Zarath - World Report and Monjoronson Visit - Aug 28, 2005 - Colorado

Northern Colorado TeaM, #71

Boulder, Colorado


Zarath (TR, Jerry Evans)

Monjoronson (TR, Mary Jo Garascia)


Topics:     Teaching Mission update and World Report


                Positive growth in Middle East


                Africa needs international aid


                International effort to build a World Government


  Q & A       Promoting World Government


                 Effect of protesting war on insurgents


                 Has Monjoronson materialized?


                 What needs to happen in the world to be ready for Monjoronson?


                  Is democracy possible in Iraq?


                  What can TeaM do to correct flaws in our democracy?


Monjoronson:  Message of encouragement



August 28, 2005 


[Prayer and linking to the merkaba preceded the session, but was too faint to transcribe.]


ZARATH:  Good afternoon, this is Zarath.  (Group welcomes him.)  I am so pleased to be here with you today; I look forward to these meetings and the chance to converse, discuss those things which are so important to the universe and to our own activities and well being. 


 The progress of the Teaching Mission is steady; it is continuing in a positive and expanding way.  Those who may be insecure in the developments should take heart and have faith that the Father’s will, will be done, and this planet will proceed to its destiny in Light and Life.  The day-to-day ups and downs are such that this is hard for many of you to fully appreciate, except by faith.  Therein lies the substance of our daily decisions to help us grow, to give us a chance of relying on that faith, to explore areas of our being that need development and improvement.  This is true for all of us in the universe in our paths toward the Father.


 It is easier for us, from our perspective as a celestial, to more fully appreciate this than it is for you.  But the additional joy that we can recognize and describe to you can be a heart-felt reminder and help in your own, sometimes-discouraging events.


Positive conditions that are taking place in the Middle East and Iraq should be noticed.  What might seem to be an upset in their current efforts may well turn into a more positive outcome as it plays itself out, a more positive outcome than originally hoped for in their first efforts.  A like thing can be said in those efforts to achieve a more peaceful understanding in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  Time must be allowed for the disruptive elements to play their course, and for those guided by light with peaceful intentions to ascend to prominence. 


The African situation is more difficult and will take more consolidated efforts by the international community to help resolve these worst of conflicts.  Those efforts as they play out over time, will gather strength in the international community toward the eventual goal of worldwide agreement and a more solid worldwide community, resulting in the end in the development of a world government.  Seeing the progression of these events, is encouraging to us in our day-to-day interaction with you, for the daily events are so disturbing for you, that it is helpful to regenerate the faith that carries this forward.


In other parts of the world situation the Asian communities are proceeding and can be expected to show a gathering community approach.  This brief summary of world events is all that I can provide at this point, but I hope it has been of some help.


Student:  Zarath, do you have any specific suggestions as to what we might do individually to promote world government or further world understanding and cooperation?


ZARATH:  There are many things, individually, that can be accomplished:  Each of us in a small way can make our contribution:  I, in terms of teaching and helping with thoughts, you in terms of your own interests and pursuits of this goal.  You have your organizations, which you are interested and involved in, that reach up to the higher political arena.  Your support—more active support—is required at all levels to bring about better-directed plans and a change in the Administration.


On the spiritual front, the interfaith activities that some of you have participated in and helped to develop further, are effective in different ways and spread concepts through a different line of communication, which are also developmental for improved society and political constructs that lead you toward social equality.  We are concerned about corporations and their responsibility to the communities in which they are involved; and we are concerned within the government for their similar responsibility to their constituents, and that that responsibility be pursued in a more fair and equitable fashion.  Opportunities are all around you, and each can find a match to their own personal capabilities and situations, to apply more energy in this direction.  Does that help?  (Student:  Yes, thank you.)


Student:  Zarath, there seems to be a growing number of people who are lobbying or protesting against the war in Iraq, and demanding that the United States pull out of it.  From the celestial point of view, is this effort of theirs helpful in leading us away from the war, or is it creating a negative effect of supporting the insurgents by dividing our Nation?


ZARATH:  The reactions of revulsion to the war are predictable, understandable.  The pain felt by the communities directly associated and involved needs to find release.  However, in the broader context, the results of the war must be given a chance to allow the Iraqi peoples to find a new and freer life situation, and to rise up sufficiently against the insurrection, to put a halt to it in their existence.  Some time must be provided; the sacrifice must be born, for this to happen.  Old soldiers, recalling earlier wars where millions had perished, and even looking around at the world today, where devastation in the millions has occurred, look at the costs to you in terms of lives—several thousands, and injured—tens of thousands, and view that in context in terms of your sacrifice against what could happen if such failed states were left unattended.  Nuclear war is contained, but within the reach of those who are not as far seeing or prudent. If anger is sufficient, there are those who could create major catastrophes.  In that view, one sees the necessity to stay the course in Iraq and be observant at home. 


Greater international efforts can be viewed as necessary for Darfur, the Congo, and other regions that need a chance and support from the outer community of a nature they have not received before.  But for now, those are for the future; but hopefully, it is just a step nearer to happening.  Does that help?  (Student:  Yes it does; thank you.)


Student:  Zarath, I got an email communication today from the 11:11 List op, and I just wanted to ask if you know anything about it, that Monjoronson has literally come to earth, and is among us.   I just wondered if that—it’s hard to imagine—but with all the possibilities for errors, I wondered if you would care to comment on Monjoronson being here physically?  [Rest of the question was inaudible.]


ZARATH:  Monjoronson is here in Spirit, is continuing to survey the populations.  I have no more information that I can share.


Student:  Are you allowed to tell us any of the bench marks that our world must achieve in order for his physical coming to be successful?


ZARATH:  Much greater stability in the over-all growth situation would seem to be a basic requirement.  This could be measured in hundreds of years, or a bit longer, to have achieved a point where more world peace is stabilized, where communities are more socially oriented.  Even having a strong community to be welcomed by, is still insufficient for Monjoronson to be able to have worldwide acceptance and understanding, to make his mission realistic—his physical mission, that is.  This is the best that I can perceive.


Student:  In January of 2004, we were led to believe that his mission was very imminent.  Now it seems like it’s put off for perhaps hundreds of years.  Did something happen that was not foreseen when those first estimates were made?


ZARATH:  The perception of time is part of the difficulty.  As with many things, the time is the Father’s, and not ours to know.  So many things could be interacting to cause that estimate to be misunderstood, and therefore misrepresented by those looking on at our level.  We can see a general fashion, those things that may be involved in that decision, but we see so little compared to those of a higher realm, of the over-all true situation, and therefore, are truly unable to judge or predict.  It truly will be a remarkable event when he does appear, as we all are desirous for that to happen.  That is all I can provide.  (Thank you.)


Student:  Zarath, the Iraqis are in the process of preparing a constitution, which is hopefully leading to a democracy.  Will this democracy be successful in Iraq?


ZARATH:  The efforts at forming the constitution have called for various sectors of the Iraqi peoples to participate more strongly than they ever have before in the community-building activity.  Considering their history—historical baggage—it has been a remarkable effort.  It is understandable that it has not reached full consensus.  And in the objections of the Sunni delegates, there are many real questions that they raise that, if addressed would lead to a more open society.  So in a sense, they have not impeded the process, but have offered the possibility of an improvement in the process.  If just solutions can be developed to allow consensus, the way is cleared to more completely unite all the peoples in a more fair and equitable way. 


The accomplishment of that will certainly be a ray of light for other communities who are just now trying to face progress in the world with the rest of the world—the Western communities— while trying to resolve their religious objections to the more negative aspects of Western, capitalistic society.  The negative impacts of the corporate interests and the societal looseness have represented degeneration in the communities of Western societies.  Their negative reactions are quite understandable, and time is needed through the interfaith activities for them to come to appreciate the higher aspects of Western religions and Christianity that do conform to their own so that they could find more common ground.  Sufficient activity of this sort has not yet been accomplished.  If more can be done the Jihad aspects can be redirected toward its original intent of improving ones spiritual search for the Father and reemphasizing their tolerance for other faiths in community building.


The hopeful aspects, resulting from interfaith studies are that the basic Qur’an beliefs support their acceptance of the peoples of the book—that is the Jewish and the Christian religions—all of the one God.  That is being built upon in many of the Muslim communities that are searching for equitable relations and acceptance of other religions, other than the extremists’ point of view.  So this process will take time, but it is growing and will have an impact on the other Arabian and Muslim States.  Does that help?


Student:  It helps.  What can we do as a nation to set a better example for others?  What can we do as Teaching Mission members to eliminate the flaws in our society?


ZARATH:  Recognition of those flaws is obviously required at a national level.  The redirection of your policy makers toward a more friendly and helpful position in world affairs is certainly required.  You have asked a very broad question but I will attempt to continue.  At the community level, to be supportive of those groups that are involved in looking after the poor and the disadvantaged is one step that each can take within their means.  Building support within the communities for community interaction and the interfaith activity within the churches are certainly activities to be reinforced. 


Development within the civic community and city council and associated activities of the city and county governments certainly have an effect on the resilience of each community to improve its community advantages in terms of housing, transportation, and commerce—so many things that those who are in a position to influence, to help—directed toward a more helpful community for all.  At the state and local levels, supporting those representatives and requiring of those representatives actions which truly are helpful to the communities and to establishing more fair and understanding laws which support the disadvantaged. 


The representatives that you send to the national government should be more carefully selected and held accountable.  To do this, more active education of peoples through your friends, discussions of the principles which each representative embodies, should be pursued.  These are some of the more obvious areas that you could direct your attention and your efforts to.  Is that sufficient?  (Student:  Thank you very much.  Yes.)


Are there any further questions?


Student:  Is there anyone on your side that would like to speak through Mary Jo?


ZARATH:  There are several friends who are here.


Mary Jo:  That’s very interesting that you said that, _____, because this morning while I was in the shower, I suddenly heard, “Will you speak for me?”  I didn’t know who it was, but I said I would, and I had been hearing that a lot during my drive here, so I guess I will just wait and see, if that is okay with everybody?  (Of course!)


MONJORONSON:  Yes, it is I, who spoke with you this morning and wish for you to speak now.  I am Monjoronson, and I have a desire to speak to you and your group.  (Group welcomes him.)  Thank you.  I am most delighted to see Teaching Mission members gathered once more, for I have spoken to each of you in groups previous to this.  There have been reports and will continue to be reports that my presence has been effected on this planet.  There are many who are involved in this effort, and as you observed, in a major effort such as this, there is a potentiality for a miscommunication, garbled communication, and downright misinformation, but fear not.  Be not disheartened!  I assure you that when the time comes, when the process of my presence is firmly completed, all shall be informed; there will be no doubt. 


I come to salute you and to greet you and to hearten you, in your efforts.  Be not disheartened by events of the day; the panoply of time is an illusion.  Know with all gladness that time is your ally.  You have the ability and you have the capability of rising above and seeing greater portions of eternity than many, simply because of your experience with the text, and as a result of your experience with the Indweller, who blesses each of you with His presence.  Your efforts to improve contact with your Indweller, is always noted and always encouraged and fostered.  It is through this avenue that you can achieve sure success in this area with time and patience, perseverance, devotion to the ideals of truth, beauty and goodness.


There is much behind the scenes going on in all areas of conflict on this planet.  You must, as Zarath has said, be faithful.  Amplify your faithfulness, your faith in goodness, in the over-care of the forces that created this universe and uphold it.  Urantia is but a tiny speck, so it seems, in this vast creation.  Yet you, as you are, where you are, cannot help but be consumed with interest and involvement in what happens on this tiny speck.  Rest assured that the celestials are also focused and interested and very much involved in all that happens here.  Your world is pitiable; Christ Michael chose this planet, not by accident. 


There is much activity focused here.  I simply want to reassure each of you today that you will know, clearly, and without equivocation, when the Magisterial Son Mission is implanted. This physical presence will be apparent to all.  And in the meantime, worry not.  Persevere with your efforts to live in the now.  You have been told many times, that the Father does not live in yesterday or tomorrow, but God is accessible in the now, to you and to all of his creatures.  He wishes to comfort you and speak to you, converse with you, and to alleviate your concerns and anxieties. 


In order to rest more in this present time, in this present moment, as you go about your busy lives, carry that faith with you that all is well.  There is every reason to be of good cheer, as your Master has said.  Be that good cheer to your world!  Carry that light of joy and peace, the presence of God, into every area of your lives.  This can only bring goodness as a result; not only for your life but the lives of those you intersect with.


I am Monjoronson.  I greet each one of you by placing my hand on each of your heads, and I give you my blessing, my good cheer to carry with you, and my peace be with you.  Good day.  (Group gives thanks.)


ZARATH:  This is Zarath.  (Welcome again.)  I am so honored to have been accompanied today by Monjoronson.  If there are no further questions, I would like to adjourn, leaving with you my love, and that of the Father, Christ Michael, and Mother Nebadonia, who surround you and protect you and love you.  Good day.