Northern Colorado TeaM #38

Loveland, Colorado


Curiosity questions and limitations

Community building

Criminal elements and deviant behavior

Financial restraints in finding solutions

Policing at home and abroad

Transportation issues

Societal transformations

Community rights vs. individual rightsFurther discussions on Zero-Point Energy

Consciousness and alternative energy sources

Work progressing within Corps of Destiny

Teacher:   Rayson

TR:  Daniel

August 3, 2003

Good afternoon, this is Rayson. (Good afternoon. Welcome back!) It is good to be here once again and there are a good number of beings with me. Of course you may not have been aware, but Bob has been a regular attendee for many, many months, long before the Denver group started. (Everyone is welcome.) This will be a continuation from the Denver group meeting that was held July 26. Today, we wish to begin opening with a discussion, a monolog about curiosity questions. You were advised a number of years ago about curiosity questions and how they were not accepted, and we continue to uphold that policy. But today, I wish to give you a more direct, succinct definition of curiosity questions and what works best for us and which we can answer most earnestly.

Curiosity questions are those questions that do not have anything to do with you or your life, in specific or even in general terms. Secondly, they are speculative in nature, and ask about remote issues that do not pertain to your personal life and its improvement. Thirdly, they are those questions that deal with either wonderment, when you so to speak "go fishing" for information and really do not have a need for that information. We are willing to entertain many questions that are not on a need to know basis, but which are helpful to you, your family, your community, your society, and your civilization.

You may be tempted to "go fishing" for answers or for tidbits of information, scavenging those small bits of wisdom or information to help you with a topic that is remote and removed from yourself. Please do not entertain those.

Now let us engage the questions that are most helpful; those questions that involve issues that assist you, as I have said a moment ago, you, your family, your community, your society, and your civilization. Whereas crop circles, for example, are germane, legitimate, do exist and mostly are not man-made, but there is not much you can do about them, not much that you would learn about them from us at this time. And there is a "however," and the however is this: However, if you were a scientist who was earnestly involved in crop circles, who had a dear interest in this, who was earnestly searching for answers, and this was close to your heart, to your life and your career and you could make a contribution, then yes, we would entertain those questions. However, none of you in this group fits that category. Crop circles are curiosities, they are anomalies, something to speculate about, a piece of wonderment that makes you scratch your head and wonder how they fit into your world and the future of your world.

On the other hand, Zero-Point Energy is almost immediately a topic of use, whose inquiry some of you in this group are pursuing earnestly, diligently, and finding product in your efforts. And that product may be in providing a service, a coordination for other people-it may not be that you would be one who would build a Zero-Point Energy machine in your basement or garage, but you would help others find resources of information to collaborate on this.

I would like to continue today in the same dialog format, as we used in Denver, where we dialog and you respond. Yes, you know that I know a good deal about many subjects upon which you have not asked, areas that certainly and surely perhaps would help someone. The point is that I can best help you in those areas in which you are earnestly involved, those areas in which you have an interest and where you can be effective. And that is truly what the Teaching Mission is all about in many ways - helping you become more effective in life and living, your individual life, so that you add weight and value to your soul before you pass on to the morontial level. And also, you can provide a service to your world in a material way that helps contribute to the upliftment and enlightenment of your world, for the dissolution of war, eliminating the necessity of conflict, the advent of peace, where it becomes a real possibility.

Does that help you clarify your thoughts about curiosity questions? (Yes, that helps. Thank you.) Do you have any residual questions or issues about curiosity questions?

Student: I have one that came up when you were talking about the crop circles. I've been curious about what the symbolism means behind it. It seems like they are messages, but I haven't been able to put anything together. Is that still just curiosity, or is there something meaningful in the messages that would be helpful to our world?

Rayson: I do not mean to be critical, but that would be a curiosity question on your part. There are individuals in your nations who are already striving to understand the meaning in symbolism of these designs. Other questions?

Student: Rayson, I am involved in community building and my path seems to lead me to areas at this time that are critical areas of public finance, but there are also critical areas in dealing with police affairs and drugs. Do you have any guidance to offer me at this time? (Rayson: What was that one word before affairs?) "Criminal" affairs with drugs. (And your question is?) Do you have any guidance to offer at this time?

Rayson: Yes. Our measures to you in your society would perhaps seem draconian, very strict with very little latitude for criminal behavior. Your society has been far too lenient upon the criminal element, and has been far too lax in the application of effective educational processes. This presents a very difficult situation for your community, and "your community" means those communities across this nation and other nations, which have the same and similar problems. Other nations on other planets of similar maturity as your world here, Urantia, are less tolerant to deviant behavior. In many ways your communities and societies here on Urantia, are most primitive, by allowing and tolerating deviant behavior, by almost encouraging deviant behavior by the laxness of its laws and the application of remediation.

Your society is wantonly deviant, in that it accepts predatory behavior by members of its own kind. This is simply not tolerated in other species even on your world. It is truly a lack of intelligence and reasoning to tolerate such behavior-predation of innocence by those who are deviant-it is malicious! Those are strong opinions, yet in the standing of civility, your world ranks close to the bottom of all of those of technological and philosophical development, compared to other worlds in Nebadon.

As an Administrator, your hands are tied in many ways to administer the laws which bind you to these lax ways of behaving, but your society will move ahead in the future by necessity to eliminate these elements, which corrupt your society. That perhaps will not happen in the next year or five years or fifty years, but it will happen, or anarchy by crime will prevail, and this would not be the first nation to come to widespread criminality, the destruction of social mores and values. The involvement of Michael on this world, in a much more powerful and direct way, yet without usurping individual will, is evidence of the necessity to do so in light of the corruption of your world. There are many good things about your society, but the culture of your media and its widespread planetary, global application is corrupting. These comments are not meant to lambaste you, my friend. (Understood.) This is provided as a warning and as direction. You should be seeing cautionary signs on the "highways of the years," of the path of development of your communities and states, those warning signs, which on your highways are yellow, and they show the direction of the path, the road, and usually state a suggested speed limit underneath. This is a "warning sign" for you, for your society. There are many speed bumps ahead!

Could you ask more questions concerning that more specifically, perhaps?

Student: Well, I take that element and carry it into the international realm. At the present time, our country is serving as a "policeman" in the behavior of other countries and it would appear that we are engaging in warfare, where we should be engaging in peace. Peace is the goal. Any advice in that area?

Rayson: As long as there is self-interest in this "policeman work," it will not prevail, it will not be functional, for there are areas in other countries that could use this policeman effort, but which provide no economic reciprocation for your country, your nation. Nations that are much smaller, could be assisted much more effectively when the interest is humanitarian, and for maintaining civility in a nation. There are already known processes and principles for enacting those, and when they are used you will see growth and development-effective policeman work. This work must be done with forethought and care, and applied with the culture and the people and the religions of those countries in consideration. This is a time, an era of much turmoil on your planet that continues what happened in the last century. Yet in this chaos, there is much to be cheered for, and that is the forces of light, of slowly investing themselves in the fabric of many nations, many communities, such as this. And this is where the strength of community will come through -through the individuals who participate in thinking ahead about the progress and maintenance of stability. Your job is not enviable, yet we are so pleased that you consult with us and share your burdens with us, and your thoughts in your quiet times. (Thank you.) Certainly.

Student: Rayson, related to this, I've been working on a transportation problem, improving transportation between the Front Range and the mountain areas, the skiing areas particularly. At one time, there was an approach being taken to use a high-speed, single rail/monorail train, between the Front Range and the mountains. In the community in which I am working at present, we're developing a self-propelled rail car, initially to be used for scenic transportation. It is rather more expensive, but are these two technologies, going in the right direction? I just wonder which way to invest my time.

Rayson: You don't want much for your question, do you? (No, just a help!) In a world of limited resources, and seemingly during this last year and the coming years, there will be even fewer resources. The adage, which we have heard, which you have heard for centuries, is "the greatest good for the greatest number of people." There are those individuals who want to be in the mountains, and those communities in the mountains want those individuals there to visit them and spend their money. How to transport them there in large numbers without amassing millions of cars and highways is really a technological question-technology versus the resources and money to build these facilities. I strive not to opinionate, but I fear this would be limited only to a smaller portion of your society, who can afford this. (Student: Is that a question?) No, it was a statement. This is a question which we are not well prepared to answer, my friend. It is very technical, and involves limited resources; we are more involved in the larger parameters. (Thank you.) [This is Daniel. There seemed to be some regret on not being able to answer your question specifically, according to Rayson.]

Student: The lack of funds is going to be a problem in a lot of areas. Harking back to the earlier question on what to do with our criminal elements, the civil administrators just keep trying to raise tax money to build more and more prisons, and the people are not willing to spend their money for this, so it is a "Catch-22. " If we don't have more prisons and incarcerate the criminal elements, then they walk the streets. It seems that our citizens are so specifically bent on making sure than no one's rights are violated, including the criminals, they wind up making the prisons too expensive to run because of what they have to provide for the inmates. Is there any way to deal with the situation other than just locking up the criminals and the mentally defectives?

Rayson: And what do you think? Do you think that there are other alternatives?

Student: Well, I've often wondered if we couldn't put them all off on an uninhabited island someplace, where they have to deal with their own kind and not be able to promote their crimes on the rest of civilization. But that is probably a very barbaric answer.

Rayson: Supposing you could do that, would that end criminality in your nation and your communities? (It wouldn't end it, no.) And you would be producing more criminals, and you would continue to export them to this ever enlarging, ever growing population on this island. Correct?

Student: Yes. Then the only alternative is to educate them before they become criminals. But we already have so many of them out there! I can see that educating them would be helpful in the future, but it doesn't solve our present conflict.

Rayson: Societal transformation is a very slow process. Many nations have been lost in the process of transforming themselves, or the failure to do so. Your nation may not be any different, except for the fact that there is extra effort on the part of the Teaching Mission and Michael, The Urantia Book, and many, many references of enlightenment and efforts invested in individuals. The Correcting Time starts with the individual, involves the family and community. Always think towards the individual. And who is the most amenable to transformation? (The children.) The children! This is where your energies must be invested. In your years that remain, this would be a wonderful place to invest your time, if you wish. But in making a meaningful contribution, whether it is as a teacher's assistant, managing or operating a daycare facility, or working in a daycare facility, you touch the lives of individuals, just as you have touched the lives of your own children and grandchildren. You have had an effect, a very positive effect. This is where your society will change; this is where your solutions for criminality can be effected. (Thank you.) Certainly.

Student: Rayson, along that same topic, The Urantia Book talks about not only the right, but also the obligation for everyone to work, and our prison systems appear not to make themselves or the systems self-supporting. How far away are we from understanding that everybody has an obligation to work? What can we do on this level and what can we do on that level to help bring this about? Or do we have to go through a lot of trial and error and hardship in order to learn our lessons?

Rayson: Yes. (That drew a laugh from the group!) It is necessary that people work; work is honorable! As long as your society gives exemption, societally limited exemption to individuals not to work, then they won't. And when your society provides the maintenance and upkeep of those individuals who are not working, then it will cost those who do work, dearly. It is a change of mind that is required, a change of values, and it fits well with what I said earlier, about draconian measures. Individuals do not need to be treated harshly, punitively, while they are in prison, and certainly we would not condone or support beatings or abuse of any prisoner, criminal or mentally ill, yet the requirement to work, and help with their support is not "cruel" and it certainly is not "unusual." The system that your nation is employing, simply does not work in the main. There are many conditions, factors, internal to the criminal justice system that reflect that the attitudes of parents toward work is a gross failure of the largest kind.

The rights of individuals surpass those of your society. In some ways, many ways, this is appropriate; yet for society to become responsible for the failures of individuals that affect all of society is also inappropriate. The balancing of community rights with individual rights has yet to be reckoned. Until those community rights are identified, individual rights will surpass those community rights in importance and precedence - then societies and communities will continue to bear and shoulder responsibilities for that failure with the individual in the rational exercise of his or her individual rights.

Enactment of corrective laws must not be done through desperation, but out of social necessity, thoughtfully, carefully. And your societies, your institutions are not incapable to do so. It just requires the determination to do it. Individuals, such as yourself, who see the higher moral and ethical ground of the Correcting Time and the Teaching Mission, are urged to apply this in your professions. Do not expect to see great changes in one year or ten, but if you can make changes of a progressive nature in your lifetime, that would be wonderful. You do not have to preach and spout many messages, but consistently carry one torch, one message forward. Others will carry other torches and share other messages.

You are seeing the very beginnings of conscious, deliberate, intentional society building as a necessity for survival. It is no small task and is not solved by committee approach, but through excellence of leadership from individuals, courageous enough to say, "This is the way; this is what we need, this is the outcome-let us pursue it." We cannot do that for you, but we will stand by you and participate with you in your quiet moments, to assist you at every step along the way, no differently than Michael does even now. (Thank you.) Certainly.

Now, let us continue with the discussion and questions, if you have any, from the last time in Denver. Are there questions?

Student: I have one. (Certainly.) In the last discussion in Denver, we were able to discuss some initial research into Zero-Point Energy or free energy and the scientists, in particular Peter Lindemann and Tom Bearden, in further pursuing that [subject] during this period, I have been able to go more deeply into their web sites and find that there are so many things described by Dr. Lindemann in more recent times than I was aware of, namely two different conferences, KeelyNet in 2001 and 2002, that updated a number of different zero-point energy devices, motors, etc., than I had any idea of being available now. With information being available on some, would allow experimenters some possibility of delving into it themselves, so again, I recommend those two sites, mentioned earlier, as a starting point and another one referenced by Dr. Lindemann which takes us to Dr. Adams in New Zealand.

This is kind of a lead into my question, which I think I can now phrase in a second. Dr. Tom Bearden, a theorist par excellence, in his second paper on the original Spirit of Maat web site, which took place in March 2002, he follows on from his first discussions on electromagnetic theory and delves into the relationship of consciousness to the time/material domain. So my question revolves around that-it's fairly theoretical and beyond my own talents, but it speaks of the relationship of our minds to the control of matter and energy, and I wanted to recommend to others who are interested in that feature to find that paper. And the question then is, do you have any advice on that which would be useable to those of us attempting to gain more knowledge of it, and can you relate it to Dr. Steven Greer's comments that UFO civilizations have long advanced to a point where they use a combination of consciousness and material science to accomplish their feats?

Rayson: Yes, certainly. As you look upon these technologies involving consciousness and these alternative energy sources, you are looking at technologies that are many decades removed from your current technological development, as you know it. We do not comment upon those technologies that are known in the enclaves of your government. We only speak to those technologies that you are aware of, in the state of your awareness today, as they are decades, if not a century away. Your original questions deal with making working models, prototypes of primitive zero-point energy machines, and these are not even widely publicly known. So if you drew a comparison between your biotechnologies, bio-medical technologies, that began with penicillin in the 1940's to the state of genome theory rehabilitation of this current era, you would find that the technologies are so remote as to appear dissimilar, so vastly developed have they become. And so you are in parallel fashion, looking at the beginning of zero-point engines today as researchers were looking at penicillin over 60 years ago, and that penicillin just happened to be discovered by a researcher who was in the process of throwing out the Petri dishes it contained.

The discoveries of zero-point energy likewise are hidden in the mathematics of your theoreticians, those individuals who have gone to the drawing board, to the chalkboard, and devised these mathematical proofs for their existence. Converting those into practical applications has begun, as you know, yet it is not widespread, does not have widespread awareness in the general public in your nation, and is not a widespread topic even among those individuals who's areas overlap these. So to look into the future where consciousness integrates the operation and function of machines, is very remote-tantalizing, engaging, fanciful, and possible- but not practical at this time. Let the development of these machines progress along a continuum that hopefully will be even, aggressive, and constructive. Long after you are gone, my friend, and those here that are gone, will come machines that are sensitive to the consciousness of their operators. For now, it is science fiction.

We simply bring these points of zero-point energy to your awareness, based upon your original questions a few weeks ago, to point you in a productive direction. And when I say "you," I mean the "collective you" of all individuals who are interested in this engaging area, this engaging field of energy. We will encourage you to continue this work. We will not assist you through this means today [TR process] in the technological development of those machines, yet, be aware that we will be with individuals, as they work upon their theories, on the practical application of those theories on the machines, those bench tops where they work, to choose one metal over another, to choose one field over another, to explore, and this too will be surmounted more quickly to co-creative participation, than not.

Yes, there are individuals of the Corps of Destiny on your planet, who are engaged in these fields; most are completely unaware that they are participants; most are unaware on a conscious level of their being assisted. We would encourage you to share this co-creative potential with them. It is not essential that they believe in God, but if they think of the possibilities of a greater intelligence that could impinge upon their own thinking, we hope that they will accept that possibility, and leave the direction and development of spirituality of individuals up to their Thought Adjuster, Guardian Angels and their own conscience. It is wonderful to see "hard rock scientists," as you would call them, speculating upon higher power. They are being engaged by definitely a higher power, within their own minds. We hope this helps you in your own direction, my friend, as you work this process of association and networking to help this process along. (Thank you very much.) You are welcome. Are their other questions concerning this field?

Student: Rayson, in our country whoever gets the first patent is the one who decides the fate of things of this nature. Has this already been patented, this zero-point energy machine?

Rayson: I believe your friend, immediately to your right can answer those questions for you. There are many machines that have been devised, some of which have been patented, or at least their plans have been patented. This is a question for research into your patent process and the office of patents in this nation and in other nations, and should you go into those research fields, you will find far more machines, processes, come to light than you knew about before. (Thank you.) You are welcome.

Now let us recap today's process. There were specific questions, and some dialog about this. We would encourage you to invite our participation, one "bite at a time," so to speak, in your problems and issues. We want to lead you to greatness, in thought and in decision, not by solving one problem in "one fell swoop," but assist you to grow into problem resolution, one little bite at a time. You, sir, may ask us some day, "I have these two options for transportation, A and B; are there other options?" Yes, of course, there are always other options. It is difficult to provide real solutions when there are blocks of power that have a desire for one solution to prevail over another. Your position is wonderful, in that it can provide new avenues of thought about existing problems. We could answer you and say, "yes, you are headed in the right direction with solution A," and you would pursue it, I imagine. Yet, life is not that simple; there are other options; there are other ways of defining the problem, and perhaps the problem will resolve itself in time-or not. We wish to continue in a dialog process, rather than a "teacher speak, student listen," mode. This is an old process, yet on the other hand, it is new to you. We hope you will continue to explore the possibilities that it offers to you.

As for zero-point energy, we continue to urge all involved and interested, to continue on, for there are solutions here, and you will discover them in time. You will find through your associations the means and resources to move ahead and provide those working models, which you seek to demonstrate. You are beginning to engage the new energy source, which The Urantia Book spoke about. It is real! Last burning questions, if there are any?

Student: I have one more. (Certainly.) In the research for identifying zero-point energy units, when we reach a point of finding one, in which patents are freely given and information available for such a unit that would be practical for small home use-5 kilowatt or 10 kilowatt energy outputs-can you suggest ways in which such a device could be engineered and manufactured and made available on essentially a "cost basis" to a wide population? Are there alternatives that would make sense to do that?

Rayson: You will not find success by pursuing a "cost basis" motivation, but the profit motive is also reasonable for this application, profit that is reasonable, not exorbitant! If you have a machine that costs $3,000 in materials, labor and overhead and you charge $90,000 - that is unreasonable. But if you make a reasonable profit, that is fair to everyone, then these products will become wide spread. Or, if these plans were made available to the homeowner who is capable of manufacturing these products themselves for a fee for the plans, that also is reasonable. Does that answer your question, or have I missed the point?

(No. Thank you very much for that. It helps.)

These sessions will continue on a "need to convene" basis. We encourage you to dialog among yourselves for real issues that we can assist you with. Thank you for your hospitality, we have enjoyed being here, and yes, I know that we are pushing you to the edges of a working group, rather than a social group, and you are producing. We respect you for that. Continue on, my friends. Blessings to you. Good day. ("Thank you" from the group.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

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