Tartason - The Eyes Are The Windown Of The Soul - Jul 21, 2005 - Rick Giles (Jonathon), Lightline


Teacher: Tartason

The Eyes Are The Window of The Soul

T/R: RICK GILES (Jonathon)

July 21, 2005


Tartason: Hello, my name is Tartason. I am a teacher who has had some experience and familiarity with this T/R though I have been assigned in services for Michael beyond this mission of the teachers. I am happy to make once again, contact with my fellow residents of Urantia. [It] is a wonderful world in spite of all that you may perceive in your vantage point. Michael loves you, Michael holds you in high esteem.

There is a great future ahead as this world upon which you reside will rise as a monument to all of Nebadon of what goodness can do over all error, that all that has been seen and experienced as tribulation, as discord and disharmony eventually orients itself to righteousness, to truth, to beauty. You each are representatives of Michael. You are his contact points to any other individual who feels detached, who is searching, who longs for the connection of spirit, for the connection of light and love. Some of you are capable of a direct connection with spirit through your quiet time. Some of you experience this contact through fellowship, through the socialization of your brothers and sisters in mutual communion with God. There are others however who do not know how to make this contact and it is you who are the tangible points of connection. Our Master spoke saying that "the eyes are the window to the soul". What did he mean by that?

He meant two things. That another will first make connection with you through vision, and by way of vision will make further and deeper connection through feeling, through the heart. Behind your eyes, between your ears, above your heart and below spirit, the contact point traditionally called the crown chakra is your multiplex which is the soul. In your stillness you develop the ability to be self-reflective, to see from the seat of your soul as you gaze upon your world and to be simultaneously aware of your position in time and space, in mind and spirit.

When you are capable of sitting consciously in this location you are able to gaze upon your brothers, to project a soul luminosity to touch the heart, to reach their soul. Stillness is the development of the ability to socialize, to minister, to be in the public domain and radiate the divine luminosity, to amplify truth, to demonstrate goodness and to reveal beauty. I note that upon your world your activities become so hectic that you react to your events as would a ping-pong ball bouncing back and forth between demands and schedules, but if you can regularly pull back into the seat of the soul you become capable of directing your being such that even though your schedule pushes you about, you continue to maintain course, to maintain spirit perspective, maintain your tack towards Paradise, and while you may adjust and adapt, you never lose sight of the goal of all personalities, the embrace of the Father in heaven in paradisiacal bliss, and while you make your way in this journey to the source of all things and beings you are also through the eyes of your soul radiating the light of truth that others may awaken to this reality.

It is revealed not by logic of mind, it is revealed not by the emotions, it is revealed by presense of being. When one looks upon you and recognizes the divine presence within, a reality response occurs that validates their experience, increasing their faith, decreasing their doubt. It is not that you are to be recognized as one holy, but that which is holy is recognized as coming from you and within themselves. At the seat of their soul is the receptor that is itself holy, just seeking faith to recognize their own standing as a child of God.

When you accept in love, when you offer the light in ministry to feed the soul of another and they bloom, they expand, and they claim the ownership of their own relationship with our heavenly parents, by sitting in the seat of the soul, behind your eyes, between your ears, above your heart and beneath the divine source of all, you become capable of walking in the footsteps of the Master in ministry to all others no matter their level of progress for you know how then to align yourself with their center, to recognize their attainments and to recognize their longing for a higher ascent into a greater state of being.

You each are our Master's disciples. You are spread about this world to lift your fellows. While you have sought diligently greater enlightenment that you may find fulfillment in your personal life, greater joy and happiness, peace of mind, cosmic orientation, you also are an aperture through which the divine luminosity radiates and envelopes another, generates, kindles and fosters that same faith pursuit in that other person. What a beautiful two- fold reward such a focus is to look towards God with all your heart, mind, body and soul, that you are blessed in the ascent and that your fellows also
are stimulated and encouraged to likewise partake of the divine communion.

It is my desire to receive from you your inquiries.

Q: I am slowly becoming aware of some realities which I cannot understand. I feel some presence that accompanies me and even protects me sometime, I believe even spares me some trouble. I would like to know what is the nature of this personality, this entity that accompanies me and I would like to know if it is trying to communicate with me somehow because I feel that is what is actually happening but I am not really sure.

Tartason: I will answer this way. I spoke of the eyes as the window to the soul and a window is two way in its visibility for you may look within to see the soul and you may let your soul look without to touch another. But there is also another window and that is the window of the Divine Spirit, a vertical window, a skylight, and it is through this connection that you are becoming aware of an associate who dwells with you. This being seeks to magnify, to amplify the spirit messages that are there and wait for you, a mediator if you would describe it as such.

You are being allowed the sensitivity of this contact because you are being granted a morontia experience. Much of the time upon your world the realities of a morontia vibration are not felt. Your guardian angels work from the other side of this fence so to speak, wholly content never to be noticed, yet very intent to work for your welfare, to work for your ascension. But there are many teachers assigned to this world who are seeking to bridge the gap, to penetrate the membrane, to draw the sensitive higher and more consciously in contact.

It is your responsibility to be alert and diligent in sorting through the varieties of the proximity of spirit personality and the imaginations and wishes of the mind and emotions. I encourage you to discern clearly and wisely and honestly. As you make this effort, more contact, more certainty of contact will occur. You are in a testing phase to determine your reaction. I hope this addresses your concerns.[Yes it does, thank you.]

Q: I am curious about the different energy circuits we learn about in the Urantia book and how some beings derive energy directly from some of these circuits and I wonder if we human beings might not be able to become aware or sensitive to, or take in energy from some of these space forces or energies, something more than our typical food that we are so familiar with. I am minded to conjecture an answer to my own questions that there is the Father's circuit of love that we can participate in but I would appreciate your feedback and any explanation about energy circuits.

Tartason: You have identified a critical point of connection or disconnect, that being the tendency for a physical being to not absorb, receive, these
various circuits that are available to all the creatures of God. The high circuits of Trinity are widespread and they are cast over all creatures. Being of Paradise origin, they are extremely subtle, human beings housed in a biological structure indwelling upon a physical world, but nonetheless you are so encircuited. Closer to you are many local and planetary circuits which are more readily recognizable and can be absorbed into your being.

We teachers make contact through some of these local circuits. Your attention to the reality that you intellectually understand as circuitry, will help you develop an alertness wherein you will recognize the inpouring of some of these energies, and these energies take on many forms. There may be that overcoming mystical experience of being taken up but mostly you will experience more subtle connections, illuminations, insights, a rush of the feeling of love and goodness, joy amidst pain, security while confused. While each circuit stands on its own, supported by the sources of deity from which they emanate, many spirit personalities are adept at using these circuits just as you each this hour are using your phone circuits. Behind every energy contact is a personality that loves and serves. You have been told to ask and you will receive. All these circuits require you to make the dial up and when you do there is another at the other end who will utilize these channels to make contact, to minister, to heal, to energize. On Urantia, circuits that were severed are restored, but as your world has spent centuries, even millennia tumbling about in confusion, even the circuits that never were severed have rusty contacts because of the disuse. We have promoted the engagement of stillness because this is the primary point from which the individual may sharpen contact and when this polishing has occurred, you will then recognize encircuitment in your daily activities. It will not be surprising. You will experience an inner smile as you know that the holy hand is there assisting. I hope this has helped you. [Yes it has, thank you.]

Tartason: I speak to the Divine One now, our Holy personality, the highest being of all that is, the Creator of everything, the Almighty, the Infinite, the Absolute and our Creator Parent. You are truly the aspiration of our soul, lives and hope and faith, to come into your pure presence, not from afar but in that immediate instant divine embrace. We thank you for the opportunity to traverse the spectacular universe of experience and adventure and while with excitement we look to our Paradise meeting, we also thank you for the moments of time wherein we gradually unfold our understanding and experiences that we not only experience you in that spectacular moment of Paradisiacal glory, but that we also experience you in the multitudinous manifold prayer of life. Under every rock, behind every tree, over the top of every mountain, at the bottom, the depth of every sea, there you are with us, guiding us. May we ever pin our destiny to you and may we ever integrate every experience into this course of attainment. May we in gratitude accept our experiences as one that you have allowed for our welfare and for our ultimate attainment. While we do not recognize in our younger stations of life the value of our undertakings, we will hold in faith that it will be revealed, the significance and the import, as we ascend to levels of experience in which these preliminary undertakings will have supreme significance. Thank you for the opportunity, thank you for the guidance. I will now withdraw and I thank you each for your attention.