Rayson030903NOCO34_New groups

Northern Colorado TeaM Group #34

Loveland, Colorado

Teacher: Rayson (TR Daniel)

Topics:  Starting new groups co-creatively:

             Moving into new geographic areas

             Teaching the practicality of loving relationships

             Examining feelings about the new program

             Truly feeling God’s love

March 9, 2003

[Daniel led the group through our preliminary exercises of relaxation, and connection with Mother Earth energy, grounding us, and connection with the celestial universe energy flowing into our crown chakras, becoming "one" with spirit, "one" with divine energy, and "one" with divine intent. Turning our faces upward like little turkeys in a rainstorm, "drowning" in the Father’s love, and basking in his radiance. Entering into Stillness, we declared our intent and sincerity for gathering together to join our individual merkabas to the anchor.]

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. (Group welcomes our Teacher.) Thank you. It is good to be here with you, my friends. So are there any left over questions or concerns that you have? (Agatha: None. We covered them all.) No further responses from the recipients of our earlier lesson?

Agatha: They were delighted that Machiventa answered their questions in such a personal way.

Rayson: Excellent! This effort to go forward into new geographic areas where people who are interested is and will be an on-going effort of ours to assure the continued movement of the Teaching Mission’s part of the Correcting Time. We want to have you clearly and completely understand, on an experiential level, that this Correcting Time and its subordinate programs are not static. Just when you become comfortable in the routine of coming to your regular Teaching Mission session, become aware that the status quo, that situation, will not be allowed to crystallize and become inflexible from us.

We have unceasingly said that this is not "church," this is not organized ritual or ceremony, but more of a teaching mission, a forum for a teaching mortals the practicality of loving relationships, of the continuation of your lives into the after-life, and that all of this has purpose, that the ends are truly divine, and that you will participate in that in the end when you are embraced in Paradise by your Creator, the First Source and Center.

We wish you to examine the feelings you have about this new program that we have announced. If you are uncomfortable with it, examine why. It could be due to one or two or more reasons, but first may be your skepticism that this is a true part of the Teaching Mission, that it is legitimate, and you wait for its validation from other sources to acknowledge that this is a part of the program. You may have to wait a bit as other groups begin to explore the possibilities of out-reach groups from your central group that you have had for many years. It is very similar to the outreach that you use for teaching the Urantia Book—you have a meeting group that has met for many years with a stable group of individuals, and eventually you realize that it is "too stable," that it is a good place and that it feels good, but that this could be, should be, shared with others. And so you go out into your communities and you begin new Urantia Book reading groups, and advertise and market this new group to new populations, to attract them. And so those who have been in service in learning the Urantia Book and reading it can become very competent to support the efforts of new groups, whether they are the leader or whether they are there as a supportive, established, Urantia Book reader among the new ones.

So the Teaching Mission is not much different; you will want to go forward to present this to new groups. You have had others visit this group from far away; it is not unusual for individuals to drive 40, 50, or 60 miles one way, to come to this group. So it seems reasonable to begin Teaching Mission groups in those distant places, not as a substitute to supplant this group, but as an outgrowth, an outreach mission of it. If there are individuals willing to drive that far, surely there must be additional people who would be willing to drive only a few miles to a new group, and this is how it starts.

You may be uncomfortable too, in starting a new group because you fear that it might not meet your expectations, it might not be well received. Do not judge early on, please, but wait. You may wonder too about being uncomfortable to decide and determine whether you are the one, or one of several to go forward and establish new groups. Be at peace with this too, and let this mature. We ask that you simply explore this possibility to see how you truly feel about the experience of it. Just as you are comfortable here, you may be uncomfortable in starting a new group, feeling that you are "not the one," and that you miss the groundedness and the camaraderie and socially stable nature of your established group. So examine being uncomfortable. These words are not made and spoken just to this group, but to those who read the transcripts, who hear of these words.

Be aware that co-creatively, the Teaching Mission Celestial Teachers, the Melchizedeks and Christ Michael, have already put and placed new teachers in new geographic areas. The search for hungry souls is always on; the search for those individuals with a light within them, those beacons of inner spirituality that have developed; we search for them and they are ready for more insights, wisdom and love. We are doing our part, co-creatively. Now, it is required that experienced mortals to go forward into new areas, not as super-zealous, or even zealous proselytes, but simply as individuals seeking others who might have a common thread of interest in the celestial/mortal co-creative process of healing and saving this planet. Think of the Apostles how timid and unsure they were among themselves and within themselves, yet they went forward after the Master’s passing to become powerful beacons of light in new areas, spreading the word, the "good news." And as you recall, it was only the Alpheus twins who returned home to their familiar and comfortable surroundings that they knew.

So this effort to go forward, to establish a new group in Denver is truly an experiment for this area, an experiment that many will be watching from far and near. We do not know the outcome of that development, though we do know that there is a hunger and thirst for something like it by many people in that city, so we try. You might say in an affirmation that divine guidance, divine insight propels you—not compels you—but propels you to explore that revelation, whatever it might be. When you receive them in your life, it is wise to explore them, to see how effective they are, whether they work for you, and see what the results are. Many of you know that this is called by the name "opportunity." When we see opportunities, we move forward; when you see opportunities, we hope that you will move forward as well, rather than asking, "Who am I to do this?" "What right do I have?" "What skills do I have?" "What talents?" Of course, if you ask us, we will tell you that you have many talents, you are incredibly capable, you are only limited by your own thoughts of limitations. These words are not an exhortation to you, but merely insights for you to explore yourself and to explore your surroundings, in ways in which you perhaps did not think that you might.

Early on today, I mentioned that learning more about your co-creative partnership with Spirit assists you in understanding your world in new ways and to appreciate your life now, as a pre-life to the afterlife. These concepts must never be forgotten as a part of this Teaching Mission, for if they are supplanted in importance by the needs of an organization, then you will return to a similar situation of churches that are unable or unwilling to share the wisdom of the Master about the afterlife. It is as though these concepts are mission statements for the Correcting Time activities, all subordinate activities. If you asked any one Melchizedek who is a part of the Correcting Time, or any Melchizedek in all of Nebadon, they would tell you what the Correcting Time is for, and what it will do; they all are aware of this, that it is the preparation of a world seed-bed of souls for their journey into the afterlife, into the morontial existence and then into the spiritual, and then onto Finaliter status. These concepts are the touchstones for validating the activities within the Correcting Time.

There is another part to it too, that we have not often spoken about, and that is the reciprocal aspect…[This is Daniel. I’m beginning to appreciate a bit of the insight that is coming through this lesson here…it’s very powerful…I hope you feel it as well.] This is Rayson. From time to time and not very frequently, you have become aware through transmissions of the Father Creator’s interest in the healing of the worlds of his universes. You’ve read in the Urantia Book where there was some immeasurable activity on the part of the First Source and Center in this local universe and the efforts of Michael to heal the reasons for this quarantine that existed. I wish you to also know that your Eternal Creator wishes this to be complete, so that you feel—truly feel—and know and trust the love of God, your Eternal Creator has for you—and not "has" for you as in a future tense, but "has" for you in a present tense. Your language… [Heavy sigh] …forbears the ability of full expression of the presence, active presence of the Universal Father’s love "in you" at this moment. To make a wreckage of your grammar, it would be, "God wants you to feel the love that IS in you, from It [NOTE: Here Rayson is using the "It" appellation of God, which may irritate some listeners and readers. ed.]; and IS to feel, IS to be with It, IS to be one with It." Not "has" as in future tense, but now as is in present possessive tense. So that you, not only fully identify, but become "one with this love," the joy of love’s expression in you, around you, in others; and take joy, exuberant, outrageous joy in the fact of loving and living in God’s presence, as a status of IS—not doing anything—but being and also at one with the I AM, being love and I AM love, knowing this. And when you feel this, you will see that all that has come into existence is for you, for you to participate in the joy of creation, not as a singular act, but as a continual act, to know and feel, sense and be the essence, the very primal essence of love. In that regard, the Creator yearns for your full healing, yearns for you, calls for you to be in the I AM status of oneness in existence with It. Do you realize and appreciate—not the urgency, but the eminence of the need of the Creator to remove this void between you and It?

God the Creator of the entire universe has a yearning for no separation between you and It. And when you take this picture and then simultaneously see your life as a journey of expression of your undeveloped potential into actualized potential over the eons in the infinity of time, to when you are joined with the Creator, then you can appreciate more of this picture that God has created for you; this is existent—the journey is process, where at the same time, now and through the eons of time later, through the process of your growth and expression of your undeveloped potential, you will feel and also express that oneness of love. To do so is to appreciate the timelessness of God’s presence, timelessness of God’s activity in your life. For God in eternity, this is a fait accompli, it already exists, and when you consciously join and engage that picture and the process of achieving the ends in time, then you will be in eternity, outside of time, in the oneness of love that God has for you. This may sound like so much mumbo-jumbo, so many convoluted words, but the essence and presence, the immediacy of God’s love is now inherent in this moment. Thus, my friends, Michael’s efforts in the Correcting Time are even now successful, even now have all the support of Salvington and Uversa. It is only a matter of time to wait for all of you to get on board and to co-creatively, actively, participate with us.

Now bask in this love, this radiance of love that is ever around you and simultaneously at the central emanating point within you. (Pause) Some of you may experience the rush of energy of gratitude that passes beyond all understanding for God’s love, for God’s participation, and the abundance that God has provided to you. When you are in this deep state of gratitude, you are in worship; a message without words; gratitude beyond measure—a union, a bond that is made between you and your Thought Adjuster—and instantly it is relayed to Paradise. (Pause) Revel in this glow for a bit longer. (Pause)

There is so much more that I could say today about this process of teaching, but we will save it for another day.

Student: Is it really possible or advantageous to reach out to people who have no connection or knowledge of the Urantia Book, without an involvement in the Teaching Mission?

Rayson: Yes. It in fact will become necessary to do that because many people will not be willing to examine that document, but do have an interest in the charismatic, personal, intimate side of knowing God and God within them. One does not have to follow the other, and one is not dependant upon the other.

Student: My thinking was that it has to have a standard bell curve, people who would be drawn to the Teaching Mission without ever knowing about the Book, and vice versa—the whole spectrum of people.

Rayson: Yes, if you look at the bell curve as a left and right side, then you would see the Teaching Mission on one side perhaps, and Urantia Book on the other, but that doesn’t mean that members couldn’t participate on both sides.

Student: And their proclivities could be anywhere in-between, or for neither.

Rayson: You have other thoughts or questions concerning the lesson today or something that is afar afield?

Student: I’m excited about the new beginnings in Denver!

Rayson: As we are.

Student: I can envision it growing, mushrooming in leaps and bounds, (if mushrooms bound)…I don’t know…but yes, I’m excited and I believe that for my part, I’ll do anything and everything to foster that new beginning.

Rayson: Thank you. Your support is appreciated.

Student: We’ve been thinking along lines of, not newspaper advertising, but different kinds of approaches to finding a place for Urantia groups and making new Urantia Groups here in Loveland.

Rayson: Be careful of what you wish for! (I know!) You may be called upon to establish one or more. Wouldn’t that be a joy? (Yes…thank you.) You’re welcome.

Student: Rayson, I’m kind of surprised at how few Urantia Book readers are even willing to look at the Teaching Mission to find out what it’s all about; it seems like they dismiss it without knowing. Do you have any suggestions on how we could approach them, or interest them without violating their free will?

Rayson: I offer no suggestions, as it is a personal decision on their part. It is much like neighbors in this city perhaps, who might dismiss their neighbors next door who have their origins from the Middle East, but who are citizens for many decades in this country. The same kind of self-serving, blind-sidedness that eliminates the opportunity for discovering love in new places and in new people and new ways to serve. You have done your work. Individuals do not need to know much about the Teaching Mission or anything at all to continue on in the morontial life, successfully. It is a personal decision. When Jesus told you and his Disciples in the end, to "Go forward to all nations, proclaiming the Gospel, the new truth, the good news," but did not necessarily mean that his Apostles and their Disciples had to beat the other people over the head with the material until they believed it, but to make it available to them. And as you know from Jesus’ experiences during his travels, that he knew ahead of time, who would be receptive and who wouldn’t; who would be open to the new words and who would not.

Rather we would suggest that you spend your energies on sharing the words and thoughts and lessons with those who have not heard them before, and let them decide. It is much like the parable of the sower, sowing the seeds in the different types of soil, the stones and the brambles and the weeds. Some will hear; some will not. You can force seeds to germinate, and force them to grow in unusual ways, but without your attention, they will wither away. So the truth must be, and must be germinated in those hearts and minds which will sustain these words of truth, these insights on their own, for if they are not able to do so, then their convictions are not sincere; they are your convictions, then. (Thank you.) You’re welcome.

This is one of the reasons why we are going to new fields—no pun intended—such as Denver, which offers a huge population of people to present these new words to; new opportunity, new audiences, to expand these words, this hope, this message into.

If we have no further questions…I will close our session today. It has a certain brevity to it, I know, compared to our past lessons, but an important lesson, an important message.

Student: We should not expect a long lesson every time.

Rayson: In closing, it is far past my capability to instill in you, my dear friends, the feeling of love, the presence of love, the eminence of love of your Thought Adjuster, of the Christ Spirit that is now right here, but I do share my friendship with you, and I enfold you, my friends, with this friendship, just as our Father enfolds you and fills you, the eminence of his light within you as Christ Michael does with his Spirit of Christ. Know that you are loved dearly; know that you are cared for, every moment of the day; and know that this moment, each moment, right now, is the most powerful moment you will ever have in your life; this moment that has no end; this moment which is your finite example of eternity; you are totally in control of this moment! Blessings to you. Know that I enfold you; my love I share with you. Good day.

Group: We treasure your friendship! Thank you, Rayson.