Rayson021906NOCO80_LessonBy ChristMichael

Northern Colorado TeaM, #80

Loveland, Colorado

Teachers: Christ Michael, Rayson & Zarath

Topics: Michael – Awareness of being a child of the living    God

Changing the world

Keep to truth and right living

My burden is not heavy

Live the message

Be kind to each other

Maintain your diligence

Rayson – Increase of energetic turmoil

Seek assistance

Expect a change in the NOCO group

Adapt to change

Give courage to the insecure

Zarath – Understanding Urantia’s problems

Assurance of your place in the cosmos

Q & A – Listen with the spiritual heart

Role of Planetary Prince on a normal world

TR’s: Daniel Raphael (For Christ Michael and Rayson)

Jerry Evans (For Zarath)February 19, 2006

February 19, 2006

[Session began with a prayer and connection to the merkaba.]

CHRIST MICHAEL (T/R Daniel): Good afternoon, this is Christ Michael. (Group greetings.) Your snowfall reminds me so much of my life upon your planet. There is an original imprint to the imprints of individuals who walk upon the new snow. Today I want to give you a brief lesson, myself. It is most difficult for you, as I have observed during my mortal experience and as I observe you now, for you to go about your day in the awareness that you are sons and daughters of the living God. Yet, for you to change this world, you must maintain this awareness. For you to change the world, you must accept this awareness in yourself as well. It must begin with you. And I know that I am, in so many words and fact, preaching to the choir here. Nonetheless, this message is for you and all those who come later to read this.

It is only through you that your world will be changed. As I have declared before, through my teachers, your world must be healed co-creatively, that messengers from without are truly insufficient to change your world. The message must be received by you, to empower and enable the messages from who provide them. You are the tillers of the soil; you are preparing the seed bed for the sower. I have sown seeds of wisdom and lessons for you, and for all generations—universal truths that affirm life on this planet and all planets. I have given you a part of myself, as well. The Christ Spirit abounds on this planet; it is a generous source of wisdom and guidance for you—you have only to call upon it.

Recall the times you may have said something thoughtlessly—this is a reminder for you to live your life as I have taught you, thoughtfully, moment-by-moment. You need not be ultimately reverent, but simply abide in your daily life keeping to truth, keeping to right living, right thinking, right speaking and right actions. Only through you will my messages be effective. Only through you, will you save yourself by using these lessons. We have sent renewed hope through the Correcting Time, to this planet and to the other planets in the quarantine. This is the hope and fulfillment of right action, which is practiced in Nebadon.

There is a time for everything: a time for adjudications; a time for celebrations; a time for renewal; a time for healing; a time for new living. My burden is not heavy—it is light; it is as light as your breath. Think of it in these terms, "as light as your breath." And with every breath you use to speak, may your words be filled with joy and hope and encouragement and wisdom. There is abundance of experience on this planet to help guide the direction of many planets, through many millennia—even those planets, which are not even populated at this time. You, my courageous children, are adding so much to God the Supreme, an experiential base that will eventuate in fulfillment of the seventh era. You are my messengers—live the message! Be kind to each other.

In the snow, there are footprints. Imagine that some of those footprints are mine. And when the snow melts away, my footprints are still there, still in your lives. You need not live completely as I lived; live in the thought that I lived, for the renewal of yourself, the renewal of your children, the renewal of generations to come.

Thank you for being here today, for actively participating in the Correcting Time, in this facet of the Teaching Mission. We know that your work, your attendance, your diligence to these transcripts and to the archives are essential for the Correcting Time to be completed. Know that my peace I leave with you; know that my peace lives within your heart, that you live out that peace in your lives in all ways, easily, gracefully. I wish you well, and I wish you to know that my Spirit is hereabout, and you are not lonely, for you have company. Good day. (Thank you so much, Father Michael. Such a privilege to have you share yourself with us so clearly.)

RAYSON (TR, Daniel): This is Rayson, . . . (Group: Good afternoon and welcome back.) . . . your anti-climactic host. (Laughter.) Today I will speak a bit about the increase of energetic turmoil on your planet. Many of you have been feeling this; many of you have been caught up in it. We wish you to simply observe it, without getting caught up into it. There will be, and has been, more difficult times on your planet—this is nothing new to you—no news here. But how you experience this, how you travel through it, has a great deal to do with how well you have truly incorporated the lessons of the teachers into your life, and are aware of the presence of the greatness of Michael and Nebadonia, about you. You have—as we have said—untold resources available to you, to tap into to use, and to seek for assistance in your life.

[This is Daniel. It seems like the line just went dead. I would like to take a pause for a few minutes.]

Student: When we re-connect to the merkaba, we should all send you some energy.

Daniel: Yes, my batteries were low there.

RAYSON: This is Rayson. As you know, your situation here in this Northern Colorado Teaching Mission is going to change, or is changing. Also be aware that there are numerous teachers, who are available to work with your group in the absence of this individual. It is a matter of requesting the assistance to fill a vacancy that will obviously be coming about sometime in the future. This is a practical situation for you to attend to, one for you as a group to ask for assistance, for individuals to step forward to begin presenting lessons for this group. With that, you will know that as each mortal individual is capable of TRing, they are attended to by celestial teachers who are in their harmonic, their energetic vibration, so that there is a capacity to bring through meaningful lessons with ease.

The course of your planet—in all realms on your planet, and all nations—during these years, these decades and centuries, is one of change—events, tremendous personal, social change. When you resist and dig in your heels, you create a furrow behind you, saying where you came from. We recommend that you stand upright, take steps, move forward, be flexible, adapt to the changes. Your generations live at a time where nothing will remain the same. In only a few generations, you will say that your traditions are traditions of change, rather than the staid stability, which so many generations before had experienced. Some individuals during those generations chafed for change, in the world that they lived in.

And now, some of you will chafe for stability in the face of all these changes. Some will be easy, and affect people in other places of the world, and some will be difficult, personal and immediate. When the vicissitudes of life affect you, if you have brought that upon yourself, then you are welcome to take it personally, if you wish. These changes and difficulties come from without, accept them as not your cause, and bend to them. Some of these changes are much like a torrent down a ravine, but simply stepping to the side a few feet higher, you are safe.

This is the haven that your spiritual beliefs provide, an alternative route. When you run ahead of the torrent of change, thinking that this is your reality, then you will be harried, tired and weary. Step to the side; let your spiritual Brother, Master, Creator, Christ Michael/Jesus, pull you to higher ground. Rest with his assurance upon you, knowing that in his care, you are safe. And though you may lose your homes, your houses, your property, if you are safe, you have a way out. This is peace that passes all understanding, knowing that in the most difficult of times, you have the assistance of your friends who are unseen, to assist you to find a safe way out.

For some of you who are insecure, these words threaten you. For those who are strong, they comfort you. You are agondonters; you live your faith; you are your faith. Through your doing, you experience the agondonter’s way, having faith through the experience of living out that faith, expressing it in ways that are unknown on many worlds. You are truly tracking footsteps in the time and history of your world — people as you who live this out daily, peacefully, stalwartly. You give others courage, even when they have those strong Avonal Sons among them. The teachers point to your lives as agondonters, saying on those worlds that are more advanced than yours, to those individuals who are insecure, "Look, these mortals on that planet have no Avonal Son walking among them, yet they have faith, knowing that they are cared for, that they are valuable, that they have a place in the universe and they are loved.

Blessings to you, my friends. Care for one another, as we would care for you. You can enjoy the embrace of others who love you, as we love you. Rest with the assurance that you are not forgotten, that you have a place, that you are important, and that your strength will grow through the tasks of time in your life. We wish you well and look forward to speaking with you again before long. Good day. (Group: Thank you, Rayson.)

Daniel: Rayson invites anyone else who has a teacher who would like to speak through them, to come forward now, if they wish. Let’s take a few moments to get in touch, and if your teacher wishes to speak through you, this is the opportunity to have that happen.

ZARATH (TR, Jerry): This is Zarath. (Group welcome.) It gives me great joy to be able to join this collection of believers, lovers of Christ Michael and the Father. I have had so little contact, that it is hard for me to enter into the situation that we have established today, but I wanted to express my joy at being here and listening to Christ Michael and to Rayson and their excellent teachings. My mission has continued to evolve as a more junior teacher, to the point where I have been able to look in on the world affairs and get an appreciation for the serious problems of misunderstanding and hate that exists in so many of the world trouble spots, that make so much news and cause so much disturbance beyond the immediate areas in which they are involved.

It is against these disturbances that the teachings today are directed, to counsel you to step aside and listen to the Spirit of Truth, to be assured of your place in the love of the cosmos, to be aware that with the changes in and all around you, that your path is protected, is encouraged, and your littlest expression of hope ripples through the universe and builds. You are without a doubt, the beloved; you can feel that love and the peace that comes from it, and the joy at expressing it, just as it is joyful for me to be here for a closing moment, and to express my love for you. That is all I had to say today, so I leave you in peace. (Group: Thank you.)

Daniel: Is there anyone else?

Student: Zarath, are you available for a question? (Zarath: Certainly.) I hope this might be useful to others, as well as myself, but we have been given so many wonderful lessons, and yet it’s not always easy to integrate the teachings and make it a part of ones self. The thought occurred to me recently that perhaps it’s helpful, rather than just reading a lesson over and over, perhaps I need to try to put that into my own words, my own thinking, but I wonder if you have some other suggestions because our memories often seem so fallible, like a leaky sieve. I wonder if you have any pertinent suggestions about how we can integrate these very helpful teachings?

ZARATH: The first step of course, is to listen with the mind, and then with the heart. That is the key to extract from these teachings, the real truth, the real love that they embody. It is from the heart that your deep understanding will assist you in your life’s activities and work, and in the growth of your spiritual life. Does that help?

Student: Kind of. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by "listen with the heart." We hear sometimes that there is something like the heart—we think of it as an organ—perhaps has almost a mental capacity, but I am not clear what you mean by "listen with the heart."

ZARATH: I can address that. The heart I am speaking of is the soul center, located physically, somewhat adjacent in back of the heart, as we have been advised. It is the resonance within the spiritual heart that you seek, as you listen through the mind and raise the mind to its highest level, to access this spiritual center, therein the resonance is understood at a deeper level. That is the level with which your true choices that involve your growth, are made. It is from this level that you express the true understanding of the teachings, where it becomes one with you. Does that help?

Student: Yes. I guess I have been thinking that the personal path to that higher consciousness was through our superconscious that we have been taught about from the text.

ZARATH: That is what I referred to as the higher consciousness.

Are there any other questions?

Student: I don’t know if you can answer this, but what does the Planetary Prince contribute to the economy of a normal world?

ZARATH: A "normal world" such as Urantia?

Student: No, no—a world that didn’t know default.

ZARATH: He provides that highest level of beneficial teachings that can be understood by a normal world, having had the benefit of the Son and Daughter living with them. They are a liaison for the Planetary Prince—they in physical form and he in the spiritual form, and their example, their enduring lives on the planet, provide that unmistakable presence of the creative powers that govern our universe, and so guides the populace to a much higher level of activity and action and thoughts and creativity. Does that help? (Student: Yeah.)

If there are no further questions, I will retire, again with my blessings. (Group gives thanks.)

Daniel: Anyone else? (Long pause.)

RAYSON: I wish you to be aware of new revelations as they come. Good day.