Cheshire, UK, February 8, 2005.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: "Foremost Responsibility."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Thought Adjuster: "When you find yourself as today, unsure of your connection, unsure of the feeling of our presence, then spend a moment of quiet in your own mind, and open your eyes, see the world around you sparkle, and know that we are here.

"Changes are occurring in the way we teach you, which will require for you to learn to trust in you, and you will find the connection both deeper, and less tangible. This is because your own essence is moving closer to the frequencies at which we transmit to you. This is not to say that you are moving to a point where we are, for remember that our energies are already transformed down, before we are able to discuss with you in this manner. But if you allow, and throw away your doubts, then the flow will be there as normal.

"Today is not a day for major teaching, but rather a day to coalesce the knowledge which you already have—to find your own understanding of the new topics, and, really, to chat for a while, as we have become accustomed, and to allow you to exercise these new methods while we talk.

"There is much room for improvement within this world, and it is not always easy to take responsibility for that which you feel is not your fault. Think though on this: If all humanity are as one, then what is another’s fault is also a fault of yours. And the celebration of another is also a celebration of yours. This is not to say that you should feel guilt or shame for the dealings of others, but strive always to act in a way that the celebrations may be felt by all. Each celebration, rather than regret, which you yourself are the cause of, persists in making these energies increase.

"Whilst there are actions outside of the Divine Will anywhere on this Earth, then you, as all humanity, have responsibility to clear yourselves over all else. Truly, when you have cleared yourself of all wrong-doing, all fear, all negative thought, then there will be no wrong-doing in others.

"This is still the principle of mirroring, but it is reality, also. When you can no longer see another as imperfect in any way, when you no longer judge, but give only tolerance, then that becomes reality, for your reality is always your perception.

"Think on how this works, when spread across the perceptions of all on Earth. When one truly stands with only purity in their heart, then the world is transformed. If one stands in judgment of another, then the world remains within negative state. It is therefore the foremost responsibility of each and every one of you to work firstly upon yourself. This is the single most important task you have to learn here.

"Any assistance you may give to others is in its majority through example, through others seeing the benefits, the outcomes of right thought and right action. Less important is the direct teaching, though it is of course of service.

"So, whatever you are called to within your path, never neglect that which is at the root of it—your responsibility towards yourself, your own Divine Being, to remove the clouds and allow your light to shine bright."

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