SUBJECT: The Art of Service



Solonia: Greetings my dear friends, this is your sister Solonia. I am pleased to once again be with you. It is the art of being in service for our Father to one another, it helps to free yourselves of any feelings of obligation for in truth, service to our Father is always a free will and voluntary act of love. I use the word art of being in service this evening, rather than the act of being in service and this is for a purpose. You my dear ones who are cognizant of so much more of the reality of the cosmos and your place in it, responsibility to it, and desire to help with it, puts you in a category of a somewhat higher service potential. For you, it has the potential of becoming a true art form.

This is due in part to your awareness of the value of your service, and the help that it will be in the bringing of light and life to your world. Indeed it is true as you look around, as you are aware of the goings on on this planet that light and life may seem so remote a possibility and yet truly are you close to the early stages of light and life building, in fact it is true that already have you begun this process. See yourselves as artists, if you will. You look for ways that portray your own unique art form to serve your brothers and sisters on this world.

You need not serve necessarily in preestablished ways, for indeed as artists of service you may in fact discover and develop new ways in which to serve. Always without exception, true service that is of value to the servant as well as the served, must come from a sense of love. Love is the instigator of all pure service. It matters not so much how you choose to serve your brothers and sisters and in so doing, our Father as well, only that your heart is in it and that your soul participates.

Many in your world serve as an act. They have examples of service which they can follow, which they are personally attracted to. Many of us serve without recognition of the supreme value that they serve as well as the individual, though many serve as an obligation, many serve out of fear of retribution. They hope to pay for a sort of eternity insurance by their acts. They do not really know the supreme joy of serving out of pure love and devotion to our Father. Practice your art my dear compatriots, you have the ability to make great changes in society and the progress of your world, even though you may be totally unable to truly understand or recognize the full results of your serving.

Know for a fact, when it is done in love with the understanding that you are a beloved child of God and that those whom you serve are also beloved children of God, whether they know it or not, that your artwork is reaching many. It is truly far reaching. It is probably a good thing for you that you cannot yet see how far reaching it is, for it is good that you are willing to serve even without this recognition. For those of you who well know the papers of the revelation, I have given you somewhat of a clue, and for those who know not what I am referring to, continue reading for there is much in the Urantia book revelation that will help to fortify you in your quest for eternity.

I will tell you that those of us who serve on this side, truly appreciate your artwork. It is a thing of beauty indeed. One day you each will be able to look back on it and see it with the eyes of the spirit and then will you understand yet another level of our beloved Creator. Take heart in your life, knowing that truly all is working out for the best. Be steadfast in your personal faith that all things done in love truly work actively for our Father. Be willing to grow and to persevere through those times in which you personally may not be able to recognize the value of what is occurring.

I would close for the evening and let you ponder these things rather than take questions. You are all truly cherished and we would give you much encouragement to continue unabated. Let go of stress and bask in the ever-present love of our Universal Father. Good night my dear friends. It has again been my pleasure to serve in this way.