Southern Colorado TeaM, #18
Pueblo, Colorado
Teachers: Rayson (TR, MJ)
Unknown being (TR, JA)
Michael (TR, MJ)
Eregon (TR, JA)


  1. Compassion
  2. Bestowing Love
  3. Making a Difference on this World
  4. Forgiveness and Happiness
  5. Spiritual Value

May 4, 2006

RAYSON: This is Rayson. It is! You are surprised that I should visit you today, in this manner? It should not come as too big of a surprise, considering that many in this group have not attended one of these sessions since the last time I visited here. I welcome each and every one of you this afternoon, and I am happy to see each and every one of you. I have many places to visit, and I do; I am received by a number of transmitters and I am always pleased and grateful when this opportunity arrives. Again, I welcome each and every one and I am happy to see you all again. I will give a short message on compassion today.

This lesson is a form of love that is practiced on behalf of those who are in need of compassionate love. "Passion" gives you an idea of the important magnitude of this word; it is a fiery kind of love that forgives at the same time it loves. There are so many in your world in need of compassionate love. Every day, perhaps in your own families there are members in need of this compassionate love. Humanity is very uniform in some ways, the needs of all humans are similar as the hierarchy of needs that you may be familiar with. Humanity with need for compassion exists in each of us; for some, it is simply more apparent.

Pour out the love that has been given you; pour it out for those in need of your love. Love is one—there is only one love—all other forms of love emanate from one source and one source only, that is God, that is ALL that is. Love IS! Be unafraid to truly love your fellows; bestow upon them your love, as you are loved by your Heavenly Father. And I hope that each of you can say unequivocally how thrilled you are by the love of God, that works and ministers in your mind and in your lives, and this love is bestowed in a never-ending flow. It is so healing and beneficial that you should bestow your love, because your cup truly "doeth runneth over." And the more you extend the love that is emanating from The One, the more love will you receive—this is a law that cannot be abridged. Try it and see.

Although it might not always be an overt act, love can be expressed in many ways, as many ways as there are individuals. And so study those upon whom you are practicing your bestowals of love. Find out how best to love this person, that person, the other person. Sometimes it may just be your very presence; sometimes it may require or warrant a special prayer; sometimes it may warrant a physical deed, an action on your part. You need to be discerning in loving; I assure you, your lives will expand and become happier for it, and so will your world, and so will your families, and so will your community, and of course, so will you in your heart—you will burst with joy. ["Literally," of course! We do not want you to hurt yourself.]

[TR: (Laughing) I think that was me; I’m sorry! It just made me happy.]

RAYSON: Love is "happy-making." I am happy to be with you and to have the opportunity to speak through this one here. She is somewhat reluctant at times, and yet is willing. I would encourage each of you to cultivate your inner reception, as well. I will say no more on that subject.

Again, thank you for inviting me/us, and good day.

TR, JA: "We are ready, we are standing by." But I don’t know who it is yet. I keep asking, "Who? Who?"

UNKNOWN BEING: We bless you, this afternoon. [TR: It might be a Mighty Messenger, but that wouldn’t be "we."] I am getting ready to address you this afternoon, under the direction of Michael of Nebadon. With these Correcting Times, . the Melchizedeks, the Mighty Messengers and celestial teachers, we are angels, we are midwayers, and those who love you, our mortal brothers and sisters. We are speaking as one, through this vehicle, for your benefit and to let your know that all these loving messages have but a single source—the Father who loves us all, and spreads his love abroad in the universe, who causes us to reflect it onto our brothers and sisters, as we have so many times, asked you of the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time to do among your mortal brethren. We do experience this in the spiritual realms.

If we could but portray the difference this would make in your culture, in your civilization, in your day-to-day meetings and dealings with business and family and friends and associates. You would be more than motivated to immediately proceed with this practice to enrich your life—and it will, in every moment that you consciously tune-in to this practice of reflecting the Father’s love to each other. You can transform your world, regardless of the outward circumstances, of any one’s individual life, or any challenges geographic or catastrophic you may face. The love that you bring to one another is what makes your lives meaningful. The focus that you place yourself in determines the light that you shine without.

[I will give you] a small illustration: [JA: A single person, like a native American, an ancient native American walking alone . . . the journey alone that is [a surprise] that one survives. But now I see a group can move for the benefit of one another in community.] You can see this very vividly on the material plane. By this benefit of family, friends and community on the material level, like building plane-upon-plane of real associations and expressions, when you add Divine love into the equation of the infinite, with no limit in its potential. We ask you to become aware, dear children and brethren, of the light within you. Open your hearts and let it shine, for in doing so, you will enrich not only your own life experience, not only that of your fellows, but also that of your whole planet. This is real! Be willing to share it; share the message. Incorporate it and share it in your actions, in your daily lives. We hope that you will, for you will find if you do that this experiment will enrich you in ways that cannot be explained. Thank you for your attention. We love you, brothers and sisters of the mortal realm. Keep up the good work; the Correcting Time will prevail.

MICHAEL (TR, MJ): I am your Father/Brother Michael. My love is upon each of you. Thank you for being here today. A brief word to each of you: Bring forgiveness to those who wronged you, forgiveness of yourselves, forgiveness of those who mistreat others, mistreat the world, forgiveness for all. Give up your need to be "right," children! Throw it out the window. You owe it to yourselves to destroy that barrier that exists, barring your love from fully expressing itself. In the recesses of your heart [if] it harbors a grudge, or a hurt, or a revenge—throw that tumult away today, so that you can take literally to heart, the advice given each of you, with the love that you cannot even fathom, [but accept] all that you can for it is surrounding you now and always.

Love one another, care for one another; care for all . . . (inaudible) . . . at this . . . (inaudible) . . . practice at this. You are my light to the world, more and more with every passing day. Let your love grow and shine brighter. It is a process—a beautiful process—if you could just see yourselves as I see you, all humanity the same—you truly would fall in love with every person you meet. You have every reason to be happy; you have every reason to love and allow yourselves to be loved. I love you all, I will always remain and I am always ready to talk with you. Good day, children.

EREGON (TR, JA): I wish to speak—this is a funny place to give a lesson, for much has already been given that is food for thought and "fruit" for action. Just for a moment, I would like to extend my good wishes to each and every one of you. [As we are all] working together again, I wish to greet you and to [inject?] into your awareness that I am available to each of you in this group. If you do not hear messages [as clearly] as these two may, call on me for assistance, especially if you perceive them to have some spiritual value.

Remember, may I remind you, it is not always the projects you perceive as having spiritual value; they are worthy because they have spiritual value. You are open, asking how to make things have greater spiritual value. I wish to say and to share with you for today, and again I extend my love with my greetings. I consider you all, my little study group, my little study [pals]. You are my friends and I do care for you. You know me as a teacher [or as] a bit more like a camp counselor, so call on me in a friendly way when you need a little extra spiritual help and I will see what I can get done for you—not that I wish to take the place of the Father within, or your angels, [or] of Christ Michael and Nebadonia—I am simply something like a spiritual coach. But I am around and willing to assist. I see you all; this is Eregon.