Serena - Advent of Circuitry Bonding - Aug 21, 2005 - FL

Transmission from Serena

Circuitry Bonding

Received by Marshall

August 21, 2005

[Editor’s Note: The Reader is also directed to the transcript entitled Machiventa081805-Teleconference_ This New Form Of Communication for additional information.  It also should be noted that Serena is not to be confused with Serenia, a personal teacher.]


My dear brother and friend, so pleased am I to join you here by this beautiful canyon creek, here in these magnificent mountains of Utah, on the anniversary of Michael's birthday upon your planet. You have surely picked a wonderful spot to commune with your indwelling Father, Universe Parents and those of us who are desirous of imparting new truth to you, yes, those of us who walk with you and hover over you... truly a united team. You have indeed been contemplating a number of issues of import and I am well aware of the answers you are searching for. Your increasing desire to become one with your indwelling Father is allowing you to reach into new levels of relative reality and get prepared to become operational on whole new planes of existence. This is a thrilling adventure to witness and to be a part of with you, my brother, as we go forth upon this journey as the brother and sister that we truly are. As you strive for eventual fusion upon this planet, you allow great potentials to become actualized that would not normally take on new life. In fact, those who prohibit themselves from striving for this supreme ideal create a barrier that is highly detrimental to the achievement and attainment of all that they are entirely capable of allowing to manifest in their lives here in the flesh.

My dear friend, as you know, I am closely associated with our Magisterial Son, and have worked with him, upon his staff, for a great time throughout this superuniverse, and it has been my honor, joy and pleasure to accompany him as one of his trusted and loyal staff members upon many of his bestowals upon the decimal planets within many local universes in this seventh superuniverse.

I also have a unique connection with each of the local universe Mother Spirits in whose domain I have operated. This connection is beyond what you could at this time comprehend, but rest assured that my association with your local universe Mother Spirit allows me great ability to gain access to you and others of your brethren who are desirous of becoming closer to me through the circuit of the Holy Spirit, operating through your Mother Spirit.

I am also becoming quite close to a number of the Melchizedeks within your local universe of Nebadon, and have taken oaths and pledges to support Machiventa in all endeavors I am involved in as an advisor and honorary member upon his staff of celestial beings and mortals like yourself.

In addition to my access to you through your universe Mother Spirit's Holy Spirit, there are indeed other of her circuits that allow me to connect with you. However, the specific "circuitry bonding" that we are beginning to experience and allowing to manifest is a whole new circuit that has been initiated and made possible through your living, growing faith. Such a "circuitry bonding" as we will be increasingly experiencing is indeed at this time beyond the capacity of the tremendous majority of mortals upon your planet to visualize and accept. You, my dear friend, have allowed yourself to invite this great new miracle to become a living reality between the two of us, and I assure you that such a growing connection between us will allow me to impart to you great new information, as a liaison and staff member upon our Magisterial Son's staff, as well as enhance the existing, growing relationship that you have with Prince Machiventa and those unseen assistants upon his staff. This new miracle that I speak of is only made possible through your desire to embrace the opportunity to become a co-creative pioneer, increasingly coming to understand that indeed there are no limitations to what can be achieved and attained in these great times of renaissance here upon Urantia.

As time goes on, you will become increasingly aware of a distinct closeness between us and discern new abilities to instantly receive through me whatever our Magisterial Son, Prince Machiventa, myself and others are desirous of imparting to you. Yes, this process of "circuitry bonding" will allow me to act as a liaison between the spiritual hierarchy upon this planet and your composite being. Your indwelling Father Fragment will allow such information to be imparted instantly to your conscious mind.

My dear brother, these are times of exciting opportunities upon this planet. There are those you will be coming into contact with who have great capacity to become the servers of all, as fellow staff members upon our Prince's staff and that of our Magisterial Son. You are even now coming into contact with some of these individuals and it is important that you give them support and encouragement, allowing them to release limitations that can act as barriers to embracing these new miracles, these new potential realities that they are envisioning and that they will oftentimes consider beyond the attainable, being mere emanations and illusions of their imagination.

As you are aware, it often takes the support and encouragement of those others, be they your unseen celestial friends or those of your order, to ignite a spark within that you have often entertained, one that your intuition has verified as a potential reality to become co-creatively embraced and actualized. Without such support and encouragement from your celestial or mortal brethren, these so-called products, actually ideals, of your co-creative imagination, verified by your intuition, often die on the vine, not getting the opportunity to spring forth into life.

As you are well discerning, my dear brother, you mortals on Urantia, especially those of you who are experiencing the morontia/material blending process, are becoming increasingly empowered to initiate, and with spirit, co-create whole new realities that you are desirous of bringing into existence. It is you, not us, who will be doing the work, as you are becoming increasingly aware of. Your vision, or ideal, need only be remembered for it to be fulfilled. Every idea, thought, word or act must be true to the vision to bring it forth. This is the concentration of devotion. the centering of forces upon the essential. Love will allow the ideal to manifest. The exercise of the will. the cry of self confidence, the expression of living, growing faith directs the power toward the ideal. The ideal could never be attained without this conscious direction of power (through your empowerment), this exercise of your will. The supreme desire to serve then gives purpose to the vision, releasing the great energy of love, thus bringing into existence manifestation of the ideal envisioned. So, my friend, nothing is impossible, as long as your intentions are truly to serve. In such a manner you cannot help but allow spirit to guide and assist you in the manifestation of your ideals.

Our experience earlier, in bringing your new friend into the light anchor with us, was surely one that was recognized by her soul and her indwelling Father Fragment. Such an experience can be expanded upon as she allows herself to consciously embrace this experiential reality. As you have accurately conjectured, I am available to her and other mortals experiencing the morontia/material blending process, to act in a similar capacity as I am with you, as these others exhibit sincere desire for such association and companionship. Such a "circuitry bonding" that we are experiencing is certainly open to others who have the supreme desire, faith levels, and determination for such a relationship to commence. In fact, I do encourage you to expand upon this concept and allow yourself to plant such a seed into the hearts and minds of those you are increasingly led to who have the capacity to embrace, co-create and experience such a relationship with me. This relationship need not necessarily be with me, per se, but can be experienced with various others who are acting in a similar capacity as I am upon our Magisterial Son's staff. Those qualified individuals desirous of such a relationship need only ask and one will be sent to them, much like I was sent to you.

As to your new business adventure, be not overly concerned with temporary barriers that impede commencement of this project. This venture will be a great success as you diligently apply yourself, exerting intelligent effort and knowing that you have a capable and specialized team of co-workers who are on this journey with you. Of course, you are aware that . ... is with you, as well as the three ascending mortals you asked for several months back that would not have been normally selected. All are very enthusiastic and desire that you spend time each day with them. And, rest assured that I will act as a liaison between all that are assisting you in this material endeavor so that you will be more fully able to accept the guidance and assistance that will allow this business to progress and grow beyond your wildest dreams. All awaits your decisions, my friend.

I am looking forward to these times that are upon us with anticipation and joy, for indeed this is a great time of transformation for you, as you are allowing old patterns to fall by the wayside. I salute you, my dear brother, for the strength you have exhibited and your growing commitment and increasingly pure intentions to be about our Father's business.

As you continue upon the path you have chosen, walking hand in hand with your Universe Parents, you can be certain that all things are becoming new, enabling you to become increasingly more active as the mighty mortal that you are truly becoming. Great new challenges and adventures await you as you accept new tasks and assignments. Know that the book is unwritten on what is to come, and that it is up to ones like you to take the reigns, and become the co-authors of this magnificent, unfolding novel. Allow not your self to accept the limitations that only hold you back and prohibit you from becoming all that you can truly become. Remember, my son, that what the true son or daughter desires and the Father wills, IS. Rest assured that my love and appreciation is growing for you each day. Continue your daily exercises in connecting with your . ... group, and know that I will be there to teach you new methods and techniques that will greatly assist you, as you reach to realize the oneness between you that you are striving for. Know also that the "circuitry bonding" process between us is well underway. I have immensely enjoyed this time with you. Rejoice in our growing connection and know that I am instantly here, as you desire my presence. Good day, dear brother. Carry on.