York Group

Four or more Unidentified Teachers.


1 - Changing Times & Our Attitudes

2 - Permission To T/R

3 - The Weather Is Crazy

4 - About the Tsunami and Giving and Personal Safety

5 - Dealing With Premeditated Violence Against Us

6 - Coincidence & The Supreme


January 12, 2005

After a five minute centering practice, the following questions were replied to:

The Changing Times & Our Attitudes

Q: Time is moving us closer and closer to unfamiliar changes. Do you have a view of how to cope with this process?

A: (KL)The pages of the volume of history are unfolding and presenting an entirely new view to the populations of the world. Learn how to read the book. Learn the patterns of speech and meanings hidden therein. There is much to change in the ways of thinking amongst the populations of the earth. You will be called upon to decipher that script, to translate and to bring the good new of Fathers love back into play again. All will be awakened as this proceeds, and [many] will realize the necessity of changing their approach to thinking in new global ways, of regarding those on the other side of the globe as their brothers. Your advances in communication make this all inevitable and will greatly facilitate the advancement of your peoples. All will take notice. Each must contribute in some way or will they be separated from the rest. You will know your role and we have complete confidence that you will be willing and entirely capable of filling it. Please rest assured that all is still in Father’s hands and that the big picture as we can see it, and you cannot, reflects mighty and wonderful changes for your planet and your civilization. Continue to trust in Father as this volume of change progresses and the realization that the plot will become clear at a distant future point. We love you and trust in you and your divine companion who will steadily guide you. Peace to you all.

Q: But are not these unsettling changes and catastrophes affecting us all?

A1: (JS) In the coming months of chaos and confusion there needs to be a hand of consolation and comfort. That comfort needs to spread from one to another. Many will be afraid and they need not be afraid. Learn how to spread this feeling. Learn to show how others can benefit from their own beliefs. This is done quietly without ego but with compassion and patience. We are with you today in fellowship, in experience, but not knowledge.

Do not confuse success with a goal. Living and breathing compromises, in the community, a beginning goal, but also a never ending one through the journey of the universe. As a child learning arithmetic it [takes many small steps] until it belongs to you and becomes part of you. Be careful to take inventory and the changes you should make [in the process]. Don’t delay. Delay is out of fear. We have told you you have nothing to fear. If you could see with the eyes of faith [you would see that] we are truly here. The Father cherishes everything and every being in the creation of his love. Remember not to practice collecting knowledge but to practice collecting experiences and have others emulate it. Experience can not be taught; it can only be shared.

A2: Many disaster victims have, [until the catastrophe happened], become fixated on material resources. It is important to realize your natures [as viewers of the catastrophe] are . . . less material. That is what is especially recognized by people who are victims of catastrophic events. Their lives have been torn to material pieces and it is important for whole groups to learn to emphasize to victims what is truly left, left whole, which is spirit. In their sorrow this is their [resource and] power to recognize who they are. That is what you should learn to do.

Q: Is there an attitude we should assume and develop to make the coping process suggested above work better personally?

A: (JS)This important thing for you to know now are not items of information, but experiences and personal growth. Now, as you will discover, continues into the future, you need to understand not only how to love fellow creations like the Father does, but also to recognize and realize the value of this love and of your ability to experience and communicate this love. This is the essence of the growth you need, the rest of the vast experience and education that you will experience is to help you to better function in your journey and to better understand how the universe operates. The ultimate goal, you can forever continue to grow into, but should start this now.

Permission To T/R

Q: Why can some people T/R and others do not even though they may wish to?

A: (JS)Each of the Father’s children follow the same general path inward, but each personality and each level of experience varies as much as your facial features. The decisions about how a mortal will grow are guided by the Adjuster himself. This process is not known to us, but could be explained as you do not know what your neighbor is thinking. We are sure, whatever, the reason, it has been carefully considered and the reasoning is qualified for the benefit of the individual and their spiritual growth.

The Weather Is Crazy

Q: On a completely different subject, can we expect some help in coping with these dangerous earth events and extreme weather situations?

A: (JS)A system like Urantia is balanced, but even within a balanced system, there are processes. These processes are designed to facilitate and maintain the environment in with you thrive. The extreme weather is just a part of this process, or pattern to may call it. Urantia is a evolutionary world; its evolution does not stop. . . these changes continue to occur, but one larger "unusual" event can effect other processes, which appear to you as a chain of events. Though these chains of events are related, it does not mean that problems will continue to grow. The planet is shifting, and there is settling to do. You will experience a gradual decline in these events as things settle down, as you would experience when you throw a rock into a pond and watch the ripples effect the whole pond.

About the Tsunami and Giving and Personal Safety

Q: Earlier today, I was originally going to ask about whether there was a "moral danger" (a phrase I'd read in a magazine article about giving handouts to the needy while traveling in other countries) by not giving money to the poor, but I was asking the question more in regard to the tsunami victims. I didn't write the response but it was to the effect that if a person has faith in Father, their physical needs will be taken care of.

Then Monday a drunk person entered our business and through all his gibberish he was asking for "help" - money. I was pretty ineffective getting him out but Rosalie was firmer and he left. So again I ask about helping people in need.

A: (MB) Life is a gift by Father to all his children. Open your heart to the needs of others respecting who they are, what they are and where they are in their level of spiritual unfoldment. Helping those in need of physical comfort is a decision made on the spot, determined by what your ability is and what you see their needs to be. But never neglect their spiritual need no matter what you do regarding their physical need. A kind word can make a tremendous difference, even as you are kicking them out the door. A reminder that God loves them and is present to guide them through life, that they are not alone. There is a higher calling in life than begging for money.

Your safety is important of course, but when you reach deeply within another to the soul level, you stand a greater chance of not only your survival, but also their survival. It is not a matter of you versus them but of you and them. Father does not intend to pit one against the other, but to be there for each other even in the briefest encounter. Even though you are not giving this person what they thought they wanted, you are giving them so much more - the knowledge that they are important in the grand scheme of things, which may come as a surprise to them, it may be the first time in their life they have ever heard this. Igniting the spark within themselves with this new concept, they will need to fan the flame themselves through awareness each day.

Father's love is not a spigot that he opens and closes on a whim depending on the person. The waters of Father's love flow 24/7/365, indiscriminately. And so must your intention of helping others be always of a grander scale than just when someone is paying for a massage.

Dealing With Premeditated Violence Against Us

Q: I am thinking about the experience of being robbed or mugged or even worse that could happen to us that was planned to do us harm. How do we use the terrible moment of the crime to give us some hope of getting out of harm’s way?

A: (JS) In finding yourself a victim, you are often full of emotions. It is very important to pause and become aware of the emotions. Understand why you are experiencing these feelings. You can better deal with the interaction before you using the Father’s will. There is no right way or wrong way then to deal with them since there are so many variations. We all come from the Father and we all have our delusions, misconceptions, and self-importance. Seek to find the best way to reveal the Father’s glove to this person. [Editor: I think this is attempting to say that both people in the situation of violence need to become aware of the Father’s resolution and simultaneous correction- the iron hand in the glove- that ends the confrontation peacefully.]

Find a way to drink in the situation . Sometimes standing up and declaring what is right– or stopping and allowing both sides to drink in what is happening will work. These pauses allow spirit/the Adjuster to affect this person’s attitude and perception. As in everything, trust in the Father and do the best you can . You may not notice a difference in the perpetrator, but your actions will be felt.

A: (MB) Many interactions between two people are not meant to be taken personally. It isn’t that you did something wrong but simply that you were taken advantage of in a situation you did not create. It is easy to judge these actions and see the dark side of life and lose faith in people no matter how small or trivial these actions are. Never lose sight that the Father is present, and also present to guide the other person.

[Editor’s note: A discussion in the group developed which resulted in wondering aloud just what part coincidence plays in bringing victim and perpetrator together. The following questions were generated on that theme.]

Coincidence & The Supreme

Q: Just what is coincidence as we use it?

A1: (JS) Coincidence is a human perception and although there are spiritual forces that affect you, there is no specific term for what you call coincidence. Coincidence can be experienced when two events or two persons are attuned to a similar thought process or related sequences of events. It is but another pattern, an active pattern, that pervades your reality and all degrees of your relationships.

But beware. On the level of the Supreme, the Supreme is cognizant and such things are used for some purpose not revealed to you. Don’t mistake these coincidences as some kind of magic or divine fair. [The process of coincidence] is simply not another process, but a process with some exact intention of purpose. Someday you may understand. Just enjoy them and recognize the beauty of these intricate patterns.

[Editor: The T/R indicated that he also received a picture of a string of beads which happened to have two reds one’s together. He said that the message that came with this picture is that we give significance to the two red beads happening to be together, but there is no divine action causing the coincidence for them to be together, but that the two appearing together IS a pattern that works in the universe even on the levels of Supremacy].

A2: (AH) Coincidence plays a part in seemingly many facts in our human experience. Many things appear to be haphazard even though you must realize the human is affected by other experiences by other associates in the realm. Therefore, it is as a rippling effect that you can NOT be unaffected by the experiences of your fellow man. You may wish you were separated, but you are a part of all human experience. Simply being alive is an experience of unity . . . . Know that what your brethren experience seemingly far away (or even locally), you will view and be affected by them in some regard. Most do not understand such inter-relatedness and the interassociation experienced as you grow. [Such realizations may not occur until you] leave this [material] experience an find yourselves with new senses and greater capacities.

A3: (MB) The word "coincidence" is a "catchall" word for situations that occur which bear similarity. There are many levels of coincidence from your happenstance to more incredulous occurrences that you have not given active consideration to. As you rise to the level of the Supreme, he becomes more involved in those situations [Editor- that is, if we correctly understand the remarks, coincidence can shade into the experience of divine Providence]. These are not to be confused with the more happenstance coincidences.