Group: Northern Colorado TeaM, #2

Loveland, Colorado

Teacher: Rayson ( TR, Daniel)

Subject: Validating Revelation

September 16, 2001

Good afternoon everyone, this is RAYSON. I am so glad that you came today. I know that the tumult that your nation is in has caused great difficulties for almost everyone. And if anyone is not touched by these tragedies then they are probably inert or they have not been in contact with your society's values for long. We wish all of you well during these coming weeks and months, and though the earth may shake and your skies may become cloudy and dark, there is always the presence of light, God's light around you, in you, through you and all along all planes of existence on your world. You are not without the presence of our Father.

Though you may not hear your Thought Adjuster at this time, nonetheless God's presence, God's essence, God's fragment is with you wherever you go. The tragedies that occurred in your nation this week are not an indication that God has any ill will or wrong intentions for anyone. God's presence is always with you. God's presence is right action made evident. The actions taken on your planet, your nation, this week were done by evil men, men with selfish, very, very narrow values and objectives. Only on a world such as this, an experimental world, and a world that once was in rebellion and quarantine could such a development occur. It is suicidal, for all nations, for this to occur. It is an indication of personal annihilation of spirit.

It is most important as you go forward working with celestials and angels that you see this as a larger community that is developing on your planet. This community is the extended community of mankind. You have friends who are always present, wisdom that is always available, and guidance that is always there, for your hand when you reach out. Yes, there is philosophy to guide you, to help you think through these issues in larger terms. Whatever you have thought of, the difficulties you have engaged in your life, whether personal or societal, usually have occurred on other planets as well, particularly those that were in quarantine or other experimental planets. The solutions are there --when one is in the contact of larger spirit, with Thought Adjusters, with the beings of God's legions of light, one would not commit these crimes.

It is the larger community to which you are now becoming a part, that is why we are here, that is why Daniel is here to engage you, to enfold you, to invite you to participate. And though you may not hear as Daniel hears or other individuals hear, you can be a very effective part of this. There are individuals in the Teaching Mission who have been a part of the program for almost ten years and they still do not converse verbally with their Thought Adjuster or their Guardian Angel or Celestial Teacher. This does not indicate any wrongdoing or lesser status on your part. It is a function of mind action, sometimes due to your training, your environment, the way you were raised and brought up. We wish you to be of good cheer. We know that many people have lost loved ones and many millions are affected personally by the outcome of the developments that occurred this week in New York. See this tragedy as an opportunity that will shake the firm blocks of culture in leaps so that they are loosened, so that new leaps can be formed, new associations can develop and greater peace be enhanced in this world.

This is God's love in action to bring about greater good through mankind's tragedies and despicable acts upon each other. Whether in small part or large, this can be done, even in your personal life, even with you personally. Those small tragedies of your own can be changed and delivered to you in greater form, for greater wisdom, insight, self-guidance and the contribution of your energies in service to others. So with this preliminary message this afternoon I will close so that you may get back to your agenda. I wish to speak with you again before you close. Now, do you have any questions pertaining to anything that I have said?

Jim A: Part of what helped me with the tragedy was that I had read somewhere that I could turn this over to God, and it will turn out that all things will work out to good. That's what you were just speaking of? (Yes.)

RAYSON: When one delivers something to God to take care of, then one must release it of course. It is our wish, and hopefully yours too that the leaders of your country who form foreign policy decisions for action will be guided to make decisions which result in higher outcomes. We know that these harmful elements will probably be destroyed on your planet by your national interests. This is not of our participation nor our doing. Yet we know that in this trauma, this terror, that cleansing of the evil elements is necessary. These are societal issues, ones which we do not form, ones which we do not deliberate for an outcome.

Roxanne: Rayson, how is it handled when one person violates so many other free wills? Is there ever any intervention in such a case?

RAYSON: No, there is never, ever any intervention in these situations. You have had many millennia of such action, whether it is one individual or one tribe, against the clan of another, whether it is one individual against a family of another, it is still the same. God does not intervene but opens the way for more options for action by being present in the individual's mind, by providing those options. When you invite spiritual presence, whether my presence or a guardian angel or a Thought Adjuster, Christ Michael or any one else of God's realm, then you are engaging the greater opportunity, greater options for thinking about how you may take action constructively. This is how the Father becomes involved in assisting individuals in the guidance of light.

Jim A.: I was pondering how we could solve this situation with the terrorists by rule of law. Our country was established as a country by rule of law, and that is what we teach and preach to the rest of the world, that this country obeys the law. Would that work with these terrorists, is that a possibility?

RAYSON: One must capture them first. They would not agree to the process. They would not participate once, even in captivity. They would disavow any connections with their own beliefs. You will find though, that this action, this terror against your nation, will actually have a very beneficial effect, and you are beginning to see that. Where there is more of a commitment among nations to be a part of the process of living together peacefully, there are fewer fence riders in this issue than ever before. You will see greater separation between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. You will see that this separation of the light and dark is part of the Correcting Time, part of this transition era of this millennium. This is a separation of those who are part of God's side or those who are not. There truly is no dualism in the universe. Only those individuals who decide not to do god's will and those who do. This is not a dualistic universe; this is neither the forces of light nor darkness, in the old philosophical sense, a religious sense, in those arguments they have maintained. But as simply a way of viewing those who are with right and those who are without right, those who are outside the fold of God.

Jill: We pray that our leaders are guided. Is there any specific additional vision that they are given?

RAYSON: Yes, certainly. As was discussed earlier in a prior session, the Corps of Destiny upon your planet is occupied by individuals who are unknown participants of that corps. There are those who are within the higher echelons of your governmental and Foreign Service process who are part of this corps. We work closely with them, in providing them with visions of options. In this time of great difficulty, you may think that there is just 'us' against 'them', so to speak, but actually this time offers the broadest spectrum of all actions, or all options that a leader can take. In this situation where it is so lopsided, where the world has sided with your country, all the options are available to be exercised. But once those actions become solidified and acted upon, then the choices become narrower.

So now is the time for individuals such as yourselves to pray for your leaders to see a wider spectrum of choices. This is the time to exercise the divine outworking of God's will in your society through the prayer process, through visualizing the options. Even if all you see in your mind's eye is a huge blackboard the size of a football field, filled with options for your leader to take, written in hand-sized letters, you will find that there are thousands of options. Does this answer your question? (Yes.)

Jim S: You spoke of the Corps of Destiny--I imagine that in this corps that is now functioning, there are great numbers of human participants.(Inaudible)...is this a normal thing? (Inaudible….)

RAYSON: Yes, certainly it is. There are--where to begin! There are individuals who are conscious of a higher need to perceive in the direction of stabilizing and normalizing your civilizations, cultures and nations. They are conscious of broader views than are given to them by their governments or through their training. They feel exceptional; they feel perhaps outside, they see themselves outside, not necessarily above, but outside the normal, narrower pathway of public policy. They may not be aware that they are part of the Corps.

You see, those who have read the Urantia Book and are aware of the Corps of Destiny are actually very few on your planet, less than 1% of your human population. So most are unaware that they are part of the Corps. Even those who read the Urantia Book often times fantasize about being part of the Corps of Destiny for your planet, whereas others wish they were but deny the possibility--as they do not feel they are exceptional. And truly, one does not know that they are part of the Corps until exceptional situations arise. Take for instance the leaders who come forward in World War I: Winston Churchill is a primary example. He was a mediocre statesman who rose to the occasion, who filled the position in great profound capacity. There were those in your nation too and in other nations as well. Individuals may be conscious of this, or they may not. They see a higher path, they see further choices, they see a grander vision and they pursue it.

Answering your question on another level, yes there are more participants now than ever before. Let us take history as a perspective of probability. You may speculate about the future. If you were an actuary working for an insurance company you would predict certain probabilities of outcomes. So you would have this ability to look into the future, so to speak. You would know what would come about. On the side of God and the formation of Thought Adjusters and the arrival of Thought Adjusters in the mortal individuals, these plans are not surmised, but actually measured and measurable. Even before the individual is born. Some hints of this are given in the Urantia Book, which you may recall. So there is a need, there is an awareness, that within some mechanism, which we are unaware of, that provides for exceptional individuals to arrive and to participate in exceptional situations. And this is how exceptional results are achieved. It is the cooperation between the developing soul in the individual and their plan of life, which is able to manifest exceptional results in your society. Some never do come to this service but who have waited, and waited and opportunity passes them by, yet they are there. This is the Reserve Corps, so to speak. I have gone far afield of answering your question. I hope I have not caused further confusion.

Jim S: (inaudible)

RAYSON: It is not so much duties, but preparedness for affecting the course of your planet's development of your civilization, even down to the level of the community, even families, for there will come forth from them a certain individual who can participate. The duties are to be prepared, this is like so many boy scouts, "Be prepared." Always be vigilant. And being prepared means a good education, being culturally sound, being genetically sound and capable of moving into the stream of events, as that individual is needed.

Roxanne: Was the tragedy on the East Coast known before hand by our unseen friends?

RAYSON: As was mentioned a bit before in the last answer, there is an awareness of probability, a probability of some sort of tragedy is very, very high. I think we can use your question as a bridge to the topic of this afternoon, and that is validating revelation. Just as we can predict or surmise or offer conjecture about the future, the future is truly not known until it occurs. Even God does not know that which has not taken on existence. Though God knows a tremendously accurate probability of what will occur, and can almost surely state if we were to converse with the Creator directly, that God would know the future quite well. So, what you might ask about this situation, did we know about it ahead of time, we were quite certain that a tragedy of some sort would occur before too long.

We could offer conjectures about the future, also about things that have not occurred at this point; you can do this also. And so, what I offer to you as training for this process of listening, to be in touch with us, to hear us, to have a relationship with us, whether it be technical or personal or societal, is your choice. But you can ask questions of your Thought Adjuster, your teacher, your guardian angel, and receive an answer. And if it does not seem quite probable or likely, or even seems unbelievable, then you should contact one of your friends and ask them an objective blinded question, so to speak, where they would offer themselves to be in contact with their teacher to receive an answer. This is what Daniel does frequently and what members of the Teaching Mission have done for many years. It is how they validate revelation, how they validate what they hear. The results are validated or not by other individuals.

When you begin, you may not be certain or sure that what you have heard is yourself, or from your teacher, or guardian angel. Write these statements down that you have received, and then ask someone to go within and seek an answer of the question that you have to ask. It is though Daniel were to ask each one of you today to go to separate rooms and ask a question and find an answer from your teacher. Then you would come back to the room here and compare notes to see what you had heard in answer to the same question. And this is a very practical exercise, which we may use in the future if you wish. We do not want to proceed with any teaching format, which makes you uncomfortable or puts you on the spot. Yet there must be a point of pressure upon the student to proceed, to push the edge of their envelope a little bit more each week. Does this answer your question? (Yes it does. Thank you.) You are welcome.

Jim A.: In attempting to communicate, I've clearly received a word or two here and there, and it seems that as my mind attempts to focus on that, it shuts everything down. Is that what is called a 'blockage? Or, am I doing that?

RAYSON: Yes, you are doing that. What you may want to see is a tickertape that is coming through at all times. Does the ticker tape stop when you look at it and note the quote of stocks? No, it does not, it continues to proceed. And so when you stop at the stop you are interested in, you stop. But were you to release that, let that go, and just be an observer without drawing judgment, or estimation or opinion about what you are seeing, then you would see the continuum flow. The question you might ask then is what's next? It's like watching a connected montage, where one frame develops into another, into another, into another. And if you stop at one, you see part of the picture, but if you continue seeing all of the pictures then you see the movement that is involved and have a much larger perspective of what you saw in the first place.

Jim A.: I see visions all the time, scenes, but these are not verbal. At other times I'll hear a couple of words, a phrase and then when I try to get more, it stops.

RAYSON: Do these words succeed a question you had asked? (No, they're like some body conversing and they stop when I tune in.) So it is as though you hear two people talking? (Yes, but only one half of the conversation.) Continue to practice and continue to see the stream flow. What you want to do is construct a metaphor in your mind that allows this process to flow through without stopping. (Thank you.)

If there are no further questions, let us now take a pause and let you go back to listening to Daniel, although I believe I have stolen his thunder. The topic he was going to talk on today was "Validating revelation." Thank you. I'll be with you all through the afternoon and I would like to speak to you in closing, before you leave. (Group gives thanks.)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Long group discussion.)

RAYSON: My friends, I am glad to hear that you have spoken so freely about many of your concerns. You are creating a bonding within yourselves among yourselves within this group and it will spread to those who attend who are not here. We too are in bond with you, not bondage, but we are one with you. You are becoming to see that you are part of a larger family. You are the family of the Father, of the Creator of all. You have many issues in your lives that you may speak to us about and ask questions. You can ask questions, you can request things, and you can be guided, even if you do not hear that inner voice. Your sharing here today is most heartfelt.

It is a privilege on our behalf to be here with you. We learn so much from you and your indomitable spirit is one that is so courageous and it can only be bred and developed and engendered through circumstances and your experience on this world, in this nation, at this time. You live in exceptional times and if you co-create and participate, you will have a most unusual life, a highly productive life. But you carry your life's experiences with you through the Morontia world, on into Paradise. These things will never be gone from you, the lessons you learn now will carry you forward evermore, and they will serve you well and be instruments of much instruction to others who have never experienced lives such as yours. You will be of great service; you will be those Agondonters that they speak about from Urantia. (Thank you, Rayson.)