DATE: May 4, 2006

T/R: Gerdean, for TEACHER TOMAS

  1. On the Importance of Group Synergy and
  2. The Effectiveness of Prayer in Helping Bring That About.

TOMAS: This is your faithful friend, Tomas, glad to be with you once more in this familiar format in service to the King and the Kingdom, of which we are a vital part. Indeed, the realm is radiant with joy this evening as many commemorate this Day of Prayer, and I too will take the opportunity to lift my voice in praise and thanksgiving to the Universal Father of all for the mystery of his many blessings.

How our lives are touched by this thing that we know of as God. Even aside from the personal relationship we enjoy with him as Father, it is humbling to be in the presence of such energy and power as are expressed from the Central Isle of Paradise where God lives. And the universe is filled with those happy and joyous helpers who, like us, rejoice to know Him and share our joy with others "as we pass by."

I greet you with affection, open arms, and invite your embrace in the spirit of love attending our gathering, for in this we will find the energy and the motivation and the zeal to go forth and tackle our manifold problems of daily living in the uplifting work at hand.

It is so easy -- I have said this so many times it is like a mantra -- it is so easy for you to become lost in the energies of the lesser reality, even claiming that this lesser reality has preeminence over all other concerns, for it is now, it is in the now, and therefore sacred somehow. Yes, indeed, "everything is holy now," but from that point of appreciation, the energies wasted on pointless passion is simply the gesture of the pressure cooker of your mind letting off steam. This is the sign of immaturity.

I say this not to wag my finger in shame and point to your childishness, but to put perspective on the truth that when your mind is fixed on God, your passions are directed and focused in a purposive way such that you will choose not to expend yourself in needless waste of energy. You will choose to gather yourself together and gird up the loins of your mind in order to prepare yourself for meaningful service - and this includes conscientious consideration of the concerns of the daily life.

What can you do to improve the lot of humanity? The opportunities are abundant. There are many fields where you may strew your seeds, but the prudent farmer will observe the weather conditions and the other factors that go into his planting so that he knows to plant in season and when the rains are expected, in soil which offers an opportunity for growth, where the roots may take hold and grow.

We observe you, each of you and as a group, as a race, a nation, a people. We study you. We study your ways and your reactions, your responses, your efforts. We study how you approach your problem, how you deal with your successes and your alleged failures. We learn so much from you. Do you learn from yourselves? How much do you learn from observing others as they go about their business, sometimes flailing their arms, sometimes with blinders on, sometimes setting one foot in front of the other without having any idea what they are doing or where they are going but in faith plodding on nonetheless?

I point this question out, because there is so much potential. The potential of you here now at this point in your global and planetary history is so fraught with possibilities. The phrase "teetering on the brink" is inadequate to describe the pulsing, surging energy forces that are even now tumbling forth, falling all over themselves, running into each other, butting heads up against each other, even as you are allies in your undertaking to be about the Father's business, to fix the world, to solve humanity's problems.

Your hearts are on fire with the desire to serve. And so many times at the end of the day you feel like you have done only a fraction of that which you had hoped to accomplish when you set out in faith in the morning. Some of this has to do with the fact, yes, that you are time/space creatures, and that while your mind is limited only by your own imagination and your spirit is boundless, you are limited by the nature of your physicality and the limitations set upon you by your culture, your finances, your strengths, and your ability to prevail with others.

This ability to get along and to be workers in the field is the next paradigm to approach and master. For always will you have yourself to come back to and reflect upon. How to get along with others in order to be effective is the next big question. We can see it taking place on so many levels and in so many situations. It is exciting for us to behold and we hope you, too, find it more exciting than frightening, more challenging than overwhelming, more stimulating than frustrating.

We urge you to take the time to focus your mind and allow yourself to be led in the small ways, for when you are found to be trustworthy in the small things, greater things will be given to you - even the opportunity to share in leadership possibilities - even in those opportunities to effect eternal and permanent changes.

In the interim, in the meantime, we have these precious moments together to share as friends, which "friendship is an end in itself." And in some quarters, it is springtime - another opportunity to pause and reflect on the ever-giving font that is creation, offering always anew opportunities and moments to behold and to cherish. And so we have a focus for our prayer on this [National] Day of Prayer. Amen.

I would like to hear from you. I would like to hear from all of you. I do understand that some of you take longer to formulate questions than others. I do understand that the nature of this process is that you are and have been listening with a superconsciousness that must be refocused into the conscious mind in order to put forth questions, and sometimes the process of moving from the superconscious to the conscious mind renders the question "lost in space" or moot.

There are those also who keep questions in a jar to pull out when the occasion presents itself, without having to worry about formulating the question but merely setting it forth. And there are those who have no idea what their question is but their soul yearns to express it, and so they talk, and somewhere in there the question of their soul is revealed. It is the soul that I have come to teach. It is your soul that I am commissioned to reach, so that you can get to know it better and help it help you on the way toward becoming all that you can be, all that you are. And thus I open the door for your questions and for your presence.

Simon: Tomas, this is Simon in Salt Lake.

Simon: I am looking forward to your personal words to me on how to unlock the doors I've been hiding behind, to be more effective, and to also sustain and be in faith to be my higher genuine self.

TOMAS: Yes. You suffer from self-consciousness. This is the problem with most of you who would like to step out but don't. And from this point of self-consciousness, it is so very easy then to observe, intellectually and academically, all the reasons why you would be foolish to step forth, or all the reasons why they wouldn't hear you if you did speak up. And these are mere excuses and mere contrivances to avoid overcoming the self-consciousness from which you suffer.

In terms of, for example, T/Ring. Most of you who T/R or who have dabbled in this process, experience a moment of … shall we call it "trepidation" … when you quiver on the brink of opening your mouth and allowing words to come out. Most people freeze under the veil of self-consciousness and thus deprive themselves of the thrilling opportunity of working with celestial energies and personalities to help uplift humanity.

You miss that opportunity that Gerdean, for example, experiences of being so close to me that she is learning from my way of dealing with you how she can better deal with you. The intimacy of the learning is well worth overcoming the trepidation that would stop you from taking that leap of faith and opening your mouth and saying what needs to come out. It's the same thing. It's the same thing exactly.

It's self-consciousness that someone will laugh at you, or that you will make a mistake, or that you will be ignored. This is the human person getting in the way. For what will happen, in the ideal (even if it is an eventuation) is the spirit will come forth. It is the spirit of truth -- the spirit of understanding, the spirit of courage, all of the adjutants that come to support the spirit of truth -- that will speak for you. You need not worry, Simon. It is not about you. It is about ministry. It is about allowing God the opportunity to express himself through you.

Look for the opportunity and when you feel your lips tremble, when you feel your heartbeat, when you feel your hands get clammy, when you feel the hot flash or the cold flash -- but when you see the opportunity, seize the opportunity and the rest be damned. Let it happen. Eventually and gradually your self-consciousness will recede into the shadows where they belong. Let God take center stage. Is this helpful?

Simon: Thank you so much. That is well-expressed and taken to heart. Thank you so much, Tomas.

Recca: So Tomas, it seems to me that you are reiterating what you said at the beginning of your speech, your words this time … that when we are sowing the seeds, as farmers, we are looking for fertile ground, we are looking for . .. actually we're reiterating the parable of the sower and we're going to believe that the seeds are going to fall where they may. But you might even be saying here that to be courageous enough to speak sometimes means that we don't even worry about what the seed that God is going to sow is. We might not know what it is until it comes out of our mouth and we sow that seed and we pass it along.

TOMAS: Yes, and this is what happens when you are not self-conscious! You don't stumble over yourself on the way to plant your seeds.

Recca: Right. It is not our seed; it is the Father's. We are just the sower.
TOMAS: Precisely. Just the sower.
Recca: Thank you.

TOMAS: But let me add to what you said, that being, you have the confidence about yourself that allows you to gesture and speak in such a way as to effect seed-planting. You have already girded up your mind. You have already organized your soul for dynamic service. You are already there, waiting for the opportunity - if not in a conscious teacher/preacher mode, at least as a soul you are there eager to see where you can help.

Here am I Lord, send me! What shall I do? I can do this. I can lift that. I can sew this. I can cook that. I can carry that. I can say this. I can sing that. All of these gestures of service are ways that allow God to speak through you. And as this is a way of life for you, there will come those opportunities to teach and preach, when questions will come, just out of nowhere, it would seem. And because the environment is conducive to the planting, your seed will be placed in the fertile soil which has opened itself to receive the seed. And there is no fear in that.

Recca: The confidence is two-sided there. The strength of confidence, but that comes from confide with faith, so doing with faith builds confidence within.

TOMAS: It also has something to do with your perception of yourself. If you feel unworthy, if you have some false sense of humility, you are not allowing yourself the opportunity to feel that you have something to give, that you are a worthy vessel. There are stories. There is one here about the cracked urn that the person carries along the path that water dribbles out of all the way down the road, who feels like a failure at the end of the path because there is so little water left in the urn at the end of the road, but it has watered the pathway and the plants along the way, so whereas the pot felt it was unworthy, it still served.

Imagine how much more you can serve if you feel you have something to give! -- if you happily and gaily splash your water along, out of the cracks and crevices of your own existence in joyous recognition of being, rather than trying to conserve yourself 'til the end of the journey -- and so there is much to be said about feeling good about yourself.

And this is part of what we reiterate and insist on coming back to, and that we so love to see in you, and that is the realization that you are indeed a part of God, a living reality that is a part of the divine reality - eternal and good. Understanding your part in this cosmic scheme of things is where the true satisfaction comes from, the true sense of belonging.

There is just nothing more thrilling or satisfying than knowing that God loves you. Knowing that for all of your faults and imperfections, you are precious to Him. When you are loved, you stand taller; when you know you are cherished, you are quicker to smile; when you understand that you are cared for, you are more likely to care freely for others. And this, of course, is the point of stillness: to drink deep from that well, understanding that you are of God.

Marshall: Hello, Tomas. This is Marshall. Very fine to hear your voice and it's a pleasure to be in your presence tonight.

TOMAS: It is good to hear from you, Marshall.

Marshall: I have a question. Let's hear more from you, Tomas, if you will, about empowering ourselves to become true and effective masters of manifestation through connecting to the light anchor in merkaba with our unseen celestial teams to utilize and employ the process of energy management. More specifically, the ability to manipulate and transform this pure energy of love, say, to manifest our noble ideals.

TOMAS: Yes, well, indeed. This does get to what I was speaking of in my lesson, and which we have already followed up with in terms of the personal connection, but to gather our energy together in some form of paradigm is a way of compounding the energy to accomplish these things … What things? Well, that's another subject. But the empowerment that is derived from fellowship is worthy of discussion, indeed.

Already in these few years of the Teaching Mission there are those who have done more than they thought possible because of the energy that they derived from not only their relationship with God or his helpers, but with each other in the flesh here as coworkers. Many, many projects have been undertaken in the understanding that when you work together you are more than you are as independent workers (that zooidal concept that Gerdean loves so much, and which is pointed out in the Papers on the development of civilization), that through effective leadership ten men together can do more than that ten men apart. It is that exponential thing.

And indeed, it is important that at some point (and the sooner the better) this kind of dynamic can be effected because there is much work to be done. Yes, of course, it could be said that the urgency is to get it together so as to counter the negative effects of the Cabal or the Illuminati or the Bush administration or the immigrants or the terrorists … and certainly there is a mortal propensity to want to gather your forces against some visible or invisible foe.

But the real juice behind such a conjoining would be found in the desire do something for, rather than against. It's like the Ten Commandments. Who wants to follow something "thou shalt not"? You want to follow something that "thou shalt" and thus institute the positive effects of such religious principles. So, I reiterate "what shall we get together for?" and this comes to unity of purpose. Unity of purpose has not been decided.

That can be for a group, a group of three or four, a group of ten or 20, a group of 50 or 100, a group of 1,000, a group of 10,000. The purpose for which a group gathers together is what will motivate that group to act, and you as religionists, you who would draw upon the power of the spirit itself to infuse you with the necessary energy to do something, must have some pretty high ideals as to what to do with it, other than to feel good and powerful.

Earlier, I spoke of overcoming self-consciousness so that you could be ready to do something for the Father, to speak for Him. It would be so gratifying to see groups of individuals preparing themselves similarly to be ready to speak for God. But so far, we have not found the synergy necessary to hold it together, and so we continue to tremble and shiver on the brink and practice what we can with what we've got until we step up our pace through our own evolutionary development to the next step.

I am not discouraged. As I say, we observe with fascination to see how you succeed and how you allegedly fail at your myriad efforts, all the while your hearts a thumping in the hopes of being able to do something for the Father, or for the cosmos, or for humanity, or for whatever it is that appeals to your higher nature. This could be any of the services required by the angelic orders, or by the midwayers, or by your own local government. The opportunities to serve are endless.

But yes, I do understand and see the yearning to move as a group and to function as a well-oiled machine in the establishment of the Kingdom. I do appreciate the study of the merkaba energy and the recognition of how much energy there is available in the universe if it could only be tapped into and mastered.

Marshall: Yes Tomas, I perceive this is beautiful. I perceive that through globalization of, say, focus groups with unity of purpose, utilizing this merkaba, that indeed united as we stand to be early days of the dualistic separatistic mentality of the fear based ego-animal mind are coming to a gradual close upon the--

TOMAS: Are you reading from an encyclopedia there, my friend?
Marshall: I'm just looking at my notes here.

TOMAS: Your words are too big. If you want to contact humanity, you have to join with humanity.

Marshall: Well, let's put it this way, Tomas. Through the mobilization of focus groups, groups with unity of purpose, utilizing merkaba, I perceive--

TOMAS: "Utilizing merkaba." You mean cosmic energy?

Marshall: Cosmic energy in synergistic circle with unified groups with let's say pinpoints of light. Say there are 1,000 of these groups throughout the planet and these groups get together on a weekly basis or even on a daily basis in their mind as they hook up to the merkaba, but they only get together physically once a week and through this practice of hooking up to the merkaba in their group physically and also daily, even though they are not present physically within their group of mortals and unseen--

TOMAS: And what are they going to do?
Marshall: They are mobilizing with a unity of purpose for whatever ideals that they have.

TOMAS: Well, let's see what their ideals are. The reason it doesn't take is because they don't have anything to do.

Marshall: Well, my point is that focused groups of individuals that have come together with a unity of purpose--

TOMAS: I am sure, Marshall, that there is not one individual here present this evening that
would not also like to participate in a group that was focused and dynamic. There is not one of us who would not like that. The question is how to effect it.

Marshall: Okay. That was not my question, but I'm with you. I sense some contentiousness in Gerdean's demeanor here so I will just be quiet, Tomas, and maybe I'll hear you talk.

TOMAS: This is Tomas talking.
Marshall: Okay, good.

TOMAS: This is not Gerdean being contentious; it is me saying that you cannot just get together and feel good and expect people to join you night after night after night and come back a week later and say 'wasn't that great, we felt good all week.'

Marshall: Well, specifically, I've been in a group for over 15 months now. We get together weekly. This group has gotten together with a unity of purpose through intentions to actually effect what we have been led to synergistically focus on.

TOMAS: May I know what that is?

Marshall: You may know if you ask your superiors (and I'm sure they will tell you), but it has to do with co-creating a whole new living energy system. I will only take it that far. It's much more extensive than that, which has been birthed. Now, my point is that others will be coming into these groups as we evolve throughout the planet, and coming to effect what we have through their co-creative efforts effected. Now my point is, is that -- through such focused intention will not these groups as whole be able to take the new paradigm and bring it in with the wholeness of Jesus' teachings and along with new aspects of the morontia mind increase the cosmic insight and the depth of…?

TOMAS: Yes, of course. That is why we are working with groups as much as possible, why we encourage group loyalty, why we encourage the concept of family, why we have established teacher bases with teachers and students so that the paradigm you speak of can come about. This is part of the plan. The fact that we are on the telephone speaking in a community without finite grounding is not to say we are not a group, and certainly we have bonded synergistically in the concepts that were delivered to the soul of our community here this evening. It is a process.

Some groups that have been meeting regularly, weekly, for months even years have developed true power. Some have actually done things, not just created organizations or soup kitchens or buildings but have addressed issues and impacted society, have affected culture and saved souls. And the fact that they have done this as members of a community can only cement the community further. It's like marriage.

When you come together in marriage you come together as separate individuals but over time you experience the birth of your children, the sale of your house, the wreck of your car, the broken arm, the windfall, and you are no longer two people you are one person. You are one family because of these experiences you have shared together you have become an institution.

The same is true certainly for groups of believers, and since we have such great hope for these believers who have been spawned by the revelation and fostered by the Teacher Corps and the Melchizedeks and others to recognize the assistance that is being offered to those of you who are looking at the future with open eyes and faith of an expansive tomorrow, are being cultivated and nurtured and fostered to become a part of just this kind of synergistic energy. In fact, there is no holding back. There's no holding back any of these individuals who have felt in their heart the touch that God has planted in them to serve humanity, to serve God, to do something for the Supreme.

How can we empower this further? Each of us can ask that and offer suggestions, overcome the self-consciousness and project our ideas and ideals -- What is it the bumper sticker says? -- "even if your voice shakes." In time, groups will merge, form, fall apart, reconvene, reconfigure and ultimately we will prevail. Be malleable but be persistent.

Marty: Teacher Tomas, this is Marty here.

TOMAS: Yes, Marty.

Marty: I want to thank you for this talk that you're giving this evening and I'd just like to add that I'm very satisfied with the developmental progress that is going on, on our world here. I feel the synergistic energy of all of the people who care and love and I feel as though it is just coming together, and I feel as though we're just doing the best that we can and that we are succeeding. I want to thank you for all of those words.

TOMAS: Yes Marty, you are more than welcome. You are one of the more diligent workers in the field of communications and networking. You plant seeds freely, not without regard but freely, and they feed people. They help people determine what they believe and what they want to believe. You help people realize that they are not alone and that their thought processes are not unlike others'. You help people recognize like-mindedness so that certain groups can indeed formulate and empower one another.

Marty: Looks like you are in touch with the things that I am working on. I don't really send out my own opinions, I just try to share the intentions of all of the different groups and they just reveal such a togetherness, and when I pray I have really not been praying my own prayers. I have been asking Father to give me the prayers that He would have us give to each other in this group prayer. I was hoping to hear you say something about that one.

TOMAS: When I think of prayer, Marty, I like to think in the simplest of terms, for man is a complex creature. He likes to think he is, at any rate, and to complicate matters that need not be complicated. Prayer is a simple gesture, a simple soulful expression, an act of thanksgiving, a petition for peace. Prayer often loses people because it is so simple. They want their minds troubled and clamoring. They want to fight with something and argue with someone. Prayer is too easy, and so prayer is often glossed over and lost in the more complicated and sophisticated guises; however, there is nothing more effective. What is more effective than one tear? What is more effective than one smile?

At the right time, in God's time, the simplicity of the relationship between the parent and the child is the heart of the prayer and the relationship between the Father and the child is one of enduring peace. We go to our parent to be comforted, to be directed, to be guided, to be reassured. This is very simple. It comes very simply into the heart and into the soul because you have allowed the mental clamor to shut down. You have allowed your spirit to open to the Great Spirit and become one drop of water in the boundless ocean of infinity.

Marty: May I interrupt you for a minute? I just wanted to say that I have two things to say to that. One is that to me prayer has become holding Father's hand, being with Him and I don't really have anything to ask Him for. I feel totally cared for and satisfied. But one of the things I have been wondering about is, I think Marshall has been raising this question of the group and I'm thinking of it in terms of group prayer and I was wondering if we ought to have our supernal teachers joining us in our prayers for the welfare and betterment of our world, peace on earth and the end of devastation and poverty here.

TOMAS: You may be assured that when you pray we pray with you.

Marty: Thank you.

TOMAS: It is not always that we pray the same prayer, but we join with you in praying and add our energy with yours in the act of praying itself.

Marty: That's what I would expect. I can't imagine even two people who are mortals having the same prayer, but joining our energies together is what I'm speaking of and I think that being a part of the Teaching Mission and becoming familiar with our celestial cosmic family makes it such a different relationship than it would be without that. Just to have the family praying together is just phenomenal.

TOMAS: Indeed, and remarkable. I am going to close this session. It has been far more replete than you realize. We have planted many seeds, not the least of which is the importance of group synergy and the effectiveness of prayer in helping bring that about. I thus leave you with my best affections and look forward to our next time together. Go about your lives being happy and doing good. Until we meet again, farewell. [Thank you]