Northern Colorado TeaM Group, #40

Loveland, Colorado

Topics: Upliftment of Urantia

Unexpected development

Anticipation of Descending Son

Co-creative reconstruction

Michael’s resources

Role of Monjoronson

Q & A: Details of mortal/morontial blending

Enhanced senses

Mortal responsibilities


Changes in planetary system

New evolutional ways to uplift world

Photon belt and Mayan calendar

Genetically transferable in potential

Determining readiness

Relationship to physical/health problems

Teachers: Rayson and Monjoronson (TR, Daniel)

September 21, 2003

[This session was preceded by the formation of the group merkaba and connection to the anchor.]

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. (Good afternoon, Rayson!) It is good to be with you once more. We are glad to see that you are talking among yourselves about the new developments in the Teaching Mission and more correctly, the Correcting Time. Many of the teachers did not anticipate some of the developments that you are now beginning to experience, to become aware of. The possibility of uplifting your being, your material being in connection with your morontial being during this mortal lifetime was not anticipated by many. But it is a real development. It is available to everyone, upon their request. It is not necessarily an "agreement," but surely a "handshake" to become a more active, intense service to Father and to Christ Michael, and you will be most helpful and useful in this Correcting Time. It may not be through the Teaching Mission but in ways that are connected to the upliftment of your planet.

You who have been working on the zero-point energy may wish to engage this option. Your work would be of immense service into the unforeseen future of your planet, not just decades or centuries, but millennia.

You have been anticipating a guest and he is with us today.

MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson. (Welcome!) You no doubt have hope for the arrival of one of the Descending Sons, upon the first time of your reading The Urantia Book, that section. [The Urantia Book, Paper #20, The Paradise Sons of God.] Many of you have earnestly prayed for some approach of a being who’s capacity could help amend the immense difficulties and learning deficits that are so apparent to any insightful mortal on this planet. And long before the Correcting Time was evident on this planet, millions upon millions of earnest believers in traditional faiths of the west and other religions, which are God centered, prayed earnestly for peace, for well-being, for prosperity, only praying for eras that would be such, never anticipating that peace, prosperity, contentment might be perennial. Now that is an option.

And just because a Descended Son is here, does not mean that your wellbeing will be uplifted immediately. There are still many preparations involved and needed before the arrival is made apparent to the multitudes. It is not a matter of time but of the development of good order, good preparation for that arrival. And it will not become apparent to the multitudes simultaneously or instantaneously, much as the arrival of the Spirit of Truth was evident to believers. You should imagine great rollers on the ocean, as waves of awakening; and even on the shores of consciousness of developed individuals being close at hand, that wave must strike that shore many times before it is acknowledged, let alone accepted.

For those who accept and readily believe, [it will be] much like paying off the mortgage to your house—you are still in the same house—it is simply the arrangements of your energy and your time [that] is changed. You still go to work, still use your credit cards, send the children off to school, visit your neighbors, but there will be an anticipation of the positive changes, positive situations that will not erupt, but evolve. And we anticipate that you will participate positively, constructively, and supportively with these changes.

Viewing your culture, here in this nation, you think in terms of personalities of movie stars, presidents, senators, representatives, Supreme Court judges—people of political power and position. Do not anticipate that these bastions will be amended rapidly or soon, for the true changes, developments—positive, constructive, evolutionary changes —that occur in a society and on a planet, as a whole, are slow and must be infused in the individual and expressed in their enthusiasm for change, for positive change. Your representative governments will remain; your democracies will remain; they will evolve, as will other government, political systems evolve, but only through the participation and urging of the individual, that person with a new state of consciousness, who will use a new reality to amend their world.

You can then see through this that this truly will be co-creative, will be re-educated, but of your own volition. You will have a new community, which you will build. You will raise your own children in a different manner, with help. None of the chores of humanity will be abandoned. And as your societies are amended, you must see that the elements of peace grow, and the elements of destruction diminish. Surely there will continue to be a need for service to the governance of your world, your nation, your states, your counties and cities, and it may even be obligatory, but will become service in the name of peace and social growth and development. If you wish to see a parallel, then view the parallel of the Great Depression that affected your world in the 1930’s and 40’s, and the infusion of assistance of your governments in positive, constructive, civil work—this is a very similar parallel to the Correcting Time.

Michael is investing immense resources heretofore unknown in the millions of years—billions of years—of Nebadon’s existence. Never before has a world been reconstructed through co-creative participation of the mortals who live there. You correctly anticipate the words of the Midwayer who spoke today to your friend, who said, "The rehabilitation of your planet will not be diminished by a lack of resources on the part of Michael." Restating that, Michael will not withhold any resources for the immediate healing and eventual integrity of your planet and its societies, and that those resources will be applied and made available as soon as they can possibly be used.

In real terms, your planet has been given the benefit of borrowed Midwayers from other planets, as you learned earlier, today. These wonderful creatures are necessary to help pull the social strings of your society, to tug at you almost measurably, to help guide you without usurping your decisions, and your will by offering real-time suggestions, insights into your minds, and the options of taking action. You who are here today and those who read this transcript, take this to heart—listen, see, and ask for insights and guidance —not only pray for your own upliftment and healing, but for insights on how to apply yourself, your time your lives, and your co-creative participation with Michael and this wonderful corps of beings who are on this planet to assist him. Do not be surprised when you have this insight, this flash of awareness, that you see an option that you had not seen before!

You may wonder where my place in all this is —for me it is one of the grandest adventures a Descending Son could ever possibly participate in —I am not going to a planet that is on the edges of Light and Life but on the edge of chaos and planetary destruction. However, I see potential spiritual growth of each of you and all of you, and the whole planet. In coming events you will see effective participation on my part in your world around you long before I appear.

And neither do I usurp the authority of Machiventa, the Planetary Prince. He has plenty of work himself to do. You see, there are many agendas at work in concert for your planet. Think of the largest, possible human endeavor that has ever taken place on your planet, whether it is the building of a huge hydroelectric dam, the interstate highway system, moving cities, developing a complete infrastructure for a nation, building an immense sky-scraper, then multiply that by a thousand, or a million times, and you have an inkling of the magnitude of the effort Michael’s individual, personal effort, to help heal your planet.

And all the while he is personally, individually, available to each one of you —not one at a time —but simultaneously! Truly, this planet could be healed in less than ten years if everyone on your planet made conscious contact with Christ Michael and amended their lives in concert with God’s will for their lives, for the equal, fair participation of others, without the aggrandizement of individuals, without the acquisition of power, without the diminishment of others to do so.

You see, the healing of the planet now is up to you. And all you need to do is be responsible for yourself. You can truly do no more than that. All we ask is that you respond appropriately when you come into awareness. We are not concerned about the individual who rejects these efforts. Those who hear, act upon it. Those who hear and are complacent, they will have put themselves into a difficult position, and they will be aware of that, eventually. And as you know, Michael does not operate through threat for cooperation or retribution for those who do not cooperate, but imagine the sorrow of the soul of those who become aware that they knew early on and did nothing.

Now, I understand that some of you have questions that you would like to ask of me. Be aware now that I will not be able to answer all of them.

Student: First of all, Monjoronson, I am very excited about all of this! I am very pleased to be living in this day and age. (Monjoronson: We too, are glad that you are here.) Can you give us more details about this blending of the morontial body with the material body, since our Urantia Book does not go into anything of this nature?

MONJORONSON: Yes, certainly. At the basic level, you are inhabited by two consciousnesses —your own and the Thought Adjuster. When you are aware of that you are in contact with the greatest resource in the universe. When you are also aware that Christ Michael is personally available to you and will not withhold any resources for the upliftment of your planet and for you individually, you come to see that it seems like a natural thing that he would provide the option for individuals to request and receive the blending of morontial capacities and capabilities during your mortal lifetime in your material body —to the capacity that you can receive this.

Details are many, but you will become aware —if you are already a self-aware individual —that your perception of the world is changing. You will become aware of energies and thoughts from distant places, some of which you will not like, and you can reject them and create barriers for their inclusion in your mind. These filters are a natural thing to put in place —they are not blinders, for you are aware that they are there, but you do not feel the pain and anguish of their source.

You will become aware of [an] enhanced level of psychic abilities —I use the word "psychic" very advisedly and carefully, as there are so many negative connotations for that word —yet this truly means only awareness past your five senses. You can anticipate a heightened awareness of all your five senses, plus the development of several more. Some of you have genetically innate capabilities for enhancement of up to nine to eleven senses. Some of you have only the capacity to appreciate the enhancement of your existing senses, yet even with your limitation of five senses you will have sight that is enhanced; you will be able to see at-a-distance.

For those of you who are skeptical, that is a good state of mind to have for a while. Mortals with enhanced senses seem to become "little gods," who think that they can do more than they can, and truth is, they certainly can —but when they are invested with an immature ego, there can be much harm done. That is why, when you ask for the enhancement of yourself in morontial capacities, that you are obliged to begin greater service, as that will assist you to bend your lives in positive, constructive ways. Is that sufficient to answer your question?

Student: It helps a great deal! When you talk about this enhanced vision, is that strictly in a spiritual sense or is it a physical sense as well? For example, will our eyesight change so that we won’t need to wear glasses?

MONJORONSON: No, it has nothing to do with your physical eyes; it has to do with "remote viewing," as you might say. And you will be particularly able to see at-a-distance, where there are emotional energies resident. This does not empower you to see directly, but, rather because it is an energy that courses through the consciousness of individuals it enters the stream of consciousness around your planet, and when you "tap" into that, you "see." You can practice this by sitting still and seeing into a foreign country, into a house, into a room —seeing through the consciousness of those who live there.

Now, what is the responsibility of that? The responsibility is that you would see what is there, neither judging nor condemning, but praying[/seeing] right action, right order, peace, tranquility, harmony, perfect order in the lives of those who live there. Your prayers are much more powerful now —you will truly be able to project your consciousness to those places. This is not something to be lightly entered into, frivolously or insincerely. We ask you to examine your intentions for these actions. You are not a "moral voyeur," but you are truly as morontial-beings-becoming, extensions of morontial consciousness. You will let others know who you are, by those projections. You see, it is not a window that only you see through; and it is not a mirror either, but another door that you open and cross, and others can see you as well. Present your best face, state of consciousness, and intentions when you do these things for truly you will expose yourself, and at a level of consciousness that you would never, ever have anticipated. You will begin to know others and others will know you, as they will see you similarly on the morontial planets, they will see you coming before you arrive, know who you are before you arrive, and know you and greet you when you do. And so the window to your soul-presence becomes more transparent.

Student: Are you describing, or does this have some relationship to bi-location? (Explain, please?) Well, in some spiritual teachings in the Indian culture, wise people have thought themselves to be in two locations at once. Christ was seen in many locations before he began his final ascendancy.

MONJORONSON: This is similar, but not identical. You will be able to bi-locate, but not as a material being. Others will become aware of your presence, but not because of your physical being.

Student: Would it be the morontial being that is present that they would be aware of?

MONJORONSON: Certainly. You, even now, have an imprint that you leave, even without morontial enhancements.

Student: I have a question. Russian scientists have reported significant changes in our current planetary system, the considerable increase in the power of our sun and the results that it is having throughout the planetary system, changes in each planet’s atmosphere, and an increase in their brightness. And another source reporting a seeming change in the density of the ether, into which the planetary system is moving through space, with the thought that these may be causing significant changes in the human environment, possibly in a very positive way. I wondered if you could provide any insight into these happenings.

MONJORONSON: Simply that these things are nothing to be afraid of. I will not go into a scientific explanation but simply state that you will see many manifestations of the change in this sector. (Thank you.)

Student: In what new ways will we be able to uplift our world with this blending that we could not have achieved without it? Is the advanced spiritual growth of some of us able to affect a wider range of influence, or is there perhaps an exponential affect or something of that nature?

MONJORONSON: It will be exponential—that little blip that comes off the graph and goes along to the right on the x, y coordinates, rises and then rises more. You wonder how this might become expressed, besides spiritual upliftment. How about cooperation? How about coordination? The even distribution of resources? Freedom of choice to have children or not? Greater influence over your own life in every way, without harming or infringing upon the freedoms of others? What would happen if nations stopped vying for energy sources? What if the economic driving wheels of nations moved from energy and warfare to commonplace commerce, movement of goods and produce? Is it frightening to think of a world without embargoes, tariffs, and trade controls? You would think there would be chaos, immense depressions, economic collapse. And surely it will cause immense consternation on the part of those who are in control.

But this will not be a rapid, evolutionary process and will not be accomplished in a century. The responsibilities and obligations of individuals will actually increase as their freedom increases. Those most affected, besides those in power politically and economically, are those in power in the institutions that govern the moral, ethical lives of millions of individuals. The consternation of individuals, [unclear] who are truly, solely responsible for the outcome of evolution and development of their lives will be immense for some, and immense for many. [Unclear]

Yet, no one will be left without resources of the deepest, most powerful kind —the empowerment of themselves. And we are here to help you empower yourselves, not in revolution, but in evolution. You truly will see nations —social, moral, ethical, frontiersmen, that you saw in the decades and centuries ago, as pioneers came to the new world and could become all that they could, with the exercise of their abilities and the development of their capabilities. This is how we see your world; this is what has grabbed the enthusiasm, the hearts, and the minds of the Celestial Corps. We look forward to some of you who become "Sooners," getting there "sooner" on the moral frontiers of your world and of your own life.

Student: It’s been reported that our earth will be soon passing through what is called the "photon belt," and my question is, they said that this will coincide with the ending of the Mayan calendar —are these reports true, and if so, how does it affect the mortals on Urantia and the Correcting Time?

MONJORONSON: This calendar and its function is not lacking in its universe support for credibility, and individuals definitely will be affected. This is not a make-believe scenario, the vision of some mystic, imagination of ancient science fiction writers, though we differ with the visions and the outcomes that they saw. This too, is nothing to be fearful of —fear will hold you back. Fear will make you crumble. Fear will take your empowerment away. Thank you.

Student: Are there already some individuals who have benefited from this new "blending?" I was thinking, perhaps due to comments made about some of our recent "graduates" of this planet, about their decision that they wanted to continue to work toward the Urantian uplift. Is this something that has already happened, or is it yet to be?

[This is Daniel. He’s kind of made parentheses around "complicated question!"]

MONJORONSON: Let me answer this simply, and disregard some of your statement. Yes, it has occurred, only very recently, that yes, there are individuals who you know who have already begun this process. Thank you.

Student: Are these changes going to be genetically transmissible, for example, to those who are young enough to still bear children, if they chose to avail themselves of this morontial/material blending?

MONJORONSON: In general terms, yes. It will be genetically transferable. However, it will only remain a potential, to be actualized, initiated by the request of the individual in concert action with the Thought Adjuster’s initiation.

Student: A statement that "our Thought Adjuster will initiate" this situation, what might be some of the possible reasons why some of us may not be able to avail ourselves of this? Is it a kind of spiritual readiness that determines it?

MONJORONSON: It is solely determined by the intentions of the individual and the preparedness of the mind to accept this. If your mind is in resistance to the requirement of additional skills or abilities, is in disbelief that it is possible, or the individual feels that they are unworthy, then it will not come to pass but will begin integration once the individual has gone past those hurdles. Do you understand? (Yes, I think that was very clear. Thank you.)

I think that I have shared enough for today. You have a great deal of homework involved in this session, if you accept it as such, and we hope you do.

Student: I have one rather brief question. (Certainly.) In view of this physical/morontia enhancement, would that also tend to correct some physical or health problems that might stand in the way of an individual’s effectiveness?

MONJORONSON: No. The mind is separate from the body and the brain is separate from the mind. You may anticipate a more harmonious cooperation between your mind and your body, as the mind does affect the workings of the body immensely. A mind that is more in tune with the morontial states of consciousness of being can anticipate an accruement of better health. There is a "however" and that is you do have what I would call "steady state" physical disabilities inherent in your chromosomal structure in the body that you inherited from your parents. Gross abnormalities are generally not remedial, though through miraculous intervention, they can be. It is not the intention of the Celestial Corps, or the corps of the Son to mediate miraculous happenstances, developments. We do not want to enhance the hysterical side of spiritual belief and development. That is very detrimental. Due to the deficiencies of ego and mind states of individuals, there are individuals who may feel that they are deserving and entitled to miracles, and this is a very retarded and retarding state of mind and attitude.

Student: I see that that may slide toward magical kind of thinking.

MONJORONSON: Yes. Stating an affirmation or making a prayer repeatedly does not make it so. You make much progress in your life not with repetition but through the demand of your will and through "knowing" that you are in consciousness with the Thought Adjuster, and when your consciousness is more attuned, parallel, and in alignment with the Thought Adjuster’s consciousness, then your will becomes very powerful. Of course when you achieve those levels of awareness, oftentimes, you will not even pray for those things. Further questions?

Student: Just one brief question about these enhancements —would we be more aware of our Midway brothers sharing this planet? (Yes.) Could you elaborate on how they might be more observable? (No.) [Group laughing.]

Student: Would you elaborate on how they might further assist us?

MONJORONSON: In every positive, possible way.

Thank you for your time, it is indeed an adventure being here. Thank you for your attendance. We do not take this for granted. We know that you are busy. We look out upon your kind on this planet, not similarly, but only in rough parallel as you look out upon the prairie and see so many prairie dog mounds and prairie dogs, and you wonder, "What would their lives be like if they were in consciousness as a human?" We wonder what your lives would be like and we pray for that —we earnestly do pray for your enlightenment as morontial beings.

You are cherished; you are dear; you are cared for. And you are known, individually. In your earnest requests, sincere thoughts, desires and prayers are heard and known, and accounted for too. You know now that you are not alone and never have been. The resources that are available to you are nigh on to being infinite; most of all, they are personal and they are infinite to you.

I give my blessing to you today, each day, that you may grow in light, that you may "infill" in light from your Thought Adjuster and reflect this light in all that you do, into your life, the lives of others, to your children, to your neighbors. Good day. (Thank you so much for coming to us!)