Rhoshon - I Was & Am Your Therapist - Jul 19, 2005 - Ilawarra, AU

Urantia, July 19, 2005.
Teacher Rhoshon.
Subject: "I Was, And Am, Your Therapist."

Received by Sharon.


Receiver’s note: I was awakened with the urge to write.

Rhoshon: "Children, when I awaken you in the night, take heed. Behold, I come at night, and your wakefulness now is an example of this. Write down those words that come to mind. As you write them, more will come. Never mind that there are only two or three words ‘floating through’, for each word will give birth to the next word as you are penning the first. I will not rob you of the rest that your physical body needs. I will give you rest for both your physical and Spiritual body if only you will listen. Be still. Listen. Be energized and renewed by the words I give to you, and as I give them.

"Remember how it was when I was teaching you about love, about fear, about those who came to your son, although you yourself do not remember. You wrote in those days, and called it ‘therapy’. You wrote, and you learned, and it was indeed therapy, and I was, and am, your therapist.

"Go back. Re-read those old writings of your past journaling. Read those in which you wrote with different colored inks, because you wanted to go back and find them without difficulty, although with some, you did not listen to me, and you did not pick up a pen of a different color.

"Come little one, you have pleaded and cried to wake up. Your pleas are being answered. You have screamed out that you want to come home. I am here to show you the way. You called out that you want to remember. I am here to call to your remembrance. Awaken child. Awaken."

(Later that same morning).

Rhoshon: "You once asked me for a pure heart, hands, and lips, after reading the passages on such. You thought that it would be instantaneous. But, I have answered you slowly, so you will learn and experience the difference between what is pure, and what is not."

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