Northern Colorado TeaM, #46

Loveland, Colorado

Teacher: Rayson (TR, Daniel)

Topics:  Melchizedek Schools

              A time to reflect and keeping the faith

              New thoughts about Melchizedek Schools

              When will the schools begin?

              Why wait?

              Teaching higher values

              Archives as databases for higher values


              Learning values precedes changes in systems

              Helping children succeed

Q & A:   Monjoronson’s arrival


              Conjectures, expectations, disappointments

              Anticipations, and speculations

              Right Order


              Energy work and vibrational changes

              Archive project

January 25, 2004

[Session proceeded with linking to the merkaba and a long period of stillness.]

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. (Good afternoon; welcome to our merkaba!) This time of so many developments on your planet, is, for some of you, a time to review your lessons, lessons of growth on the "inner" and deeper levels of your spiritual development. For those of you who are still earnestly learning—and that may include most of you—this is a time to reflect upon this new adventure that is coming to this world. We wish to say again that the coming of the Magisterial Son may be weeks, months, and years away. Do you have the patience to wait five, ten, fifteen, twenty or thirty years, still keeping faith as the Christians kept faith after Jesus was resurrected and arose, expecting him to return any day?

You will go through a similar sense of expectation and simultaneously abandonment because as children, you too expect this to come about "soon," in your terms. Apply patience generously. Use this time wisely. Do not be anxious about today or tomorrow, or the days to come. As we have said, you will conduct your business after the Son comes, just as you did yesterday, the day before, and weeks before then. Do not be foolish and cast away your material supports, as some of the early Christians did. You have lived in this world, the material world—greatly material world—long enough to know that everything changes but everything stays the same. The fundamentals of life continue.

Recently you received an address about the archives of your lessons. Today we wish to present you with a new thought—the thought of the Melchizedek Schools. This has been on the lips and in the minds of many spiritual students for decades, and some of you have even started what you call "Melchizedek Schools" seeking guidance from the Melchizedek teachers to organize, develop, and provide materials to students. Some of the schools do not use the name Melchizedek in them. They are identified by esoteric teachings that are fundamental to good living. Throughout the world there are what some would call "New Age" bookstore classes, educational systems, small developments from spiritually minded individuals who are in touch with higher mind, in touch with the needs of the planet and the people.

Already, we are being informed about Melchizedek School formation. When the Magisterial Son arrives, he will also arrive with a complement of Melchizedeks. The timing of these events may not be simultaneous. After the time of chaos, uncertainty, and dashed hopes and despair on the part of those who were looking for immediate ascension or rapture, when the world has come to accept its new crowning glory of spiritual enlightenment, then the schools may begin.

For some of you who are prepared for this now, you may say, "Why wait?" We wish to wait because we do not want to develop or engender "elitism" among those who have received education first. But when the general population around the world, those who accept God the Creator, First Source and Center, begin to say, "Now what?" as though they had come to accept the presence of the Magisterial Son as a "given," then the schools may begin. Those schools that are in existence already will receive this guidance before hand, but without the presence, the direct presence of Melchizedeks. As these words go out, schools of these teachings will yearn for a teacher, a Melchizedek, and their yearning should prompt stillness, with the intention of learning more about how to manage and develop curricula for these schools; with these intentions in mind, answers will be provided.

Not everyone on your planet reads The Urantia Book, as you know, yet there are thousands of these schools throughout the world. Some of them are simply large families where the mother and father have called upon spiritual guidance to teach their children the higher values of the universe. It may be a spiritually oriented school for children, for middle age, for young adults and for adults. They will be of different sizes. Where will they receive and access those materials, which they will need for their schools? Until you are able to hear and receive instructions from Celestial Teachers, and others, you are directed to materials that already exist in the archives. So you see, access of archival information is more than just for the curious who are wondering about the Magisterial Son. These are a practical database of educational materials that are also to be used as a resource for the Melchizedek Schools.

Some of you who are teachers will see the necessity of developing packets of information for teaching a single subject, such as the value of beauty, or some other singular topic. And you may take it upon yourself as a life’s hobby to glean the materials from them, and organize them and reference them. Some of you may have other projects in mind, but these archives provide a vast resource for not only the curious, but also those who are spiritually and academically inclined, those who wish to use an educational process to influence the young and inform the older. We hope you are beginning to see that the work of the Teaching Mission is broad, and you are beginning to see that the work that we have been doing expands past the Teaching Mission and encompasses other missions within the Correcting Time.

Some of you realize that your life, this world, and relationships are all about a school of education, a school to learn how to exist more comfortably in the afterlife, a school where you develop faith that you can enter the afterlife, much as you thought about passing the eighth grade and moving into high school, or moving from high school and into college. This is preparation; some of you call it "Life, 101."

The sooner that individuals, cultures of individuals begin to learn and realize that life is a school, relationships are the immediate access to learning and practicing the values of higher standards of living, the sooner that this influence will influence your laws, educational institutions, business ethics, family values, and what you teach your children.

This process is much like adding salt to a recipe—it does not change the recipe, it does not take from it, but is embedded and uniformly distributed—and yet the result is very different than the beginning. Use salt or herbs or spices—it is the same—there is the essence of life ever after; that essence is the fragrance of life through living values and beliefs that help you succeed, help your children succeed. You will have awareness that the values you teach will help your children succeed if you and they choose to use them. And you will know that you have done the very best that you could. Many parents in many nations wonder whether they have done enough for their children. How many bicycles can they ride? Only one. What will last longer than these material things are the values of living. They can understand the meaning of life by watching the models of their parents; they can discover through them that they have a purpose—they discover meaning in their lives. This is a school!

We anticipate that once these values become more widespread, and in the consciousness of the populace, that your public education system will prosper and thrive—from the quality of training educators receive to the materials that are used, the way that children are addressed, and that adults who wish for remedial education, can receive it easily.

You may say, "What can I do now?" For today, for this moment, you are doing it. You have conscientiously pursued your inner guidance to be here, to place value on these teachings, and on the transcripts that you receive. You have hope, faith, belief, trust—some of you have an inner knowing—that this is so, that you are on the right path, that you are succeeding. You wouldn’t be here today if you had not already succeeded in overcoming many of the hurdles of life that have challenged you. [Pause.]

We have completed this part of the lesson today. Are there questions?

Student: Rayson there was a message passed through the tml network last evening asking us to get together in groups again on Thursday night. It was addressed that we should invite all Urantia Book readers. Can you clarify this? Is this something that we need to try to get as many Urantia Book readers to as possible? Or just the ones that are familiar with the Teaching Mission?

RAYSON: Thank you for your question. I have no information to provide for you at this time.

Student: I remember a few sessions ago, when we started hearing more about Monjoronson, our Material [Magisterial-Ed.] Son, that his arrival might be considered with certainty but not imminent and I think we were thinking at that time that his material appearance, and one of the recent messages to one of the groups, it sounded like it might take one or two centuries for our world to be prepared and ready to receive him. Would you care to respond to that?

RAYSON: This is consistent with what we have been sharing, that your world must be well prepared to receive him. Christ Michael wishes not to invest this effort, and neither do the paradise guides that are advised about these issues, wish to invest this effort and have it abort. It is best to prepare a fertile ground first, for the arrival. As we have said before, not everyone will see his arrival as a boon, or of benefit, but would be disruptive to their own thoughts of power, self-aggrandizement and material wealth.

Student: Is it not likely that he would also communicate with many souls on this planet before making a material appearance?

RAYSON: He has begun this effort already, as you know.

Student: Rayson, in October of 1995, I was reading a transcript where you spoke to the Pocatello group on the subject of reflectivation. Can you give us an update on this subject? Specifically are there now individuals in the Teaching Mission who have been trained to do this in a "blinded state" so that their TRing is tamperproof?

RAYSON: No, I am unable to provide that information at this time. This information would be too exciting for some of you to appreciate. You see, the efforts of Machiventa and Christ Michael and the Most Highs to bring intervention into your world is being done much as a grand conductor would bring the stringed instruments, woodwinds, and percussion on line, slowly by coordinating those efforts. Revelation of this information would work against that. We do not wish for dissonance, but for harmony in the introduction of teachings and thoughts. The revelation of that phenomenon at that time was needed to expand your thinking, to help you think of the Teaching Mission and the approach of spiritual participation on your world in more immediate terms. But to identify individuals—even generally, even anonymously, would not be in concert with these higher efforts of harmony. We hope that you accept this and do not work against this. We are, on the other hand, neither asking you to be docile and lacking in questions. Continue to ask your questions, but do not be disappointed when your expectations are not fulfilled.

Student: It is just conjecture on my part, but I was wondering if this Thursday evening meeting that the Most Highs requested, if it might possibly have something to do with the universe broadcasts?

RAYSON: As you say, that is a conjecture. One of the reasons why I do not answer your question, though I do know the answers, is that it is a matter of responsibility, and it is not my responsibility to reveal that. There are groups of individuals, celestial teachers and Melchizedeks, who are working on projects, such as this, perhaps, who manage that area, and it is their area to manage. We do not "spill the beans" or "let the cat out of the bag," as you would say. We do not submit ourselves or allow ourselves to regress to the level of our former human foibles, to reveal those confidences of our fellow teachers. There is more than a system of honor and respect among us; there is the proper conduct of communication. This is such an instance.

Student: The reason that I keep badgering you with these questions is that in the past, before I became involved in the Teaching Mission, so I do not know all the details—but there was an expectation that there would be a Melchizedek that would materialize and when that did not occur, many, many people left the Teaching Mission and have been against it ever since. I was trying to feel you out, I guess, on how we could keep from creating that kind of situation again, if we were to invite other Urantia Book readers to this Thursday meeting, without …or whether it is just best not to do that, to just keep it amongst us than to disappoint their expectations.

RAYSON: As you have said, the key words are expectations and disappointment. Inappropriate expectations always realize in disappointment. Those who are disappointed do not yet know "the way" of the universe and how to live easily in it. Expectations are egoistic minded thoughts that say, "I know what to do; I know how to do it; I know what’s going on; this is what should occur." And when they do not occur, they are disappointed. The Urantia Book speaks about disappointment, does it not? (Yes.) Then through disappointment you get to eat your expectations!

You will learn in time that you may anticipate that such and such may occur, but an expectation is a much more firm form of anticipation — what you think ought to occur. You have read and heard about our celestial discussions and speculations. Speculations are a good way of working through your expectations. You may speculate about what may occur— surely your world can anticipate that Christ Michael will return; you can anticipate that there will be a Magisterial Son; you can anticipate that he will bring a teaching entourage of huge proportions; you can anticipate that your world will come into light. You may speculate about when those events may occur; but to expect them to occur in 2001 or 2201 is unreasonable, it is a personal issue then.

God, Creator, Christ Michael as well, do not operate temporally but by the development of events, so that "right order" occurs, so that when events develop there is the best opportunity, the best potential for success. Christ Michael’s arrival here on this planet inserted a tremendous new influence on your planet. That is an anomaly, one that surely was needed. Had he not arrived, the Magisterial Son perhaps would have arrived sooner. You may speculate that your world is over populated with negative people, that natural cataclysm will clear many of them away. But that surely is a cynical perspective, is it not? (Yes.) Then you may speculate some more.

Student: It seems to me that it’s….sometimes I’m amazed at my own and other’s impatience, how difficult it is for we humans to be patient. It seems to be a virtue that’s not easy to develop. Even as I have been reading more of the transmissions, I’m appreciating the beauty and the wisdom of it. It make me hunger for more, and I think I need to be reminded that things develop in their own good time. It’s like the education of a child, the development of a child.

RAYSON: I would offer you that as your humility grows, patience will come more easily.

Student: I have a question, and it concerns energy work, healing and helping people adjust to the changes that are coming about on our planet. I am kind of the impression that there are genuine frequency vibrational changes in our planet and I’m not sure if that’s a totally literal understanding, but I am just seeking some guidance, or maybe even ideas about specific techniques that energy workers and healers can use with people to help them adjust to these new things and the changes?

RAYSON: Certainly. First your world is being increased in its basal vibration; the earth energy now vibrates at a much more rapid pace. We offer you for the second part, that you aid your patients in adjusting to these new vibrations, much as you would a diver who comes up from the depths of the ocean—they follow the bubbles—if they precede the bubbles, they will suffer from gas bubbles in their blood. The idea is to encapsulate the individual in an energy bubble, and bring them as a whole up to the current vibration. Your assistance is to help them accept it.

We are not speaking just of the mind, but of the body and of the various systems throughout the body. You note that when an earthquake comes about, the animals on the surface stampede and run for cover and are frightened, long before humans, people, are aware of the earthquake. You have a sensitivity that you can apply and aid these individuals; they too can participate co-creatively by declaring their intention for this work and the necessity of attaining an even balance of vibration throughout all their body systems, both those which are material and those which are immaterial. This will be the best aid you can give them and also advise that you declare the intention so that the whole body—all that is seen, all that is unseen—remains receptive to the new vibration, so that it is able to receive this naturally, in a timely way, rather than lagging behind or moving ahead too rapidly. You will find that your work will be far more effective that way, though you will see them less often. Does this help answer your question? (Yes, thank you.)

Student: Rayson, I have a question. (Certainly.) Would you mind disclosing the new frequencies that we are moving to, in the earth vibration? I am curious as this pertains to my method of connection, not only to the merkaba, but certainly to my own meditations when entering into the stillness.

RAYSON: If I understand your question correctly, it is not a matter of knowing whether it is 8 megahertz or 6 hertz at all, but your intention to be in tune with these energies and frequencies, so that you can move easily into them. There are, as you know, many knowledges that you do not need to know, do not need to have on hand to successfully use the process. This is one of them. Do you understand this? (Would you care to elaborate? I don’t, really.) You would enter into your meditation with the intention of coming on line at the same frequency as that around you. (Okay, I understand. Thank you.)

Student: Do you have any statements about how the archive project is progressing; it is going in the proper directions?

RAYSON: Complete your homework and then new assignments will be made. It sounds perhaps rather cryptic, but it is as a teacher would say to you, is it not? More fully to disclose, you will understand the completion as it falls into place, and as the completion nears. There will be a harmony that you will feel and see, and you will know and you will feel, you will intuit that it is correctly done. (Thank you.) Certainly. When you do not feel or sense this harmony, it is time to confer with the working team’s Celestial Teacher/Advisor through the group’s TR.

Student: I have one more question regarding frequencies. The way I understand it, spiritual beings exist outside our range of vision because they are at a different frequency. And I entertain the question in my mind while if we knew those frequencies and we broadcast them as sound wave energy into space, would we be able to visualize the spiritual beings with our eyes, or would it be a less friendly environment to them?

RAYSON: Explaining this would be much like explaining the…telling you what range of vibration exists for the color blue. I would give you a number and then you would see a number in your mind, you would not see the color blue. Perception of spiritual beings far surpasses mechanisms for reproducing the vibrations. It is rather the vibration of the morontia. We are not saying that it is impossible, but if you had the right morontial tool, you could do it.

[This is Daniel: I don’t quite understand that, but anyhow what I see is that there are literally mechanisms on the morontial plane—mechanisms, tools—that they use for their work. It’s not all mindal, though these mechanisms are minded.]

RAYSON: We wish you well, our friends. These are, as you possibly surmised, times of organizing, giving you another layer of relating to the material that you have been given, and to your lives! We again say, do not abandon your life, for this is the medium of your school; to abandon it would be as though you stayed home from school, thinking that you could learn the lessons there. You must continue on in your relationships, not recede from life, but to fully engage it in greater perfection, always striving for expansion of growth in yourself. You therefore become a radiating beacon of light; you are enlightened, you know how to live a more purposeful life with this awareness. And it is not just knowledge, but applied wisdom for living, it is not just reading and memorizing by rote all of The Urantia Book, but applying the principles of truth, beauty and goodness, higher values of living, in anticipation of going to school some more after you graduate from this world. Good day. (Thank you Rayson!)