Normandy - The Important Process - Jul 19, 2005 - Illawarra, AU

US of A, July 19, 2005.
Midwayer Normandy.
Subject: "The Important Process."

Received by Angela.


Receiver’s note: "A friend of mine emailed me a message trying to explain how bad she felt about the way she treated me in the past, and about other things she had done. She described her current beliefs and realizations through religion, and how she is trying to be a better person. I understood her message, but the more of it I read the more I became irritated with the ‘thickness’ of what I felt was ‘religious fog.’ I felt that way simply because some of her present-day views were things that once held me back spiritually, but which I have now moved past. This is the message I received after reading that email post:

Normandy: "With all of the new points of view that you are discovering, it is difficult for you to turn back and look through old lenses. They no longer focus your vision, and so you have the desire to toss them aside and dismiss the good they once served you.

"You must remember back to the time they corrected your vision to almost one hundred percent. Remember the feeling, the joy, happiness, and clarity that you received. Now simply accept that, yes, you have moved forward, but others will move more slowly than you have.

"In your mind you may be more right, but to them you may be the one lagging behind with poor vision. It would be an endless and useless battle to try to debate who is right, and who is wrong when it comes to personal beliefs and religion.

"The important thing that must be remembered, which is most often not thought of or ignored, is that each person is benefiting from where they are in whatever religion they reside, as long as they are searching for truth and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. If the ultimate goal is to purify and grow, then it does not matter what that religion may be. It is the process that is important.

"This is Normandy, your friendly and always observant Midwayer."

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