Nebadonia - Striving Toward Unity - Oct 10, 2005 - Marin TM; Mill Valley, CA

Nebadonia--October 10, 2005

Marin TM Group—Mill Valley, California—U.S. A.


  1. (Striving Towards Unity)
  2. (See Yourself as We See You)
  3. (The Hallmark of Wisdom—a Sense of Proportion)
  4. (Staying Open-minded, Even Towards Illness)
  5. (Physiological and Spirit Mindedness)
  6. (Mother’s Daughters, and Our Own)
  7. (The View from Parenthood)
  8. (A Wonderful Magic Happening)

Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, Tonight as You manifest Your presence to us in this special way, we come to You with our prayer. We ask for guidance. Help us find the right thing to do, and find real joy in the discovery. But even more, we ask for Your help to fuel our desire to do the right thing. We enjoy your lessons so much, but we find ourselves falling far short of implementing what we know to be true in our hearts. And yet too, we know this is a process that requires patience and a steady effort. So help fill our hearts with desire to live strong, healthy lives full of joy and service. Amen.

Good evening, My children, this is your Mother, Nebadonia, Mother Spirit of Nebadon. Just relax within yourselves and be with Me awhile… (pause) I sense a lot of tension, a lot of worry, a lot of concern about failure. It is good that you seek to progress, to incorporate within your total being, your feelings, your thoughts, your understandings and your ideals. All these tell you the way to go in your day to day situations.

(Striving towards unity)

A large part of the striving at your stage of development is necessarily towards unity, to unite all these disparate elements of yourself and get all of yourself pulling in the same direction. So this unity itself is one of your great ideals. Understanding the interplay of these various facets of yourself leads to the greatest progress. To become one, to have integrity in the root sense of being integral--one, is to create a unity between impulses and understandings and ideals; and this is real work. But be of good heart in the effort, because this is your essential spiritual work. Think of spirit as representing for you this unity, this incorporating all the different aspects of yourself, and the basic tool you have to do this, My children, is the realm of mind.

Spirit unifies, but you use your mind to achieve this. So when you think of uniting the different parts of yourself, your main emphasis should be on a consciousness of desire and value, the type of tough-mindedness that can look at anything, that can take in anything no matter how much some other part of you even despises it. This is where you have to start by welcoming and accepting yourself just as you are, with all the love and compassion you can muster, because you are not yet unified beings. This represents a spiritual ideal that you may spend many, many years working towards.

For this very reason--because you are not one, your psychology is rather complex. This is why Our lessons on acceptance and avoiding inner denial are so necessary, otherwise you set up ripples and counter-ripples, fragmenting consciousness. In trying to grow forward in your spiritual life, you may end up retrogressing and going backwards, being so hard or self-judgmental on yourself that any forward progress is impossible for a while.

Moment by moment accept yourselves as you are. Let this be a joyful discovery. Don’t always assume you know who you are, but rather approach yourselves with curiosity and humility for the enormity of your souls. This is not laziness or self-indulgence, but rather actively accepting your totality, as you say--warts and all, for then this makes your ideals too more available to you. This lets the full spiritual dimensions of your personality swell forth and be conscious, to help you evaluate the total cost to yourself and to others of what you’re doing, of what is involved in your decisions.

If you have unhealthy habits, open yourself fully to understanding what originally gave origin to them, what they offer and give you in their indulgence, and what their full immediate effects are that you need to be sensitive to, so that you can actually feel and understand--fully, what they are doing for you, and to you. This is the spiritual way to go, this all-inclusive consciousness that does not blink or look away from anything you are doing.

(See yourself as We see you)

This is how We see you, and how our Father sees all of us. The main difference between us is that We are able to see your total life, what We have been teaching is your soul, the spiritual counterpart of all you’ve experienced. Doing so, We are not interested in judging you. For from this perspective you would be surprised at how brightly shining you are. You would be amazed at the amount of courage you use to get through your days compared to about ninety-nine point nine percent of all the other worlds that have existed in Nebadon. With your souls being co-authored by a fragment of God himself, the effort you have put into your life, the enormous amount joy and happiness you’ve experienced, the absolutely priceless gift of all the other people you have ever known; none of this is lost.

I’m not belittling or making small of your day to day difficulties, My children, but if you could only see yourselves as We see you, you would not be so hard on yourselves. You could replace your currently necessary patience with an actual perception of how much you are growing, and have been since the moment you were born. This too should go into the equation. Your soul too must be appreciated for you to achieve a complete spiritual view of yourselves.

A great part of your stillness is well spent in reflection. Let all those magical moments of your life pop up again in all their pristine fullness. How totally can you re-experience what it was like to be ten years old? And yet you know you had to come through there, that was a step you had to take to get to where you are now. So bring these things to Us in your stillness, My children. Be unafraid to open your mind and your heart to everything you do, and just reflect on it. Accept who and what you are before you seek to change anything. Feel the living current of your life as you note those weakening or unhealthy habits you wish to work on, to keep them in proportion.

It is not just some self-aggrandizing self-satisfaction to glory in the real work you do. Rather, take joy in your genuine accomplishments. Acknowledge the enormous strengths you do have. So many people go through life in various defensive positions, constantly building up walls of defense around faulty, only partial memories of the past. So concerned with defending what they judged the wrong thing, and feeling guilty about it, or trying to deny it, there is little energy left for appreciating their own creativity to come up with the right thing, and incorporate that.

As Michael advised just last week, see if you can’t consciously feel yourself growing everyday, because you are. You are adding to your soul this positive thread of your real experience. So appreciate it in the root sense of giving it value. For it is only by doing all these great, good things for yourself, as if you were practicing on the person closest to you--from the inside-out, can you then truly help others.

(The hallmark of wisdom—a sense of proportion)

For as whole and complete as you can realize yourselves, including everything, the more you can recognize this self-same humanity in the next person you meet. And this is mercy; this is forgiveness; and you can find it full of wonder. I hope this answers your prayer, My children. As your Urantia book tells you, the great hallmark of wisdom is a sense of proportion. So come to Me in your stillness and ask for My highest Adjutant of all, My Adjutant of Wisdom to help you sort things out.

If you have any questions this evening, please feel free to ask Me.

Student: Mother, I have a friend who has a serious, recurring illness. It’s not life threatening, but it is debilitating. It requires the whole family pulling together to support her. I’m wondering if there’s any healing power and support that I can ask for, or that she can ask for herself?

NEBADONIA: Yes, C--the answer is Yes. This is what Michael and I are here for. And beyond Us, surrounding all of us, our Father too delights in helping His children, and there are no limits whatsoever that can be put upon His power. But getting down to earth, very literally getting down to practical issues of illness, because your body and your mind are so inter-related, your mind being the connection between your body and your spirit-infused personality, this is your most important tool to work with. Understanding what is going wrong, and why, should be your primary focus. And I would advise seeking all the competent medical folks you can, just for this basic diagnosis.

(Staying open-minded, even towards illness)

This is where it really pays to be open-minded to what is going wrong and why. Explore this as fully as you can because for all of you, your health is very much a matter of trial and error. So it pays to be truly scientific and ferret out the real causes and effects. They can be exceedingly complex for, in all matters of health or illness, your human psychology and feelings play such an enormous part.

So ask your friend to pray for guidance to really open her heart and her mind. This should help her greatly in that critical area of inner feedback, because in spite of the enormous, truly awesome developments in your modern medicine, when you get out on the very cutting edge--the ultimate limit of what you know, you may have to experiment and try different things--different medicines, different techniques, different diets, different lifestyles.

This ties in with what I said earlier this evening about seeing yourselves as totally as you can, and ask Our help, ask your Father’s help to do this, especially in the worrisome and very wearying hours of illness. A fresh start is so precious. Everything that helps her understanding of her whole situation will be a blessing, and prayer can help her so much in the acceptance of that situation, however it is going.

We will always be there with her, come what may. Ask her to reach to Us to find strength, to find companionship in the loneliness that sometimes comes with illness. Let Us remind her she is a spiritual daughter, and her deeper, eternal life is quite unaffected. Do you think this will help her, My son?

Student: Yes, Mother, it will help her--reassure her that whatever is going on in her mind is not permanent, and it doesn’t affect her eternal life. You and Father Michael will be with her all the time. She did ask about her angels one time--being with her; and I didn’t quite know what to answer about it, but now I have an answer. Thank You. NEBADONIA: You are welcome, My son. Her guardian angel is very much with her. This well-trained and lovingly dedicated Seraphim, who holds the epiphany of her life, will present that to her some day on the Mansion Worlds. But in any long, wearisome struggle, again I repeat, there is nothing so precious as being able to approach this struggle with freshness, and open-mindedness, and acceptance; for with prayer, this will definitely help, and keep her feeling My love.

Student: Thank You. Thank You, Mother.

NEBADONIA (after a long pause): Well, My children, I feel that you are definitely taking what I say to heart, and now I remind you of what Michael once said: questions and comments are not at all necessary. These conversations We have with you back and forth are a great joy to Us. It means so much to Us when you do take Our lessons to heart and let them affect you. You let them—hopefully--be doorways to your souls.

Student: Dear Nebadonia, we’ve asked a little bit on this before, but as we’ve learned in the Urantia book that the spirit dominates through the mediation of the mind, I’d like any information that seems helpful on how much is the mind storing? I once heard that it stores all our perceptics (Ed: sp?--I’m not familiar with this technical terminology) at least ninety-five times a second. These perceptics could be anything from spinning motions, dizziness, joint position, and of course, naturally, all the color, sounds, and other sensations.

(Physiological and spirit mindedness)

Are we at the point where we can benefit from the further understanding of how our mind stores this, and how separate it is from the brain? They always say that they think memory is stored in sulfur chains in the brain, but I feel the mind is on loan to us, and that it stores an awful lot. But is it time for us to know a little bit more about that? Thank you.

NEBADONIA: Yes V, there’s no way to quantify exactly what your mind is doing, speaking here of the part of your mind that is based on your neurological system. Your brain, as you know, extends throughout your body. This is a whole network of nerves right down to your fingertips and the toes, and all through every organ of your body--the muscles, the skin, everything. This is a great living organism of billions and billions of synapses every second. So I’m not sure exactly what your "ninety-five times a second" referred to.

Student: This, when they were trying to analyze, is that a baby’s eyes focus nine-five times a second before they coordinate their vision into smooth movement. And therefore the mind must be recording at least nine-five times a second these various fifty-five perceptics that they analyze like: joint position and pressure, and heat and movement and light, and so forth. And so that the mind is recording, at least, that much data, and it seems to be separate from the brain? So I was asking….

NEBADONIA: Well, just the physical aspect--your nervous system is enormously more vast than the things they were trying to measure. So that is what I am addressing My answer to, just the physiological part of you and this inner self-knowledge which controls thousands and thousands of processes every split second.

What you call your consciousness is largely dependent upon this physiology for you to stay awake. But as you know, even while you are sleeping your body is totally alive, building itself, repairing itself, digesting and transforming food into energy and muscle and bone. And We’ve even suggested that, to the degree you can let go into this unconscious state so your waking worries and concerns do not interfere with these processes, you let a divine pattern fulfill itself, and heal you.

But once you are awake, your conscious perception includes My adjutants of Mind. One by one, from the lowest to highest, as you mature you are able to access and use My Adjutants of Council, Courage, Worship, Wisdom. And then these dimensions of My mind become part of yours. It’s why Michael and I assure you that We have been part of your life ever since you were born.

And then, way beyond Us in power and scope, God himself indwells your mind, offering you His thoughts, and, with your personality, makes a spiritual record of everything that happens to you. This is not what you normally think of as conscience--which is more a sociological/cultural implantation, if you will--your family and cultural training as you grew up, as you internalized their values. But your Thought Adjuster is far, far beyond this. And He too, since about the age of five years old or so, has been part of your mind. He has often been that connection Who led you on some of the adventures you enjoyed; and at times helped rescue you from others. (laughter)

So in this sense, V, there is no separation between your mind, My adjutants of Mind, Michael’s Spirit of Truth, and our Father’s fragments of His consciousness within you. These are all part of what you call "mind," irrespective of the fact that a large part of your waking consciousness is dependent upon your body and brain. As We’ve reminded you in the last few lessons, all your science, and all your individual, personal life’s experience still only scratch the surface of what mankind will continue to discover within that part of you, you call a body. Does this help you, My son?

Student: Yes Nebadonia, but I would just ask one further help on where the storage of mind is? I used to work with neuro-pathologists, and they didn’t seem to have a clue. So, I feel for the record, maybe we could add a little bit to that, that’s healthy for us?

NEBADONIA: What you call memory is pretty much a physiological function of your brain, and as you know, certain diseases can destroy large parts of this. That part of your mind We call soul, which with the proper orientation and training and desire, and spiritual maturity, you can access--and many of Our lessons have been trying to get you to do just that, to appreciate the enormity of your life’s experience--this is also part of your mind. But it is a spiritual reality that exists independent of your physical being, and is actually what survives you--as you--after physical death. This is the possession of both your personality and Thought Adjuster--your Father Fragment, the true and, finally, only needed possession of yours which is capable of growing forever. Does this satisfy you, My son? (laughter)

STUDENT: Yes, Nebadonia, it makes me thankful for the fact that I may be feeling the transition away from bodily memory so much, to soul-identification, and I am grateful for that. Thanks.

NEBADONIA: You’re very welcome. And be in My love.

Student: My dear Mother, I would like to thank You tonight, for speaking to the heart of the matter with such a loving touch. I’d like to thank You for Your ascending daughters, Your descending daughters, and for my own daughters. I hope I can have more of a loving touch towards them.

(Mother’s daughters, and our own)

NEBADONIA: Yes, My son, thank you for your heartfelt love. My daughters truly surround you, and enjoy so much making contact with you. This is what Michael meant last week when He pointed to the not-too-distant future, when so many of you will have an angel for a friend. You’re able to right now.

They are so near to you in essence, many folks will find that conscious contact with a Seraphim is easier than with their own Though Adjuster, or even with Michael and I. In some ways We are too close to you for you to isolate Us, and feel precisely, shall we say, how Michael is different from Myself in Our ministry to you. Whereas I am a mother, and Michael is a father and a brother, these angels are more like friends. You have so much to offer them as you share your life with them.

With respect to your own daughters, My son, approach them with wonder, with freshness. Look to see who they are, each time. Listen to what they have to say, each time. And I think you will see, and you will hear, how lightly, lightly you should go. They’re tough--they’re fragile. They’re tenacious--they fall all apart. Just enjoy them, and your heart will lead the way. Don’t be afraid to let them know how much you love them. And don’t be afraid of how much they love you. And be in My Love. (Thank you.)

Student: Yes, Mother, I’m actually quite overwhelmed with the love that I feel at this moment. I think about my own daughter, and how much I do love her, and how much she loves me, and how much she has grown and overcome over the past three to four years; how much I have grown and overcome because of her--my relationship with her over the past nineteen years of her life. Although she is the primary cause of the gray hairs I have, she is what You have said. She is both tenacious, and can easily fall apart. And there are times where I allow her to do that. I am just…really proud of her. And I have told her so, because of the situation she is in. And she has kept her humor and wits about her. She has just done remarkably well.

What I was going to bring up as well… I was just noticing how over the past three weeks--from the discussion we had about seeing how God is working in each and every person’s life, in His own way with the people who are in my life--then I felt in tune to that, and flowing. And then the next week I felt really restrained and constricted, and resistant, or really painfully uncomfortable. And then I went through that. And then I look at myself and being self-forgetful, and the dialogue Michael and I had about that--being self-forgetful.

And now it’s like I’m at a different plateau, and really listening to and acknowledging the inner wisdom that has led me to this point of patience, and not reacting impatiently, emotionally. And just watching how things unfold--including the way my daughter has grown tremendously. So it’s interesting just watching all this, and at times, as I had mentioned, quite painful and disconcerting. But as I go deeper and deeper into looking at what I truly want; as I become more and more self-forgetful of my ego-centered longings, things become clearer and clearer and more present in each moment.

So it’s been an interesting (laughs) three weeks, watching all this unfold--watching my own reactions, and the people around me. Someone said to me the other day, in noticing our differences and interests in things; this person said I seem to be always wanting to read spiritual material, that I seem to be focusing on that all the time. And I said, what’s wrong with that? It’s who I am! Nothing else interests me. And so, that seems to be where I’m at.

(The view from parenthood)

NEBADONIA: Yes D, those of you who are parents can understand how Michael and I feel about you. You too can have an overall memory of your children that far, far exceeds what they themselves can remember about themselves. You see not only the instantaneously changing, living person before you, but the whole process, even before birth--the whole conception and pregnancy, and all that that involved.

Michael and I have the advantage of seeing how Our children develop, not over millions, but even billions of years. So from that perspective, this first life you are now so thoroughly engaged in can seem almost like a moment of conception. Seventy or eighty years seems so short, and so intense. And so We remind you, as you remind your children, of something that is constantly growing--the marvelous, tenacious gift of life itself, from our Father. As with Our children, you encourage yours to keep growing, to sense and follow their ideals. You offer words of insight and wisdom and understanding so they can slowly grow that sense of proportion that We always feel has to be so heavily weighted towards appreciation--the marvel of what is.

Right within the present moment--in achieving the present moment, is where the foresight exists. This is what enables you to steer the ship of your soul, to keep it pointed at your ideals, all the while resting in an actual perception of it’s present reality.

So congratulations, My son! You’ve been a real father. And you are discovering how ongoing it is. This is why those folks who have not been so fortunate as to be parents in their first life, will have the opportunity on the Mansion Worlds to have sons and daughters to accompany them into eternity. So continue in My Love. (Thank you.)

Nebadonia: Do you have anything you wish to add, B? (No, not at this time.) Well, We certainly welcome you here. (Thank you.)

It’s been a full evening, My children! I feel I’ve helped you appreciate the enormity of these lives you’ve already lived, and given you some deep assurance of all that is to come.

(A wonderful magic happening)

There is a wonderful magic happening here, insofar as the more you grow, the more you are able to grow more--on and on. This is the most fundamental way in which the Supreme Being is growing right along with you--as you, and everyone else. You are like a cell in an enormous living body. And We feel the delight you find in the gigantic scope that the Urantia book offers you--the unfathomable, unbelievable enormity of what is to come. This all helps in our appreciation of who and what God is in His absolute creative power.

And so We join you in sincere worship. Through this, the real infinity of His can even be somewhat perceptible to you. Here is your inspiration, My children--His breath within you, along with My love. Good evening.

Students: Thank You, Nebadonia.