Illawarra District, Australia, December 5, 2005.
Mother Spirit (Nebadonia).
Subject: "We Are Not Strangers At All."

Received by Elaine.

Mother Spirit: "My dear child, lay your head on my shoulder, and feel my spiritual arms enfold you, as the Mother of the Universe rocks you gently as a human mother rocks her precious child.

"Back and forth, back and forth she rocks until the babe forgets her worries, desires and demands, and blissful sleep overtakes her.

"Rest for a time in My arms and know that you are loved beyond measure. My daughters watch you and care for you, and they know of your great worth. Some day you, too, will be able to look beyond your past and love yourself as others do.

"Playful are My children who are filled with laughter and joy, as in time you too will be. I rock you now as I have rocked you in the past. So many times without your knowledge has your tiny little soul climbed upon my lap for comfort and closeness.

"So you see, my dear little one, we are not strangers at all. The Mother Spirit of this Universe embraces you and loves you on this new day upon the tiny planet known as Urantia.

"I am pleased that you have included me in your thoughts and meditations this morning."

Receiver’s note: It is my habit, every morning or evening, to write a letter in my journal to Father or Michael, expressing my love, gratitude and petitions before beginning stillness or meditation. This morning I changed my routine ever so slightly and wrote a letter to Mother Spirit that explained my desires to get to know Her better. I am surprised by the speed with which She responded.

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