Northern Colorado TeaM, # 76

Loveland, Colorado

Teacher: Rayson

TR: Daniel Raphael

Topics: Patience

Q & A:

  1. Extremes of Patience
  2. Individual and Group Teachers
  3. The 5th Dimension
  4. Repercussions of Awakening
  5. Sympathy and Empathy
  6. Fear Is a Poor Motivator
  7. Using Prayer to Advantage
  8. The Most Highs
  9. Role of Curiosity
  10. One World Government
  11. Impact of the Internet
  12. Modeling Systems
  13. Responsibilities of Individuals
  14. Suicide Bombers

November 20, 2005

[Group began with stillness, toning to the same frequency, and linking to the merkaba.]

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. (Group greetings.) It is wonderful to see guests here today, to see a room filled with many people. And we on our side pray for the replication of your harmony, cooperation and friendship around the world.

Your chant of the OM is very important. We have heard this through the centuries in other cultures, in other parts of the world. For us, living on this side, there is a background music, harmony of the universe, and it is much like an unending OM. The OM cannot be rushed, cannot be made to become something; it is the OM of "being," to be in the OM. It is a continuing, ongoing exercise of energy, of harmony. Can you imagine your world if it were still for one hour a day, where people OM’ed together—or even one minute together? What a powerful union that would become!

What is it about the OM that enchants you? What are the subtleties of this wonderful harmony? What is it that gives you peace? Is it not an aspect of patience? You are in no rush to get the OM finished, but to let it be as it is, or how it affects you patiently? Today’s lesson has to do with patience, that I alluded to in our last message.

Patience! If you were a mayfly, you would have little patience, would you not? They last only hours and a few days before they die once again and the next generation comes along. There are some species on your planet that complete a lifecycle in less than twenty-four hours as living beings, as adults, though they go through other stages, as insects do.

What is it about a person who would plant a tree, who would never see it fruit? Who would raise an animal for years and years before it would finally become an adult, fully grown? Why is it that you have patience for some things and not others? It is not a rhetorical question, but a real, genuine question that we wish you to ask yourself. I will help you towards the ends of those answers. One is that you "know" that some insects live for a day, before dying. Some animals do not grow to their maturity for fifteen, twenty, or thirty years.

Some seeds that you plant do not come to fruition for over a decade, yet you are happy to see those things occur, and you don’t go out looking at them, wondering "When is this one going to come out of the ground? When is it going to grow up? When is it going to bear nuts or fruit?" It is because you "know" that with these species, their maturity is predictable. Even you are predictable in your maturity. The growth of your children is predictable.

What is it about living life that is so much of a rush? Is it not that part of your life for which you do not have the answers? You do not know the answers; you are still as little children, wishing to open the presents, to see what is there, to rush out the next day after planting the carrot seeds, to see if the carrots have grown up so you could pull one out and eat it. The process of living is barely endurable for some of you to wait for the things of great value.

As you have read the Urantia Book, you know that there were sentinels of spirit, sentinels of faithfulness who waited—not a year, two years, five years, ten years or a century—but thousands of years, before their term came to completion. You also think upon Adam and Eve, and their rush to completion. Perhaps it is their genes that have caused you to want to see things completed so soon, so prematurely. Yet they were here for centuries.

And the Midwayers—what of them? They have been here for many thousands of years, and will remain on this planet facilitating the growth of you individually, you as nations, you as civilizations, you as a planet of humans. You live a scant eighty years, a hundred at most, and the time of contribution for most of you is less than sixty years. We can appreciate that you would want to rush things along, but we can also admonish you to savor the adventure, the journey, because it rushes by so quickly.

Today’s lesson is on "patience." I could expound more about its ugly brother, impatience, but I will not, for today’s lesson has to do about adopting a model—several models—for moving ahead, to be patient with yourself, to be patient with your children, to be patient with your neighbor, to be patient with the Most Highs as they conduct their affairs among men of the world, women of the world. We wish you to have patience with your spiritual Brother and Creator, Christ Michael. Patience for Machiventa and the management of this planet, patience with Monjoronson and his staff, as they prepare for his material arrival and disclosure.

We see the bickering and chiding among you, with each other as children do, over who will see mommy or daddy first, when they come through the door. Some of you are pretty rowdy about this too! And you think that your way is right, and that you have the answers. And some of you believe that it really does not exist anyhow, because no one has showed up yet. But it does exist. We do exist. The afterlife is real. Christ Michael’s presence on your world was real [and] the impact was profound.

My friends, the impact of the arrival of his Avonal Brother will be just as significant, and just as powerful, and forever note-worthy in the annals of your world’s history. Patience! OMMMMMM—to be patient. When does patience run out? At the end of your breath? No, you take another breath and you OM some more. When you are impatient with yourself, with others, with developments—we suggest that you silently, or audibly, do your OM’s. Come to center; maintain your emotional balance and equilibrium. If you are flighty, take your shoes off and walk in the wet grass—become grounded and remain focused. See the energy of Christ Michael and the universe, Paradise, and Nebadonia flow into you, into your bodies. Would you want to rush that? Patience. Patience.

That the event does not materialize in your lifetime does not negate its existence. Eventualities of the infinite journey are everywhere around you. Some of them are slowly coming into existence, slowly becoming fulfilled, slowly maintaining their growth, their evolution. We would wish for you, culturally, greater immersion into the Eastern philosophies and ways of life—life styles of living. Be at peace. Not to accept that which is intolerable, nor to rush that which is incomplete, but to wait on the hands of the Lord. Is that not what the text says? Truly, be patient, my friends. Be patient—patient with each other, patient with yourself, [and] patient with your organizations. Be careful to evolve and grow. Patience!

You are to your Thought Adjuster, much like a bonsai—a little nip here, a little bending there; nurturing at the right rate, exposure to the elements of the right kind, at the right time. More trimming, clipping, shaping, to become what you become—a living being. A living being, who lives in the faith and love of the universe of Christ Michael. I hope you will be patient with me, as you will hear this sermon’s lesson more than once in the future. Be easy on yourselves—that is patience. Be tolerant with your friends—that is patience. Be forgiving of others who have lesser talents—that is patience. Be urging to those who have less capability, and those who have not expressed or demonstrated the depth of their capabilities—that is patience.

Patience integrates you with all that is. Patience does not separate you from the larger wholeness of the universe, or with your friends, or with yourself. The person who is impatient with themselves is in anguish, is in angst, is in great turmoil and cannot focus their energy. Neither can they let the energy in that exists around them. We hope that you will begin to apply some parts of this lesson, as all of those lessons would take far more than a lifetime to learn and apply.

Last, I would ask you to look around you for models of patience, whether they are animate, inanimate, living, personal, intimate, social—find those elements of patience. See what it is about them that makes sense to you, and how you can apply that to your lives. You are living "Applied Spiritual Practices 101," in material form. You must be patient during this process, to grow straight and true. Remember friends, where you leave off here, you will begin on the other side—no further advanced, no further retarded—just at the same place. And that journey is much, much longer than this one. Thank you.

There are others beside myself here today, and we are open for questions if you have any.

Student: The Urantia Book states that too much of anything, the extremes of too much or too little of anything, can be detrimental. Is it possible to have too much patience and thereby fail to be driven into getting things accomplished?

RAYSON: You are very correct. Failure to act is a significant contribution to one’s spiritual retardation. Let me put that in a positive for you: Patience is wonderful, but passing by opportunity is also filled with anguish. Seeing opportunities for growth requires decisions, requires actions. I would not support total patience, but underlying that, would suggest that you examine your intentions for practicing unending patience.

Patience may be a virtue that can help one side step the realities and responsibilities of living as a mortal on this planet, one of making tough decisions. Those tough decisions may be deferred to the afterlife, but you will make those decisions. Through the Urantia Book and these teachings, you become aware of the areas where you need and must make decisions. Patience—any virtue taken to an extreme—can retard, halt and deter one’s spiritual growth—growth in oneness. Patience can act as a barrier, a wall, of separation between yourself and your reality. Thank you for your question. (Thank you.)

Student: In our study group, we have a wonderful young man who is a new member and he has given us the gift of sharing a teacher through him, and although I know that labels and names aren’t important, I am wondering if we might or will receive a permanent teacher or several teachers? Is there any way you could . . . ?

RAYSON: Most certainly, I would be glad to address your questions. First, each of you is eligible to have your own personal teacher, and it is very simple to request one from Michael, Machiventa, Monjoronson, Nebadonia, [or] your Guardian Angel. Ask for a personal teacher and you will be assigned one. It would be unusual in fact, that you did not have one with you now, already. The request is important to be done, as you would not want to have a teacher come into your life unexpectedly, unwanted, or in an untimely manner. As for your group, when your group has come to a group decision that they want to form a group and have a group teacher, then you will be given a group teacher. This also may be the TR’s teacher, but it works best in some cases to have an independent teacher who remains with the group if the TR leaves. That way, there is stability with your group, there is continuity. This is helpful for new groups, as the coming and going of many teachers causes confusion, uncertainty and seems to be a factor of reliability, predictability, and surely the thing that is most eminent about the universe is the stability of it. Does this answer your questions? (Yes, thank you.)

Student: Speaking of personal teachers, I have not heard from mine for probably about three years now. Do I still have a personal teacher, and is it the same one?

RAYSON: Most certainly, yes! You do have a teacher and it is the same one. (Thank you.)

Student: I have another question, but it is not related to today’s topic. In a message from Sananda, he talks of the changes and upheavals to come and says there will be a higher level of reality emerging called "the fifth dimension." Can you explain what the fifth dimension is about and does it equate to any terminology in the Teaching Mission?

RAYSON: One moment, please. (Pause.) We would relate it this way to you: That we do not necessarily see a fifth, first, second, third or fourth dimension, per se, but there will be an "awakening," and this will be attendant to the materialization of Monjoronson, the sure knowledge that mortals live in the presence of the Divine, that which is supernatural beyond mortal’s expectations, beyond their anticipations, their imaginations.

"The fifth dimension" that we can relate to, has to do with the awakening of humanity across your world, that your world is multi-dimensional, that it is not three dimensions—or four—but five, six, seven, eight, nine dimensions, and that this is where you begin. To put it another way, it is an awakening of consciousness of other realities, of other dimensions of being. Simply, the awakening of consciousness opens the consciousness of race, the consciousness of your world. It is then very powerful and is almost palpable to each individual in the world and is completely accessible to each individual of adequate intelligence and moral character.

The changes that Sananda related to are not small. You have had great difficulty accepting the reality of the brutality of the hurricanes, which caused such great damage to the southern states. There are many of you in the north, who do not recognize this, who have distanced yourselves from this. So, too, will this occur when this awakening of consciousness occurs, there will be many who will ignore that, will literally blindside themselves not to see the light to the side of them, in front of them, around them, but to continue to wake up, go to work, come home and repeat that through the rest of their lives. And there will be others whose lives will be immediately, powerfully changed by this change of consciousness.

Sure knowledge of co-existence with beings of another dimension of time, space and existence—which is outside your four dimensions—will have repercussions in all of your sciences, philosophies and religions. It will, unfortunately, affect your economies as well, and cause disruption in your society, until those of you help guide those around you to realize the great advantage of a new dimension of living—living in peace and in the flow of these greater dimensions. Yes, there will be the knowledge of the assurance of your certain passage to "heaven," the resurrection halls, that the daily facts of living and making the same decisions you make now, will still have to be made. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes. Could you expand it a little bit more on what you said about the people from the north not understanding the gravity of the situation in the south, from the hurricanes?

RAYSON: It is a reality that does not affect them, so they do not appreciate the gravity of the emotional turmoil and the change of lives that it has effected for millions of people there. It is like another television newscast—"Oh that is just television"—you can turn the set off and walk away and do something else. There are others, however, in the north who are totally encompassed and encapsulated and immersed in the tragedy of that area, and they feel this deeply within themselves. Some can sympathize; some can empathize; and some cannot. Does this help?

Student: A little bit. One of the things about becoming less fearful, it seems perhaps we do not register on a high enough emotional level, because we have lost that fear concept. Does that make sense?

RAYSON: In one way, yes. Fear is a poor motivator, it drives you to express yourselves in diverse and oftentimes destructive ways, whereas if you were without fear, your motivations to act can be more positive, constructive, more deeply focused on higher purposes of living, rather than escaping harm, but to engage the good that exists around you. (Thank you.)

Student: Is part of the problem with northern people, more with their attitude toward what took place, or does it have something to do with not actually "doing" something, or does it have more to do with the shutting off from their mind and ignoring it? Is that more the issue?

RAYSON: It is the latter, yes. Many people estimate that they are unable to affect the situation positively and so they turn off their attention to that. It is not much different, my friends, from the people in the south who view the tragedies in the north where you are bound in ice, buildings are frozen and pipes burst. You cannot go to work because of ice storms and snowstorms, and have hardships with heating and staying warm. People in different regions oftentimes have difficulty relating to those nearby or in distant regions, who have different geographical features.

We would ask each of you to say a prayer for those in need, wherever they are; whether your neighbors across the street or neighbors a thousand miles to the south or a thousand miles to the north, or farther. This helps bring your attention to the needs of those individuals, and to the energy that is needed in those areas. You are powerful manipulators of energy. Just as you were directed and guided to use the merkaba to the advantage of those whom you prayed for, so too, prayer from your place of business, from home, in the car, or other places, brings your attention and the energy of the universe to those areas where they are needed. Your prayers are like plugging an electrical appliance into an electrical socket—sending your prayer energy to be applied where it is needed. And so, too, you pray that this energy will continue to flow as long as it is needed there, for good. Have I answered your question, sir? (Yes.)

Are there other questions? You seem quiet today.

Student: I wonder about the activities of the Most Highs . . . .

RAYSON: We do too! (Much laughter.)

Student: Is my impatience showing?

RAYSON: My friends, there is more evidence of their working in your societies around the world than ever before. We note this. We see their activities almost everywhere upon your globe. Your world is a hotbed of activity, of movement, of motion, of decision-making, of amalgamations that were not possible five or ten years ago where the development of associations between parties could not have existed only a few years ago. Yes, we wonder about the Most Highs, and you wonder as well, and we are thankful that they are attending to their business, as we attend to ours.

We are patient that they will time the development of events as rapidly as they can produce positive results. The Most Highs are not reckless, but work in the affairs of human kind over decades, centuries, and millennia. Their goal is to assist your world to come into the days of light and life as early as possible, but not prematurely. They too are patient with you—they have to be! (More laughter.) And of course, they sincerely care about you and they are your most beneficent "H. R." agents possible, if I can use that term. [H. R. = human resource.]

Student: There is probably a tendency for us humans, even those of us who have been around the Urantia Book a long time, to have the feeling that those on the other side are "all knowing." Even though if you read the Urantia Book carefully, it is a well-organized system and obviously, even the teachers can’t possibly be in touch with everything that is going on, on this planet, but we sometimes ask questions like you do know. It’s interesting to hear it from you that it just clarifies that at all levels, there are things you can’t know about because it is not in your field of expertise, so to speak.

RAYSON: That is correct. If you truly look at the broad scope of infinite development and growth, you will see that it is founded upon not knowing, and it is the adventure of coming into "knowing," that helps you grow. You grow and you know, as you are capable to integrate your new knowings into your mind, into the depths of your existence, on these planes and on other planes. Not knowing is the way to grow. Be patient with yourselves as you do not know, but yearn to know and grow to know more. I do not mean to scatter this with so many "knowings," but you "know what I mean." (Laughter.)

Student: The comment about the Most Highs reminds me that we went to a movie the past week, with some discussion about mitigating violence—who’s responsibility is it then, related to the United Nations and the problems that the Security Council has in reaching an agreement that could exert some greater control over those people or groups that are being very destructive, and I wonder if you see the United Nations as having the potential or moving into the "one world government" that the Urantia Book says is necessary?

RAYSON: It has the potential, but the likelihood is not great. It neither has the maturity or depth of experience, or the capacity to evolve to its next level of development, to fulfill the aspects of your question that you seek. Your world will require—not necessarily a new organization, but a new way of doing business, than the old way.

This is where the Most Highs will become very evident. You are seeing a great deal of their work being now expressed through the Internet. This is perhaps the most subtle, powerful aspect of "civilization bending" that could ever exist in your world at this time. It is benign, it hurts no one, it is a process equally useful to everyone, it is ubiquitous and it gives the least powerful individual equal opportunity to exercise their power, as well as any other individual in the world. It is simply a matter of knowing how to use it and to use it effectively. I mention this because it will have a mighty impact upon world governance and how your "one world government" develops. It will develop from the outside in. Thank you.

Student: I don’t know if this is a curiosity question, but you are speaking of the Internet and the impact it has. Is this the technology that comes about on other planets in their development towards light and life?

RAYSON: Not necessarily so. Many planets have other media of oneness that brings harmony and a collaboration of efforts more easily than on your world. Your world is now highly technologically developed, and so this is the medium that is used to do this. It is a natural outgrowth and development of your technologies. What is unexpected is what will come through it and from it. Does this answer your question? (Student: Yes, it does.)

Student: Machiventa said that we were not using the Internet to the greatest advantage yet. I’ve given it a lot of thought, but I haven’t come up with much. It’s hard to think of things when you have no concept of what is actually possible.

RAYSON: I would suggest then you start from a position of "What would it look like?" "What would you like to see?" "What would be the possibilities?" "How could that come into existence?" "Are the resources available?" That is how new products and services come into existence. "What would this look like if...?" "How would it work if...?" You are then engaging a larger aspect of your minds. It is your analytical mind that those questions address; it is the mind of possibility, the realm of exploration, a way of answering your curiosity. Play "What if..." sometime.

Time for one or two more questions.

Student: I have a question or a comment. Oftentimes in the groups, we focus on "system" questions about bigger systems. In my thinking, it seems to me that without a more collective awakening at the individual level, that it really doesn’t matter what system we create, that it is going to get polluted, so to speak, and so I think my question really is, does that make sense for starters, or do I have it backwards? And then, if it does make sense, what can I as an individual do to encourage making an awakening—increasing consciousness on an individual level?

RAYSON: You are quite right about the systems. You, as an individual, must appreciate yourself as a part of many other systems, rather than relating to large systems, which are intellectual. Systems that you can affect are for the families that you start, the communities that you live in, the clans—so to speak—of your associations, whether they are near or far, and then being responsible in those circles, in those small systems. You as an individual are the most important element in any system. It requires you to be there, much as your economy of this nation in the world—particularly this nation—depends upon the consumer. Each individual, in that way, is a part of a much larger system, but it breaks down when you believe that it is not working for you, or it will not work with you or support you.

One must see, ask, and investigate their intentions for living in these systems. Some live without ever asking those questions or understanding their intentions for their participation, in the smaller systems or the larger ones. What is your contribution? What are the decisions that you can make to affect your life? Are you becoming the model for that system, or the systems that you are a part of? Would others want to emulate your model in their system? How do you do this?

You do it one day at a time, through all your decisions. It is done through living consciously, living as you would say, "In the now," being responsible "in the now," for the decisions that you make. Each decision, whether it is to throw away an empty bottle into the road, or to recycle it; to throw trash in the street, or to put it into a trash bin; to beget children and forget them, or to beget children and model for them a way to live as responsible adults. What can you do as an individual? It is truly to live your life as responsibly as an individual.

Oftentimes this requires that you forget the larger systems, because sometimes the larger systems are running eccentrically—they are out of balance. Staying with the crowd is the wrong way to go. One must use their inner guidance, their inner path, their inner beacon, the Spirit of Truth, their contact with Christ Michael, their Guardian Angel, and their Thought Adjuster, for this beacon to make those decisions in each moment, to know in good faith, that you can and will make those decisions correctly, rightly, when they are called for. Have faith in yourself to live your life responsibly, individually, in your smaller systems. It is you who will be responsible for yourself, as a system of one, when you graduate from this world. Having lived this way as a model of social, ethical, moral, spiritual development, you can make a huge contribution to those around you. Thank you for your question. (Thank you.)

Student: I am so concerned about the suicide bombers! I just think it’s such a terrible forum of aggression, and it is so troubling to me particularly because the people who do it seem . . . it bespeaks of a deep thought on their part, and a deep commitment and also a spiritual commitment, from what I understand. And maybe these are just young "cannon fodder" like any soldier, but on the other hand, it bespeaks something deeper to me. I worry about it, and wonder how a group, say, a group of spirit-minded people, such as this group, could affect a spiritual healing on an individual level of the suicide bombers. It seems that there should be something more that we as spirit-minded individuals, could do to affect the mind of a young person who has this ability to give the order or not, when they are out there "bombed up." I am expressing my anguish about it because it is more than just foot soldiers, more than just somebody following orders. [Tape turned] . . . is it part of the Lucifer rebellion? I question that because in my heart, I don’t think that it is, but on the other hand, can we see an end to this? Is there going to be an end to this, and is there some way that we can speed up the end of it?

RAYSON: Your anguish is no less than the angels for yourself and for others. The anguish you feel is the anguish that the angels have felt as they see their charges making wrong decisions. And what can they do? Are their hands tied? No, their hands are not tied. Can they make decisions for the individual? Yes they can, but they do not. What helps them along the way to help their mortal charges, and that is patience, understanding—and to group it altogether as love—abiding concern, [and] compassion that surpasses what most humans feel.

I would caution you against investing more meaning into these acts than what exists for them. How many doctors and how many PhD’s, and professors and mathematicians, accountants, and nurses commit suicide as bombers? Who are these individuals who come forward? Are they well educated, well informed? How many clerics have done this? Most of these individuals are dedicated, thoroughly indoctrinated, sincere individuals, who want to do what is right for them, for their families—who will get a huge financial reward—and to cause damage to their oppressors.

People will kill themselves, will kill others, they will drop bombs, napalm, pull triggers on explosive belts; they will run into crowds of people with their automobiles, they will do horrendous things to each other. What can you do? What can you sincerely do? You can pray for them; you can use this merkaba. You could get on a plane and go over and talk with them. Your most advantageous and spiritual, economically effective resource is the constant prayer that lies within your heart, with the sincerity of your urgency, and your desire to serve and do good to others in the most effective way possible.

And in this case, it is not through the material means; it is through the immaterial, the spiritual energy that you can project, the light from universe to catch, to shine itself upon this area, to enlighten the hearts of the ignorant, to open the minds of those who know not, to question and to be curious of what really is and what really exists. You are frustrated, that is true. You are in anguish and in torment, and you yourself said you worry about this, and your fear does not serve you. Surround these people with love, the light of love, the light of healing, the light of understanding, the wisdom of mind, the wisdom of ages, [and] the wisdom of experience. Pour this into these individuals, through your prayers. It does not require you be on your knees for twenty hours a day. Twice a day for twenty minutes would be most powerful. We—myself—hope this assists you in your relationship to these people. (Thanks so much!)

My friends, thank you for this day, for being here, for the earnest and sincere questions that you asked, for your thoughtful understanding that prompted the questions. You must be curious. We hope you are always curious, and we hope you are always patient. Blessings to you. Know that God is truly the source of all. The patience of the First Source and Center is more immense than you can imagine. You live in eternity; you are wrapped in patience and understanding, be intolerant to that which is evil, but accepting that the choice to be evil is part of that as well. We pray for you in your understanding as well. Good day. (Group expresses gratitude.)