Rhoshon - Introduction and The Flowers Are Toxic - Sep 25, 2005 - Illawarra, AU

Urantia, September 25, 2005.

Teacher Rhoshon.

Subject: "Introducing Teacher Rhoshon."

Received by Sharon.


Receiver’s note: I was rather abruptly awakened from a vivid scene and words being spoken, quite audibly, "The flowers are toxic." The pictures, as I awoke, were of large flowers, and just prior to that there was a vivid scene of what appeared to be something like a hot air balloon, and someone jumping from it to their death. I felt a strong urge to find pen and paper. Words came to mind, slowly at first, then more quickly.

Rhoshon: "I am Rhoshon. I came from a planet that was involved in rebellion with the same root source as the rebellion that has so retarded Urantia. I am permitted to tell you these things in answer to your request for a teacher, who would understand a particular problem that you have dealt with for a major portion of your life. Your term for this is ‘your mental bombardment’ and you requested a teacher, who had overcome something similar. I have done this. I awakened you this morning to begin our lessons, and to accustom you to my presence, and yes, I used your cat to awaken you."

(My cat was patting my face, and tapping me).

Sharon: "Is this for real? I don’t hear a voice or anything. I just woke up with you relating something to me about flowers on your planet being toxic."

Rhoshon: "Yes, most of them are. However they are quite beautiful, and we use them not only for their beauty, but also for a plentitude of needful purposes. Normally, I would not be allowed to speak to you about conditions on my world, but to answer your request, some background must be given, so that you will comprehend the chain of events that led up to this sort of problem.

"Like yourself, I blamed my problem on sources outside of myself. I did not think that anything so vile in my own estimation could come from my own thoughts. However, in our individual life experiences things can occur, which can trigger such a negative response within us so that the very response takes on a life of its own. We give it life by the very strength of our intentions at a given moment in time."

Sharon: "Okay, I’m listening. Rhoshon, you already related to me some things."

(As I write these words, I see shadows or blurs in the air, mostly at a peripheral angle. A blurring of the air, or a momentary appearance of what reminds me of a heat wave rising from a hot summer pavement, sort of like a mirage. I am wondering if my eyes are playing tricks on me.)

Rhoshon: "Yes, picture packets were dropped into your mind."

Sharon: "I saw what appeared to be a hot-air balloon, and someone jumping out of it."

Rhoshon: "Yes, we have something very similar to your hot-air balloons, and, yes, you did see someone jump from one. On the world of my nativity, rebellion and quarantine had caused much confusion, as has occurred on Urantia. I was very, very, young. I had a relationship with another of my kind but the relationship was of a forbidden nature, for we were both too young. For reasons known only to him, he jumped from that balloon to his death. He did this right before my very eyes. I was numb. Although I did not know it at the time, this was the beginning of my version of what you call ‘your mental bombardment.’"

Sharon: "Was that the reason for your use of the toxic flower you showed me; to take your own life? That was the impression I got."

Rhoshon: "Yes. However, my attempt failed. When I awoke from the effects of the toxins in the flower, I not only realized that I had failed in my attempt to remove my life vessel, but that my life vessel had been brutally violated while I was under the effects of the toxins—violated by the very being that provided me with the flower. My hurt and outrage at that point was what sealed my fate for a very long time after, for in that hurt and outrage my mind gave birth, so to speak, gave life, to the very . . . for lack of a better word; gave birth to the very entities that were to plague and torment me for most of the rest of my natural life on my world of origin.

"This is all for now. Think about it. Be prepared with your questions when next I awaken you."

Receiver’s notes: A short while later I went to my computer and a transcript from 11:11 Progress was there. It was the September 24, 2005 ‘A Natural Progression’, where George Barnard commented, ‘If the information is kept to oneself, it is only of minor use if duly acted upon. If shared with many hundreds of others through mailing lists and website posting, they are invaluable. When archived for posterity, as a record of these early years of the Correcting Time, their worth cannot be estimated.’ This brought tears to my eyes out of nowhere else but deep inside of me. This is not the sort of thing that normally makes me cry.

As I read over Rhoshon’s account, I felt a tingling over my legs. I said to Rhoshon that I was sorry for what had happened to her. The following words went through my head. They were not audible to my ears.

Rhoshon: "Do not be sorry for me. The experience has enabled me to be here with you now, and to help you."

Receiver’s note: At one point I was feeling concern for the young man that jumped from the balloon. I got the impression that he has gone on, progressed; and is doing well. I then apologized to Rhoshon for thinking she was a male.

Rhoshon: "There is no need for an apology. On my natal planet everyone carries the characteristics of both male and female gender. However we are predominantly more one or the other. I am female.

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Further Notes from the Receiver and Comments.
October, 2005

Sharon: I do not like long posts, but I have to give you the full story, so that I might begin to make sense. For quite some time now, the name Rhoshon has entered my mind, both in and out of stillness, but I’ve not written you about this for fear that the Midwayers would say to you, "Trash it, George. She’s nuts!"

George: You’re not nuts, and I’m not nuts either according to the Midwayers, although there are times when receivers do feel that way when confronted with the utterly unlikely of Celestial information, tucked in with the totally mundane.

Sharon: If they do say I’m nuts, my faith in the mission will not be shaken.

September 19, 2005. A simple dream, but what followed is not so simple. I saw a person looking in the opening to the porch towards my back door. I at first thought that the person was male. The hair was short, very dark, and wavy. The complexion was dark, like maybe Mexican, Philippine. The mouth was broad. I think the eyes were very dark. I woke up with a snap. Suddenly wide-awake. I immediately began to think of the dream and the person, which I termed "he" in my mind. I then heard in my head, "I am female".

I have been asking for a Celestial Teacher for a long time, and I was wondering if that was my Teacher. I must add that I had asked if I could have a Teacher that really understood one particular problem that I deal with. I had no fear of this person. Usually when I read someone’s description of their Teacher and they describe the clothing, it is different to what would be normal here, but this person looked like she was dressed in jeans and a jacket.

Around the same time as above, a day or so before, I had another dream, which bothered me terribly. Afterwards, at one point during prayer and while I was crying my eyes out about the stupid dream, I expressed how I really wanted to be a receiver during this dispensational change. I was praying and crying, and saying how it would be impossible for me to be a receiver if I had the ability to dream such an awful dream, and to have such a terrible mental bombardment such as I deal with and have dealt with for years.

Around September 17. I went into deep meditation before going to sleep. I do this often. I do not think that I had fallen asleep yet, but I really do not know because I sometimes disconnect with myself during meditation. I heard a voice talking to me, and all that I remember was the mention of "veil of tears" and receiver. Although I only recall one voice, I felt that there were two beings there. I came out of the deep meditation, wide awake, and immediately started looking for a transcript that mentioned a veil of tears, then it all came to me, crystal clear. The veil of tears was mine and the mention of receiver was referring to my request. I wish I could remember the rest.

September 21, 2005. I asked in prayer if I would be allowed to do this—to receive messages. That night I dreamt that I was reading words on what appeared to be a letter, and it said that my request had been denied. It went on to say something about receiving, but I was having trouble reading it, and I woke up but it was still there, and I tried to write down what I saw, but then it just went away. I was a bit disappointed, but not terribly, because those in charge know what is best, and it is my will that the will of God be done. It did not shake me. But now, I am really confused because of what followed on September 25.

As I wrote down our two-way conversation, I saw shadows or blurs in the air, mostly at a peripheral angle. A blurring of the air, or a momentary appearance of what reminded me of a heat wave rising from a hot summer pavement, sort of like a mirage. I was wondering if my eyes were playing up.

I got the distinct impression that she is here to help me remember. Many things have gone through my mind concerning this, but I do not want to relate them until I have learned more. There may not even be a need to relate them, and they may be personal. Something that happened to me?

George: It’s common for us to repress events, especially "unhappy" events of our early years. Rhoshon may well be one of the Mentors—a new group of Celestial Specialists of supposed extraordinary ability in quite narrow fields.

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