Tomas - Spiritual and Mental Prep for Todays Changes - Aug 09, 2005 - Andover, MN - Session #6

Andover, MN TeaM

August 9, 2005

Session #6


Teachers: Machiventa, Tomas

T/R: Leoma


We began with stillness, and then linked to the light anchor. Together we created the group merkaba.

Prayer: Lord of all hosts and Father to us all, thank you again for this opportunity to come together and visit with each other. We share with each other and hear Your teachers and their lessons. Open our hearts and relax our minds so that we may take into our hearts what they have for us to hear. We wish to use this information, this learning, to our highest good. It is our intent that we will use this for the betterment of others, to help Michael in this correcting time.

Machiventa: Good evening. On this evening I, Machiventa melchizadek, wish to address you. I have not spoken with this group in quite some time. I am pleased to join you. As always we applaud your efforts and your sincere desire to serve Michael’s purpose.

In this correcting time it takes the efforts of many and the cooperation of multitudes to affect any change. This is what I would speak to this evening, this idea of change and the changes which you are beginning to anticipate on your world and in your individual lives. Some of you may feel some trepidation and fear for what is being foretold in your groups. This is certainly not our intent in foretelling. It is our desire to help you prepare so that you know that changes are coming. Be assured that if there is anything that you need to be doing to prepare, we will let you know.

The preparations of which we speak are mainly spiritual and mental. They are not so much a tribulation of which you may imagine. They are not so much a collapse of life as you know it. They are changes from within. Yet for many people the changes from within which they do not understand or anticipate can be frightening. This is where you will come in.

People in the Teaching Mission and other efforts around the globe are being prepared and taught and given the equipment they need from within to deal with the changes that are coming that may upset the order of things that you are used to on this world. There is much on this planet and in your lives that is not natural... is not part of the usual plan. The turning of things around to be corrected will be upsetting for many... confusing at the least. So for those who are not prepared who know nothing of these coming changes, you are prepared to be in place to help them through it.

Already you are aware of people around you who you may reach out to, to begin to help them prepare; to impart some knowledge to them. You at this time may become bolder in reaching out to others. Tell them about, perhaps, the Urantia Book. Perhaps tell them about the changes you are now noticing. Perhaps you will share with them how your life is changing. They may see some similar threads in their lives and want to know more from you. It does not mean standing on a street corner hawking the Urantia Book. It does not mean making billboards and signs to warn people. This would be counter productive, as most of you realize. The opportunities come between people more on a one-to-one basis in your daily walk… your daily association with those who already know you… with those you rub elbows with. Become more bold to reach out to them and share with them what you know.

As you have discerned, the spiritual pressure is increasing. Therefore the opportunities are also increasing… opportunities for you to be open with others. See if they are ready for more information. This is our directive to you. Be aware. Look for people who are ready to hear more than they already know. Perhaps they are looking for explanations on why they are feeling different energies.

Energies are increasing, not only as the circuits are becoming more activated, but as your own DNA adjusts. As the filter of your mind adjusts, as you are cleansed of the ancient sufferings which have held you down, more of the truth comes through to you. You realize further just how much is changing and just how much more needs to change before this story is played out.

We are very encouraged at the signs of how the plans of Michael are progressing on this planet. You are proving to be worthy associates. You are proving to be strong, willing and very able to help with Michael’s plan. Rest assured, all is progressing beyond our former expectations. We say this not only to encourage you, but because it is so true. Michael is most pleased with how this plan is unfolding. It has not been done before, my friends. You are proving that it can be done. Through you and with you, as we all join hands in this effort, it will be successful. It is successful already.

Thank you for providing this opportunity for me to speak this evening. Now I take my leave and leave the opening for Tomas.

Tomas: Good evening friends. I am pleased to join you once again. It is good to hear from Machiventa. The lesson this evening my friends, is more about energy and divine mind.

The coupling of energy and love through divine mind is what increases the power of the use of mind. Humans on this planet are just barely beginning to understand this concept. The use of energy responding to mind, of matter responding to mind which responds to energy, is soon becoming a tool that humans will learn to use at with their will. Your will is another important aspect of using this power of which you are just learning.

There are a few on your world who are coming into a fuller understanding of the right use of this spiritual power. Yes it can be misused… misdirected… misguided. We will not allow this power to be used for any harm. It will not come to pass.

The energies of which we speak and have spoken of in previous lessons come from the Father, The First Source and Center, and are coordinated through Divinington. These energies received by Mother Nebadonia are coordinated through mind. This connects then through the circuits with your mind. With the use of your intent and your will you can direct these energies. It is always best if the energies are used to benefit others. Experimentation is fine in so far as it increases your learning to use these energies magnificently… not for personal use alone.

These energies are given freely to you at all times, in all places, for all people. The reason they seem to be used by only a few effectively, is that so few are ready to use them. It will take some time and some practice for those of you who understand the importance of learning to direct energy and use it wisely.

I will address your questions.

Randy: Tomas when you say that few people have demonstrated that they can use these energies in this way, and then say that we can do this when we are ready to use them, can you describe what you mean by "ready to use them"?

Tomas: One mark of readiness is a maturity and wisdom of spirit that does not seek anything for itself. It seeks to learn for the betterment of others and to the out-working of Michael’s plan for the benefit of all. Selflessness in the seeking is utmost.

Another mark of readiness is, as you would call it, the frequency that your body sustains; not only for moments at a time but in your daily walk. As you have discerned these frequencies are increasing more for some than for others. So there are great disparities between those who are ready and those who are not. The discernment is, in part, up to the individual. However if attempts are made to use these energies and there seems to be little results, that may be an indication that you are not ready.

Faith is also of utmost importance. Believing that with God-alignment, nothing is impossible. Your belief along these lines will increase as the frequencies rise. As you see results of, perhaps others teaching you and showing you, perhaps you will discover on your own what you can do.

We do not interfere in this process to try to direct what you do or show you how. It is best if you discover more on your own and from those around you who are your peers. Too much too soon is not a good thing, if you understand my meaning. So, these abilities arise and are developed gradually for some. Does this answer your question?

Randy: Yes. I would also like to ask about the changing of our DNA. As I understand it this is a result of that which is currently happening through our planetary supreme (Urantia) and the planet earth, which is allowing our DNA to change in these positive ways. My question is do we have to know about this for this to happen to us? Is it happening to everyone?

Tomas: It is happening on a planetary-wide scale to some degree. As with most things on a spiritual plane it is most beneficial to those who are somewhat aware of what is happening. Actually, let me qualify that a bit, it is more beneficial to those who have been able to raise their frequencies. They may not in their mind have intellectual knowledge of what is happening. It is more the vibrational readiness that allows these changes to take place. Yet having some knowledge and expectation, or inviting these changes to take place in your body, will help it to take effect more readily.

Randy: So having your DNA changed does not lead to increased vibrations. Those are two separate things?

Tomas: They do go somewhat hand-in-hand. There is no separation, as we see it, in anything. So to answer your question more specifically, as the vibrations of your body rise it is more readily acceptable to have the DNA change.

When we talk about DNA changing it is in part to be rid of some of the old baggage, as you might call it… some of the elements of darkness that have attached and mutated so that you have diseases and illnesses and mental darkness. That does not belong to you. This is what we are correcting. Urantia is instrumental in this type of correction of your physical DNA. It is her energies that are helping you to release this darkness substance.

Keith: Tomas, can you explain this "darkness substance"? Is it like when people lose the will to live?

Tomas: There are many things that weigh people down on this planet, as you know, from the Lucifer rebellion and from the default of Adam and Eve. There are many strikes against you that are difficult to describe to you since you are weighed down by them and have not experienced the feeling of being truly free of these weights. The words that we can use to convey to you, such as darkness and weight, are only shadows… hints of what this experience is for you. It is only when you are free of these darknesses that you will understand what you have been weighed down by. These things have affected your thinking… your perception of how you see the world and how you perceive others. It has affected your actions… your feelings. We may also characterize these as great lies... lies that you have lived with, for generation upon generation. To you they have become truths.

There is so much to be cleansed from your being. There is so much to be cleansed collectively from this planet, including the planetary supreme Urantia herself. This has been going on for some time. Now this process has been quickened, stepped up you might say, so that you can be free to bring light and life to this planet as it was intended from the beginning.

It is quite impossible for us to describe what these darknesses are in specific terms. You might see them as you are being cleansed as a sludge being thrown out from your body. You might feel it as something that slows you down, like walking through a swamp. This is perhaps a good characterization of what everyone on your planet has been living through for so many generations… like walking through a swamp. Until you have stepped away from the swamp you can not know what it is to walk free.

So we watch over you. We help you to learn how to fling this sludge off that has slowed you down and weighed you down and held you back from the heritage that is truly yours… that Michael wants to set you free to discover.

I know that this doesn’t technically answer your question. Does it give you a better idea of what we are speaking?

Keith: Yes, a somewhat better idea. I do have a follow up question. Are there children being born now that are coming into this world with a higher frequency?

Tomas: Yes, indeed. A whole generation is being born that is freer than the last. Each new generation is freer than the last of these chains… these bonds that have held you all down. That is why you see differences as each generation is born. That is why at times it is hard for you to understand one another.

Be encouraged. Things are moving very swiftly now in a very good direction. Children are being born without so much of the great weight and darkness that you have had to live with.

Be assured however that you can help these children. You can help these younger generations to understand what is happening, so that they may understand who they are and bloom like flowers open to the Father’s will to guide them… so that they may know without a doubt the Father fragment they have within them. These children are being born very much in tune with that. Yet there is enough in your world that can close that awareness down. The technology can distract and keep them from learning of this connection… keep them from developing it.

Randy: Do these children now being born get their adjuster at an earlier age than what has been relayed in the Urantia Book?

Tomas: That is a good question. One moment please. [pause]

I have asked Michael about this. I am allowed to tell you that answer is affirmative. However, I will not be more specific than that.

Randy: Thank you. Tomas, I have another question around these last two topics… the last being the Indigo children and the one before being the "sludge" in the world (chuckles). I have been reading the transcripts of channelings from the Kryon website (, the Kirael website ( and the planetary activation organization website ( If you read them with an open mind and realize that they are saying things just in a different way, my intuition tells me that they seem to align very much with some of what we hear in the Teaching Mission [editor: Indigo children, circuits changing, DNA, etc]. Are these beings being TR’d aligned with the correcting time?

I have a related question, getting back to the "sludge" analogy. Some of the teaching there has been that the Akashic record, a sum of the planet’s inhabitants’ "spiritual history", is being rewritten… looked at in a different way. Changes are happening to the planet that allows the old energy to be thrown off so that we can look at our past and our present in a new light. Because of this change, it is causing confusion to many people. Situations that have happened even a few months ago, when looked at in retrospect or when they come up again now, are looked at in a new light by those aware. It appears to be like you have said. It is like washing a lot of the dirt away. Maybe we can now see more of the truth, beauty and goodness behind things than we saw before. Are they correct in describing what is happening? I can relate; I feel differently about things in the now than I did about those things even a few months ago.

Tomas: For the first part of your question, let me first say that the Teaching Mission is only one aspect as you know of Michael’s great plan. There are many other great efforts around the globe that are in alignment with his plan. Michael can employ anyone in any way. There is such a diversity of thought, background, language and understanding on this world. It seems only logical that there would be many avenues of understanding.

Yes, you are right that many of these coalesce. Many messages from different sources are in greater alignment and agreement with each other than in the past. This is because the circuits are opening. Things are becoming clearer for greater numbers of people. You will find many more such agreements between peoples of differing backgrounds and differing religions, etc., increasingly now as these groups come into greater alignment with God’s will… Michael’s plan. As their personal vibrations rise, the natural outgrowth is greater God-alignment. So the differing stories around the globe should fit together. They are doing so increasingly, like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

There is no one group who has it all, who has it completely correct, or who has anything over another. But increasingly these differing groups will begin to see that they agree. They will want to work together for a common goal, although the words that they use to describe that goal could be quite different. There are many religions on this planet. Yet most believe in the one God… under different names. It is all the same. When these groups can begin to see the similarities and join hands, that is the desired effect for the correcting time.

It is people like yourself that can see the connections and the similarities. Drawing those lines of connection through communication between the groups will begin this process of uniting, working together, becoming truly one.

Yet this does not mean that the individual efforts of these separate groups will all become the same. Michael’s plan leaves room for all kinds of contributions… from building something with the hands, to helping heal others, to teaching them, to TRing, to baking bread. There are many needs. So it takes a large diversity of people and interest to fulfill these myriad needs. The diversity is beautiful.

We would remind you to use your discernment. As I said, none of these groups are 100% accurate. You must use the filter of your own mind, your experiences, your own beliefs and faith.

Randy: And intuition.

Tomas: Yes, certainly guidance to discern for yourself what you would listen to and retain for your own use. For this reason no one person should crystallize around any dogma or religious idea, or even around the Urantia teachings to lord over another. Each person’s truth, each individual’s search for truth, is different than any other. This must be honored. Each of you sees with a little bit different perspective. It is all true for that individual. No one else can declare it to be a mistake.

I’m not sure that I answered the second part of your question (chuckles by Tomas).

Randy: Let me restate it and you can decide if you still need to answer it. I look at the wiping away of the sludge as us understanding more of the true reality of what God has put in front of us. But because of the sludgy swamp, the inertia of the old energy that we have lived with gets in the way. There has been a change noticed here. I have noticed it. This change manifests itself as us just looking at things in a different light… a different reality. Is this what you are talking about when you talk about the sludge in the swamp?

Tomas: In part. There are many things occurring concurrently that affect how you feel and how you perceive what is happening within you. I believe you are aware of many of these events and changes, such as the circuits opening more. As indicated earlier these processes are clicking in now. I have heard you discuss changes that you can feel within only a few weeks time. This is what we mean by the quickening. As your vibrations rise, as Urantia cleanses herself and rises, as the circuits are opened and connections are stronger and clearer, the effects of all of these things changing concurrently, along with your willingness and your openness to change, your desire to align yourself with God’s will… all of these things work together. As your vibrations rise you feel them increasingly.

The sludge is a more specific process of actually releasing from your DNA memory in every cell in your body the darkness of the past. We have said this does not belong to you directly. Yet you carry it in your bodies. So the efforts to release you from this past that you had nothing to do with is an important part of the correcting time. These are the changes taking place within your own bodies. The very earth herself has carried many of these lower vibrations, you would call them negative vibrations, which have affected everyone living on her. It is as though gravity was increased, weighing you down within your soul. Now you will literally feel lighter, freer, as these energies are transmitted and thus as your cell memory is changed, released, freed from this bondage.

Is that sufficient?

Randy: Yes, thank you.

Machiventa today has encouraged us to be bold when we discern others that are ready to hear these teachings. Is it because these things that we just talked about increasing so rapidly, that many of the people that we come in contact with, many of our friends, are feeling this too?

Tomas: Yes. More people are becoming aware of something happening. They don’t know what it is. They just know that they feel different. This is happening on a wider scale now. For people who are living deeper in darkness, this is very disconcerting to them. It is confusing… even frightening. They don’t want to change, even though their lives are so sadly shackled. When you have never tasted freedom, you may choose to remain in the jail cell... the familiar darkness. This is where you can help them see that the light is safe. It is where love is. Help them to come into the light of a new day without fear. For the very fear itself holds them back.

I would like to close now with a prayer. First Source and Center, Creator of all that is, we are beginning to see Your glory. We are beginning to live in Your grace. We are awakening to see Your face among the people around us. We are so thankful for the changes taking place. We praise You for all of the assistance You provide. We adore Your very name. Praise to You forever and ever. Amen.