[TR’s Note: I share with you one more teaching of the Father. This one might be called "Our Spritual Striving and the Role in the Father's Evolutionary Plan."]



April 5, 2006 17.15

My beloved Father, why is it so that I want to associate with you more and more, why this communion gives me so much of a bliss that I tend to commune with you all the time – day and night? Maybe it is not good because my spiritual striving completely outweighs my material interests apart from those to serve you while serving my brethren on the material plane?



My beloved son, your striving to commune with Me so much is very healthy and I commend you for that devotion. The problem for human mind begins not when they devote their attention and energy to Me in service and communion but when they only go deep into their own selves losing any contact with the environment.


And it is the service that helps mortals to pass the teachings you receive from Me to your brethren. And this service is being carried out on the material planet and in a material environment and to material mortals even though their selves are not material. That is why I commend those who not only think about Me in good terms but also put these thoughts into deeds.


And I commend you not only for exceptional devotion to Me by the mortals’ standards on such a world as Urantia but also for your painstaking service in My love and care to your brethren.


And the more you spend time with Me and the more you share Me with your brethren the stronger you become in your everyday circumstances. You have already noticed how much you have changed, and these changes have been instigated by your Thought Adjuster thru whom you are receiving this communion with Me. Be certain that this bliss shall reveal you new horizons in your communion with Me and in your service to Me and your brethren. And be ready to travel around the world once My training for you is completed for the mission to carry My word to different corners of Urantia.



Thank you Father. I love you tremendously. And this love elevates and lifts me up. And purifies. Thank you for pouring it on all your creatures. Father, I do desire to ask you, why many minds, clever minds are very much against the word in the meaning of "GOD"? They do agree with different notions of some Super Mind, Super Energy, Super Controller, even Super Gravitation but ultimately are very much biased against you as a person, nothing speaking of the Father?



My beloved son, you well know from your new revelation that has been named on your planet as The Urantia Book a very small part of the history and development of man, including the Lucifer rebellion against Me and your Ruler Michael. This gave the very first imprint on man’s mind to reject Me as a person. It is from this point that you must evaluate all the human phenomena that manifest today on your planet. And this crucial rejection on the part of your Supreme Planet Rulers of God as a loving Father distorted man’s orientation on everything.


How can you teach a child love or care, sincerity or mercy without pointing out the very Source of this love, care, sincerity, and, mercy. Leave any child to grow without his father and mother and his soul shall be wounded and broken, hardened and bleeding. So how could this situation could be remedied otherwise but by returning to My path and love in recognizing Me as a person and your Father, the Father of ALL.


And this distortion has lasted up to the advent of Jesus to your planet and even until today if taken on the broad scale. You all are extremely lucky to have received The Urantia Papers to have the deepest possible idea about Me. And even more, as you well know the Master Creator Son of your universe, whom you well know as Jesus of Nazareth has launched an unprecedented program of tearing your planet out of that darkness thru his individual plan of The Correcting Time and its one segment – The Teaching Mission – is already in operation. That tremendously changes all the evolutionary development on the inhabited planets and not only on them The new phenomena on Urantia in human development are being closely scrutinized by all your Seniors and they do they best to assist you who actively participate in this Teaching Mission enterprise and even beyond it.


That is why the number of clever minds rejecting Me as a person and as your Father shall diminish depending on the efforts taken by those of you who desire to not only speculate about Me but also to serve Me in all the capacities available to humans. You may serve Me in every field you are permanently operating by devoting your efforts to Me. But this must be a real devotion, a real desire of you heart not just a thought or word expressed.


And the more you begin to serve Me daily the more your soul shall be receptive of My teachings passed over to each of you by My spirit. And that shall lead you to a more intensive service to Me since your soul shall begin to notice new and new horizons for the service. And thus shall be My light distributed by the efforts of each of you. And this light shall reduce fear and hatred, anger and jealousy to be replaced by love and service in mercy.


And this movement of My ambassadors shall effect even those minds who tend to ignore Me today since they will notice and discuss among themselves absolutely strange things that shall be unveiling before their eyes that you shall be competent of explaining the meaning and the Source of. And it is thru your active participation that this tremendous and majestic program shall be implemented.


You shall receive all the necessary training and assistance in service, thus none of you must worry over the consequences. Some of you even today begin to feel some unfamiliar sensations within without even grasping that this is also that very training for bigger missions to speak out in My name and in the name of Michael of Nebadon. He has unveiled this program for your own benefit that you might take one more challenge that grows and forges your character in making it stalwart and resolute in defending the poor and oppressed and at the same time tender and merciful in dealing with any one who is scared and frightened because of the distortions of those minds who refuse to accept Me as a person and your Father, and the Father of all.


Thus, you must see that without the assistance on the part of each of you I am helpless to change anything in man’s evolution. I am not a miracle maker. That is why you must come to My assistance thru your opened soul to Me and hearing Me speak within you, and then daring to follow My teachings in your daily routine.



Father than you so much for this teaching. I love you infinitely as a your mortal son might love you. May I share this teaching with my brethren?



My beloved son, you well know that My light is equally shining to you and your brethren. This light is also meant for them. Once you share this with your brethren you shall serve them and Me.

I do encourage you to share these teachings you receive from Me with as many people as possible. But you must always be the last one who makes the decision to share them or not.


My dears, I do hope you shall enjoy this teaching as well.
Peace be upon you.
With brotherly love,