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Syndicated Consciousness

Mission Statement Established on High

Assume the Mantel of Truth

Enlarge your Arena of Contact.

February 6, 2005 (phone conference)

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. I wish to speak to you today about syndicated consciousness. You may think of your mind as a corporate boardroom, the intelligence center for your entire being, the arena wherein takes place the major decisions and are in enacted the actions and functions of yourself in the world and in your lives. The Divine Presence and your human personality are on that board of officers along with your upstart, fledgling soul. Throughout your efforts to grow personally your spiritual organization has gained in stock value. This stock value is that soul. It is the representative of all your successful past endeavors. Each one of you has your own mission statement as to how you view the future engagements of your organization. I observe that your prospectus is sound and the future looks good. This Teaching Mission is an outreach effort to draw each organization, each boardroom of consciousness, into a syndicate, a grander cooperative effort to bring Urantia to Light and Life. This effort is not to create a mass merger but to establish stand-alone, independent entities willing to cooperate in a grand effort to lift Urantia from darkness and to establish light. Such a syndication allows the freedom of each one of you to apply yourself according to your personal vision and in harmony with the grand view of Michael. The drawing together of the consciousness of each creates a field of power that reaches far and wide, far greater than the effort of any single entity and free of the entanglements and the blindfolds of a single giant entity, for your independence provides counterbalance, all the while giving energy and support to your collective. Some throughout this mission wish for a definitive, precise statement from the teachers as to what to do and how to perform. This will never come, for we are working together, we teachers and all you mission students. The creative input of every mind and the application of each personality's energy is necessary for the true function of spiritual uplift. There will be no marching in lockstep; there will be the ebb and flow of the harmonious contribution and reaction of each one to one another. I wish to provide time for more to make contact with you. Thank you. [The rest of this session particularly towards the end was nearly inaudible.]

* Machiventa (Mark): I greet you now, this is Machiventa. I would build onto the value established in Elyon's lesson with the comment that, while we are not engaged in marching in conformity, we likewise may be called to act in unison. . .. also function under the overall mission statement of Michael and his reinstatement plan for our world. It is not necessary that we act alike as it is a natural course of action to listen to the same beat and function within the same meter while we exhibit our diversity. The mission statement established on high provides us with our purpose, and the diversity that we all exhibit in our manifestations provides the completion of the mandate and mission statement. We hear the meter of Michael's mission in time and space and choose to move at our own paces with our own interpretations. Nevertheless, we function with the meter that we come to recognize as our tempo and guideline. This meter from on high is the unifying force of forward momentum. It is our privilege to be ones who are aware of this universal march and are able to participate in this mass movement of our own freewill and because of our personal boardroom choices. Using Elyon's boardroom analogy we may also draw certain parallels to the inherent discussion involved by the board members present and the various weight prescribed to each board member. We may draw parallels within our own spiritual development that, as time changes and growth occurs, there is a redistribution of importance of the various board members, and spirituality grows and becomes more assertive as [needs?] of the flesh diminish, as the desires of the spirit are brought to the table. This discussion and subsequent decision in your internal boardroom is under constant change. Different decisions and results will be reached as the composition and significance of the different factors come into sharper focus. This arena is one wherein you may effect the position and outcome that you portray relative to your spiritual awareness and priorities. It is an internal dialogue in which you may elevate different factors at different times based upon your level of priorities and come up with different positions and their subsequent manifestations. Once again here is another opportunity to . .. of stillness that board members . .. more centered and more open when . .. and the direction from the director of corporate headquarters. . .. of mission statement and purpose help to clarify . ... That is my offering of imagery for today....

* Michael (Ginny): [Unfortunately only some of this was audible.]

....increase and enlarge your arena of contact. . ...for your particular talent. . ..[no need to?] try anything that is beyond your capabilities. . ... This is encouraging to us to see you beginning to . .. let your light shine on those who are . .. by your efforts to . .. what you know to be true. It does not matter what performance that you choose, only that you do it. Again, I love you all, I am with you. In all your plans I will be there . ... My blessings, my peace, and my love to you all.

* Machiventa (Mark): We do not wonder, we do not think, we do not suppose, we do not guess, rather do we know of a certainty of the spiritual reality and the nature and character of Michael. He invites us to act as if we know, to be bold in our familiarity to spirit presence, the arena of spirit, and to the person and character of Michael who has made himself apparent to us. Assume the mantel of that which you know to be true and stand firm. This truth is non-negotiable to you; it is owned by you. It has in fact become part of your very being. He invites us to assume that role of one who knows and the reality that is manifested with that assumption.