Northern Colorado TeaM Group, #64

Loveland, Colorado

Teacher: Rayson (TR, Daniel)


Morontial Mind

Provides stability for spiritual growth

Mota, a mechanism for interpretation

Awesome realities of morontial existence

Stages of morontial-brain progress

Dependability of morontial/mind/brain mechanism

Diseases of the mind

Fragility and strength

Future of health care


The capacity of making decisions

Being taught to think

Q & A:

Mind chatter

Asking for help

Effects of aging on brains

Mental illness and aging

Maintaining mental alertness

Effects of pollution on mental capacity

Intake of morontial energy

February 13, 2005

RAYSON: Good afternoon. This is Rayson. We welcome you to this communion of minds and hearts and souls. Be aware that there are many of us here, far more than your numbers, and we support your participation at all levels of your consciousness.

Today we will speak about morontial mind, morontial mind as a factor of immense stability for your spiritual growth, in your new plane of existence after this one. And compare it to your mortal mind, one that you may or may not be even aware of in your existence, for we note that many mortals are unaware of their own thinking, let alone the levels of their thinking, the segmentation of their mind, the effect of their brain and the chemistry thereof, and the body itself as it affects the mind and mind-brain mechanism.

In morontial mind, there is the "mota." Mota is a mechanism, a means, a facility that helps you interpret your behavior, the behavior of the universe, your interactions with others, and to interpret the lessons of your morontial existence in higher planes of understanding. You have not this capacity or capability at this time to do so, though we do admit and state that some of you do touch upon congruence between some of your thoughts and the thoughts of mota, and when this occurs, you have brilliant insights into your existence and what you would call "truths of the universe," of living and existence in general, past this plane of mortality.

You have, as mortals, various ways of understanding your world. Some of it is called "logic," some of it is called "reason," and from these abilities you devise philosophies, mathematics, theorems, theories, proofs and so on, and this is adequate for your existence on this plane. And you are given great insight and advantage for your daily living by these tools, which are "mental tools." Mota does the same, but in much more profound means in the morontial plane.

When you become morontial beings, you will still be subject to the physical hazards of the universe but in morontial-physical terms. For instance, if you went to the highest spire of one of the crystal palaces and you [were] determined to see if you could fall to the bottom without being hurt, you would prove yourself wrong. And to do so is unthinkable for us, though there have been individuals who have had very spontaneous, impulsive inclinations as morontial beings, who have devised ways of hurting themselves—not intentionally, but simply as happenstance that they arranged or got themselves into. So thus, you do have a dimensional body in the morontial realm; it is subject to morontial physics within those dimensions, within those parameters of existence. However, your advantage as a morontial mechanism is that there is immense stability within the organism.

Your energy intake is uniform; there is a metabolism – you could call it a metabolism – of this energy, which is stored and used until your next intake of energy, but it is uniform. (You will not find a Starbucks on any corner, nor will you find any taverns.) The realities of living there are not harsh, they are endurable, they are pleasurable and growth stimulating in a way to assist you to promote your growth. You will not need stimulants to become exhilarated or depressants to subdue the highs of your existence. Yet within this existence, you will be profoundly affected by the "awe" of your existence. You have a phrase you use, "jaw-dropping beautiful," and you will have those experiences repeatedly, in the morontial realms. In the beginning phases of your existence there, and throughout your existence in the morontial realms before you go to Uversa, you will become more acquainted with those experiences and anticipate them and look forward to them, but in each instance you will be "shot through" with exhilaration and high satisfaction to be a part of this beautiful universe, which the Creator brought into existence to share with you, individually.

Your morontial-brain mechanism, we might say, is totally inadequate to convey the thought of "brain," but it is nonetheless, a mechanism that you will have, that will be upgraded numerous times during your morontial existence, dozens upon dozens of times. And you will look forward to those increments. These will be achievements, and in each stage of your progress, you will be—not given, but enabled, empowered to gain a deeper appreciation and view/perspective dimensionally, in fact, of your existence and that around you. You will become aware of those prior experiences which you lived through in your early morontial stages, and revisit them and see them with new eyes, with a new appreciation of all that was around you, and which is around those novices in the stages, which they do not see or are not fully aware of. You will go back to your morontial childhood and appreciate your care in new magnificent ways.

The dependability of your morontial/mind/brain mechanism is incredible; it is exceptionally dependable. There are rare, rare instances on the order of—not billions, but trillions—one in a trillion occasion where there will be a malfunction, a dysfunction within the mechanism, for there is not perfection on the morontial levels yet, though there are perfected beings who will be among you. What I am saying is that your mind mechanism as a morontial being will be such that you will be able to rely on it; it will be nigh on to be infallible in its operation, and [will] serve you dutifully and well and faithfully. Its product, its outcome, its developments will be a matter of maturation, evolution and conscious participation on your part, in making decisions for your life as a morontial being. This is all quite different and dissimilar from your existence as mortal beings. First of all, very rarely do any one of you have an infallible mind/mechanism as a mortal, particularly on Urantia. This is a decimal planet that has been ravaged by malfeasance of positions by those who held power over its governorship and its management, and thus there was even intention to do harm to individuals to make them more subservient to the ways and wills of evil.

There is much genetic disability among you; there is disease of mind—organic and functional—there are character flaws; there is social indoctrination that is poor at best. You have an incredibly hard life to live, as we view it. We who come from evolved planets nearing the ages of Light and Life, and those who have been in the ages of Light and Life, it is very touching—profoundly touching—to see you strive so valiantly and to make progress. It seems quite impossible that you could. You have been endowed with many presences within you, your seven mind adjutants, and you have your Thought Adjuster, Spirit of Truth and now after the Sovereignty of Christ Michael, you have the Spirit of Christ that is personally present and available to you, individually. You have your Guardian Angel and you have many others around you, the midwayers, and these have been culled by their own choices, so that only the most faithful are among you. You have only those who support your good decisions. We are not "well wishers," but we are full, cooperative participants, willing to be co-creators of your own valiant lives, decision by decision as you make them.

We have experienced your lives personally, in ways which are unknown to you, through your highs and your lows, through your times of great robust health and the times of your diminished health, where you approached the passage way of death and the morontial worlds. We see how fragile your spiritual existence is. We are in awe and amazement, and we are fully and totally congratulatory to you for all your achievements, for your right moral and ethical decisions, for your willingness to be of service to your life, to your fellow brothers and sisters who many of them would wish you harm and to your planet and to nations and cultures, who you do not even know, and to Christ Michael’s Correcting Time and Teaching Mission, through the efforts of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. We see you and your efforts and your willingness, your strong, devout willfulness to be devout and of good heart and good cheer and willfully doing Christ Michael’s work, and the work of your Thought Adjuster and the work that you see that is yours to do. We are so congratulatory of you, who have done so much, with so little.

We have repeatedly told you in the past that you will make incredibly strong finaliters, those of you who finish. You will have so much grist to grind in the morontial realm, analyzing and examining your lives that you will provide many, many lessons for others who can vicariously learn so much through you and from you. You have no idea what great teachers you will be, just in passing, with these individuals, without intent of actually teaching. And at one time you will feel like the star of the show, but you will also be most humbled by your humble origins and within the disparity of growth that others bring to the morontial realm that you will seek and yearn to have. And your grappling to embrace it and bring it into your own will be a wonderful thing for others to see, those who were given these traits and talents from birth, from mere existence on their planet in which they came from, where you have to struggle so hard to grasp them and learn them and internalize them and make them "one" with you. It is almost the difference of being able to survive in the wilderness in your past centuries on this planet and coming in to the Twentieth Century and using microwaves and cell phones. Your ancestors could not relate to your gifts that you have. It is the same difference that we see.

Now the point of all this preparatory text/message is that you—yes, are fragile in your minds and your spiritual development—[are] subject to the ups and downs of your endocrine system, to the whims of your society and the vagaries of how you were trained and prepared as a social and moral being in your society. We know that among some of you, there are plenty of individuals who seek excuses for being lazy and being slackers in their dedication, but this is not the case here. And what I am saying is this: Give yourselves a little slack, people! Ease up on yourselves a bit. You sometimes work too hard in the days that you have, and take little cheer and joy in the growth that you have had, that you have earned, that you have received. You simply do not have a way of measuring your evolution. There are no growth charts on the door jam, for you to measure your morontial growth, your growth as mortal beings and your capability of making consistently moral and ethical decisions. There are no color charts; there are no "drop down graphs" for you to see; there are no means for you to grasp or see the immense growth that some of you have achieved.

Of all the things I wish for you that I could give you is a half-hour one-on-one time with you to look at your chart of growth that you have had. I would love to do this individually with you, but it is impossible for us to do that now. And if some of you were able to grasp what I would say to you through our mind mechanism’s communication, and to see what I would project, some of you would even deny that this exists and truly you would say, "Oh, Rayson, you truly must be mistaken! That could not be me. This chart is too high for me." But my friends, it would be true. I wish I could convey this to you. And I know that you do not rest upon your laurels; you do not say, "Oh my! Well, we’ve done that, now let us kick back for the next ten years and go fishing and forget about the morontial journey on the mortal plane." No, none of you do that.

And when some of you are ill, you are as though the electricity plug has been pulled from your "wall socket" of your morontial experience, your spiritual experience and you seem to wither during your illnesses, and we are sad for that. It requires the very best of your mind mechanisms as mortals to receive these insights, whether you hear them or not, takes the very best, healthiest mechanism within you to promote further growth. We have urged you to live balanced lives. It is not that you must be celibate or that you must be stone sober all the time and not have any joy or revelry—certainly not. We call upon you to have balance in your life. This is the way of growth in your world: it is through balance. It is not going into the highs and trying to stay there, or bouncing into the lows and staying there, but to work the middle ground and move forward. This is much more productive for you. Good health is not something that you take for granted, we know, except when you are well. When you were ill, you regret the times when you ate too much, or worked too long and got up too early, or forgot to take a nap, or worked too hard, or reveled too much. When you are well my friends, enjoy your wellness. Eat well; eat good meals that nourish your body. You are omnivores for you come from an omnivore past, where you can eat anything—nuts and berries, meats, vegetables, roots and barks—various things that are grown and that are flesh and those which are plant and those which are mineral.

We do not advise you as to homeopathic or allopathic treatments at this time, for this is a highly volatile and evolutionary time that your technologies are going through. These will level out and the truths of the best practices of all those realms will become known in only a few decades. Your body mechanism is beginning to be fully charted out, though almost totally misunderstood in many ways, but it is a beginning. Your great-grandchildren will have health care, which is much unlike your own, and they will look back to your health practices as so much witchcraft. And the treatment of many of your pathogens will be treated through genetic means, both the pathogens and within your bodies, and those ills within you which are genetically driven, will also be healed as well.

And yes, there are unfortunate sides to this, as truly one of your movies depicted that your gene structure will be fully known and the deficits and difficulties of that will be fully known. Whether it is a prejudice against or a benefit of your mate-choosing and your progeny, that is something that your society and you must decide, but it will come into existence and you will live with it, and your children and great-grandchildren will surely see this as an ongoing aspect of their lives. And though eugenics may not be a societal or a national policy, eugenics as an individual practice will be fully in force, as those individuals who wish to do so. Yes, of course, there will be individuals who will play roulette with their genes, just as those individuals who know that they are HIV-positive and active, still conduct themselves in sexual relations without protection or without making their partners aware. Your planet will not be settled with rational, civilized thoughtful individuals for many, many, many centuries, and even then, there will be the opportunity, the option for even thoughtful minds to rebel. This is always a choice and as it should be.

You have a world on your hands now, which is in motion. Your societies are in motion, its cultures are in motion, and your world is in motion, and this is as it is now—it is not "should be" or "could be"—it just is now, and this is a time of great chaos, a time where new parts can be conceived or old pieces can be associated with other pieces, whether it is in trade or in health, or in life styles. You are living in a time of great, great, great turmoil! This era will never exist again; has never existed before. Your conscious participation in your own lives and awareness of your own mind mechanisms is vitally important so that you can be aware of yourself as being in balance or not. When you are having a bad day, say, "I am having a bad day," and choose not to make important decisions. When you are having a bad day or you are confused—and confusion is an acceptable situation for you, as you have so many eggs on your plate to balance—that you can call for help, both from your mortal friends and associates and family members and those of us, who would be most happy and glad to assist you in all ways possible—except for making the decisions for you, of course. The ultimate test of the mind mechanism is the capacity to make decisions, and the "mortal-becoming-morontial" is based on its capacity to make moral and ethical and service decisions, those positive ones that are constructive and contribute to your life and the lives of others. Be aware that your medications may affect your capacity to make decisions, whether it is driving down the highway, or deciding to sell your house, or to move and quit your job. It is very important for you to be aware that you are fragile and you are not as strong as you may think you are, and that it is all right to ask for assistance.

When you were a child, your parents anticipated that you would ask for assistance and it was already there and available for you. And even when you did not ask, it was provided. And when you asked, it was provided abundantly and as a process to assist you in growing and to learning how you could make those same decisions later by yourself, and make them correctly. Here, we are simply dealing with the physicality and the chemical realities of your body mechanism and your mind mechanism, your brain mechanism—there is an interplay between them.

We have not discussed the various segments of your mind, the subconscious conscious and super-conscious minds; they exist, they are real, they are there for you to learn from and then you will find that as morontial beings you will not have a subconscious, linear thinking mind mechanism that will try to protect you from those harms that were animalistic or which were antecedent to your current life as mortals. You will be given a clear mind to make decisions. It will be a much different matter living there and thinking there than it is here. You will be taught how to use your mind. Wow! What a wonderful idea, huh? Here, you are not even taught how to use your mind, let alone taught how to think. This is most unfortunate, for you do have trainable minds and you can do much for yourself by thinking of your minds as a tool that is applicable before your will.

And your will is of course, the mechanism by which you make decisions and guide the course of your life. We wish so much that you could see your will on a three dimensional screen, as it works with your subconscious, conscious and super-conscious mind, and the history of thinking that you have, and that which you do not see, but wish you were seeing. You would have much more facility and ability and flexibility to make wise decisions, and you could decide to make a wise decision or a foolish one. Now, you have to think carefully, whether a decision and its outcome is foolish or wise. This is most unfortunate, as you also have much assistance that could help you with these decisions, but which seems to be out of reach of your mind—meaning us; those who are willing to help you.

You could just take a big holiday, couldn’t you? And some of your people do. They enter this lifetime and seem to go "on vacation" until they die. This is most unfortunate too, for then they arrive without the vast repertoire of learning lessons that they could bring with them into the morontial existence. For you who are so conscientious, the idea of even taking a holiday from your responsible lives is not even an option, as you are so ingrained to live responsibly and correctly. Many of you are frustrated with being able to make really good, wise decisions, to interact with your fellow mortal brothers and sisters in a fair and even way, without being selfish or overly generous, or dominating others, or being subserved by others. We wish you had the consciousness and the training and talents to arrive in your adulthood, fully prepared for a highly productive life. Yet this is the playing ground for much decision-making, is it not?

You can only become profound administers and managers of your own realms in the future, having had this awesome deficit to overcome, where you must live through the positive awareness, the positive intelligence and insight into the mechanisms of the universe; you must live them first hand. Yours my friend is the realm of experience, which is unpurchasable by anyone, even God. You must live a full life in order for the Supreme to come to its fullest, in order for the Creator to have experienced the process of living in and through you. We ask you not to divert your lives into idleness, or into that endless "holiday" of death, but to live courageously from day-to-day, from moment-to-moment, making wise decisions as best you can. And this is all that is asked of you to do. Yes, you will make mistakes; some of you have made awesome mistakes, and we congratulate you for them because without them, (chuckling) you would not have learned a better way! For your mistakes are also a reflection for the potential and the possibility of great decision-making, of great learning experience, and yes of course, the universe will provide you with these experiences repeatedly, until you get them right.

Now, having said all this, we are open for questions.

Student 1: Rayson, I feel urged to make a comment that I’ve often thought that if I wrote a book I might entitle it, "Mistakes I have not yet learned from!" (Much laughter.)

RAYSON: Yes, that is an important book, which has many chapters of what you have yet to learn from. Thank you for your comment. It is well worth while having made.

Student 2: Rayson, thank you for this topic today; it is very appropriate for what I’ve been working on. Once when we were talking about busy minds, and you mentioned how some of us have minds that are like a bunch of marbles, rolling down the hill and how impossible it is to corral them all. My question is: Is this a function of the mortal brain, or is it a lack of control or mastery over mind?

RAYSON: State that again, please.

Student 2: I am wondering if having a busy mind is a function of the mortal, physical brain, or if it is a factor of mind that shows that I haven’t yet been able to consciously "will" my mind to be more stable and controllable?

RAYSON: I understand. I will give you my pat answer: It could be either or both, yet let us look at this more closely. There is a physiology to your brain, and of course it operates not in isolation, but it is subject to the vagaries of your endocrine system. Yet within you specifically, this is not at issue. Your endocrine system has a stability, which serves you well. Your mind mechanism—there are many levels of activity going on simultaneously in your mind, at different levels. We wish you to think of this busy-mindedness as a way of protecting you from thoughtful thinking. You perhaps cannot recall a time when you had to divert your focus of your conscious mind from an issue, and that you became compulsive about it, and that you had to divert your thinking from this focus, repeatedly, and so it became a way of existing for you to deal with this situation or this trauma, or this problem which erupted in your life. It operates now in the background as "chatter," and when you are still in your mind, you hear the chatter. And when you are busy working with your kitchen or with your life or your checkbook or writing things, then your conscious mind has the louder magnitude of the voice of your mind, so to speak. So when you become still, again the chatter comes up. It is a diversion.

We have not an answer for this, at this time, as this is an issue which you will want to look at, and we are not saying that there is either anything functionally or organically wrong with your mind mechanism, it is simply that your subconscious has created a buzz in your mind to protect you from some thoughts, which you had earlier in your life. This, of course, is subjective on our part, as we have not done a thorough analysis of your mind mechanism. We do not have that permission from you, and it is not an appropriate topic for further analysis in this venue. We hope that this has been helpful for you. We know that you have persistently and over the months and years, asked for answers concerning this. So this is perhaps, the closest that we can answer you at this time, in this forum. Does this help you?

Student 2: Yes…I don’t know whether I will be able to trace back to the beginning of this…. One other short question: Is this something that I will still have to deal with on the morontia worlds?

RAYSON: It could become…let me see…it has become a burdensome diversion in your thinking mechanism, and it has prevented you from certain lessons, which you have not been able to learn on this realm as a physical mortal being, and you will arrive in the morontial realm with this deficit. So yes, it will affect you in that regard, in that realm, but you will soon be rid of those issues, those busy background noises, those chatterboxes. You will be rid of those chatterboxes in your mind, once you pass from this realm. You will become quite aware of this by those who will care for you in remedial terms. Does that make sense? And they will help you through this. These are fundamental issues to your morontial existence, and will be necessary for you to proceed. Thank you. (Student: Thank you for a very comprehensive answer.)

Student 3: I too, want to say, "Thank you" for this topic. Personally, it is very beautiful to listen to the accolades and the comments about the challenges we have to work through in this realm, as well as it being both beautiful and painful to listen to. (Rayson: We understand.) Yes, I suspect you do.

RAYSON: There are few teachers who have come to Urantia, who have come from planets with such a limiting background. These beings have yet to proceed through the morontial realm to a point where they can become celestial teachers here on Urantia, and on other planets that were in the quarantine. So there are few of us who can truly appreciate what you have, and are going through, and likewise, we are at a loss for having those capable teachers, who could provide such great insights into the program development for the Correcting Time, and for the remedial assistance of mortals during their mortal existence. We look forward to their arrival.

Student 3: Could you say a little about how to work directly with asking for help from our guides and teachers?

RAYSON: Yes. It is important that you be aware, conscious of things you need to learn, and ask for those learning lessons in a way that you can recognize and grow through, diligently. You can also ask your Father Fragment to assist you in those lessons which are preconscious, as that is its realm of its expertise, and help you learn lessons, bring them to you, higher lessons, which we cannot, which coordinate your higher spiritual development. We are not authorized to bring you lessons that are past your comprehension. That would simply be unfair. You have many lessons that come to you on this planet, simply through the occurrence of your living here, which has nothing to do with your celestial or angelic teachers, but which come to you, which are unfairly foist upon you by your planetary experience. We cannot even apologize for that, for that is not of our doing or our will, but simply ask you to have patience and endure and strive to learn from these experiences. To answer your question, which I have done so early on, is to become aware of yourself in the areas of where you seem to be lacking. Those things are subtle and obvious, which you wish to become more competent at. We are speaking of skills you need but which you are unaware of, but which you have lived with for so long that you may be not consciously aware of. We can, however, assist you to become consciously aware of them, and that is the beginning for your asking for lessons that help you learn experientially, what is to be learned—the lesson that is at hand. (Thank you.)

Student 1: Rayson, I have a question about what happens with our brains as we age, and memory becomes an increasing issue?

RAYSON: Do you remember those marbles? (Yeah.) Joking aside, what happens to your brain? The brain is a very delicate organism. It is a very delicate organ of your physicality. It is in ways subject to far more of your environment, is far more affected by elements of your environment than you are aware. Your petrochemical industries, your chemical industries, your pharmaceutical industries, the air that you breathe, the foods that you eat contain elements that affect your brain in many ways—some positive and many detrimentally. There are also influences, electromagnetic, around you, which affect your brain mechanism on the physical and chemical level, of which you are unaware.

Part of the reasons that you are seeing much disease in your populous, as far as cancer is concerned, is that the body mechanism is out of self control. And the mind mechanism is untrained and unprepared for these new elements, which are entering your body and the brain itself. Loss of memory is very sad for us to behold in our once capable and competent mortal companions, to see their capacities wither and evade them, where they search for words and they are not there, and where they search for pictures of faces and associations of names with faces and they are not there. This is a form of mental illness, dissociation, which is very sad, which is occurring on the physical and mental level. It is very unfortunate for this to occur. In many cases, it cannot be turned back, even with great care. There is no secret to maintaining mental alertness, other than a very pristine diet and clean environment to live in, and also an active mind, and active life. The capacity to walk is one of your greatest gifts for your own healing, and for the maintenance of your body mechanism. It, in a very subtle way, affects the corpus callosum between the two hemispheres of your mind as you walk. We would ask you to devise a mechanism where you would walk and use both sides of your brain simultaneously, [such as consciously swinging your arms and the stride of your walk]. This will assist you in aiding the cooperation between the [two] hemispheres. This would help you enliven your mind in ways which are non-linear and illogical, but which will have a great creative benefit for you. Also, as has your practitioners told you, remain social; be socially active, be physically active, be intellectually active, and be spiritually active. Do something "mental" every day, whether it is a crossword puzzle or teaching your grandchild how to play the piano. Strive to work with your mind as a conscious effort to do so, one which you can will to do. There are those who are in their 90’s, who are still highly productive professionals, who live diminished lives of activity, but yet still are making major contributions to the arts and to mathematics and to writings, and to their lives and to the lives of those around them.

It is not necessary or required, or even a part of your genetic future, that you and future generations should have diminished brain and mental capacity as you age. This too will be seen as something that is treatable in the future. It is most difficult in this decade to do anything about the amassing of fat cells and globules in the brain itself, though in the future these will be able to be metabolized without much difficulty. This, of course, does not give you much hope as a group, or as a civilization at this time. You live with the history of your industry; you live with the history of your manufacturing and life styles. It is inescapable. You have only to look to the other nations around the world who now have immense pollution problems, which have affected literally billions of people—not millions, but billions of people, who in future generations will be ravaged by much disease. Although this is treatable, much of it can be passed on through the new plasm to coming generations. This is probably far more of an answer than you asked for.

Student 1: I had "hoped" for some simple chemical that could just help convey impulses across the synapses, but it sounds like it is much more complicated than that.

RAYSON: (In jest) Take aspirin! (Laughter.)

Student 4: Can I make a follow-up question? (Certainly.) In the morontia form, apparently things are much more pure in terms of the physical environment, what about the type of energy that is used, that the body takes in as you described? What is the nature of that?

RAYSON: It is, of course, morontial; it is semi-material, it breaks down into pure energy—you would love to have a quart of it here, would you not? It is akin to what is produced from the "Tree of Life" that lived here on your planet. It is a plasm of the morontial; it is a product of universe energy; it is produced as it is needed. I am neither a morontial chemist, nor an energy engineer in the morontial realm, so I cannot provide you with those detailed answers that perhaps you as a physicist seek to receive. (Thank you.)

Student 2: Speaking of the Tree of Life, will Monjoronson and his staff need to have that available to them while they are here on our world for the thousand years or so? (Rayson: Yes.)

Student 5: It seems as though our mind circuit must be functioning quite well tonight. It seems as though every question I’ve formulated in my mind, I have listened to it be divulged by our members here, so I did just want to take the time to thank you very much for bringing up this subject and it has been very helpful.

RAYSON: You are most welcome. It is a very complex subject for you to understand. We share this with you, not for esoteric reasons or for lofty lessons, but simply as a lesson of life and living that you are not left without hope. We only ask you to generate faith from that to continue to live your life courageously, making those decisions that contribute to your life, your morontial existence, and your eventuality as a finaliter—one who could contribute greatly to your members, and the existence of God the Supreme. Know that you are a blessing, even though you may feel quite decrepit at times in your thinking, and incapable of making those wise decisions that are needed for you and for your universe, but to know that you are not left without means or hope to do that. You are given great resources. There is a great anticipation for each of you to be a provider of much wisdom for future generations of morontial beings. Good day.

Students: Thank you Rayson; that was a great topic today!