Rayson102305NOCO74_Nebadonia_ Humility-FreeEnergy

Northern Colorado TeaM, #74

Loveland, Colorado

Teachers: Nebadonia and Rayson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  1. Facing difficulties, struggles & successes
  2. Becoming transcendent
  3. A state of mind
  4. Humility
  5. Comparisons & disparities
  6. Announcements
  7. Parallel missions
  8. Support the work of Michael
  9. Accepting differences

Q & A:

  1. Help with making decisions
  2. Free energy
  3. Being patient

October 23, 2005

[Prayer, toning, merkaba connection and stillness preceded this session.]

NEBADONIA: Good afternoon, this is Nebadonia. (Group welcome.) Dear children, our mortal children on this planet, you are embraced, you are loved, you are cared for. The universe abides by you, with you; the universe is your playground, a place to live, a place to prosper. There is no place, no existence that is apart from spirit. My presence abides with you, around you, in you, through you, in this house, in this city, in this forest, this nation and all of your world. I pervade all that exists in this planet and all throughout Nebadon. There is harmony in this spirit; there is love in this spirit; there is no place where there is not love. This love is the love of order, the love of pattern, of oneness, wholeness, of integration of perfection.

And you may ask, "Where is this perfection, Nebadonia?" And I say that it is all around you. You have circumstances in your life that are difficult. You may ask, "What is perfect about this situation?" Ask that question sincerely, and pursue it—what is perfect about it? Those difficult lessons that are around you have to do with your growth, for perfection seeks union with that which is becoming perfect. It is an ever-present magnet that draws you to it, and in this perfection and striving you grow in your soul to add to your worth and your value as a transcendent-being becoming.

Yes, one day you will be transcendent, having pursued the goals of infinity in the universe, to the ends of eternity. Know that when you leave Nebadon, you will be in the sphere, the influence of the Infinite Spirit, that aspect of the triune God that governs all and pervades all throughout the sovereign universe.

Be at peace and be filled with this energy, this spirit. Allow it into yourself; allow yourself to integrate with the oneness that exists. Good day. (Group gives thanks.)

RAYSON: Good afternoon friends, this is Rayson. (Welcome!) It is good to be with you once again. The business of mortality is ever present, is it not? (Laughter.) There are things that cannot be deferred in mortality—your lives are so brief, and so much happens so quickly that we must meet more regularly to provide you with opportunity for reflection on the ideals, while living in that which is far less than ideal. It is practice ground, a playground, before you get into tournaments, applied life of living.

I have been privy to some of your communications, those where you scratch your head and wonder about. I have visited with many of you over the days and weeks and enjoyed your struggles and your successes. I would like to reflect upon one communiqué’s opinion that a good deal of what is read and heard from TRs and celestial beings is not much more than the higher mindedness of mortals—and that is true. We are here to give you small, incremental steps. You are completely unprepared for the larger steps of consciousness. You must begin to bend your own behavior, your own decisions in your words and your thoughts. We are here as your "cheer leading squad," but far more than that, we are here as your counselor, your coach, your advisor, your guide. Assistance is always here for you, is only a word away from being here with you to help you with any problem.

We have told you many times before that this is a "boot-strap world;" Jesus gave you the boots and straps, and now you must pull yourself along with those lessons, small increment by increment. This is a difficult journey on a difficult world, one which you are fully capable of succeeding. Think of the refugees, the survivors, and casualties in Pakistan after that horrendous earthquake. What separates them from survival and peace of mind is a state of mind. What separates the survivors of the holocaust from those who did not—oftentimes it was a presence of mind, a way of seeing in perspective, their place within that world, a place within themselves that said, "There is more."

Christ Michael, here as Jesus, told you that it is not the "outer" that makes the difference, but the "inner;" how the inner appreciates the outer. Some people suffer in opulence, while others are content to play in the dirt with stones and sticks, and squat on their heels before an open fire, preparing simple meals for their family—and are content. How could this be? It is a state of mind. We are not here to punish you; we are not here to upbraid you; we are not here to scold you and tell you that you are naughty, selfish children, with so much and yet want more. Far from it, my friends, for we find suffering at all scales and all levels of your society. Those who are incredibly wealthy suffer—they truly suffer—similarly and sometimes even more deeply than you do. They reflect upon simpler circumstances, such as you may enjoy—going to work regularly, having something to count on, a home, family, a paycheck—whereas they may live in an opulent home, by themselves, with servants who are there because they are paid.

This is not a lesson in comparative spirituality; this is a lesson in humility. Humility is the foundation of sincere, unconditional love. I wish you to search in your archives for "humility," and see how many times it comes to the register—perhaps many thousands of times. It is the most fundamental element of your compassion for others, as well as your self. Honest self-compassion is a worthy pursuit. You are worthy individuals to be loved, sincerely, unconditionally. We do love you that way. Christ Michael knows who you are, how you are, and how small you are—and how great you can be. Potentially, your greatness is now alive within you; it is not dormant, it is active. You have only to embrace it, with the greatness that you have.

Your humility can change your perspective, not for comparison with others, but as yourself, being yourself. It may be the simple thing as stating to your self each day, "It is wonderful to be alive. What is the best thing that is going to happen to me today?" "What was the best thing that happened yesterday?" "How blessed I am to have these things in my life." However humble that may be, there are circumstances for joy, for feeling blessed, for seeing yourself and your life in constructive, positive, loving ways. These are the simple lessons of building a solid civilization, a solid nation, a solid community, a solid family, and a solid individual—being grateful for what you have — not in comparison with others, but what you have.

When I say, "what you have," it is not based on material wealth. It is not based on having your own home, and having it paid for, with a nice car in the garage that is paid for. It can be quite simply that you are in a home—you have a roof over your head, you are not wet when it rains, and neither are you cold when it is cold outside. You have friends who care about you, who call you and love you—that you have resources for creativity, expressions of the deeper aspects of yourself, your creative nature, that kinship with the Creator itself. Become humble enough to say, "I can create"—even in a small way—whether it is a batch of cookies, or whether it is something more grand. Gratitude and humility for your circumstances are basic to receiving more.

As we have mentioned before, the policies of the local government in this region of the universe is one of benevolence, that there is goodness. No longer are you urged to grow as your parents grew through what was seen as divine punishments, dire and difficult and harsh circumstances—one after another. Now, those who are in attunement with parallel frequencies of the universe of prosperity are blessed and receive.

When you seek and ask in humble circumstance and humble reflection, and humble request, you receive. It may not be immediate, but your sincere desires are fulfilled. Since the adjudication, this is the new policy on this world, and in this region of your local universe. The quarantine carried with it obligations of its very nature that did not permit the circuits to be connected to your world, to have the abundance flow, for these harp strings of abundance to sing together when you pluck them. Now when you play the harp strings of order, of oneness, of being-ness and love, they sing, and they orchestrate the arrival of goodness in material ways to you, whether they are material, financial—whether they bring opportunity of non-material means—they come to you. Seek and knock, and it will be fulfilled, and so it is.

A corollary of the situation is that there will be those around you who will look differently than you do, who will appear to be different than you, who seem to receive more than you do, to hear better than you hear, to exist in peace easier than you. You could approach this as a comparative issue, but it is not one to be compared. It is simply where others are in their growth. Your receiving does not foretell your worth; it does not estimate who you truly are. It is only a statement reflecting to you, that you need to work on your own business. These disparities as you may see them will become greater and greater as the materializations of Monjoronson come into existence.

Just as there is an immense poverty between the peoples of Africa and your nation and other nations, so too will there be great disparities of the spiritual wealth that others receive, and those who do not. It is not a statement of self worth or how much you are of value to the universe. It is only an outward, visible evidence of your assumption of greater concurrence with universe affairs and the harmony of the universe, that oneness. Yes, there are circumstances far above and outside that extreme in the material circumstances of those who are so desperately impoverished in hard-hit nations around the world. Yet, individual circumstances—even as those within the ghettos of nations within the concentration camps of the Nazi regime—there are individuals yet in those circumstances who hold to a positive universe energy, a positive universe view.

[During this session], If you are looking for sensational news, we suggest you subscribe to the "Star" in London. There can only be one "announcement" that the adjudication is over. How many times can that be stated? Only once. What greater, magnificent events could occur? There could be several—and they will be made when they arrive, when they occur. We are not saying that every day is "business as usual" on your planet, for certainly your world is an exception! Yet, for those of you who look for those grand announcements from the heavens, there are actually very few. This is "business as usual" for us, assisting in the maintenance, and the upliftment of civilizations on a spiritually impoverished world. We do this one-on-one when individuals are willing and asking; we do it for groups when they are not.

Do any of you recall when we stated that the Teaching Mission is one of many missions? (Yeses from group.) This is true. We have stated this many times—the Teaching Mission is one of many missions. Revelations of new missions, as they are needed, as they need to come online and made known to you, is an occurrence that will occur many times in the future. It is sad to note that many do not accept that the Monjoronson Mission, the Avonal Son’s arrival, is legitimate. That is an opinion that we respect, and which others may hold if they wish. There are many parallel missions operating simultaneously throughout your world, some not as personal in nature as the Avonal Son of the Magisterial Son’s Mission, yet it is one. It neither detracts nor takes away, nor aggrandizes itself over the Teaching Mission, but is simply one more parallel process that Michael has set in motion through the Correcting time program on your world, and in the worlds that were quarantined. We would like to ask you to support all missions that emanate from Michael, and those that are of the Light, positive in nature. We do not call for adversarial positions regarding any missions, but your assistance to support the work of Michael.

Surely it would be a good thing if a Magisterial [Son] came to this planet, would it not? (Indeed!) Are there any who would vote against it? (No.) Then please, support the work that is there. You mortals who are TRs, you who support the missions of Michael, are appreciated; your work is not easy for you. Because you become a visible spokesperson vis-à-vis the channeling process, you become a target for differences of opinion. Please do not ascribe to them [TRs] the authority for these missions, for that would be a mistake.

Many of you have complained about the differences between TRs . . . (chuckling) . . . yes, it is laughable, and we suggest you do laugh, because it is wonderful to laugh, and it is far better than hatred or animosities due to the single nature of one TR. What would your community of the Teaching Mission be like if there were only one TR, who claimed authority for the Teaching Mission, for the Magisterial Mission, for the Correcting Time, for Michael, for Monjoronson, for Machiventa or Nebadonia? How desperate that would be! Yes, there will be differences, but we have said there will be differences. Some days TRs have "good days;" some days TRs do not. It is a matter of energy and attunement.

These TRs do the best they can with what they have, which is very limited in the perspective of morontial development. Yet, these weak links to the unseen are important for our work to proceed, so that you will become aware of what is occurring, before the universe broadcasts begin. Yes, there are differences, but it is much like differences in a democracy—democracies cannot operate unless there are differences, and a means by which agreements can be reached, and consensus be joined. Minority views are always valuable, as they ameliorate and amend the dominant view, to accept and to include those who are less capable and less powerful. This is simply an illustration, that you will always have differences. Do not judge people by that difference. Simply accept that there are differences, and there may be disagreements in facts, as to what is said. In the end, it will all wash clean, in the time of this world.

We have told you—and you have been told by others—that the time of peace will reign on your world and will last a thousand years, as the beginning, as the inaugural opening step to the Days of Light and Life. Yet, my friends, the developments that go on in your world, are not for just a thousand years, but for the duration of your world. Christ Michael’s concerns are not only for the thousand years of adjustment for bringing peace about in your world, but for the duration of your world and the peace and oneness on your planet among all people.

Surely there will be divergent views, divergent races, divergent languages and cultures even after one thousand years. This, for us, is a rather brief period of time. It would be much like expecting your neighbor to tear down their house and rebuild a magnificent, grand edifice, because you did not like their doghouse outside. Simply believe and know that change will occur so slowly—you will pass away, your children pass away, your grandchildren pass away, and many generations to come, and perhaps your name will never be remembered, but your world will come into the Days of Light and Life, eventually, through the efforts of Christ Michael and individuals, such as your self. His love abides with you without halting, without steps, without conditions, without asking you to do more than simply having been here striving to make decisions that are in concert with His effort. (Pause.)

[This is Daniel. I’m ready for something lighter!]

RAYSON: We are open for questions.

Student: I have a question about Monjoronson. (Certainly.) Is Monjoronson’s mission for the entire universe of Nebadon and for all the fallen worlds, or is just specifically for Urantia?

RAYSON: It is specifically for Urantia. Realize, however, that his contributions will be experiential and add to the sum of God the Supreme.

Student: Rayson, is it appropriate to ask our teachers, or angels or other spiritual guidance, regarding physical health problems?

RAYSON: Yes, certainly. I hesitate because they can address your ills, your conditions—not on a conditional basis, but contingent upon your inner willingness to accept healing, and for the appropriateness of their skills.

Student: Well, that is primarily what I had in mind, because I need to make a decision between providers, and I am very much interested in having spiritual guidance in this area, as to which is most helpful and appropriate.

RAYSON: Then you may want to couch your question to your teachers and angels in terms that will assist you most greatly in making decision. Perhaps the most principle question would be, "What do I need to know to make a competent decision about which provider I choose?" (Thank you.) You are welcome.

[Long pause.] Perhaps it is time for a lesson on patience.

Student: Well, I have another question. Yesterday I wrote a letter to a friend—I believe I’m seeking to share some ideas and experience that may be helpful. On the other hand, I am concerned that I may sound "preachy" or that this may not be entirely appropriate, as in "intrusive." What’s the best way for me to make a decision about this?

RAYSON: Then speak with your friend and tell them that you would like to share your perspectives about the subject with them, and are not sure how much to share without becoming "preachy," and that you do not want to overstep the bounds of your friendship, but also care enough for their soul survival, for their spiritual relationship that you would like them to know about this. Would this help? (Thank you.)

Student: I have a question. (Certainly.) I am reactivating my efforts on the free energy approach and wonder if there are any new areas that I should research to help me in this regard?

RAYSON: Let me tickle your curiosity. What would you think of this universe energy as existing as "pre-mass?" That you are coaxing something to come into existence as mass or energy? Perhaps that does not give you enough answer or lead, but the universe was built upon ultimatons, which are pre-mass, they are that which can be mass, or energy. They are energy—universe energy—whereas the energy you would like to see is dimensional energy. Some way, you must coax these ultimatons to "appear" in your device. The approach to this is completely non-linear; it is not within the normal spectrum of your physics, but is more along the lines of what may be called "intuitive physics." Your philosophers think of this as a "Zen experience," finding it without searching, having energy come into existence without actively, physically generating it, though you may have a device that produces it.

I am not at liberty to disclose what I know, and you can tell that I have only alluded to a partial answer that you would like to hear. Our universe physicists are unable to assist you. The work that you seek to develop is authorized through the Most Highs . . . [This is Daniel: There is an adjunct to the Most Highs, it’s like a parallel organization that they haven’t discussed with us, but they are like the Physical Controllers—they are always there, but they aren’t a part of the active administration.]

The "Holy Grail" of energy that you seek does exist; it has been invented, though we wish to see it created and invented again in parallel, many times over on your planet. The greed and fear of your world is pervasive and in some cases it is justifiable, as far as fear is concerned, that this may fall into the wrong hands. Those who are greedy are also afraid it might fall into the "wrong hands," meaning yours and those of other well meaning individuals, who would like to see everyone prosper without major cost. I know I have gone on about this, and have answered more than you have asked for, yet I have not given you what you want. I apologize for that, hopeful that you will accept this joyfully.

Student: I do, and thank you very much! It does reinforce some of the approaches that have been taken in the past by Tesla and others, and that is helpful. Thank you.

RAYSON: Are there other questions?

Student: There was a suggestion recently that Monjoronson would be appearing physically to various individuals or groups, before this is widespread. Is that a correct perception?

RAYSON: I am not allowed to comment on that as far as a correct or incorrect assumption. The question asked seeks a simple answer, and again, it is not a simple situation. You will continue to receive hide-and-seek answers when you ask hide-and-seek questions. (Laughter.)

Student: I think that we are all of one mind that we desire to cooperate with the mission of Monjoronson in whatever way that may be possible.

RAYSON: Then you must be patient, and your humility to be patient is greatly appreciated. By remaining without judgment about the Avonal Son Mission, you may then be active or passive as to your participation. You are much like the pacing father outside the delivery room.

Blessings to you, my friends. Know that we—in some respects—suffer with you as you wait during this time. We feel your angst, your uncertainty, your unworthiness and your arrogance. We recognize these things as aspects of your fears that there may never be a Monjoronson. Trust and know that your Beloved Creator, Christ Michael, has made all necessary provisions for your safe journey to Paradise. His Father—and yours—wants you, seeks you. Make only decisions about your own growth, rather than others. Tend to yourself, for this is the greatest asset, this is the citadel that must be built, it must withstand the rigors of time long after you pass from this world. Your journey begins here. Good day. (Group gives thanks.)