North Yorkshire, UK, February 14, 2006.
Teacher Katrina (A Celestial Artisan).
Subject: "The Human Soul Cannot Be Put Down."
Received by Helen Whitworth.

Katrina: "Dearest child, the times when you doubt make us weep for you. Do you not see the brightness with which your heart and your mind shine? Do you not see the steps you have already taken, the motions within your dance, the melody within your tune, the bravery, the courage, the love and the joy of your walking through this world, exploring, turning stones to see the small ants running in perfect harmony, and laughing at the bubble of the brook as the water cascades through the rocks of the Earth, and into your Being?

"You are surrounded by the Mother. She holds you always. She holds you in love and She holds you in tenderness, buffering you against the harshest of weather.

"It is I, Katrina, allowed to talk to you this day, as a special favor. I am busy working in New Zealand, with a group of painters, who find themselves inspired to draw of the things that delight the soul, of sacred geometries, and of their Celestial Brethren. They are a fun bunch to work with and I find myself fully amused.

"I hear you play sometimes, and that makes my heart sing, for I know it is in these moments that you truly lose yourself to the nature of being and the wonder of beauty that is available in this troubled, tortured planet of yours, that has always held on, that has always clung through the ups and downs of war and disease, for the human soul cannot be put down.

"I leave you now, to him who was meant to speak to you next, and say a fond adieu as I wing my way back upon the ribbons of the world to my charge in New Zealand, who will just be getting up and starting to make breakfast. I say farewell, and leave you with a merry little dance."

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