Sometimes you need to come up for air and eat and breathe and live. Each of you has seen anecdotes in your history, in your world, where people have gotten lost in these states of consciousness. We do not advocate such extensive pursuits with so little training.

Student: How do you tell the difference between whether you are really having a remote viewing experience or if it is just your imagination?

RAYSON: When you raise your hand and you lick your palm, you taste the salt of your skin, then you are home! (Long pause as the student tries to figure out what Rayson meant.) Your experiences in remote viewing are characteristically much different than your consciousness, as you exist right now. You are very much aware of your consciousness now as you sit in your chair and [are] actually sitting inside your body; and your state of awareness in your remote viewing, in an altered state of consciousness, is much different than that. There is not an awareness of body, of the materiality of your being, and that truly is one of the most fundamental criterions for you to know the difference. Explained further, in that state of awareness, you are separated from your body; you are "other than body." You already know this in that state. When you are imagining, you have simultaneous awareness of being in your body imagining, and holding the imagined images. In the remote viewing or out of body experience, you have singular awareness of being separate from your body. (Thank you.)

Have we reached that point where we have expired the questions, or are there more? (Students express that they have no more at the moment.) This concludes our primary training for you to learn to TR, for you to learn to be in other states of consciousness, the aspect function of being able to TR is a function within a state of consciousness that is altered from your conscious awareness, which means simply that you are doing something while you are not really thinking about it. We will return to our former format of teacher/student and questions in our forthcoming sessions.

We wish you well, and as you look to the New Year. Be aware that your world is changing. We invite you to take a removed perspective of your world. Place yourself outside the atmosphere of your planet; begin to appreciate a heightened perspective of human activities on your planet. When you become caught up in the news as it is broadcast, you become ineffectual to alter the course of your world. Go home once in awhile to your merkaba, to your meditations; return to your community of spirit. Pray for those who are injured, those who are without; pray for and see the enlightenment of your world; pray for the transition of those individuals from lack of awareness to awareness of their participation, their partnership with the Creator. See your world in a new light as it enters this new year; see the winter fade with spring, see the enlightenment of summer in spirit, shine upon all people and know that all the harm and danger of the world will pass, that you will be a co-creative partner in its new cycle. Good day. (Good day to you, Rayson. Thank you for the two lessons on TRing, I think they will be very helpful. Thank you for coming.)